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Wirecard Casinos 2024: Best Wirecard Casinos

Wirecard is a seamless and secure online payment solution accepted by leading casino platforms. In this article, we shall primarily discuss it, its benefits for casino players, top Wirecard casinos, and answer questions regarding the features and effective use of this payment method to play games.

The Wirecard company collapsed in 2020¹ so there are no online casinos that accept bank transfer via this payment method.

What Is Wirecard?

Wirecard is a popular virtual credit card service offered by the German bank, Wirecard Bank AG, which has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. It provides a convenient payment option for online games and is widely used by players registered with top Wirecard casinos. It has ties with Mastercard and Visa, making it a valid payment option for the best Wirecard casinos in European countries.

Regardless, you may want read up on the recent developments amidst their recent scandal that has been making headlines. As a result of the unfolding situation, it looks like world-leading bank Santander may be acquiring Wirecard in due course.

How to Get a Wirecard

Acquiring a Wirecard virtual card is a simple process for customers. If you don’t have an existing card, go to the Wirecard company  website and read about all their prepaid card offerings. Check the top casino sites accepting this method, and if you think getting the card suits your needs (which it most probably will), then the next step is to simply fill out the registration form on the company’s website straight from the comfort of your home or wherever you can lay your hands on a computer. Soon enough, you'll be able to play at the best Wirecard casino sites.

You do not have to go to the bank. The registration process is free, and all you need are basic details, such as your name, address, valid mobile number and email ID on the official website of Wirecard. Other information, like your tax identification or social security number, is not required.

After filling in the registration form and undergoing any verification checks, you will get an email from the bank containing your 16-digit virtual card number, your CVV and the card's expiration date.

Once you've recieved these details, just proceed to the Wirecard website, follow the instructions to activate your card, and you'll be all set to use the account for your casino games in a time span of just a few minutes. As per legal requirements, an individual can have only one Wirecard at a time.

Wirecard Casino Payments

It is super easy to make casino payments using this payment method. It accepts multiple means for deposits and ensures a seamless withdrawal via bank or wallet transfer. Let’s take a detailed look at how the deposit and withdrawal process works at casinos with Wirecard.

How to Make Wirecard Casino Deposits

You'll need to top up your Wirecard to use it for playing online casino games. Depositing money in your Wirecard is as smooth as registering for the card, with several payment options available. Users can add money using a debit card, credit card, or even by making a wire transfer. If you have a physical Wirecard, you can also top up your account by depositing cash at a merchant outlet.

Once your Wirecard account has been funded, search for online casinos that accept this payment option. Afterwards, simply go to the deposit option in your account, add your Wirecard details, enter the deposit amount, and that's it – the money will be added to your Wirecard casino account instantly.

How to Withdraw Money From My Casino Account Using Wirecard

You can also enjoy the facility of withdrawing real money from Wirecard casinos using your virtual credit card. The withdrawal option on most websites is fairly convenient, with the customer just required to fill the amount they wish to withdraw and then receiving the credit within a few days. However, you should check the withdrawal options of Wirecard casino sites before depositing money; several casinos which accept Wirecard deposits might not necessarily allow this method for withdrawals. If you're looking for an online casino that accepts both, then your best bet (pun intended) is Spin Samurai.

Are There Any Fees and Limits When Using Wirecard?

All Wirecard casinos have their separate policies with regards to payment limits when using this payment option. Generally, the deposit limit ranges between a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $4,000, while the withdrawal limit ranges between $20 and $4,000. Wirecard casinos usually do not charge any processing fee.

There is no annual charge or fee for a virtual Wirecard account. However, there is a deposit fee of EUR 1 for deposits to your Wirecard account using wire transfer. If you choose to make a cash deposit in your physical (classic Mastercard) Wirecard account, you will incur a fee of 4% of the deposit amount or EUR 1 – whichever is higher.

Wirecard Casinos Advantages and Disadvantages

Like every service, there are advantages and disadvantages of using the virtual card at Wirecard casinos. We have briefly summarized the pros and cons in the table below, but first, let’s give you a detailed overview.

  • Scope of Wirecard casinos: Wirecard has proved to be a popular payment solution among players in Europe. Its association with Mastercard has made it widely operable across multiple online casinos accepting Mastercard payments.
  • Play with your money anonymously: You enjoy complete anonymity while playing in Wirecard casinos; sites will not receive your bank account details through your Wirecard account. Thus, you need not worry about your personal account details potentially being leaked online.
  • Get a card in minutes: In comparison with the time and formalities required to open a normal bank account, getting a Wirecard is a quick and effortless process. You can get a virtual one almost instantly. Customers in certain countries also have the choice to apply for a physical card, but a few extra charges do apply in this case.


  • Secure online payments
  • No waiting time: instant deposit transactions
  • Immediate registration for your casino games, with no physical contact
  • Anonymity
  • Top up with cash deposits


  • Withdrawal facility not available at all casinos
  • Per transaction deposit fee
  • Card-reissuance charges

Is Wirecard Safe and Secure?

Transaction security and authenticity is the foremost concern that arises in every individual’s mind when it comes to online transactions. With Wirecard, you can rest assured regarding any safety and security aspects of online payments on your favourite websites.

Wirecard is a part of the leading German banking group, Wirecard Bank AG. The bank is obliged to follow strict data security and compliance norms which prove to be more than sufficient for meeting the security requirements of our online transactions. In addition, it is PCI-DSS compliant and uses advanced encryption measures to ensure risk-free transactions.

Furthermore, it ensures transaction tracking like any other debit or credit card provider by sending you mobile notifications whenever you make any transaction in your Wirecard casino account.

In spite of these safeguards for your virtual card transactions, you can still fall prey to online fraud if you do not follow some basic safety measures. For example, always use a Wirecard casino site with an ‘https' domain, and never reveal your card details or casino account details to any person over the internet.

Alternative Payment Methods

You can play your favourite casino games using a host of other popular payment options.

Here are some of the commonly used payment methods: Here are some of the commonly used payment methods:
  • Debit Card: This is a fairly common method of adding money to your casino account. Simply apply for a debit card for your bank account, in case you do not already have one, and add money to your casino wallet as you would do when making an e-commerce transaction.
  • PayPal: This globally used electronic wallet is known for its security and ease of use. You can freely register an account with PayPal and start playing at your chosen site. Learn more about real money online casinos that accept PayPal.
  • Wire Transfer: This is a traditional way of paying for things, and most casinos still accept this traditional internet banking payment method due to its popular usage.
  • Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of momentum as a payment method in the recent years; so much so that several online crypto casinos now exist to accommodate the growing demand among players, with Bitcoin (used in Bitcoin casinos) being the most popular currency of its kind. While there is no global consensus as to whether cryptocurrency is legal means of payment, the financial world as a whole has not declared it illegal either.

You can check a detailed list of alternate payment methods by referring to our best casino deposit methods.

Our Final Verdict on Wirecard Casinos

Wirecard casinos have carved out a prominent space for themselves in a highly competitive industry. The very fact that casinos merely accepting this payment method are called ‘Wirecard casinos' speaks volumes about the popularity and ease provided by the company in the casino payments business.

The multiple advantages of these casinos – such as a secure transaction environment, anonymity, widespread acceptability – allow Wirecard casinos to attract more customers, and in turn, provide exciting and new games.

However, it also worth bearing in mind that some players may want to practise caution as the company is still under court proceedings due to a recent scandal.


¹Reuters (2022). The rise and fall of Wirecard. Reuters. [online] 6 Dec. Available at: [Accessed 21 Jul. 2023].

Wirecard Casinos FAQs

Of course! Online casinos are popular for offering amazing bonuses, specially for new players. Most online casinos have a bonus section on their websites. You can check for Wirecard casino sites which provide the most exciting offers before making a deposit. Check out the best casino deposit bonus of 2021 and find out where you can claim some of these incredible promos!

The casino sites do not charge any transaction fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, Wirecard charges a fee for every deposit.

Wirecard has not established any limits; however, Wirecard casinos have their own policies regarding the transaction limits, keeping in line with the relevant regulatory bodies and gambling commissions' directives. The limits might vary from casino to casino, and you will have to read the terms and conditions of every site to ascertain its specific limits.

Wirecard deposits are processed instantly, just like debit card transactions. As for withdrawals, it depends on the time taken by different online casino websites to verify and process the payment.

The advent and rapid increase in the use of smartphones has opened a plethora of opportunities for mobile-based casino games, which are available on both iOS and Android. Regarding the specific use of Wirecard for mobile casino games, you will have to check each mobile casino game individually.

No. In fact, anonymity is one of the USPs of Wirecard. All the personal bank details which you share with Wirecard are securely stored in the company’s system, and are not shared with online casinos for payment or withdrawals.

You can apply for a physical Wirecard; however, be aware that additional charges are involved, including an annual fee. The physical card option provides the facility of topping up your Wirecard account with cash, but also entails higher charges when compared to the virtual option, which you can check on their official website.

In the event of facing any difficulty while using your account in Wirecard casinos, you can reach out to the support team of the company on the contact details mentioned on their website. Their customer support system is extremely cooperative and prompt. You can consider checking out the company’s FAQs section on their website which provides an extensive list of common doubts/queries faced by users.

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