Dogecoin Casino Sites for 2020

An enigma in the world of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has silenced the doubters with its mass appeal and availability. Online casinos are a perfect fit for Dogecoin’s versatility, with a choice available. Here, we’ve compiled what we view as the absolute cream of the crop of Dogecoin casino sites to help you know where to start looking.

List of Top 10 Dogecoin Casino Sites for 2020

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Best Dogecoin games

So how does the Dogecoin factor into gambling and games? The answer is simple: it opens up a whole new world of fun and games with an excitingly different currency. The casinos listed above all offer a variety of Dogecoin games which are a variation of the most popular games that we all know and love but, with the Shiba Inu treatment! Starting with Doge Blackjack – get as close to 21 points as possible without going over, and the smiling doggo money is all yours.

FortuneJack Casino offer 57 Dogecoin Blackjack variants, BetChain comes in a close second with 52, with mBit Casino also offering a good choice with 24 varieties. The same casinos also offer Dogecoin Dice games, which are very similar to Blackjack in that many of them involve choosing a number and guessing if it's higher or lower than the roll. When it comes to Dogecoin dice, Crypto-Games has some really good offerings, some with a House Edge as low as 0.8%, free dogecoins and rains on chat and more. You will find that many Dogecoin games will offer odds that are more advantageous to the user than usual, with the rain or faucet feature – where free cryptocurrency is distributed randomly, at certain hours, or upon satisfying certain conditions – make them even more popular.

When it comes to slots, FortuneJack Casino rules the roost with a never-ending selection of Dogecoin options, including Spartans Legacy, Mystery Joker, Dragon Kingdom, Mummy Money and others that will have you wagging your tale while spinning those reels. You can also get your poker face on at casinos like 7Bit, where you will find Poker Poker, Poker Pursuit, Stud Poker, Oasis Poker and Caribbean Poker.

All the casinos in our list have a great selection of Dogecoin Roulette, with a number of fun variations on the classic format. The biggest scorer is BetChain, with some 37 Roulette variations. A number of casinos are also starting to accept Dogecoin on sports betting and live tables, a sure indication that this currency is very much on the rise.

Many casinos offer special Dogecoin versions of all our favourite slots, featuring the eternally-popular currency and some special features that add an extra level of fun to our gaming.

Dogecoin Minesweeper: You guessed it, it's the old classic given a 21st-century revamp complete with cryptocurrency and grinning doggo. Playing this one is as easy as getting a Shiba Inu pup to play. Just click anywhere to start the game and then continue clicking the other squares. Numbers tell you how many mines touch your chosen square and if you think there might be a mine hidden somewhere, right-click it to reveal. You can play it here, using dogecoins for so wow and much coin.

Dogecoin Poker: Play it at FortuneJack Casino for a 100% bonus return in Dogecoins, or at ShibesPoker for a 200% match bonus up to two million Dogecoin with a maximum deposit of 1 million.

Dogecoin Roulette: With a very low house edge of under 3%, the Dogecoin Roulette and Festival Wheel at Crypto-Games are definite winners, spinning you all the way towards much fun.

Dogecoin Lottery: Again, Crypto-Games takes the lead with ample choices of dogecoin based lotteries, from DogeLotto (betting starts at 10 Doges) to ScratchDoge. The latter is particularly cute: scratch the doggo to reveal the prizes. And what doggo doesn't love a good scratch?

Doge Dice: So luck, much wins.  Crypto-Games also have a great choice in lotto games that sport the grinning doge face as their star, with DogeLotto being one of the favourites.

Doge2048: This one is silly and simple enough to keep you occupied, every Shiba Inu uncovered more hypnotic than the last.

What are the benefits of Dogecoin casino sites?

Crypto Wild casino home page

For many people, the whole appeal of Dogecoin is its humorous, meme-influenced, tongue-in-cheek nature. That’s what makes it such an interesting crypto coin, because the way in which it’s viewed is so different to so much of what is out there. However, many of the advantages people turn to cryptocurrencies for are also available here. A cryptocurrency with a dog image is still a cryptocurrency, after all.

Not only that but Dogecoin also has some quite distinct advantages from many of its alternatives. This means that there are reasons to seriously consider this currency, even if it doesn’t seem that serious at all.

Here we’ll be discussing both advantages that are more general – in other words, those which can be applied to most cryptocurrencies – as well as those which are more specific to Dogecoin itself. Of course, the possibilities and advantages of cryptocurrencies in general are pretty vast, especially when you take into account all the different ways they can be used. So, we couldn’t possibly cover everything here. Nonetheless, this should give you some idea of the appeal of Dogecoin is behind the meme.

Cheap coins

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency GamblingThis is going to be a strange one because hearing that a currency has a small value really doesn’t sound like a positive thing at all. However, this is what fundamentally makes Dogecoin different from the rest. The value of a Dogecoin is very small and that means it is used very differently to an alternative crypto coin with a much higher value.

Dogecoin is often used as an online tipping service and for very small transactions, as opposed to being a huge investment. Whether or not this is what you are looking for in a cryptocurrency depends on your needs. But for many, having this low, less threatening entry point is hugely beneficial.


In our last point, we mentioned that a cheap cryptocurrency might not be right for your needs. But that’s not taking into account the fact that many people have multiple cryptocurrency needs and there is no reason to stick to just one. Indeed, there’s little reason you can’t have Dogecoin for smaller transactions and another option for larger transactions, as a more serious form of digital currency if you will.

If you aren’t interested in what a Doge casino offers, then there’s no harm being done. It’s simply something other people can enjoy and have fun with. It’s a win-win situation and can only make the world of both cryptocurrencies and online casinos a more welcoming and varied place.

mBit Casino slot game

Low transaction fees

While this is certainly the case with many other crypto coin options, Dogecoin still remains one of the very best when it comes to low transaction fees. And when you consider how little you’ll often be transacting, this is a pretty important part of making the entire process work. After all, you can’t have a cryptocurrency that can be used as a tipping service which is expensive to transfer. Luckily, with Dogecoin, that is not an issue.

Fast transaction times

Similar to our last point, the speed of transaction times with cryptocurrencies really depends on which type of crypto coin you are talking about. Nonetheless, Dogecoin does extremely well in this regard, with a block time of about 60 seconds.

This really helps the idea of Dogecoin being a lighter-hearted payment method than other options. That’s because having to wait a long time for payments to actually go through can really take the enjoyment out of what is viewed by many as a more relaxed and straightforward alternative to other crypto coins.


The huge success of Dogecoin not only shows off the appeal of the currency but also the positive impact of making it more widely available. If a cryptocurrency doesn’t get off the ground running, then it can become a self-defeating spiral, as the lack of uptake throughout the internet reduces its effective usefulness and therefore appeal.

Crypto Games selection

Luckily, Dogecoin captured people’s imaginations and is now widely available to buy and use throughout the internet. This, of course, includes availability across an excellent selection of casino options.

How can I deposit and withdraw at Dogecoin casino sites?

One thing we’ve tried to make clear about Dogecoin is that ease of use and accessibility is a huge part of what makes this cryptocurrency work. With that in mind, you needn’t be worried about depositing and withdrawing with Dogecoin.

Although we can’t go through the exact procedures set by each individual casino site – they are, of course, entitled to have their own methods and terms and conditions regarding the subject – it is both beneficial for you and them to make it as simple as possible.

BitStarz registration form

On a general level, all you will need to do is sign up to the site by filling in the registration form. From there, click your preferred currency and enter the relevant details. Using a Doge casino should be no more complicated than traditional deposit methods and can, in some instances, be even simpler. So, if you were worried that somehow the banking side of things will be needlessly complex, then there really isn’t any need to be concerned. If you’re not intimidated by standard banking options, then you’ll be completely fine using Dogecoin.

Can I deposit in Dogecoin and withdraw by another method?

We are not aware of any casino site which would allow you to deposit Dogecoin and withdraw either via another cryptocurrency or a more traditional payment method.

In fact, this is generally true for all types of payment methods, as you are expected to withdraw in the same way you made your deposit. Many betting sites have a policy which outlines this restriction. While there is plenty of versatility in online casinos when it comes to banking options, the rules regarding this are broadly very strict.

Dogecoin Friendly Casinos


How fast is depositing and withdrawing at Dogecoin casino sites?

When it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, time periods aren’t usually measured in the same way as traditional payment methods. This can lead some people to believe that they are unreliable or will take an extremely long time to bank with.

While we can’t speak for the thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, we can say this certainly is not the case with Dogecoin. You see, options like Dogecoin have processing times that are instead calculated by confirmations. A single confirmation of Dogecoin generally takes a few minutes. This is quite significantly faster than many of its alternative options, including the vastly more famous Bitcoin.

Of course, working with confirmation does mean that crypto coin transactions don’t operate in a time frame which is consistent down to the second. There is also processing on the casino’s side of things to take into consideration. But we generally don’t imagine many will be disappointed by the banking speed of Dogecoin.

Which exchanges will sell you Dogecoin?

The big question is one: where do you exchange your fiat (traditional) currency into Dogecoins? If this is your first time trying to obtain cryptocurrency, it can at first seem to be a confusing business. In reality, all you need is some basic research and the process to get your paws on some Dogecoins is actually simple. We have done all the research, so all that is left for you to do is buy some Dogecoins, check in to one of the top Dogecoin casinos listed here and let the fun begin.

You can buy Dogecoins in the same way you obtain other forms of cryptocurrency, through online currency exchanges. These exchanges allow you to swap between your favourite forms of cryptocurrency. Some will also accept traditional currencies like USD or Euros, or even other major currencies. Whether you are depositing fiat or cryptocurrency should influence your choice of exchange, as not all exchanges will accept the traditional ones. Below is a list of my most trusted exchanges .

My Top 5 Dogecoin exchange platforms

Kraken:  Founded in 2011, they claim to be the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, and in all fairness seem to be living up to the title. They are consistently reviewed as one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online and offer low fees, various traditional currency options and a high level of security. The range of cryptocurrencies on offer continues growing and thanks to a volume-based fee schedule, the more you trade the less you pay and the more money you make.

Bittrex: Another secure platform that specialises in digital asset trading. Using cutting-edge technology, it has rendered the world of blockchain widely accessible, even to those with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. Bittrex uses one of the most reliable and effective security technologies available, with two-factor authentication for all users and a host of other security features.

Shapeshift: This platform lets you shift between currency assets in a fast and safe way. The company mission is to become the world's most powerful crypto trader and it certainly has the infrastructure to achieve it. Here, you can use the online market to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies, including Doge. If you're seriously into trading crypto, the site also offers a real-time market where you can keep yourself up-to-date about trends and market activity.

Poloniex: This exchange trades in the biggest names in cryptocurrencies, with over 60 currencies that include the ever-popular Bitcoin, Etherium and Doge, as well as a host of other altcoins and stablecoins. The site offers insurance and top security, storing the majority of its funds offline, and also collaborates with regulators to ensure best practice standards.

Changely: This site acts as an intermediary between you and other crypto exchanges, which means that it will give you direct access to over 150 cryptocurrencies in a simplified manner. Transactions are secure and the fee is stated upfront at a fixed 0.25% for crypto-to-crypto swaps. Basically, the site makes bids on the different platforms on your behalf and selects the best available rate for you. The process is instant and the site counts over two million happy traders.

What happens after you choose your favourite exchange? The actual process of buying is quite simple. Select the currency you own and wish to exchange. Select the currency you wish to buy, in this case, Dogecoins. Click buy. You will be asked to log in or create an account and you're ready to go. Deposit the currency you own, and the Dogecoins are yours.

Where do you store your Dogecoin?

Ok, so you've got your paws on the Dogecoins needed for your favourite crypto casino. Now, what? Where do you keep them? At this stage, you need to get yourself a good crypto coin wallet. The number of such wallets that you can choose from is staggering nowadays, both in their sheer quantity but also in their variety and creativity. With such a huge amount of storage solutions at hand, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs exactly.

However, this can also be a downside as it is one of the things that puts people off getting involved in crypto trading. The sheer choice can make it confusing and give rise to questions like: how do I know which wallet I can trust?

Let's start with the good news, that there is no shortage of easy ways to store your coins online. We, of course, can’t go through everything here. The speed at which wallets are changing and being produced would likely make attempting to do so a never-ending task. However, we can give you some examples of accessible and easy-to-understand wallets.

What should you look for in your Dogecoin wallet?

Thank about what you'd look for if you were choosing a brick and mortar bank, and adapt it to your Dogecoins. Basically your wallet needs to support Dogecoins (not all do), so check the fine print. Unless you've achieved ninja level in cryptocurrency trading, best make sure that your chosen wallet is easy-to-use and well-suited to newbies. Check the interface: is it intuitive, or does it give you a headache just to look it? In case of the latter, I'd suggest moving on to the next provider.

Security is obviously a major consideration. We're dealing in money, and anything less than top level security is just not worth the risk. Does it have two-factor authentication? Were there any bad media reports about it in the past? How easy is it to backup and restore the wallet? If something goes wrong – and with technology, it can easily do so – will you lose anything or are your Dogecoins protected?

Technical and customer support is something else you need to keep an eye on. Is the brand constantly being upgraded? Does it offer effective and fast customer contact when help is needed? And, finally, what do the reviews say? A constant onslaught of bad reviews should get the alarm bells going and tell you that this is not the right choice.

And, finally, does the wallet offer cold storage – ie placement of the funds offline – or is everything kept online? Wallets can be either software e-wallets, or hardward wallets (ie, physical devices). The hardware option tends to be more secure, but less easy to use. If you're trading in big amounts, a good idea is to keep a small amount in your e-wallet and transferring the rest to your hardware.

Storing your Dogecoins in a Dogecoin casino site should not be an option – it is always wise to retain control yourself. With all the above points in mind, here are three of the most popular Dogecoin wallets currently available on the market.

Dogecoin Wallet

Freewallet home page

We may as well begin with what will be the most obvious choice for many users and that’s the tailor-made, official Dogecoin Wallet. It provides, in essence, exactly what it says on the tin, without too many bells and whistles to complicate matters.

The Dogecoin Wallet is… you guessed it… the official Dogecoin wallet. It is available via Google and Android apps in both a desktop and a lite version for your mobile phone. The most secure desktop version is the core wallet, because it downloads the entire blockchain. However, you can also opt for  a lite version that is perfect for simply storing and transferring Dogecoin. There is also amobile version for Android devices, particularly useful for users who are constantly on the go and who don't plan to hold a huge amount of currency in this wallet.

The Lite and the mobile version are not best suited for huge transactions and the Lite version is not suitable for mining. The Dogecoin Wallet works on a peer-to-peer basis; you can easily send and receive Dogecoin using this app, and if that’s all you’re after, this seems like an ideal solution.

What makes it special? To put it simply: if you are a newbie and you're getting your first wallet, this makes it very easy. It is just as easy to redeem the wallet and it's also extremely secure thanks to the fact that everything is encrypted and the App itself will never have access to your wallet. The funds are stored in the cloud, so the likelihood of technical glitches making your funds inaccessible are close to none.



What makes Ledger such an intriguing option is the fact that it combines the best features of software and hardware wallets in order to provide an easy-to-use storage solution that is also secure.  At its essence, it is technically a hardware wallet. You set it up on your device, activate it (you're also given the option of a mobile app version for your phone) and set your pin. It is one of the most popular hardware options for three reasons, the most obvious being security. To date, it remains the only certified hardware wallet on the market, certified French cyber-security agency ANSSI.

Secondly, it is very affordable, with the Ledger Nano S standing at around the E60 mark. Support is stellar, with great online support and customer service, and a host of accessories (such as a Backup Pack) to complement your wallet.

Thirdly, it supports a host of cryptocurrencies, which is important considering that a lot of people like to use Dogecoin alongside other crypto options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The Ledger provides an all-purpose solution. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should always buy any hardware wallet from trusted sellers only.


Coinbase wallet

This is actually a recent addition, as for a long time, the most famous cryptocurrency wallet in the world did not support Dogecoin. That has now changed, probably making Coinbase the go-to wallet for many users. The company touts it as the world's leading user-custodied crypto wallet and for years supported the main cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Since the new addition, DOGE support has been offered to all users on iOS and Android, with the process being extremely simple. All you need to di is tap ‘Receive’ on the main wallet tab and select DOGE.

Security on this option is pretty tight as keys are protected with Secure Enclave and biometric authentication technology. You can even store your funds in a vault with time-delayed withdrawals. The company, which is based in San Francisco, also prides itself on offering technology that is very easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. In fact, one of the biggest attractions is that you can buy your cryptocurrency using a normal credit card or debit card, or even by effecting a bank transfer. How's that for some truly awesome convenience?

Moreover, it is considered as pretty much a jack-of-all-trades, allowing you to not just hold your coins there but also to buy and sell crypto coins easily. It is backed by some major US investors, which in itself adds to its reliability and your own peace of mind.

Are there fees at a Doge casino?

Dogecoin home page

While there are fees attached to Dogecoin – as there generally is with cryptocurrencies – the amount is so small as to not be concerned with. The whole concept behind Dogecoin is to be cheap. This is both its limitation and what makes it special.

At the time of writing, the fee appears to be 1 doge per 1000 bytes. The other side of the equation would be any fees that the casino site themselves add. This is entirely down to each individual website and there’s no way of us checking them all. However, it would be extremely odd and unwise for a casino to include extortionate fees for a currency which bases its whole success and interest on being affordable and easy to use.

If you’re unsure of what fees apply, be sure to check in the casino sites Help or Banking pages. If you cannot find the details you need, enquire with customer services.

What is a Dogecoin casino? slots

When we talk about a Dogecoin casino, we usually aren’t talking about casino sites that exist solely to serve Dogecoin users. Generally, when an online casino accepts Dogecoin, it is usually alongside both other cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods.

Regardless, it is most often the case that betting sites offer multiple payment options. Some don’t and make their niche catering for specific users. But to us, a Doge casino is a casino site where you can use this currency, rather than a casino site that exclusively offers this one crypto coin and no other payment options.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything too different about the vast majority of Dogecoin casino sites. You sign up, deposit and play games with your funds, just as you would normally. Plus, there are plenty of excellent options out there with world-class software developers, meaning you can and should expect just as high-quality experience as normal.

There are, however, some games and slots that are especially popular with Dogecoin users….

Are there any special Dogecoin games and slots?

BitStarz top games

While these games aren’t special in the sense that they are games unique to Dogecoin, they are special in the sense that they consistently come up as being among the most popular with Dogecoin users. It is interesting to see how this unique currency impacts player habits and also what type of games users of Dogecoin are generally drawn to. With that said, let’s take a closer look.

Dogecoin roulette

Crypto Games Dogecoin roulette

Classic games are popular no matter what currency you are using, and this certainly seems to be the case with Dogecoin roulette. We’d be surprised if anyone doesn’t know how the game of roulette works. You make a prediction, the wheel spins, the ball lands and you find out if you’re a winner or a loser. It’s elegant in its simplicity, just like Dogecoin.

Dogecoin poker

People may think that Dogecoin poker is a rather strange choice. After all, poker is generally put together with high stakes, possibly more than any other casino game in existence. But, Dogecoin proves there is a lighter, more casual side to this casino classic. This crypto coin allows the game of poker to be played without the need to break the bank.

Dogecoin blackjack

Crypto Games Dogecoin blackjack

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, comes in many forms and has been popular throughout the world for quite literally centuries. However, it may have just met its perfect partner in the cheap and easy to use Dogecoin: a perfect currency for this kind of game.

Dogecoin dice

You could pretty much take exactly what we said about Blackjack and apply it here. Dice games are all about simplicity and fast gameplay, which is exactly what Dogecoin was made for. One of the most popular uses for Dogecoin with a significant following, online gambling doesn’t get much more stripped back than this.

Dogecoin slots

Crypto Games Dogecoin slots

To be completely honest, slots are popular amongst users of pretty much every type of currency you can imagine on casino sites. Slots have perhaps benefitted the most out of any game type from the world of online gaming because of their versatility and scope to get creative. It’s no surprise then that people are on the lookout for Dogecoin slots.

Thankfully, they won’t have to look far because as this cryptocurrency has gotten more popular, the number of options available has exploded. This means that Dogecoin users can enjoy a wide variety of excellent slots without issue.

Are there special terms and conditions for Dogecoin casino sites?

The terms and conditions you will find on a Dogecoin casino are – like they are for every other currency – specific to the site itself. This means that we can’t tell you if one of the countless sites out there that accepts Dogecoin might have special terms for it or any other cryptocurrency.

Crypto Wild terms and conditions

However, what we can say is that, in general, it would be unusual for a casino site to have especially complicated terms which make the use of this currency any more difficult than it needs to be. It is in the best interest of online casinos to keep thing as straightforward as possible. And since Dogecoin is by its nature simple, you shouldn’t have an issue here.

Nonetheless, make sure to check on the terms for each individual site and don’t just assume how a casino you haven’t used before will operate. You may actually find that using Dogecoin can be easier than traditional options because there is less of a need to prove your identity. Although many casinos reserve the right to ask for additional information, this is generally the case with unusual activity as opposed to a common part of the withdrawal process as it is for other options.

A brief history of Dogecoin and its future

Dogecoin logo

Dogecoin was intended to be an entertaining alternative from the start, and it’s hard to imagine its creator, Billy Markus, believed it would get to this level when it was first launched in 2013. Originally the plan was for there to be 100 billion coins. However, the change to allow infinite coins created Dogecoin’s unique selling point, alongside the Shiba Inu dog from the doge internet meme.

It was an instant hit, jumping 300% in value in just 72 hours. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. China’s backlash against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, affected Dogecoin, alongside mining issues, leading to an 80% drop in value.

On top of this, millions of coins were stolen during a hack on Dogewallet. However, the coins were recovered in an extraordinary coming together of the Dogecoin community. “SaveDogemas” saw people donate coins to make up for the lost funds and brought Dogecoin back to a more positive position.

Since then, it has gone from strength to strength. It hit a market capitalization of 13.5 million in 2015 and has continued to be remarkably popular ever since, with more options to spend your Dogecoin than ever.


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