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best discover card casinosWith more than 61 million customers, Discover Card is the 3rd biggest credit card company in the United States next only to VISA and MasterCard. Most of the cards are issued through the Discover Bank, and debit cards are also offered by other banking institutions.

Although the company was founded in 1985 but within a time span of just over 3 decades, it has risen up the ladders of success all thanks to the great innovation and marketing strategies implemented by the founders.

If you are a little anxious to learn more about this card and the payment option, you are recommended to check out our post on best Discover Card Online Casinos.


How to Use the Discover Card Payment Method?

This card operates pretty much just like the VISA and MasterCard with similar functionalities. The only glaring difference between Discover and rest of the credit cards is that the former does not require an annual fee from the customers. At the same time, customers are given a higher credit limit in comparison to other cards.

The best thing about the Discover Cards is that a large number of people use this payment method is they get a cashback in the range of 2-5 percent of the money spent on online purchases to their account.

As a user, you need not have to apply for the Discover Card through your banking institution. It is so because Discover has its own bank that handles all the payments and other transactions. Once approval is done, you will get the card in your mail, and there is no need to link any bank account with it.

The only problem that a client using Discover Card has is that if you want to use this payment method for deposit or withdrawals, it is likely that you would run into a little bit of a brick wall. It is so because the credit card company is very strict at not using its services for the sole purpose of gambling and casino games all due to stringent gambling laws governing the American soil.

Having said that, it does not mean you should stop reading this post about Online Discover Card Casinos especially since we have gone into great lengths describing its pros and cons to have a Discover Card in your wallet arson. So, you are recommended to continue reading the post to learn more about this banking method.


Benefits of Discover Card

Thanks to a stellar and perfect track record, customers using Discover Card get to enjoy the myriad advantages of using this payment method. Some of the pros are discussed below.

No Annual Fees

As we have mentioned above, Discover made a name for itself in the industry and attracted a large number of customers by not charging any annual fees from them. Hence, as a Discover client, you don’t have to get worried about paying the yearly fees.

Cashback Offers

Unlink other credit card services available in the market, Discover Cards offer great cash back to customers on purchases for any product or services. It means that you will always get some amount of refund on the amount you have spent and it is something which is the best thing about Discover.

Customer Support

Being the 3rd largest financial service provider in the United States, Discover offers most excellent and hassle-free customer service to all its clients and customers in different parts of the world. The support staff is amiable and is very prompt in resolving the queries. Also, support is available in multiple languages apart from English.

Features and Benefits

Apart from splendid customer service, being a Discover client offers you many incentives and perks you won’t get anywhere else. Even if you delay your payment, it won’t raise your APR. Also, no fees are involved for foreign transactions and late fees of any kind if exempted.

No Bank Account Required

To avail a credit card, it is imperative that you must have a bank account first. But there is no such thing with Discover, and you will be eligible no matter how poor your credit ratings are. Discover has its own banking institution, and the card will be mailed to you once you meet the eligibility criteria.

Different Options Available

Few credit card companies offer one or two options of the card to customers, but with Discover, you get a wide selection of different options with multiple benefits. As a customer, you have the opportunity to select a card type based on your spending and comfort.


Demerits of Discover Card

Like all the good things in life, there are some terrible things that we must know to prepare ourselves better. The same holds true for the Discover Cards, and it has few cons which are discussed under the following headings below.

Difficult to Find Best Discover Card Online Casinos

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does not allow the credit card companies to enable its accounts to be used at the online gambling sites for deposits and withdrawals. In the earlier days of enforcement of the law, many credit card companies flouted the rule, but the executives of the company were soon getting arrested for breach of the law.

So it is likely that online casino would not allow banking method for Discover Card account holders. If you ever come across any such casino site, it is best to do some background check and research online. It is so because you don’t want to get embroiled playing at a rogue casino site.

Interest Rates and Extra Fees

Even though Discover Cards does not charge annual fees from its customers, but the company needs to limit the risks when providing the card to people. It is so because cards are available to people with bad credit ratings and it means that such people would delay repaying the amount and it would undoubtedly increase the overall interest rate. At the same time, the company charges a very high APR ranging between 11.24-23.24 percent.


Online Casinos Accepting Discover Cards

As far as you can see from our detailed Discover Cards Online Casino Review, the card would be a wonderful dream for the casino players, but unfortunately, its services could not be used for the purpose of gambling. But it does not mean that you should give up your hopes of playing at an online casino site. There are other payment methods available like American Express, VISA and MasterCard that you can freely use to fund your online casino account.


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