Ripple Casinos Sites for 2020

Ripple can seem like a complicated beast, but it’s also an extremely useful one. It’s both a platform and a cryptocurrency: something that can just as easily be used to make huge international transactions as it can to play a couple of slot games. Versatility and variety are its strength, just as it is the backbone of our recommended Ripple casino sites.

List of Top 10 Ripple Casino Sites for 2020

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What are the benefits of playing at Ripple casino sites?

Really, there are two types of people who will be asking about the benefits of Ripple casino sites. The first example is someone who simply doesn’t know much about cryptocurrencies in general and isn’t sure exactly what any version of this new form of digital currency can offer them. home page

The answers for these people are often the same, even though there are some differences – there is, after all, a reason for the sheer number of crypto coins out there. However, when it comes to general advantages, different cryptocurrencies often have the same things to offer, especially someone who has never strayed from the more traditional deposit methods before.

The other example is someone who is already familiar with the ideas and benefits behind cryptocurrencies and may even have some form of cryptocurrency in their possession. These people are probably wondering why they should use Ripple over all the other options that are available. The truth is that there are many different reasons to choose Ripple, ranging from the practical to the more philosophical.

Here, we’ll be going over five of what we consider to be the most important benefits of using both an XRP casino and the Ripple currency in general.

Ripple benefits

1. Reliability

Ripple may not be as big of a household name as Bitcoin. The relative obscurity of some crypto coins in comparison to Bitcoin can often make people suspect them. However, not only is that not true in general – there are plenty of excellent cryptocurrency examples out there – but it is absolutely not the case with Ripple.

This cryptocurrency has the backing of banks throughout the world. The likes of Santander, Union Credit and UBS all support Ripple. Having this kind of trust from leading banks gives Ripple a level of legitimacy it could be argued that no other crypto option could possibly compete with.

2. Versatility

As we’ve mentioned Ripple is both an exchange platform and a cryptocurrency. The platform is called Ripple Net and the currency is known as XRP. If this sounds confusing, don’t get too stressed about it. While we’re sure the inner working of Ripple is enough to make an ordinary person gasp in awe of the sheer intellect that has gone into this project, the practical side of things is quite a bit humbler.


Essentially, it is a currency exchange (as well as a real-time gross settlement system and remittance network), which supports both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and even other commodities. XRP is simply the name of its native currency. Its low commissions mean that Ripple can act as a mediator between currencies. This makes exchanges cheaper as it undercuts the usual commission that banks incur when using the US dollar as a mediator.

It can even be used to issue a unique currency for use between collectors, to make that process simpler and easier. This means that Ripple is capable of doing a wider variety of things than a more straightforward cryptocurrency. You may never need to use all its options but having all of this available can only be viewed as a plus.

3. Inflation – or rather a lack of it

Ripple mining

As the crypto coins are mined initially, this means that they already exist and hold their value in a way that other cryptocurrencies don’t. Now, we admit that for some people, this fact also has a downside. That’s because the highly fluctuating nature of other crypto options is something that they hope to take advantage of. However, for people who want something more stable – for use in XRP gambling, for example – Ripple provides a steadier alternative.

4. Speed

One of the biggest problems with Bitcoin is how long the transactions can take. While other cryptocurrencies also attempt to deal with this problem, Ripple’s powerful day-to-day payment system allows it to be much quicker and cheaper than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash – a hard fork alternative to Bitcoin – holds much of its place in the market because of these two facts, while Ripple offers all of this while also being an alternative in many different ways.

Of course, Bitcoin Cash may be the solution for many people who want a faster and cheaper crypto coin option, but this will also be an ideal alternative too. We always say that more options are better because even if something isn’t right for you, it creates a better overall market for everyone, and Ripple is a perfect example of this fact.

5. International appeal

Ripple global transactions

This ties in with our last entry but we’ve decided to give it its own spot here in order to really emphasise the important role Ripple has on international markets. Economies have been becoming gradually more globalised as time has gone on and Ripple wonderfully exemplifies this. It allows you to make international transactions in mere seconds. Bitcoin can take a few days, while your traditional banking systems can take up to a few weeks. This is a major plus point for Ripple and one that could have huge benefits as we move into the future.

How can I deposit and withdraw funds at Ripple casino sites?

One of the biggest misconceptions about cryptocurrencies is around the process of using them in general. Many people wrongly believe that depositing or withdrawing them at a casino site will create a fundamentally different experience than with more traditional payment options. More specifically, people generally believe that it’s likely to be a much more complicated process.

While there may be extra steps with Ripple gambling and with other cryptocurrency options, the basics of how they work are pretty much the same. You’ll be asked to provide some details which prove that you are the owner of that currency. Following that, the casino site will allow you to select how much you want to deposit. An example of the information we mean would be your XRP tags, which associate your transactions with your account.

Bitcasino account registration

Withdrawing funds from XRP casino sites generally goes along the same lines as a traditional payment method too. There are certainly additional things you need to do. And, of course, all casinos are different – and there may be slight differences in how they go about this process. However, we wouldn’t say that it should be especially more unique than comparing an e-wallet to a more traditional method like credit cards, for example.

Nonetheless, there are common questions that people want clearing up in order to give them peace of mind, especially if they are using a new form of currency.

Can I deposit with Ripple at an XRP casino and withdraw in another currency?

The answer is broadly speaking, no. While Ripple has a very good relationship with other currencies – it is, after all, a big part of the reason for its success as a mediator – casino sites will generally make you withdraw funds in the same way you deposit them. This is not just the case with Ripple gambling but also applies to traditional currencies and payment methods too either. It is usually the case that if you deposit with one method, that becomes the default withdrawal method, even if the two methods share a form of currency.

Ripple casino chips

Not only is this a security measure by betting sites, but a change between Ripple (XRP) into a different form of currency would require a casino site to operate as an exchange forum to a certain extent. The good news for users though is the versatility of the currency shouldn’t make this too big of a problem.

How fast is depositing at a Ripple casino?

How fast you can deposit funds when XRP gambling does partially depend on the casino’s side of things. So, we can’t say in real-time how long it will take for each and every casino operator. However, what we can say is that one of Ripple’s main benefits is its blistering quick pace.

This is the Ferrari of cryptocurrencies, tearing down the online motorway while regular users have little chance of catching up. Transactions take seconds and it’s as global as you need it to be. As we said, you can never be sure down to the nanosecond, but it’s fast enough for pretty much anybody’s needs.

What are the easiest to use Ripple wallets?

Ripple global

Regardless of how technologically advanced Ripple is and no matter how lofty its ambitions are, the bottom line is that you still need somewhere to put all that money. Perhaps one day the geniuses at Ripple will figure out a way for us to move money with our minds and all this hassle will be behind us. Until that day though, we’ll still need a wallet to store our crypto funds.

There’s a frankly astronomical amount of choice and about as many opinions regarding this subject. Nonetheless, we’ve got a few Ripple wallet recommendations to give you an idea of the kind of options that are out there.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet home page

The biggest, or at least the most obvious, selling point of Atomic Wallet is that it is a multi-currency wallet. It allows you to hold hundreds – yes hundreds – of different crypto coins in a single location. Not only that but Atomic Wallet also acts as an exchange, is known for being very easy to use and for its extremely high standards of security. They’ve put just as much effort into making it hard for bad guys to misuse it as they have into making it easy for legitimate users to enjoy. We’d say that’s a pretty perfect balance.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

This is just one example of the many hardware wallets available. These are USB devices that allow you to store all of your virtual coins offline. They also generate private keys as well as digital signatures offline, inside the device, further preventing the possibility of hacking. You can even go further with the security of these devices, with many offering recovery options should something go wrong.

There are plenty of hardware wallets out there. However, a quality option that is consistently recommended by its users is the Ledger Nano S. This can set you back around £90, although you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. It’s multicurrency, secure and simple.

Paper Wallets

Ripple wallet

Looking for something a little more old-school for your very modern technology? Look no further than paper wallets. How, we’re sure many of you are thinking, could something as advanced as a cryptocurrency be stored on a paper wallet? Well, it’s not exactly the case.

A paper wallet is actually a piece of paper with both the wallet’s public and private keys printed on them. They are considered to be extremely safe and are a pretty ingenious way of getting around many of the security concerns people have with online options. Nonetheless, this is of course only as safe as you can keep it. However, if you are confident of your ability to keep a paper wallet secure, then this is both a novel and effective option.

How does Ripple work?

Once again, while Ripple sounds complicated, it’s really very straightforward. You can simply purchase the currency through exchanges like Bitstamp, Bittrex, Kraken and many more. You then deposit it in a wallet and then use that wallet to spend your money.

Bitstamp home page

Many people are put off by the idea that cryptocurrency is beyond their understanding. That’s often because when they hear about it, the focus is on the technical side of things, as that’s where the news is focused. In truth though, this is a rather unusual way of looking at it. Consider how you would respond if someone told you they were incapable of using a bank card because they didn’t have an encyclopaedic understanding of the stock market.

All you need to do is buy it, put it in a wallet and use that wallet to spend your crypto coins in a Ripple casino or anywhere else you want. It really is as simple as that.

Are there special Ripple gambling games and slots?

While there aren’t necessarily any special XRP casino games and slots – at least not that we’re aware of – that doesn’t mean that utilising Ripple doesn’t open up more possibilities. This is because most casino games now allow you to use more than one currency. It makes a lot of sense: any developer would want their reach to be as broad as possible. slots

There are, however, often games that only use cryptocurrencies. That’s because the markets between this and traditional currencies haven’t yet completely merged, despite having more and more crossovers each and every day. So, Ripple will allow you access to more casinos and more games, but no more than some of the other most successful cryptocurrencies.

It will also provide more options than other cryptocurrencies, as it is often considered the second most successful form of crypto coin, and there are thousands of different online options out there.

Are there special terms and conditions at Ripple casino sites?

Terms and conditions are something which are always down to the specific site itself. So, the answer to this then is that, on occasion, there will be differences, but any good casino will do their absolute best to make using cryptocurrencies just as straightforward and as accessible as any other payment option.

In many cases, terms and conditions are often more stringent for traditional currencies because there are greater restrictions on where they can be used. Ripple, like Bitcoin, also views anonymity as one of its most important features. As such, you can rely on wallet details, as opposed to having to go through a rather arduous process of verification, in order to proceed.

There are some exceptions to this though. Some casinos will ask you for further verification, but usually only if they have a good reason to be suspicious. Plus, this is a lot less common than with traditional payment types.

A history of Ripple and its future perspective

Ripple has so many different elements to its business that its history goes off in a lot of directions. In a way, this is a reflection of the complex and intricate versatility which sets them apart from other cryptocurrencies. We can’t possibly hope to capture all of their amazing journey, but we can give you a brief overview of some of the most significant events which made them who they are today.

Ripple logo

It began in 2005 with a system that was then called Opencoin. Its aim was to create a global network that would provide secure payment methods. You may have guessed at this point that this idea transformed into Ripple. Alongside this core principle was the creation of its own currency, now known as XRP, which aimed to deal with the issues that Bitcoin has with processing times and costs. These were crafted together as complimentary but separate parts of Ripple.

Another vital point was bank integration, which has seen more and more global institutions join over the last decade. They began working with Earthport in 2014, a global partnership which truly opened up their scope. The currency side of things also grew, with Ripple becoming the second most popular cryptocurrency in 2017.

In terms of the future, there’s arguably no cryptocurrency with as much ambition or as much scope as Ripple. For the customers in the short term though, we can enjoy XRP gambling being provided by more and more casinos and more gaming options being added to the market.


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