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Best Giropay Casinos Online in 2023

Giropay is one of the most popular payment technologies in Germany and Austria, reaching over 16 million customers. If you reside in Germany or Austria and are looking for a safe, easy way to gamble online, then look no further. Read our in-depth guide to the best Giropay casinos, how to find a good Giropay casino bonus, and more!

Best Casinos that Accept Giropay in 2023

  • Rapid support chat response
  • Loyalty Ladder bonuses
  • Weekly prize draw every Monday
100% match bonus up to €200 + 100 spins
  • Enormous welcome bonus
  • VIP programme for high rollers
  • Daily jackpots
Up to €500 Match Bonus + 100 Extra Spins
PlayLuck Play
  • Clear game selection categories
  • Experience Points (XP) and Spirit Points (SP) reward system
  • Minimum: €20, Maximum: €5000
100% welcome bonus up to €100 + 200 free spins on Book of Dead
  • Advanced Bitcoin casino
  • Low €10 minimum Giropay deposit
  • Big jackpot slots
€300 Welcome Package + 150 Free Spins
iLucki Casino Play
  • €10 minimum deposit
  • ‘Recommend a Friend’ bonus
  • Themed Loyal Panda points programme
Match bonus up to €1000 + 10 free spins on Book of Dead
  • 10% cashback over the weekend
  • No minimum deposit for Giropay
  • Simple 2-step registration system
Up to €200 + 100 free spins
  • Email, telephone and chat support
  • Payout success rate for individual games
  • Optimised for smartphone & tablet
100% up to €200

What is Giropay?

First established in 2005, the Giropay company has quickly become an extremely popular method for making purchases online. Founded by Star Finanz GmbH and Fiducia & GAD IT AG, Giropay has developed innovative and secure payment solutions.

Evidence for its success is the fact many well-known companies use its services. In fact, over 1500 companies utilise the payment services, reaching 85% of the German market. This reaches close to 100% with the latest PSD2 interface.

How Does Giropay Work?

Very simple. Unlike other casino payment methods, you don't need to create a new account or register any details on additional platforms. To make deposits and payments, you simply use platforms and details that you already have. This enables you to remain in the familiar surroundings of your own online banking. It also adds an extra layer of security to any transaction.

Once you have selected your payment method as Giropay, you are redirected to your bank's login page. Upon entering your login details, the transaction is then authorised by the bank and processed.

The transaction occurs only between customer and bank, eliminating any third-party intervention. Then, all that is required is a TAN (transaction authentication number) confirmation.

This usually arrives in the form of a code from your bank app or an SMS message. Enter this code to confirm and voilà, you are ready to go. Giropay transfers are immediate and funds are available right away.

Benefits of Playing at a Giropay Casino Online

There are many advantages that come with playing at a Giropay online casino. Our team’s job is to provide you with all the information to make an informed decision. Following our investigations, we have found many positives to playing at casinos that accept Giropay. Read on to find out what we concluded.

  • Powerful and Popular

The popularity of Giropay is born out of its simplicity and usability. In a world that operates faster with digital technologies, expectations are also raised. With this in mind, Giropay has found a relative niche in the German and Austrian money transfer markets.

Broadening its European or even worldwide horizons could make Giropay a global phenomenon in the industry. But this remains to be seen. There is plenty of competition, each with differing strengths and weaknesses.

However, Giropay remains one of the only payment methods that guarantees players 100% of their deposits. Its power is held within the lack of fees for using the service, as well as the speed of transfer.

  • No Waiting

Practical, quick, reliable, safe. But perhaps the most significant benefit for users of Giropay, is that there is no waiting time. Instead, just instant action and a chance to pit your wits and casino strategies on the grand selection of games.

In addition to quick transfers, Giropay is extremely efficient with verification. Whether checking for age or verifying an online account, there are simple processes in place. With your PIN and TAN codes, your bank can prove your age and identity immediately from your login. This is known as Giropay-ID.

There is no longer a need for visual verification. A merchant sends you one cent which contains a code on your bank account statement. You can then use and enter this code with the online shop to verify your account. As soon as this is entered, you’re verified and ready to play.

  • Security

Not only can you get straight into the action, but you can play in a secure environment provided by top Giropay casinos. Since you are interacting with your trusted bank and banking system, the same security courtesies apply.

Giropay online casinos use AES 256-bit encryption, which is found in the “https” in every URL. Furthermore, the two-layered authentication system provides extra security. There's also no need to worry about your personal data being requested.

This is because Giropay never asks for any sensitive data, by e-mail or telephone. Any communication requesting personal data should be treated as suspicious. This point about personal data is also relevant for data protection. Since less information is harvested, there is less risk. Furthermore, using fewer websites also reduces the exposure to cookies.

  • Fees

Like with any transaction, it is worth checking the fees involved. This could often be a decisive factor in choosing to use a certain payment method. First and foremost, as a customer, you can use Giropay for free.

However, consult your banking institution for any processing or payment method fees. When depositing on Giropay online casinos, it is generally instant and free. When you compare Giropay with other similar money transfer services, the fees involved will often be the differentiating factor.


Unfortunately, there will always be some drawbacks when it comes to making online casino deposits. But with Giropay, there aren't many at all. The main disadvantage is related to location. Giropay is only available for online casinos in Germany and Austrian casino sites.

Another disadvantage relevant to online casino Giropay users is the fact you cannot withdraw funds. To withdraw winnings, you need to use bank details or alternative methods such as PayPal or Cryptocurrency.

New Giropay casinos will follow suit. It remains to be seen if this will change in the future; but for now, the efficiency lies in depositing. If you are indeed a resident of Germany or Austria, then that is the only real disadvantage.

However, you will learn that there are plenty of other options to withdraw your winnings. But spoiler alert, you might not be afforded the same luxuries you get by using Giropay for deposits.


  • Instant transfers
  • Very secure
  • No fees
  • No extra registration admin
  • No third party involvement


  • No withdrawal capability
  • Only available in Germany and Austria

Giropay Fees and Limits

As repeatedly mentioned as a major advantage, there are no fees involved to use Giropay. Any fees or costs are taken on by merchants. With regards to limits, those are more of a concern for online businesses themselves. Take a deeper look at individual online casinos to find their particular deposit limits.

: Table indicating the transaction time, fee and deposit limits for transferring funds using Giropay

Giropay Casino Payments

Simplicity also applies to depositing funds into your wallet. With Giropay, the user knows exactly where the money is, using only personal details. With online casinos, you simply choose the Giropay payment method and follow the instructions outlined earlier in the article.

An additional benefit is how user-friendly the process is. The re-directing between the casinos that accept Giropay and online banking is seamless and speedy. The deposits are instant, so you can hit the real money slots and tables right away.

Moreover, it is also very practical to make deposits on the move and keep up with the fast-paced online gaming world, especially with the added convenience of mobile gambling apps.

How to Deposit at Giropay Casinos?

If want quick and easy transactions, then Giropay is one of the best payment methods other there as it's directly correlated to your personal bank account. However, don't forget, if your bank doesn't support Giropay, then you won't be able to use this service. Here is a step-by-step guide to depositing at an online casino with Giropay:

Depositing at giropay casinos Depositing at giropay casinos
  1. Usually located on the “Banking” or “Cashier” page, select the payment method “Giropay” on the deposit page.
  2. Choose the bank you have an account with.
  3. You will then be redirected to the login page of your bank. You might encounter a page asking for confirmation to proceed.
  4. Log into your account, where you will then find details of the transaction.
  5. Your bank will then send you a TAN authentication code via app or SMS.
  6. Input this code to complete the authentication.
  7. After the code has been accepted, you will be redirected back to the receiver's website.
  8. The transfer is made to the receiver immediately.
  9. You can now go ahead and immediately use your funds on the casino floor.

How to Withdraw at Casinos that Accept Giropay

Unfortunately you cannot withdraw with Giropay. For withdrawals, you will need to use an alternative method. But, don't fret because there are plenty of options you can choose and may also mean that your winnings can go directly into your account. This could be one of the following: Visa/Mastercard transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies or online wallets. Most casinos will ask you to process your withdrawal via a bank transfer, so you'll need to supply your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT number, due to licensing requirements. You can expect to wait up to five working days to receive your withdrawal.

New Giropay Casinos 2023

The number of online casinos that accept Giropay as a payment method is ever-growing. This number should only increase when the German Gambling Regulation comes into effect in July 2021.

This regulation will relax restrictions on gambling. As a result, this will allow more casinos to go from unlicensed to licensed. Check out the following casinos that could make an even bigger splash in 2023 and keep an eye out for more Giropay casino bonuses.

Top New Giropay Casinos 2023

  • User-friendly platform
  • Huge variety of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Fast response support chat
100 free spins and 100% bonus up to €200
  • VIP rewards
  • Claim €7 without depositing anything
  • Choose from 6 website languages
100% bonus up to €200

Alternative Payment Methods to Giropay

Besides Giropay, there are other ways to deposit and withdraw your money. The methods we outline below are reliable, convenient and above all, commonly used in many online casinos.

  • Visa / Mastercard

Withdrawing winnings by debit or credit card has proved very popular in the past. This is mainly due to the fact people use these cards in everyday life. Nearly 99% of online casino providers accept these payment methods.

Depositing and withdrawing with Visa or Mastercard is also extremely convenient. It saves you using details for other accounts or additional login information.

However, there are many more disadvantages to using bank cards. You would be parading your bank details on the world wide web for all to see. Nowadays, banks are safer institutions. However, the hassle caused if a hacker gets hold of your details might outweigh the gains.

There is also the question of fees and transfer time again. Bank transfers are not always free, and can sometimes take up to or more than five business days to complete.

  • PayPal

PayPal is a popular payment method used to send and receive money. Unlike with Giropay, you are required to register with PayPal. Only then can you connect a bank account with a PayPal account.

It is important to note that transfer fees are country-specific. PayPal isn't the most common method for depositing funds with an online casino, but it is starting to appear on online casinos worldwide. Check out our list of the top PayPal casinos to find out more.

PayPal deposits are instant. Using PayPal is free, and there is also a mobile app to use this payment method at mobile casinos.

  • Skrill

Skrill is a reputable money transfer service which enables the user to transfer money internationally. It was established in 2001, originally specialised for e-wallet online casinos, for which Skrill remains a popular payment method.

Like PayPal, you will need to open an account with Skrill to use its services. Furthermore, there are various fees attached with transferring money, even between Skrill-Skrill customers (1.45%).

There is also a slight drawback in the delivery time. Generally, it takes 24-72 hours to transfer, once Skrill receives the funds. The transfer time also depends heavily on where the money is being sent and the funding method.

  • Neteller

Here we have another “online wallet”. The Canadian company initially targeted social media companies and forex trading groups. However, it also has a secure home on many gambling websites.

Much like with Skrill, Neteller offers a prepaid card, called Net+, which can be used anywhere that accepts a Mastercard. These eWallets have the capacity to operate in many different currencies, which makes for swift conversions for low fees.

Like with Giropay, funds deposited at Neteller casinos are received instantly. Withdrawals can take up to 48 hours. With regards to costs, setting up an account is free but Neteller does carry a 2.5% fee for uploading funds into your account.

  • Cryptocurrencies

There is a huge range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, and many of them are finding their way into online gambling. In fact, cryptocoin casinos have become some of the most popular of 2023.

Most crypto users gamble with Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Litecoin are also popular with online casinos. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it doesn't actually exist physically. All you require is the internet; and like Giropay, there is no third party involvement.

There are generally low transaction fees, especially for international payments and no fees related to banking or administration. With cryptocurrency, you can both deposit and withdraw funds. Just be prepared to wait, sometimes up to a week, to access your casino winnings. Get to know more about jackpot games.

Giropay Casinos FAQs

Giropay is an internet payment system used in Germany and Austria. It is a system that relies on an individual's online banking login details to provide verification. With no registration required, transfers are also completed without the intervention of third parties. Most importantly, transfers are instant.

Giropay provides an extremely safe and reliable environment to transfer your money. With the latest AES 256-bit encryption and no third party intervention, you can transfer safely. The two-step authentication process ensures any information exchange occurs only between you and your banking institution. If you do find any communication or information suspicious, do not open or respond to it.

First and foremost, the use of Giropay is completely free. This is because the costs and fees are absorbed by the online shops and merchants. And as mentioned previously, there is no registration required, so therefore no sneaky administration costs. And since the merchants bear the costs, you get to use 100% of your deposit.

The maximum amount for a transaction is 50,000 EUR. Individual banks might impose their own limits. Furthermore, it is also worth checking individual online casino conditions for minimum and maximum deposits. You can usually find this information under the “cashier” or ” banking” sections.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw winnings using Giropay. For withdrawals, you need to select an alternative banking method. These include: PayPal, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard.

Since Giropay is restricted to users in Germany and Austria, the pool of online casinos is limited somewhat. However, there are still plenty of options. The liberalisation of gambling, coming into effect in Germany in July 2021, will further improve this.

We can expect to see shifts in jurisdiction toward more licensed online casinos offering Giropay. Soon, it will become easier for online casinos to obtain a license to operate in Germany. Take a look at some of the already-established German online casinos to find your favourite!



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