Top 10 No Deposit Casino Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus

There’s never been a better time to sign up to a casino than right now. Due to the sheer amount of competition out there, betting sites are working harder than ever to get you onto their site and using their casino. More competition means more quality, better websites, better software and better bonus offers. And one great example of the latter are no deposit bonuses.

These are promotions which allow you to bet with a specified amount of cash, spins or even free play time for absolutely free. This means that you can enjoy the best casino experiences from the likes of Microgaming, Betsoft, Real Time Gaming and many more without having to fully commit to a new site.

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If you think all promotions require you to deposit money then think again. These bonuses allow you to try out a brand new casino site and provide the potential to win real-life cash. They offer all that without you having to spend a penny of your own.

Not only that but because there are so many casinos paying for your attention, there’s plenty to choose from. This means that you never have to settle for less when it comes to betting sites. With so much out there, and the option to play for money without the need for a deposit, you can take your time and make sure you find your perfect online casino for you.

List Of Top 10 No Deposit Casino Sites for 2019

€5 without deposit


€5 without deposit


€5 without deposit


€5 without deposit


€5 without deposit


$25 without deposit


How Do No Deposit Casino Bonuses Work?

Put simply, any casino bonus which does not require any kind of deposit counts as a free welcome bonus or no deposit casino promotion.

However, generally speaking, how most of these bonuses work is very simple, and whether you're looking at the best casinos in Australia, Europe, America, South Africa or anywhere else for that matter, the way which they work is generally the same. They usually require a user to sign up with the casino site to start with. This means you’ll be required to fill in an application form. You'll also need to provide legitimate information regarding things like your address and contact details. If you provide any false information, this could be used to refuse withdrawal of funds at a later date.

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In many instances, this is all you need to do in order to receive the bonus. Often you don’t even need to fill in your bank information at this stage. Some sites may also need you to fill in a bonus code in order to activate a promotion, but this shouldn’t be an issue, as it can generally found on the promotional page. From here, the bonus should be easy to find in your account and usually appears automatically.

However, it's very important to note that while this is how many no deposit bonuses commonly work, there may be differences depending on the specific promotion and site. Our explanation should provide you with a good idea of how the vast majority of these types of bonuses operate and how to redeem them.

That being said, it is, of course, impossible to comprehensively cover the vast amount of no deposit promotions available throughout the internet. So, we always recommend that you check the full terms and conditions for yourself to be sure of the specifics of that bonus.

Important Terms and Conditions to Consider for No Deposit Bonuses

Despite what we said above, there are some things that terms and conditions across bonuses do generally have in common. Understanding them can make it much easier for you to analyse exactly how good a no deposit bonus is. So, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by confusing terms and conditions. We’re going to take a look at the most important things to look out for when looking for the best no deposit casino bonuses.


When we say ‘availability’, we are referring to a few things. The first thing is whether this bonus is available to all or only to new customers. Generally speaking, it will tend to be the latter. You will often find a no deposit bonus alongside or instead of a more traditional welcome bonus. This also makes a lot of sense for a few reasons.

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For starters, you would assume that a customer who has already had an account for some time would likely have deposited funds already, making these types of bonus less useful to them. Not only that but they also work as an introduction to the site for a lot of people.

Another way in which we mean availability is whether the bonus and indeed the site in general is, in fact, available in your country. Before you go any further, make sure that you are actually able to use this site. This kind of information should be easily found on the casino site and certainly should be made clear to you during the registration process. However, if there is confusion for any reason, then be sure to check through customer service.

Wagering Requirements

Perhaps the most important element when it comes to deciding whether or not a bonus is worthwhile is the wagering requirement, which is also often referred to as the rollover requirement. This is the number of times you have to bet the bonus amount in order to withdraw your winnings.

While it is true that no deposit bonuses are risk-free, that doesn’t make them free money, as these wagering requirements do require you to spend in order to receive those winnings in real terms. Therefore, the lower the requirement, the better value a promotion generally is. The amount of this often depends on how large the bonus is, meaning that quite often, having a lower bonus amount also means a better wagering requirement – and may actually be more suitable to how you plan on using a site. While these terms do bring no deposit bonuses back to earth, good examples still offer plenty of value.

Which Games Count Towards the Wagering Requirement

One thing that is really important to note is that not all games count towards the rollover amount equally – at least, that is the case in the vast majority of betting sites we have looked at. Usually, only certain types of games will count 100%, with other options counting towards a much lower percentage and some not counting at all. If this is the case, then most good terms and conditions will provide you with a full list of all the games which count towards the requirements and to what percentage.

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Time Limits

This point is often twofold. Many sites have a time limit on how long you have to use your bonus upon receiving it. They'll also limit how long you have to make up the wagering requirement. Both are, of course, important to pay attention to, as in the case of the former, you’ll simply want to take advantage of and enjoy the bonus to its fullest.

On the latter point, the time limit directly affects the quality of the wagering requirement. For example, the requirement may be reasonable but if it is in an unreasonable time frame, that changes the quality of the promotion. Thankfully, this is usually not the case, as a good casino will allow you ample time to meet such requirements. That being said, it is something worth knowing in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

One Bonus Per Person Limit

Although the one bonus per person rule is pretty well-known when it comes to casino bonuses, we think it's worth bringing up here. That’s because a lot of people don’t realise the extent to which this is taken. Many can end up disappointed as a result. Often the one bonus per person rule also extends to your IP and home address. This means that if someone who lives with you or is even using your computer has used the same betting site, then you may not be eligible for a bonus. So, ensure that there could be no duplication of any of these details when registering.

Maximum Wins total jackpots

One way sites keep on top of their losses with these bonuses is by setting maximum amounts. These limit the amount you can win and withdraw via these types of promotions. In other words, it’s a way to prevent people from taking advantage of these generous offers. Considering that no deposit is needed, and as long as the maximum amount isn’t too low, then this is a pretty reasonable condition all things considered.

What Are the Different Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

Although free cash bonus no deposit casino promotions do have one key thing in common, that doesn’t mean that there is no variety. Just as we said with terms and conditions, keep in mind that the choice out there is vast. So, covering every difference between these bonuses would be impossible. However, the types of no deposit casino bonuses available do tend to fall into a few notable types, with distinctive differences that offer a unique experience.

Free Cash

Just like it sounds, this type of bonus deposits cash into your account. You can then use to play on various games. You can generally expect quite a small amount of cash here. Very few casinos give away more than £10 for this type of offer.

Common restrictions placed on a free cash no deposit bonus will be covered in depth in our terms and conditions section. Nonetheless, assuming those rules aren’t too restrictive, this kind of bonus is an excellent way of being able to find out what the site has to offer. It also offers little bit to play for in order to provide some intrigue and excitement.

Free Spins

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The other most common type of no deposit casino bonus on offer is free spins. If you know anything about casino sites, then you’ll know that this refers to slot games. The monetary value of each free spin is generally quite small. But it does at least provide something to play for to make the experience more interesting.

Of course, free spins are by their very nature limited to one kind of game. This can make them more restrictive than the two other examples of no deposit bonuses listed here. But for people who want a risk free reason to try out new slot titles, this is a very handy type of no deposit bonus.

Free Play

This one is far less common but has been known to crop up from time to time. Speaking of time, that’s exactly what is on offer here, as instead of having a certain amount of free cash or free spins, you’ll instead have a set period of time – which can be between anything from minutes to an hour or possibly longer – to play a game or a selection of games.

Often, these types of bonuses also come with monetary restrictions as well. In other words, you can only bet a specified amount of funds during the allotted time frame. In that sense, we suppose they are as much free cash as they are free play, but the very short allotted time frame is what separates this kind of no deposit bonus from the rest. Regardless of specified bet amounts, the terms and conditions on these types of bonuses tend to be very strict to prevent players from abusing them.

Mobile Exclusive

888 Casino mobile app bonus

Sometimes, a casino site will want to encourage players to interact with their site in a new way. This could be with a new game release or slot title or it could be via their mobile site or app. In order to achieve this, they'll reward customers with a no deposit casino bonus if they sign up and play on the operator’s mobile platform.

These mobile exclusive bonuses can come in the form of free cash, spins or play time. But they are always only available to players on the small screen. If you prefer to play on your desktop, then these may not be for you. If you want to enjoy some casino action while on the go though, these can be an extra incentive to download the app.

As you can see from these examples, bonuses that allow players to bet without a deposit have plenty of variety. However, one thing they have in common is a lack of risk, which makes them so appealing. The final example we are going to give here is not a typical free signup bonus no deposit casino promotion. But it is one which we feel deserves a mention amongst these kinds of bonuses because it does include that risk-free element.

Cash Back Bonuses

There is a huge amount of cash back bonus variety out there. Some bonuses offer cash back in specific betting situations and others offer a certain percentage of losses back. While a cash back bonus does mean you will have to make a deposit and wager your funds first, getting cash back on your losses does mean that bet is partially or wholly risk-free.

A Five-Step Guide to Claiming a No Deposit Bonus

If you’ve decided that you want to take advantage of a no deposit bonus, then here’s a simple step-by-step guide on what you’ll need to do next.

Step One: Check the Casino Site Suits Your Tastes

With such a wide selection of casino sites to choose from nowadays, there’s no reason you should settle for anything less than your perfect fit. Therefore, make sure that your preferred casino site suits your individual preferences, including everything from the site design to the game selection, promotional offerings to the customer service.

It’s a good idea to spend some time looking through the casino website, as well as reading up on reviews from other customers. Don’t be afraid to be picky. If one site isn’t quite right for you, then there’s plenty of other choices out there.

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Step Two: Read the Terms and Conditions Thoroughly

Next, make sure you read up on the promotional terms and conditions in detail. We’ve mentioned the types of things you should be looking out for in the terms and conditions above.

It’s important that you understand everything from wagering requirements to time limits. You should also check if any promo code is required to redeem the bonus. Taking the time to read up on everything will help you to analyse the value of the promotion, as well as avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Step Three: Make Sure Your Preferred Payment Method is Available

Most major casino sites have a wide selection of payment methods available, from traditional debit and credit cards to e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller, and even some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you want to keep playing at the site, you’ll want to check that you can deposit and withdraw via your preferred method.

On top of this, you should check out the casino’s other promotional offerings. Some bonuses will exclude players using certain payment methods, and this is something you may want to know before you fully commit to a new site.

Step Four: Register a New Player Account

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Once you are confident that you’ve found a great new casino site, then you’ll need to register a player account. This is usually a very simple process, which involves filling out a straightforward online form. You’ll need to input some personal details. These include your name and address. You'll also need to provide some account information including your username and password. Always choose a unique and strong password that cannot be easily guessed.

Some casino sites will require you to set up your payment method at this stage. Others will let you wait until you are actually making your first deposit. If you do need to set up your payment details as part of the registration process, avoid depositing any funds until after you have redeemed your no deposit casino bonus. Also, remember to enter any promotional codes at this stage if they are required.

Step Five: Start Playing

Once you have registered and confirmed your email address, it’s time to start playing. If the bonus involves free spins or play, then you can try out some new game titles without staking your own money. If you’ve been rewarded with free cash, then get stuck in and see how much you can win.

What are the Advantages of Using a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

The obvious reason people utilise no deposit casino bonuses is the possibility of winning additional cash with no monetary risk. In general though, a no deposit bonus doesn’t offer as high rewards as some other bonuses. Considering the lack of monetary commitment to get the offer, that shouldn’t really be a surprise. After all, if the no deposit bonus was larger than a bonus that required a deposit, it would severely impact the usefulness of the latter.

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However, a no deposit bonus does have a distinct advantage over other kinds of promotions. Alongside the possibility of winning cash, the no deposit bonus allows players to experience a site risk-free. This makes these kinds of offers the perfect way to test-run a new casino with stakes. Plus it doesn’t require you to worry about losing any of your hard-earned cash.

Often, people are put off by the need to spend money on a site they aren’t sure about yet. They may also find the idea of playing without any stakes to be too drab. No deposit casinos, therefore, provide an interesting enough reason to see what a site can offer. Many people will try out several casinos to find one that's right for them. These kinds of promotions make that possible. From a consumer point of view, it gives them the freedom to explore the vast world of online casinos with some stakes attached.

Ultimately, the advantages of no deposit casino bonuses are related to winning. However, alongside that, there are also benefits when it comes to making an informed choice as a player. Through experiencing various sites, you can discover the casino that is right for you.

The Pros and Cons

No Deposit Bonuses Advantages No Deposit Bonuses Disadvantages
  1. Prizes and cash can be won without you needing to spend a penny
  2. Free spins and free play let you check out a new casino site risk-free
  3. Bonuses can promote exciting new games and ways to play
  1. There can still be wagering requirements and withdrawal limits
  2. Free play and rewards may be limited to certain types of game
  3. Some other types of casino bonuses offer bigger rewards

Why do Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

It’s understandable that people looking at no deposit bonuses often think the deal is too good to be true. But, as long as you as using a trusted casino, there’s really no reason to be concerned.

Casinos offer these bonuses because of the sheer amount of competition out there. This means they want to provide an incentive for you to give their site a try. Ultimately, that is what this is all about from the casino’s perspective: getting people through their virtual doors. Often, you get casinos who have specific reasons for a no deposit offer. For instance, if they want to highlight a particular new game release, be it Age Of The Gods, the Dark Knight Video Slots Game or anything else they want to get more attention, they can achieve this by making the offer exclusive to those titles.

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The reason casinos offer these no deposit bonuses is no different to why a store would offer free sample. It's to get customers to try them out. It really is as simple as that.

Should You Use a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Considering the lack of risk involved, there’s really very little reason not to. You quite literally have nothing to lose. You may use the bonus and decide that the casino site simply isn’t for you. Then there’s no harm done because you haven’t needed to spend any money.

On the other hand, you may have used the bonus and through that discovered the perfect casino site for you. Even better, you may have done so while also managing to win some money utilising the no deposit bonus. We think that can also be considered a positive. If you're interested in a new casino and there’s a no deposit bonus available, we really can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t take advantage of that offer.