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The Best Bitcoin Casinos 2023

Looking for the top Bitcoin casino sites online? The cryptocurrency is fast becoming an integral part of the gambling world, experiencing its fair share of highs and lows in the process. Read our complete guide below for more information!

List of Top Bitcoin Casino Sites for 2023

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What Is Bitcoin?

Like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is distinct from its fiat counterparts – such as the US dollar and the British pound – in that it is not controlled by a centralised system. It is not attached to any particular bank or institution, corporation or even country.

Instead, Bitcoin exists in a purely digital form, with each and every transaction stored in a virtual ledger, which is in turn encrypted and anonymous. The only identification attached to it is each user's wallet ID, which is unconnected to their real name and address.

Although there are many different cryptocurrencies accepted by the top crypto casinos, Bitcoin remains the most popular.

Bitcoin is an open-source currency that uses blockchain technology, with both transactions and the issuing of bitcoins themselves processed via the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin can exist up a finite amount so that no more than 21 million Bitcoins will ever be issued (or “mined”). The final Bitcoin is estimated to be issued in 2140; at the same time, however, the scale of Bitcoin “mining” is designed to drop by 50% roughly every four years, meaning that the number of new coins will steadily dwindle until that final year.

The Blockchain The Blockchain

The ledger is periodically updated and verified by powerful computers on the network called nodes. The latter do not belong to any one entity, and all double-check other nodes’ work.

Each updated and verified section is known as a block, each of which is permanently linked to the block before it, leading to the term ‘blockchain’.

Bitcoin Forks

In your crypto casino travels, you might come across online casinos that accept not only Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This currency is what's known as an “altcoin” – a fork of Bitcoin – as a means of tackling certain issues inherent in Bitcoin concerning the amount of data used within its blocks.

Bitcoin Cash has even given rise to a fork of its own: BitcoinSV. However, this is somewhat niche as far as cryptocurrencies go, so do not expect to see it accepted at many online casinos just yet.

A Brief History of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin can be traced back to 2009 when it was launched by Satoshi Nakomoto. However, the name is presumed to be a pseudonym – theories abound, including the possibility that “Satoshi Nakomoto” is a group name used by an entire team of people.

Whoever was responsible, the success of Bitcoin as an anonymous, decentralised payment method led to it being accepted by many online businesses. With this, a number of online casinos opened their doors to deposits and withdrawals using this method. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum arrived on the scene as competitors, using the same basic principles as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Out of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the only one that can lay claim to having become a “household name.” But while some people may use the term “Bitcoin” when they are really referring to cryptos in general, don't forget that different cryptocurrencies have different pros and cons, with Bitcoin a distinct entity from its rivals.

The 2022 Bitcoin Crash

The cryptocurrency world has seen a string of ups and downs since 2009, with a very significant “down” occurring in May 2022. This was when a crash in prices across cryptocurrencies wiped out $300 billion in value, with Bitcoin being one of the currencies affected. This was not the worst slump Bitcoin had seen — its 80% drop in value in 2018 was larger in effect — but it was still significant.

Then, in November 2022, came the collapse of the prominent crypto exchange FTX. The reasons behind this turn of events are complicated, but the knock-on effect on Bitcoin was clear for all to see: the currency suffered another sharp decline in value, nearing a two-year low. The turn of events led to calls for cryptocurrencies to be better regulated, providing a potential means of helping to preserve the value of Bitcoin and other options.

Cryptocurrency Regulation

Another major development in 2022 came when President Biden signed an Executive Order outlining a whole-of-government approach to regulating cryptocurrency. The Order calls for measures to protect consumers, businesses, and investors with policy recommendations from the Department of the Treasury.

If the above is making your head spin, don't worry too much! You don't need to be an expert in the intricacies of global economics to get your head around using Bitcoin at online casinos. As a casino customer, the main effect of all this will be on the current value of Bitcoin as a currency, and this is something that can be measured at a glance.

Bitcoin Price

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

While you may hear the phrase “Bitcoin casinos” as though these form a category distinct from other casinos, we're really referring to online casinos that accept Bitcoin. If a casino has a reasonably broad range of accepted payment methods, then you can expect a few cryptocurrencies to be among them.

The best Bitcoin casinos will have everything you would expect from a good online casino: slot games, live dealer games, perhaps even free crash gambling, and much more besides. That said, the currency's technology allows casinos to make a few specific tweaks to their structure – this will be covered in the following section.

Most of the top Bitcoin casinos are licensed in Curaçao. This is because the Curaçao e-Gaming license has been the only authority that has so far officially recognised the legitimacy of cryptocurrency casinos, including of course top Bitcoin gambling sites.

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

The top Bitcoin casino sites have found a few different ways of incorporating this novel payment method. Below are the varieties that you can expect to see.

Regular Bitcoin Casinos

These are the casinos that treat Bitcoin no differently than traditional payment methods like credit cards or e-wallets. If you are used to making casino card payments, then you should have little trouble working your way around these sites, as the principle is essentially the same — sign up, verify your account, choose your payment method, make a deposit and get playing!

Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos

One of the biggest draws of Bitcoin is its near-anonymity (pseudonymity), and there are some online casinos which home in on this aspect by being completely anonymous themselves. These no registration gambling sites do not require the players to set up accounts, and so by extension, require no email addresses or other forms of personal verification.

In most cases, all the player needs to do is to provide their Bitcoin wallet ID for use in a microtransaction. If a player wants to enhance their anonymity and security still further, they can use one of the best VPN services on the market while they play.

Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

These days, more and more people prefer to play casino games on the go. The best casino providers recognise this by tailoring their games to fit mobile formats, and the top Bitcoin casino sites follow suit by making their layouts well-suited to the small screen.

Whether mobile Bitcoin casinos can really be viewed as a category distinct from those above is debatable, as most casinos are mobile-friendly these days. That said, some casinos do take extra steps towards mobile optimisation by also providing dedicated mobile apps. If you are determined to spend your bitcoins while playing from a tablet or smartphone, then it will be a good idea to make sure an app is available.

Bitcoin Casino Games

We have covered the different varieties that the top Bitcoin casinos come in, but what games can you expect to play once you sign up and make your first crypto deposit? These, too, come in a number of different varieties, so read on…

Bitcoin Casino Games

A screenshot from's Bitcoin Games section. (Source: bitStarz)


Slots are the real bread and butter of online casinos, so when you sign up for a Bitcoin casino, you will find many of the same titles that you would expect from, say, Trustly casinos or paysafecard casinos. Big-name providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil will likely be present and correct, all with broad line-ups of new games that you can spend your Bitcoin funds on.

Bitcoin Table Games

The best online Bitcoin casinos will also allow you to place your crypto wagers on classic table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

If you look around, you might also find games like craps covered. Not all Bitcoin casinos will provide these options, but the same can be said of traditional casinos as well.

Bitcoin Live Casino Games

Most online casinos, including Bitcoin casinos, will have special sections set aside for live dealer games. For many players, this is where online gaming gets really exciting. You will be able to choose from a range of traditional games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, with different varieties offered by different providers (Evolution and Pragmatic Play being some of the big names in live gaming) and bet your bitcoins alongside a live dealer.

Once again, the line-up of live games at a Bitcoin casino will be much the same as that of a traditional casino. That said, it will be worth taking a close look to see which providers are involved, as different providers tend to offer slightly different spins on the old favourites as a means of standing out in a thriving marketplace. For example, provider Vivo is notable for its “Vivo Aladdin” versions of baccarat and roulette, where the female dealers wear bikinis and perform exotic Arabian Nights-style dance moves. Players enjoying these games may appreciate the anonymity that comes with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin-Only Games

There is an overlap between gaming and blockchain technology, with developers still experimenting to find the full potential of this crossover. In terms of casinos, however, Bitcoin-only games are fairly straightforward. You can expect them to be standard slots in terms of gameplay, the only difference being a different way of putting money into the game.

Game Trust Dice Crash Screenshot

Trust Dice's Crash game (Source:

Provably Fair Games

One way in which online casinos can benefit from blockchain technology is by using a provably-fair algorithm in their games. This works by sending the player a unique and encrypted key that exists on the blockchain; this is paired with another blockchain key, neither of which can be manipulated.

How Provably Fair Games Work How Provably Fair Games Work

A provably fair game on the blockchain works like this:

  • Before the game starts, a unique “hash” is created, represented by a sequence of letters and numbers.
  • As the game is played, its outcome is determined by chance.
  • After the game is complete, it releases its result and secret key.
  • Using a hash calculator, the game result and secret key can be combined to recalculate the game hash.
  • If the hash matches the original hash, the game has been proven to be fair.

How To Deposit and Withdraw at Top Bitcoin Casinos

Below, we look at how to deposit and withdraw funds from your favourite Bitcoin casino. As long as you have a BTC wallet, this should be a relatively easy affair.

Depositing Using Bitcoin

If you’d like to start playing using Bitcoin, you will naturally need to deposit some funds.

  1. Log in or sign up to a Bitcoin casino.
  2. Go to the Cashier/Banking section and choose ‘Bitcoin’ for deposits.
  3. Deposit to the casino’s wallet ID, or scan the QR code with your wallet app (which is much easier).
  4. Approve the transfer with your wallet app.
  5. Start playing!

Withdrawing Using Bitcoin

Making a withdrawal from a Bitcoin casino is an equally simple process:

  1. Head to the Cashier and go to the Withdrawals section.
  2. Choose ‘Bitcoin’ as your withdrawal method of choice.
  3. Input the amount you’d like to withdraw.
  4. Input your wallet ID and confirm the withdrawal.
  5. Wait for the casino’s payment team to process the withdrawal (usually within 24 hours).

Are There Any Fees for Using Bitcoin at an Online Casino?

Most online casinos do not charge any fees – unless you are trying to withdraw beneath a certain threshold. However, in the case of BTC or other cryptos, you should be aware of two types of fees: wallet fees and miners' fees.

Miners' Fees

Miners (i.e. the ‘nodes’ we mentioned earlier) perform the necessary operations that confirm transfers in BTC. They are then rewarded with a small amount of BTC as compensation for their work.

Of course, these miners are usually located on huge servers in countries where electricity is very cheap. These fees are not paid to your wallet; rather, they will go to the miners. In most cases, your wallet will include these fees in its calculation of your cost per transfer. According to, the average fee is 3.92633%, while the median fee is 1.40689% for a transfer between USD 100 and USD 200.

Wallet Fees

While most wallets include the miners' fees in their cost estimate, they are of course businesses that also charge small fees for their services. While some, such as Robin Hood, do not charge any fees, most others charge around 0.1%.

Bitcoin Casino Fees Overview

Bitcoin casino fees None
Wallet fees Around 0.1%
Miners' fees Average 3.92633%, Median 1.40689%

Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

While an online casino might accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, it will not necessarily incorporate the currency into its bonus system. Even the best casino bonuses tend to be restricted to established currencies like pounds, dollars, and euros. However, there are indeed online casinos with Bitcoin bonuses, and these can come in different varieties.

Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus

With a typical Bitcoin welcome bonus, users will be given a choice between a conventional currency and BTC – either way, though, you'll be required to make a deposit in order to claim the promotion.

After that, you will be granted a match bonus. Usually, the match percentage will be 100%, and the bonus cap will be 1BTC. This means that if you deposit 0.5BTC, you will be given an extra 0.5BTC; if you deposit 1BTC, you will be given an extra 1BTC and so forth; but if you deposit more than 1BTC, you will still be given only 1BTC in bonus funds. Still, considering how much 1BTC is worth, that's still a great offer!

King Billy Bitcoin Welcome Offer

King Billy Casino's Bitcoin welcome bonus (Source:

Other Bitcoin Promotions

If you are fortunate, then you might run into a casino with a Bitcoin bonus outside of the welcome offer. For example, King Billy has a certain promo code that allows the user to claim a 51% deposit bonus of up to 0.051BTC. If you look hard enough around the best UK casinos, you might even stumble into the best Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus.

Mixing and Matching Bonuses Mixing and Matching Bonuses

Don't forget that even if an online casino accepts Bitcoin, you do not necessarily have to carry out all of your transactions in cryptocurrency. If you stumble across some great casino no deposit bonuses that apply only to conventional currency, then you can still take advantage of them and then switch to Bitcoin once you have used up your bonus funds.

How To Get Started With Bitcoin

Of course, the first step towards playing at the best Bitcoin casinos is to have actual bitcoins in your possession. If you have never done it, the easiest way is probably to simply register for a Bitcoin wallet and buy some coins.

Ways To Get Bitcoin

There are four main ways in which you can get Bitcoin:

  • you can receive them as payment for an object or a service;
  • you can mine them yourself;
  • you can get some for free using a Bitcoin faucet;
  • you can buy them.

How To Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is very easy, especially with an online exchange/wallet:

  1. Open an account at a crypto wallet such as CoinsPaid or Binance.
  2. Add your credit or debit card to your account.
  3. Submit any information or documentation needed to verify your account.
  4. Buy bitcoins directly from the wallet.

The Best Wallets for Bitcoin Gambling

E-wallets should not be confused with crypto wallets, of which there are many available today.

If an online casino does accept cryptocurrency, then chances are it will accept CoinsPaid. This is a very popular wallet that is accepted by many of the best Bitcoin online casinos. Electrum is another option. However, bear in mind that some wallets, including Coinsbase, specifically forbid payments for gambling.

Checklist: How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

All top Bitcoin casinos are legal and licensed, and therefore hold a good reputation. What we mean by this is that you should still look for all the things that you’d normally do when choosing an online casino, including a reputable licence, third-party certification, affiliations, and customer support.

This is particularly important, because there is nothing stopping an illicit casino from taking your money and not attributing it to your account, especially when using Bitcoin, as it is harder to trace.

The checklist below should help to separate the best Bitcoin online casinos from the blacklisted ones.

  • Check the Casino’s Licence ✔️

Making sure the online casino of your choice has a licence from a reputable jurisdiction is by far one of the most important steps. Such a licence means that mean that the casino has to follow a specific set of government-imposed guidelines, which are ultimately there to protect you. When it comes to the best Bitcoin casinos, we recommend choosing those licensed by Curaçao.

  • Check the Casino’s Fairness Certification ✔️

Look out for a fairness certification by an independent testing board, such as by iTech LabsGLI, and eCOGRA.

These confirm that the casino games operate fairly. In addition, remember that the Provably Fair software for Bitcoin games is also a fairness certification, so if your casino has it, that is one extra point in its favour.

Apart from being provably fair, the games should also have decent RTP scores that indicate how much you can expect to win while playing.

  • Check the Games Providers ✔️

Trustworthy casino game providers are usually huge, international, and listed companies. They cannot afford to associate themselves with scammy operators.

 Some of the best games providers you can come are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Novomatic, Playtech, Wazdan, Pragmatic Play, and Red Tiger Games.

  • Check the Terms & Conditions of the Bonus ✔️

Casino bonuses are there to thank you for signing up and to enhance your bankroll. Even so, don’t just take these bonuses at face value, as they often come with wagering requirements, as well as other terms and conditions.

Sometimes these terms are simply impossible to fulfil, making the bonus a waste of time. Again, always check to make sure that the promotion in question has reasonable T&Cs.

  • Read Our Casino Reviews! ✔️

One of the best ways to judge the quality of any Bitcoin gambling site is to read our casino reviews. We provide in-depth analysis of top online casinos on the market, guiding you away from scam sites and towards licensed and respected operators.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Gambling

Knowing what the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin are can help give you a bigger picture, and help you decide whether this is indeed the best currency for your casino-related needs.


  • Allows for anonymous transactions
  • Best system encryption on the internet
  • No casino fees
  • Super-fast deposits and withdrawals
  • May increase in value as a currency


  • Not yet accepted at all casinos
  • Casinos accepting Bitcoin often have restricted territories
  • May decrease in value
  • Higher fees than many other cryptos

Alternative Payment Methods

Still not convinced by Bitcoin? Well, here are some other methods you can use at various online casinos.

Other Payment methods

Besides Bitcoin, your crypto options include Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether. These tend to be accepted by fewer casinos but sometimes have lower miners' fees.

The traditional and, for many, most reliable payment method. Transactions can be a little slow, however.

There are plenty of e-wallets to choose from, including PayPal, Rapid Transfer, NETELLER, Interac, TrustPay, and Skrill, each with its own pros and cons.

This is a secure method that cuts out the middleman, sending money straight between the casino and your bank. Unfortunately, it's also a slow method.

An eCheck is something that can be made directly from the banking area of an online casino. The downside is a slow speed: you might be left waiting up to 28 days.

This is a quick and speedy payment method with an unusual but useful system. With this option, a Trustly window will open on the casino site to handle your transactions.

A prepaid voucher system that allows deposits but does not allow withdrawals. This means that when you need to cash out, you will need an alternative method.

What's Next for Bitcoin?

Some countries accept Bitcoin as legal tender, with more possibly jumping on the crypto bandwagon, particularly with the effects of inflation taking hold. Currently, both El Salvador and the Central African Republic have embraced Bitcoin as legal tender, and there is speculation that their ranks may soon be joined by Venezuela, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Over time, we may well see the rise of localised Bitcoin hotspots, as with the phenomenon of Vietnam Bitcoin Casinos. We may also see specific parts of countries accept Bitcoin as legal tender, as with the Swiss city of Lugano. On the other hand, the full negative impact of the 2022 Bitcoin crash remains to be seen, and certain potential markets could well lose interest.

Bitcoin Casinos – Summary

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency may have seen fluctuations in value, but with the final bitcoin not expected to be mined until the next century, it seems likely to stick around for the foreseeable future as a payment method. This means that casinos that accept Bitcoin are also here to stay as part of the online gaming ecosystem for the time being, alongside the likes of bank transfer casinos or eCheck casino payments.

Now that you have read our article, you should have a clear idea of whether or not Bitcoin is for you. If you feel like joining the world of cryptocurrency, then you will have no shortage of online casinos to choose from — and with our list, we have given you some of the best Bitcoin casinos as a starting point!

Online Bitcoin Casinos FAQs

The best Bitcoin casinos are those which are legally licensed to operate. In this article, we have listed many that you can check out! Some of the best include BitStarz,, and

Bitcoin gambling is as varied as normal online casino gambling, with slots, table games, lotteries, and live casino options all available. There are also dedicated blockchain games, where you can even see the source code to be sure that they are fair to players.

Deposits made via Bitcoin usually do not take longer than 30 minutes, though they are often instantaneous. Withdrawals are said to take up to 24 hours. This depends on how fast your casino will process your transfer, but in our experience, they are usually processed within a few hours.

When you effect a Bitcoin payment via a Bitcoin wallet, your unique address and the amount you wish to transfer is sent to a p2p network of computers across the world. A miner then checks that you have enough funds and authenticates the transaction on the public ledger.

Setting up a Bitcoin account is incredibly easy. Simply pick a Bitcoin wallet such as CoinsPaid or Binance and use your debit or credit card to buy bitcoins.

While none of the top Bitcoin casino charge fees, there are wallet fees, which include miners' fees and fees paid to your wallet app.

Yes, of course! Many of the best Bitcoin casinos have Bitcoin bonuses specifically for those who deposit using the currency. Often, you can get 100% up to 1 or even 5 BTC!

In most cases, no. However, you may be able to withdraw to another crypto in your wallet.

No, the majority of UK casinos do not accept Bitcoin. In fact, the UKGC has not licensed any UK casinos to accept cryptos as of yet.

While Bitcoin gambling is not available at licensed UK casinos, its legal status is grey. As far as we know, there is no law prohibiting UK players from using it. While we are not legal experts, we do however recommend using an alternative option instead to be on the safe side.

In general, you do not need to pay taxes on winnings from UKGC-licensed sites. However, most crypto betting sites are licensed outside of the UK. In reality, you would probably need to pay a tax if you turn a fiat currency profit from the sales of your bitcoins. Again, though, we are not legal experts.

Given that the casino in question has a licence from a trustworthy country, then you can rest assured that the casino is trustworthy. This licence requires the casino stick to strict requirements that are ultimately in place to protect you. So far, all of the top Bitcoin casino are licensed in Curaçao.



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