Best Online Casinos Belgium 2021

Belgium is a country with plenty of options for online gambling. In fact, every form of online gambling is legal and tax-free! You have the choice between a few dozen excellent safe, legal and licenced online casinos in Belgium.

Belgium Online Casinos

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Golden Vegas
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Licenced Belgium Casinos Online

Belgium has many licenced online casinos and betting sites, however there are relatively few compared to countries such as the UK or Malta. This is because in order to get a licence in Belgium the operator must have a brick and mortar casino. At the moment, there are only nine physical casinos in Belgium. That means only 9 A licenced sites that can offer true casino games, such as slots and table games. This also explains why there are very few new casinos on the Belgium market. However, the Belgium government also offers B licences for Dice games, as well as F licences for sports betting.


Belgium Casinos with A Licence

While nothing is stopping each of these casinos from developing their own website, almost all Belgium casino licenses are rented out to major international sites, which is why you will see some international brands like Unibet, PokerStars, Ladbrokes or Bwin have a licenced .be website, which is separate from their UK or international site. The full list of A licenced sites is:


Belgium Casinos with B Licence

The Belgium A licence allows all forms of casino gambling, however there is also a B license. Operators with a B-license an can open a slot machine arcade or casino site. However their options for casino games are more limited. In particular, they cannot offer card games or slot with card symbols. They can, however offer dice games, as well as roulette or other wheel games. This has led to the development of dice slots, which I believe unique to the Belgium market.

There are very many of these online arcade sites, though some have a very low quality compared to the major players. At the same time, many of these sites combine arcade games with sports betting.

Some of the best B licence casinos include:

  • Golden Vegas
  • Betfirst


Other Online Casinos that Accept Belgium Players

While the above casinos represent the best that the Belgium casino market has to offer, many other casinos accept Belgium players. However, playing at an unlicensed site with real money is illegal for Belgium players residing in Belgium, and can lead to fines between €200 and €12000.


Crypto Casinos

If you wish to play on other sites than the above, we recommend crypto casinos, since gambling with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, Tron or other cryptos is not mentioned in Belgium law.


Gambling Laws in Belgium

In Belgium, online gambling is legal. However, you must play at a licensed site. In fact, it is illegal to play at a casino if it is not licenced by the Belgium Gaming Commission, if you are an official Belgium resident in Belgium. Fines can be high, though they are rarely imposed. Still, we recommend playing at one of the above licenced sites to be safe.


Gambling minimum age in Belgium

The Belgium law divides legal gambling (online or offline) in four classes:


Class I – Casinos and Online Casinos

To visit a Belgium casino, online or offline, you must be at least 21 years old. For physical casinos, you must register at the entrance (name, first name, profession and address, copy of identity card, signature). For online casinos, you need to create an account and fill in your details.


Class II – The Slot Machine Arcades

Slot machine arcades also have the minimum age of 21.


Class III – The Drinking Establishments

Many bars in Belgium also have gambling devices. A licenced café can operate up to two of them; the games allowed are bingo and one-ball. These can be played from the age of 18, with no mandatory registration of the players.


Class IV – The Betting Offices

If you have strolled through any major Belgium city, you may have noticed several betting shops, (though the offer at online bookies is usually better). Here, you can place sports bets, similar to what you find at most online bookies.

These are accessible to adults of 18 years or older. Bets above 1000 euros must be registered (player identification).


In Short:

  • You must be at least 21 for casinos and online casinos.
  • You must be at least 18 for sports betting shops (wedkantoren), online sports betting, or gambling devices in bars or cafes.

Many Belgium online casinos offer sports betting alongside casino games. If you are under 21 but above 18, you can still sign up, but you will be denied access to the casino section of the website.



Online Casino Belgium Gambling Tax Laws

According to Belgium law, games of chance, both land-based and online, are fully regulated by the Belgium government. It also means that tax is levied on gambling. Every euro you deposit at an online casino will be taxed through the betting company, through corporate tax, income tax, VAT and gambling tax. Operators must pay an 11% tax on their gross gaming revenue (the difference between what they earn and what they pay out).


No Consumer Tax on Casino Winnings!

This means that as a Belgium resident you do not owe taxes on casino winnings. The tax burden falls on the casino operator, who must pay their due taxes in order to continue offering games legally.


Tax Form

You are obliged to fill in your casino winnings on your yearly tax form, even though they are tax-exempt. While not doing it is not a major offence, we still recommend doing it, especially if you win a major prize.


Tax on Poker

While what constitutes professional poker player, is open to debate, professional poker players are subject to tax. Professional poker players must pay tax on their profits, but not on their winnings.


Payment Methods at Belgium Online Casinos

You can make payments in Belgium with a number of local or international payments. However, the Belgium government has restricted a few recently.



Most Belgium or Dutch bankcards are equipped with Maestro. This service by international payment leader Mastercard is for debit transfers. It works similar to a credit card. Transfers are lightning fast.



The Bancontact system is unique to Belgium, similar to how iDEAL is almost unique to the Netherlands. Most Belgium bankcards display the Bancontact logo. Using this at the online casino is easy. Make a deposit though the payments page and confirm it through the Bancontact app.



PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets. Most of the major online casinos accept it. To use it, you need to sign up with an email address. You can charge the account through credit cards, or various other payment methods.


Bank Transfer

Bank wire transfers are the most common way to collect you casino winnings in Belgium. Since they are not taxed, there is no reason not to withdraw your winnings to a Belgium or EU bank account.



Neteller or Skrill are two e-wallets which a very popular for online casino players. However, they do charge fees, which is why debit transfers and bank withdrawals might be a cheaper option.



Hipay is a payment gateway, which acts as a middleman between casino and player. To use Hipay, click on the Hipay logo at the cashier and fill in your details. You will be redirected to the Hipay site, where you can pay with a number of means, including credit cards or e-wallets. As soon as you pay through Hipay, the payment will arrive at your casino account. The advantage here is that you may be able to use payment methods unavailable at the online casino, and that no casino transfers will show up on your bank statements.



At many Belgium shops, as well as online outlets, you can purchase a Paysafecard. This works like a prepaid credit card. To use it, you can simply fill in the unique 16-digit code at the casino cashier.



As of March 2020, Belgium players are no longer allowed to use credit cards at online casino. This is to prevent them from racking up debt, or playing with money that they do not actually have. However, debit cards with VISA or Mastercard are still allowed. Still there are plenty of loopholes, which players can use to circumvent this, such as using a credit card to charge a Skrill account.


Deposit Limits

In what may be bad news for high rollers, Belgium has announced a weekly deposit limit of €500 per online casino. That means that you cannot deposit and wager more than that in any casino per week. However, like most Belgium laws, this law has a loophole, since there is nothing to stop you from simply depositing at another online casino. If you are a true high roller, you can simply create a casino account at as many casinos as you wish.


Casino Belgium Bonus

Belgium used to be a country with very generous casino bonuses. Alas, those days are now officially over. As of March this year, Belgium licensed Casinos can no longer offer bonuses, such as no deposit offers, free spins or sign up bonuses. This means casinos must be extra creative in how they promote games. Luckily, loyalty points and competitions are still allowed.


Games at Belgium Online Casinos

Online casinos in Belgium have a very standard games offer, with slightly more focus on dice games, as well as unique dice slots.


Dice Games

Card games and regular slots are only allowed on nine licenced sites and nine brick and mortar casinos. This has made dice games more popular, since it is easier to get a licence for them. You will find dice games and virtual dice games at almost all gaming arcade and B licenced casinos. These games are very popular and often found in the A licenced casinos as well.


Dice Slots

While regular slots are not allowed on B licenced sites or slot arcades, a convenient loophole has led to the development of dice slots. These slots have numbered dice symbols as well as a few other bonus symbols. Usually, these are low variance slots, with small, but regular payouts.



At A licenced online casinos, you will find all the same modern slots that you find at international casino sites. That includes video slots, retro slots, progressive slots and more. These are by international providers like Yggdrasil, Endorphina, Big Time Gaming, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play and more, as well as a few local providers.


Table Games

While B licenced casinos are limited to roulette and dice games, A licenced casinos can offer the full spectrum of table games, including blackjack and poker. Find these in live form or in virtual (RNG) form.


Live Casino

All A licenced casinos offer live casino. This usual offer of roulette, baccarat and blackjack is usually supplemented with wheel games, game shows and casino poker games. Games are usually available in each of the three national languages (Dutch, French and German), while there are usually international tables in the English language. Additionally, you might find Turkish and even Russian tables.


Play in Moderation!

In order to comply with Belgium regulation, all advertisements for Belgium online casinos must contain the phrase “Play in Moderation’. In the three official languages of the country, that translates to:

  • Gok Met Mate!
  • Jouez avec modération!
  • Spielen Sie in Maßen!

And we advise you to do the same!
Belgium casinos have plenty to offer, both for Belgium and international players. So make sure to keep it fun!


Important links for Belgium Casino Players

Here are a few important links for Belgium casino players:



Best Online Casinos Belgium FAQs

❓ Can you really win money playing at Belgium online casinos? 

Yes, Belgium licenced casinos offer the chance to win small prizes, medium prizes and even huge jackpots. The games are real and regularly audited. You can withdraw to your bank account, or by many other payment methods.

❓ What are dice slots? 

Dice slots are slot machines that use dice symbols instead of the typical card symbols or fruit symbols you see on regular slots. These are common in Belgium slot arcades, as these venues cannot offer regular slots or card games.

❓ Can online casinos cheat in Belgium? 

Licenced casinos are a safe place to play. They are overseen by the Belgium Gambling commission, who make sure that games are fair, minors are protected and payouts guaranteed. As long as you play at a licenced casino, can be sure the casino will not cheat.

❓ What is the best and safest online casino in Belgium? 

There are many safe online casinos in Belgium. As for the best, we recommend Golden Palace, Unibet or Casino 777.

❓ Is online gambling legal in Belgium? 

Yes! The Belgium government oversees nine licenced casino sites and a few dozen sports betting and dice games sites.

❓ Is sports betting legal in Belgium? ❓

Yes. The Belgium government offers licence F for sports betting, which means you can bet on sports at any online bookies or betting shops.

❓ Is it safe for players from Belgium to gamble online? 

Yes! As long as you play at a licenced casino site, you are 100% safe!

❓ Do Belgium online casinos offer bonuses? 

While they used to offer large bonuses, they can no longer offer them as of March 2020. This is due to Belgium legislation. They can still offer other promotions, such as enhanced odds, slots races, and loyalty points.

❓ Which deposit methods can I  use at Belgium casinos? 

The most commonly used payment methods for Belgium casino players are Maestro, Bancontact, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Hipay, and Paysafecard.

❓ Can I use a credit card at Belgium online casinos? 

No. In order to keep players from wagering lent funds, Belgium casinos can no longer accept payments from credit cards. Debit cards, however, are still allowed.

❓ Can non-Belgiums play at Belgium online casinos?

Yes. Most Belgium casinos accept players from all over the world, including most European countries with restrictions for just a few countries. Many of them even support more languages than just English, Dutch, French and German.

❓ What is the minimum age for gambling in Belgium? 

The minimum age for sports betting, and gambling devices in bars is 18, while the minimum age for casino games is 21.



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