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Best Casino Deposit Methods in 2024: Online Casino Payments

The days when online casinos accepted only credit and debit cards are long gone, with today’s gambling sites supporting a wide array of different options. But which one is right for you? Read on to get all the info on the best casino payment methods out there!

The Best Casino Payment Methods

Here are our top picks of payment options, along with our favourite sites that accept them!

1. PayPal


PayPal casinos have seen a steady rise in popularity over the past years. As an industry leader in the field of e-wallets, PayPal processes safe and speedy transactions without sharing your bank details with the casino. Set up an account with your email address, connect it to your bank account, and you will be ready to start making payments.


  • Simple to use
  • Safe and secure
  • Prevents casino transactions from appearing on bank statements


  • Withdrawals can come with fees
  • Restricted in certain countries
  • International payments can also come with fees

2. Skrill


Skrill can be used as both an e-wallet and prepaid card, the former being its most popular format for online casino deposits and withdrawals. Having been around since 2001 (formerly known as Moneybookers), it is accepted by many different casinos in a wide range of countries around the world.


  • Encrypts user data
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Typically comes with a low minimum deposit/withdrawal


  • Certain support options are only available to VIP members
  • Some casinos do not give bonuses for Skrill payments
  • Charges fees on certain transactions

3. Apple Pay


Apple Pay casinos use a phone-based system designed for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. Available in a wide range of currencies and compatible with an array of websites, it is however still only just catching on at online casinos.


  • No additional fees
  • Fast and secure
  • Very convenient if you have an iOS device


  • Not widely accepted by online casinos
  • Some casino bonuses will not accept Apple Pay as a qualifying method
  • Can only be used on iOS devices

4. Bank Transfer


An online casinos that accept bank account is arguably the most straightforward payment method of all, completely removing the middleman and allowing direct transactions between your bank account and the online casino of your choice. However, it is more commonly used as a method for withdrawals rather than deposits.


  • Cuts out the middleman
  • One of the most secure options around
  • Widely used for withdrawals


  • Many casinos don't accept it for deposits
  • Your bank may not allow casino-related transactions
  • Tends to come with long waiting times

5. paysafecard


paysafecard has been around since 2000, owing its longevity to convenience and security without involving banks or credit/debit cards. It appears in the form of prepaid vouchers that carry a 16-digit PIN code – these vouchers can be purchased from retail outlets.


  • Deposit to a casino without connecting a bank account or credit/debit card
  • Accepted at a wide range of casinos
  • One of the most secure deposit methods available


  • Daily limits are low
  • Vouchers come with time limits
  • Available only in fixed amounts per voucher

6. AstroPay


AstroPay is an alternative to credit and debit cards that allows you to make transactions without sharing sensitive personal information. You can either use prepaid cards (including gift cards), the e-wallet service, or the AstroPay Direct system, which enables transactions from your bank account with AstroPay acting as a middleman.


  • Prepaid cards, e-wallet and direct transactions with your bank
  • Has a dedicated app
  • Safe and secure


  • Generally accepted only for deposits, not withdrawals
  • Unless you're a VIP, you'll have tight deposit limits
  • Some features are only available if you have the app

7. MuchBetter


At MuchBetter casinos players can make use of the payment method's e-wallet through its dedicated mobile app; alternatively, you can order a prepaid card that ties in with your MuchBetter balance. This can be used at any outlet that accepts Mastercard.


  • Offers a rewards system for loyal users
  • E-wallet and prepaid cards available
  • Accepted across a wide range of countries


  • Incurs withdrawal fees
  • Requires personal information, so it's not the best option for privacy
  • Can only be used on mobile devices

8. Siru

Siru_Mobile Logo

Siru Mobile allows you to make donations through your mobile phone plan rather than to and from your bank account directly. By providing a valid telephone number, registering your Siru account and verifying via SMS, you will be able to pay by phone each time you make a deposit.


  • Fast and efficient deposits
  • Pay instantly or at the end of the month
  • No personal details besides your phone number are required


  • Cannot be used for withdrawals
  • Tight limits on deposits
  • Not all phone providers accept it



NETELLER is a popular e-wallet system that uses mobile phone verification codes to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure. Processing easy and speedy transactions and authorised by the UK Financial Code Authority, NETELLER is widely accepted at many online casinos.


  • A secure system that uses phone verification
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Accepted at many online casinos


  • Sometimes excluded from welcome bonuses
  • Certain countries, including the US, tend not to accept it as a casino payment method
  • Basic version comes with fees

10. Payz

Payz Logo

Payz is a straightforward payment method that does not run credit checks on its users, and even allows an e-wallet to be set up without a bank account. It comes in four tiers with different levels of features: Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It is accepted across many online casinos today as a method for deposits and withdrawals.


  • Accepted at many online casinos
  • Doesn't run credit checks
  • Secure and straightforward


  • Withdrawals can be slow, taking up to 4 working days
  • Classic mode is limited — you'll need a VIP upgrade to access full range of features
  • Transactions between Payz and your bank account can come with fees

Bank Cards

Even with the seemingly endless parade of new payment methods available today, traditionalists can take comfort in the fact that the venerable bank card still has its place.

Visa and Mastercard are widely used worldwide, Maestro is popular in Europe, and American Express (AMEX) is commonly used in the US. Credit card casinos remain popular choices for casino payment methods internationally.

Brits – Keep an Eye Out! Brits – Keep an Eye Out!

Since April 2020, Britain's Gambling Commission has banned all use of credit cards for gambling at UK casino sites. You can still use debit cards, however.


E-wallets are widely used as alternatives to credit and debit cards — not just for online casino deposits and withdrawals — but for online payments in general.

By and large, they are designed to be straightforward and simple, allowing you to make payments using your mobile device (or desktop device if you prefer) without getting out your card or logging into your bank. PayPal is an industry leader with more than 305 million users, and its security and convenience make it a great prospect for any casino player.

Bank Transfer & Fast Bank Transfer

Although sending money straight from your bank to your online casino account (or vice versa) may seem like a straightforward process, the fact is that there are several different methods that you can choose from if you want to carry out such a transaction. Internet banking via wire transfer is a payment method that sends money directly to and from your bank. These cut out the middleman, but also tend to be slow.

Mobile Payment: Depositing by Phone

Mobile devices are a good fit for playing at online casinos, and so for many players, mobile payment options are ideal. As it happens, pay-by-phone options come in a number of different varieties. Boku offers a service that, for most people, will spring immediately to mind when they think of “mobile payment”. Instead of drawing funds from your bank account, Boku payments are billed through your mobile phone plan. All you need to do is supply your phone number and verify your identity through SMS.

Siru Mobile is another system that allows you to pay via your phone plan, while Zimpler is an option for online casino deposits that is both a pay-by-phone method and an e-wallet. Google Pay or, alternatively, Apple Pay casinos offer still more methods that work on similar principles.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

A prepaid card or voucher is one that is already loaded with funds, meaning that you will not need to transfer any further money from your bank account: you simply need to deposit the money from the card or voucher into your casino account.

paysafecard vouchers, for instance, can be obtained at physical shops, each with a fixed amount of money attached to it, while AstroPay can be used as either a prepaid card or an e-wallet. With MuchBetter casinos, you will similarly be able to benefit from a combined service that has its own e-wallet while offering a prepaid-card format as well.

Finally, the voucher-based CashtoCode and Neosurf allow you to deposit funds with PayPoints.


Cryptocoin casinos are those that accept cryptocurrencies. While not totally anonymous, cryptocurrencies allow you to get as close as possible to complete privacy when making financial transactions with online casinos. This is because transactions are stored on the blockchain, meaning that there will not be a paper trail.

While Bitcoin is the most popular and widely accepted currency across online casinos, since it was introduced in 2009, a number of other cryptocurrencies have also been created, such as Ethereum online casinoLitecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and Stellar.

What Makes a Deposit Method Reliable?

All the best payment methods for casinos share the following criteria:

  • Coverage – International, regional, local, or borderless payments (e.g: Transferwise);
  • Availability – Payments that allow 24/7 use instead of being restricted to certain working days (e.g. banking days);
  • Safety – Data protection and two-factor authentication, along with the brand's prestige and reputation;
  • Anonymity – The level of personal data users must disclose in order to use the service;
  • Speed – Some casino deposit methods offer fast withdrawals and top-ups, whilst others have higher processing times (e.g. bank transfers);
  • Fees and limits – Reasonable daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits, low or no service and/or exchange fees;
  • Currencies accepted – Multiple currencies are accepted rather than just one

Deposit Procedure at Online Casinos

While each online casino will have its own tailored deposit procedure, the general structure will be more or less the same no matter which site you choose.

Casino Deposits Casino Deposits
  1. Sign up – To create an account, access the sign-up option from the menu and fill in the registration form with your personal data (name, address, age, e-mail, and so on).
  2. Verify your account – Confirm your email address and attach copies of the required documents to verify your address and identity.
  3. Go to “Cashier” or “Banking”.
  4. Select the deposit method you want to use (in some cases, you may be redirected to a third-party payment page – if you deposit through online banking, for example).
  5. Input the sum of money you want to deposit. 
  6. Confirm the transaction.

Withdrawal Procedure at Online Casinos

Compared to deposits, withdrawals tend to vary to a greater degree than deposits between casinos and payment methods. Note that a number of the payment methods listed above simply can't be used for withdrawals — they are accepted only for deposits.

Withdrawals also tend to take a longer time to complete than deposits (a deposit may be instant, but a withdrawal is unlikely to be so speedy and will probably leave you waiting hours or days) and are more likely to come with fees attached. Another caveat to bear in mind is that many online casinos require you to use the same method for withdrawals as you do for deposits – unless you used a deposit-only method for the latter, of course.

Here’s how to make a casino withdrawal: Here’s how to make a casino withdrawal:
  1. Log in to your casino account.
  2. Go to the “Cashier” section.
  3. Select the payment method you want to use.
  4. Specify the sum you wish to cash out.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

Popular Payment Methods by Country

Casino payment methods will vary heavily between countries, not only in terms of availability but also in terms of popularity — different countries tend to have their own favourites. Below is a short list of regionally popular payment options.

Fees, Limits and Restrictions on Deposits and Withdrawals

Casinos and payment methods will each come with restrictions, including minimum and maximum accepted amounts. Sometimes, you can also expect to run into fees. More details are discussed below.

Fees and payments

Fees are extra charges that come with casino transactions. Generally speaking, you are more likely to run into fees when withdrawing money than when depositing. However, it is also possible to pay deposit fees. How much you pay will depend on both the casino and the payment method, so take a close look at the terms and conditions! A fee will typically be a small percentage of the amount involved in the transaction.

Limits and Restrictions

Online casino deposit and withdrawal transactions generally come with both a minimum and maximum amount. This means that you will need to ensure that your chosen sum fits into the accepted range before it can be accepted.

How Fees are Set How Fees are Set

The details will typically depend partly on the casino and partly on your chosen payment method. Note that cryptocurrencies tend to be the most generous with limits, so there will often be a very small minimum and no maximum at all. Bank cards tend to have wide limits — at the other end of the scale, there are prepaid cards, which will have very tight limits.

Casino Earnings Tax

Casino earnings tax constitutes another form of fee, one that many players tend to overlook.

When you withdraw money from an online casino, you may find that the site has deducted a portion for tax reasons. This is to comply with the tax regulations of the casino's home country, and the exact amount deducted will depend on what country the casino is based in and what that country's regulations are. If the withdrawal is small, the dedication will typically be capped at just 1%.

Casino Account Verification

If a casino is reputable and fully licensed, then it will be required to perform a KYC (Know Your Customer) check on each and every new member. This is a necessary verification measure partly to prevent fraud and also to ensure that the users are of legal age. But don't worry — this is a simple and painless process that consists of two steps.

  1. Confirm your email address: When you register, your casino will send a verification link. All you need to do is to click on this, and you will have completed the first step.
  2. Submit your personal documentation: This may vary between casinos and jurisdictions, but as a rule, you can expect to be asked for one document that proves your identity and a second that proves your current address. A scanned photo ID and a scanned utility bill are the standard choices.

If you complete the KYC check within 30 days, then you will be good to go. Bear in mind that the KYC check is carried out by the casino and is not necessarily required by your chosen payment method.

How Do Online Casinos Protect Players’ Personal & Financial Data?

  • GDPR LawCasinos are not allowed to process your personal data without your consent or send it to any third parties.
  • SSL certificates – You can recognise a safe connection by the ‘https' prefix before the URL of the casino in your browser's address bar. Never play at an operator that doesn’t at least have a firewall to block unwanted outside traffic or a safety certificate installed.
  • Use of trusted payment methods – There is a reason why the biggest operators partner with the same payment methods: to protect their players, and because they have been proven to be stable and reliable.

Which Payment Methods Are the Most Secure?

Unfortunately, no payment method is 100% secure, and each one will have its share of vulnerabilities. But some are more secure than others — this will depend largely on how much of your personal and banking data is exposed in a given transaction. Credit and debit cards require the exposure of financial details with each payment, giving them a higher potential for data theft than more private methods, like cryptocurrencies or anonymous prepaid cards.

That said, the better-known payment methods will also have safeguards in place to avoid security failures. When in doubt, stick to the household names like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal rather than obscure methods that you've never heard of.

Anonymous Payment Options

Even in the world of cryptocurrency, which is known for its privacy, we find that some crypto coins allow greater anonymity than others. Monero, zCash and Dash, for example, are particularly noted for the high levels of privacy that come with them.

There is a significant downside to this, however. High-privacy cryptocurrencies have a negative reputation as a result of their usage in crime and the so-called dark web. Because of this, exchanges like Bittrex and Binance have delisted certain questionable cryptocurrencies, and you might have trouble finding them amongst accepted online casino payment methods.


As with all other areas of online casinos, deciding upon the best casino payment methods is something that involves a heavy degree of subjectivity: a payment system that strikes one person as quick and convenient may be unbearably fiddly for another.

Still, we hope that our article has given you some pointers on deposit and withdrawal limits, security, anonymity, mobile support and ease of use that will help you to decide on your ideal payment. For more information, you can read the criteria that we follow when writing our casino reviews.

Best Casino Deposit Methods FAQs

The best solutions here would be privacy coins such as Monero, zCash and Dash; alternatively, you could go for anonymous crypto prepaid cards instead. 

Unfortunately, not anymore. Credit card deposits at online casinos have been banned by the UK Gambling Commission since April 2020.

Most online casinos exclude all e-wallets from no deposit offers, but there may be exceptions. Check the operator's T&Cs to be sure.

Credit and debit cards, as well as some e-wallets like Skrill and Revolut, offer instant deposits.

You can reverse a credit card deposit by using the charge-back option, but we’d strongly advise against it, as you could have your account blocked. If you need to reverse a transaction, you should contact customer support or your bank. If you deposited with crypto, unfortunately, there is no way to reverse it.

Depending on the payment method, you may get charged a service fee or a currency exchange fee. To be sure, ask your bank or read the casino's T&Cs.

Most casinos will not allow you to do this, as they are obliged by law to do a KYC check (Know Your Customer) on all new clients.

Yes, there are many anonymous payment methods that you can use, some of which we’ve named above.

It depends on the casino – some ban this practice, whilst others have no problem with it. Check the T&Cs of the site in question and the banking section to know for sure.

Yes, although these will vary between countries. For example, it is forbidden to use credit cards for casinos in the UK. Since this was decided by Britain's Gambling Commission rather than the card providers themselves, the ban does not extend to other countries. As a rule, if you are accessing a casino from your country and it lists an accepted payment method, then you will be able to use that method.

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