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Legislation changes in the world of online gambling tend to make people nervous. However, we can assure you that the recent amendments made in Sweden can only increase the number of high-quality casino options available to players. To help you get started, check out our table below to see our pick of the best online casinos in Sweden.

Online Casinos accepting Swedish players

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888 Casino
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Casino Cruise
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Europa Casino
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How do I start playing at online casinos in Sweden?

NightRush casino home page

One thing that is really important to note is that the changes that have been made to Swedish legislation regarding gambling do not change how you practically sign up to a site.

In essence, the new gambling laws in Sweden have been created because it was viewed that the way Sweden was operating – with state-owned operator Svenska Spel monopolising the market – was anti-competitive and out of line with the free trade philosophies of the European Union. So, the idea is to more firmly regulate and create greater competition. Examples of these regulations include an 18% tax rate, and an 18-year-old age limit for online casinos (21 for physical casinos). Many have said that the laws put in place are very similar to those seen in the United Kingdom.

However, the actual practicalities of getting onto an online casino will largely remain the same. In fact, it’s the decision-making process which will be most impacted. Nonetheless, many people are apprehensive about signing up to a betting site. So, we’re going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on not only how to sign up, but how to find and register at the best online casino in Sweden for you.

Step One: Find out if the site is trustworthy

There are plenty of places to start when trying to work out whether an online casino is right for you. However, nothing else really matters if you can’t trust a site.

888Casino home page

Ultimately, when you are dealing with a site that is taking your real-world money and you require them to not only keep that money safe but pay it back to you alongside any winnings, trust is everything, You could have a great time playing the games but we can’t imagine anyone leaving a good review if when they go to collect their winnings, they discover that they can’t withdraw any funds. Obviously, that’s a pretty extreme example but it does highlight the importance of trustworthiness above pretty much any other factor.

Now, when we talk about trust, we’re actually talking about several different things. There is a certain level of quality and professionalism you trust a site to provide. For instance, you need to be confident in a site’s ability to provide fair and random games. Usually, when a site has been independently audited to prove this fact, it is something that they like to brag about – and rightfully so. This means there should not be too much of an issue finding this information on the site.

Another example is that you’re trusting the site to keep all your data safe. Good sites utilise SSL encryption in order to ensure that no internet baddies can get hold of your personal financial information. And you’re also putting faith in the fact that the site is being clear and honest with you when it comes to their terms and conditions. In other words, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn of any hidden catches which prevent you from getting your winnings. The new regulations actually aim to improve security in these regards, including making the clarity of the terms clear to the user.

VeraJohn Terms and conditions

Most importantly of all, you’ll want to ensure that the casino you are using is licensed. There are plenty of excellent regulators throughout the world and Sweden is joining them, with all casinos in Sweden requiring a Swedish license. Regardless of where you choose to gamble though, there’s no better way of staying safe than making sure you only game with licensed, trustworthy casinos.

Step Two: See if the site suits your tastes

Moving onto something a little more subjective now: it’s important to make sure that a site isn’t just good but is good for you. We all have different tastes and that means that everything from the games to the site designs we prefer can vary quite drastically. What’s great about the online gaming market getting so large is that it means there are more options to cater to all of these different tastes. This means that even those with pretty niche preferences can find the best online casinos in Sweden for them.

PartyCasino home page

The best way of figuring this out is to simply spend some time on the site yourself, having a look around and getting a feel for the place. There’s no replacement for experience, after all. Speaking of which, it’s always a good idea to try the games out for free, as most sites will allow this. The important thing to remember here is that you are the one in charge here. It’s the casino sites that are all vying for your business, not the other way around. So be picky, try and out games and take your time.

We often say that the first point of checking if a site suites you in this regard would be to look at the promotional page because of how much it can say about the site’s character and generosity. However, this takes less precedence under these new Swedish laws. One downside to these regulations is that bonuses are restricted to a single welcome bonus after the first deposit. We won’t go into the political reasons behind this, but we do think it’s fair to say that this is a missed opportunity for players to get a better idea of the kind of creativity a casino site can offer.

Step Three: Take a look at the terms and conditions

On the brighter side of these regulations is the fact that terms and conditions have to be transparent. Of course, they always should be at good online casinos, but having that principle reinforced by law is an important idea to hammer home. Finding the terms and conditions then should be easy and they should be clear to understand.

888 promotional terms and conditions

One such example is with the welcome bonus. You should be able to find information on things like rollover requirements, time limits, restrictions and more, so you can fully comprehend the value of the bonus and whether it is right for you. This also comes down to the individual. Whether a welcome bonus is good or not is not really a matter of preference, but some do suit certain types of players more. For instance, if you are someone who doesn’t deposit a large amount of money, then a smaller bonus with smaller wagering requirements would be more useful to you. Whereas, a higher roller may prefer something that costs a little more but also provides more of a reward.

Of course, these aren’t the only terms that are important to look at. There should also be a more general terms and conditions section for you to read which will include an overview of the entire rules of the site. We understand that this can be time-consuming for many people but it’s a great way of getting to know the site, avoiding misunderstandings and disappointment, and getting your questions answered. And if all your questions don’t get answered, there should always be another way. Speaking of which…

Step Four: Review the customer service options

VeraJohn contact

One very easy way to see how much care has been put into a site is to check out what customer service options are available. Obviously, 24/7 coverage via a live chat is the absolute gold standard here. But, don’t necessarily write a site off if they don’t have this feature.

As you can imagine, this is extremely expensive and may more reflect the current market status of the site rather than a lack of effort. In other words, less coverage is common on more niche sites due to there not being enough of a demand to make such round the clock coverage worthwhile. On the other hand, don’t accept anything less than the ability to have your questions swiftly and reasonably answered within a fair timeframe.

Step Five: Make sure they include your preferred payment method

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed by the number of people who don’t take this into consideration before signing up to a betting site. You could have found your perfect online casino match but if you have no suitable method of depositing and withdrawing funds, then you are plain out of luck.

888Casino payment methods

Of course, in a country like Sweden where gambling is legal and uses currency as broadly available as the Euro, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. That is unless the payment type you’re using is especially obscure. Nonetheless, some sites only accept very specific options, so it’s worth checking. Alongside this, you should also make sure that there are no nasty surprises in terms of unreasonable fees or transaction times.

Step Six: It’s time to register!

For some reason, this is an area what some people get nervous about. However, most people have probably filled in forms extremely similar to these. The main difference would be that casino sites – many good ones at least – give you options to put restrictions to your account: with the most common being spending limits over a set period of time.

PartyCasino registration

Everything else though is little different to the kind of thing you would expect when making any kind of online transaction or signing up to a site where you would be spending money. You include your name, address (both e-mail and home), age, nationality, preferred currency and so on. Of course, accepting the terms and conditions and confirming your age is obligatory for obvious legal reasons. But once all that is out of the way, you are ready to hit the button and open your account.

Some may ask you to add your bank details at this time but for many it’s optional and you can come back and fill that in whenever you feel like it. A final point is that generally, sites have a one-person per account rule, which is not surprising. However, people often don’t realise this can and often does extend to a home and IP address.

What payment methods can I use at online casinos in Sweden?

VeraJohn payment methods

With a country that is as advanced as Sweden, it should be little surprise that the payment options that are widely available in the country are pretty vast. You have all the traditional options like credit and debit cards, alongside things like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Of course, all this variety can only be a good thing. It means that people can choose an option which suits their lifestyle and their preferences regarding things like anonymity.

Here, we’ll be listing three popular payment options in the country just to give you an overview of the type of thing that is available at the best online casinos in Sweden. Do keep in mind that just because a certain method is not listed here, that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t widely available.


PayPal Sweden

E-wallets, in general, are very popular in Sweden. It’s not too much of a surprise considering how forward-thinking the country is that this method manages to, for many at least, find the perfect balance between old-style simplicity, security and modern convenience. And, of course, the biggest of them all is PayPal, which has been a runaway success in Europe and around the world.


Zimpler home page

With its tagline “supergood payments”, it’s clear that Zimpler is a payment method which is as confident as it is charming. It’s also very practical and, considering it’s made in Sweden, it makes sense that it’s very popular in the country. This whole aim is to simplify mobile payments and, with online casinos going mobile more and more these days, we expect this mobile wallet to become increasingly popular with casino users.

Credit/debit card

Sweden credit card

Even with all the advances, we have made with payment types, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. A lot of people aren’t interested in e-wallets or anything beyond what they are already familiar with. And going by card does have its benefits. Firstly, it’s so common that you should be able to find it pretty much everywhere in the online casino world, with a few notable examples. Plus, it’s likely you have plenty of experience using it online already.

Are online casinos in Sweden trustworthy?

We’ve discussed many of the ways in which you can assess the trustworthiness of online casinos in Sweden earlier in this article. However, if you are wondering about the general level of trustworthiness of Swedish casinos compared to the rest of the world, we would say that they are very high on the list.

Europa Casino promotion

While a casino site’s trustworthiness must always be viewed on an individual basis – including things like the SSL encryption, provably fair and random games, and reputation amongst other customers – in general, Sweden is a safe place to play online. This is especially the case compared to much stricter countries such as Russia or Thailand.

Are online casinos in Sweden licensed?

We have, of course, covered this topic elsewhere. In case there was any confusion though, we want to reiterate that not only do the changes in Sweden’s gambling legislation mean that online casinos remain licensed, but other casino operators which want to offer their services to Swedish players will need a Swedish license as well.

Sweden gaming legislation

It is possible to use other casinos outside of this jurisdiction via VPN and cryptocurrencies, but Swedish casinos should all be licensed and regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority. It’s important to note that while these changes in the law are unpopular in certain aspects – for instance, their restrictions on promotions – there is a focus on player protection, which is vitally important.

What are some popular games at online casinos in Sweden?

Sweden is a country which loves all kinds of casino games to the point where picking just a select few is very hard. We will say that the tastes of players in the country don’t veer into anything particularly unusual. There’s no game in Sweden we can think of that is especially popular that isn’t widely played elsewhere. However, that will probably help the new casinos which are arriving to provide Swedish players with a diverse, quality product featuring all the different things their new audience wants.

Despite this, there are some games that are more popular than others in the country. And while this is by no means an exhaustive list, we’re going to take a look at three examples of games that Swedish players love and which you should expect to see at plenty of the best online casinos in Sweden.

Video slots

PartyCasino slot games

We don’t think there is an example of any kind of casino game that has benefited the most from the world of online casinos than video slots. It’s certainly either this or our next selection. Slots are where so much of the colour and personality of many casinos come from, as the format has allowed sponsorships, creativity and a technicolour of design choices to make their way onto the often rather conservative looking betting sites.


NightRush video poker

This is a game which has benefited from the shift to the online world for entirely different reasons than the above example. Poker is, of course, still very much enjoyed in your traditional setting. But for many people, finding the right game and the right level of opponents would be simply impossible without the many poker sites we can enjoy today.

Live casino games

Europa Casino live games

And of course, bridging the gap between the brick and mortar casinos which still capture the hearts and imaginations of so many and the ease and convenience of being able to enjoy all these gaming options from the comfort of your computer screen are live casino games. Here. you can play in real-time with a real-life dealer, but without having to make the trip to your nearest physical location.

A brief history of gambling in Sweden

Sweden flag casino chips

There are few countries that can boast as long and as storied a history with the world of gambling as Sweden. The pastime actually dates all the way back to the Vikings. Gambling-related objects have even been found as far back as third century A.D.

The first casino is believed to have opened in the 18th century, following the blossoming popularity of card games: a passion which is still felt today. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. Gambling was banned in the 19th century, although, this was soon repealed. For many years, the modern casino scene was dominated by state-run casinos, especially after the Casinos Act of 1999 which cemented the place of licensed operators as the only legal option.

This remained the case until very recently when the laws we have mentioned were brought in. These made it possible for other operators to gain licenses within the country. This, therefore, opened Swedish players up to more options that are easily and legally available, as well as creating a well-regulated but diverse selection of places to play online.

Frequently Asked Questions

As there’s so much information here to try and remember, it’s a good idea to have a quick recap of the most important points. Of course, this is not intended to cover everything in this article, but it should remind you of some important notes regarding online casinos in Sweden.

1. What is the legal age for gambling in Sweden?

There is actually a difference between the age limit for players visiting for online and physical casinos. The limit for online casinos is only 18 years old, but physical casinos have a 21-year age limit.

2. Are online casinos in Sweden licensed?

While there is some confusion surrounding the laws on Swedish casino sites due to the recent changes made to legislation, it is important to know that online casinos in Sweden should all be fully licensed.

3. What is the regulatory body for online casinos in Sweden?

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the regulatory body of all casinos available in Sweden.

4. Does this mean I can only gain access to Swedish casino sites?

The recent changes in the law mean that, although all casinos require a Swedish license, they do not have to be operating from within Sweden. This opens the gates for sites throughout the world to be available to Swedish citizens.

5. Can I get casino promotions?

One key restriction of casino sites regulated under the Swedish Gambling Authority is that they may only offer a single welcome bonus to customers after their first deposit.

Gambling can be addictive – please play responsibly!