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Best Dash Casinos in 2024: Top Dash Gambling Sites!

If you like fast transfers with no fees, as well as crystal-clear transparency, betting with cryptocurrencies is perfectly suited to you. Dash is one of the most popular cryptos, and many casino sites have begun accepting it. In this article, we'll be discussing the best Dash casinos, and how to use Dash to deposit and withdraw funds.

Top Dash Casinos in 2024

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About Dash Crypto

Like many other cryptos, Dash is open-source, an altcoin created through a fork in the Bitcoin protocol. The system is governed through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Like many other coins, it works with a system of miners, standard nodes, and masternodes. The transactions are untraceable and known only to the individuals involved in them.

Dash is a contraction of the words “digital” and “cash“. While other cryptos focus on technical features, such as bandwidth or blockchain features, the team at Dash focus on user-friendliness. This has made Dash popular with casino players who often lack payment options in their country, as well as with investors, consumers, and businesses.

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How To Use Dash at a Dash Gambling Online Casino

Using Dash is similar to using most other cryptos on online gambling sites. If you have a crypto wallet, it's usually enough to create an account and start playing slots and/or casino games.

What You Need To Use Dash Crypto

To use Dash, you'll need to own some cryptos. For that, you'll need access to a coin exchange, as well as a wallet to store your coins in. Once you have that, you can sign up at one of the Dash casinos.

  • Dash Exchanges

A coin exchange is a place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. It lets you trade one currency for another, as well as for fiat currencies, such as Pounds, Dollars, or Euros. You can buy Dash using your Mastercard, Visa, or Bitcoin, among other payment options. Some of the best exchanges include:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Cryptocurrency Exchanges






  • Dash Crypto Wallet Online

There are several ways to store your cryptos. You can choose between apps for desktop, Android, or iOS, or you can create an account with a web wallet, such as Coinomi.

Besides these options, you can also choose a hardware wallet, such as Trezor, Ledger, or KeepKey. Dash also lets you use paper wallets, as well as SMS wallets in some locations.

  • Dash Crypto ATM

In select locations, namely Europe, the UK, North and South America, as well as a few countries in Asia, you can find a Dash ATM. Here, you can buy or sell cryptos, or exchange them for cash. This is much faster than receiving your Dash profits via bank transfer.

How To Deposit at Dash Casinos Online

Once you have a wallet with Dash coin, depositing at a Dash casino is very simple. The first thing you should do is create an account at the casino. While some Dash casinos ask for your full name and address, others simply let you sign up with a username and password.

Follow these simple steps to make a lightning-fast transfer:

  1. Make sure you have Dash coin in your wallet.
  2. Choose the best Dash casino from our list.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Head to the payments section and select Dash.
  5. Choose the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Follow instructions on the page. You'll usually fill in your crypto wallet information.
  7. Log in to your wallet and complete the transfer.
  8. Wait until the transaction is validated and enjoy your Dash casino welcome bonus and free spins!

How To Withdraw at Dash Online Casinos

Making a withdrawal at a Dash casino is easy and intuitive, and much faster than a bank transfer. Follow these steps to get your winnings in Dash:

  1. Log in to the casino.
  2. Head to the payments page, choose withdrawals, and select Dash.
  3. Choose how much you want to withdraw.
  4. Follow instructions and enter your Dash wallet number if it isn't there yet.
  5. Confirm.

As soon as the payments team confirms the payment, your funds will appear in your wallet in a matter of minutes.

Dash Casino Pros

Using Dash for transactions has several advantages, which it shares with many other casinos.

  • Privacy: For many players, this is the number one reason to use crypto. Since Dash works through the blockchain, all transactions are untraceable.
  • Speed: While bank transfers can take days, Dash transfers are almost instant. You may have to wait a minute or two for a miner to process your transfer, but this is nothing compared to how slow traditional payment methods can be.
  • Safe: There are over 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing processing the Dash network. In this blockchain process, no human can directly intervene, making it one of the safest payment methods imaginable.
  • User-friendliness: This cryptocurrency aims to be one of the most user-friendly cryptos, and depositing and withdrawing funds with your crypto wallet is a simple, intuitive process.
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees: While certain casinos ask for a fee of up to 2.5% for cash transactions, transactions with Dash or other cryptos are always 100% free. There is a miner’s fee, but this is usually less than $0.20.

Dash Casino Cons

While using Dash has almost nothing but advantages, the payment method has one major disadvantage – availability.

  • Few in number: While other cryptos like Bitcoin are more common, there are relatively few casinos that accept Dash, most of which we have listed on this page.
  • Dash casinos are sometimes blocked: Depending on your location, you may find some of the casinos on this list blocked, or with a message that they don't accept players from your region. In that case, consider one of the alternatives below.

Alternatives to Dash Crypto Casinos

If you have trouble signing up to one or more of the Dash casinos on this list, you could try searching for Best crypto casinos sites instead. Most exchanges make it easy to sell Dash for a number of other currencies.

Some of the most popular (and more common) cryptos, aside from bitcoin casinos, for gaming are:

Top Cryptocurrency Alternatives Top Cryptocurrency Alternatives

Crypto casinos are often for specific markets, where it's hard for casino players to use regular payment methods. If you still have issues signing up, you could try opting for a casino that accepts players from your country, though you may have to use more traditional payment methods, such as credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), bank transfers, or casino e-wallets.

Dash vs Bitcoin & Other Cryptos

While Bitcoin is here to stay, Dash offers three main advantages over the more traditional coin.

  1. More privacy: Dash uses Privatesend (Darksend), meaning its transactions cannot be traced. While Bitcoin transfers are part of a record, Dash’s Masternodes mix the coins they receive, making tracing them virtually impossible.
  2. Faster transfers: This cryptocurrency uses InstantX. This technology means transactions can be confirmed in four seconds or less.
  3. Lower transaction fees: Dash has considerably lower fees than Bitcoin. According to Bitinfocharts, the average transaction fee for Dash is $0.15, much less than Bitcoin, where it is currently at $12.

These advantages make Dash a very potent currency for gambling, and we expect to see more Dash casinos popping up in the near future, as well as more crypto casinos adding it to their list of options.

Dash Casinos FAQs

Dash casinos let you play virtually any type of casino game you can play at fiat currency sites, including sports betting, slots, live casino games like roulette and blackjack, lotteries, bingo, and more!

Dash casinos are safe, as they use blockchain technology to ensure fast, private, and secure transfers.

Most casinos on our list offer bonuses, such as free spins or deposit bonuses to virtually any deposit method. In most cases, the bonus for crypto players is much larger than for fiat currency. Compare a bonus of 100% up to $/£/€ 100 with a bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC!

Most casinos don't charge fees for crypto transfers. The only fee is the miner’s fee for the transfer. In the case of Dash, the average fee is just $0.15.

Once you request a withdrawal, you'll usually have to wait for someone from the casino’s payment team to confirm it. Most casinos will do this in a matter of hours. Once this is complete, you'll have your funds instantly.

In terms of online casino, Dash is faster, more private, and much cheaper for transfers. The only issue is that there are relatively few Dash casinos.

If Dash casinos are blocked in your region, you can try casinos with other types of crypto, or conventional casino sites.

Dash casino no deposit bonuses are hard to come by. Generally, you're more likely to find a Dash casino welcome bonus, in the form of a match bonus or Dash casino free spins.

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