Best Gamification Casinos – Tournaments, Level Ups, Merchandise, Quests, Avatars and more

 Top 10's Best Gamification Casinos

The best gamification casinos – close your eyes and think of your favourite online casino. There are real money slots, of course, as many as you can wish for. And a ton of other games, massive jackpots, live tables… But, chances are that your preferred online casino has a lot more than that! Maybe there’s a cool mascot, helping you chase different jackpots from different games. Or some exciting quests that can lead to exclusive bonuses. Or a thrilling casino universe with its own currency, merchandise, adventures, races, trophies, tournaments….

Ladies and gents, welcome to the world of online casino gamification! Because nowadays, an online casino can be so much more than simply a space to spin some reels and makes the best of the highest RTP options or the best no deposit offerings! Okay so, we get the gist of it – casino gamification (a very annoying word that doesn’t do justice to all the fun it brings to online gambling) happens when an online casino goes that extra mile into creating a super experience for its players. This translates into the integration of videogame elements and mechanics within the online casino site itself, resulting in a much more exciting experience for the player.

Best Gamification Casinos

€100 Welcome Bonus & 50 Free Spins 100% up to £50
€100 Welcome Bonus & 50 Free Spins 50 Free Spins
  • Captain Rizk
  • Power Bar
  • Wheel of Rizk
* more terms & conditions apply
100% match up to £300 + 30 free spins 30 No-Deposit Wager-Free Spins
100% match up to £300 + 30 free spins 100% up to £300
  • Martial arts themed
  • Different adventures to follow
  • Trophies & rewards
* more terms & conditions apply
£100+200 Free Spins 100% up to £50
£100+200 Free Spins 50 Wager-Free Spins
  • Experience points
  • Spells to cast
  • Magic shop
* more terms & conditions apply
No Deposit Welcome Bonus of €/$/£100 Currently no Welcome Bonus
  • Mission cards
  • Progress bar
  • Free cash and free spins
* more terms & conditions apply
100% up to £200 first deposit 100% up to £200
100% up to £200 first deposit 11 Wager-Free Spins
  • Battle of the Slots
  • MultiPlayer mode
  • Social player experience
* more terms & conditions apply
€400 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins Up to £400 Welcome Bonus
€400 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins 100 Free Spins
  • Jungle theme
  • Multiplay function
  • Various bonuses
* more terms & conditions apply

The best gamification casinos – here’s what you get


You into superheroes? If yes, Rizk might just be your ideal gamification casino. Captain Rizk, the mascot, oversees a thrilling black-and-orange universe that is just full of extra treats for the players. Let this endearing casino superhero guide you through tournaments, quests, challenges, races and more, transforming the simplest games into something special while topping up your winnings with more bonuses, credits and, most of all, – fun.

So how do you get to enjoy all this extra gamification casino juice? It’s quite simple, really. The more you play, the more Captain Rizk rewards you by filling up a power bar that will eventually give you free spins. The longer you spend on a game, the more the power bar fills up – when it reaches max point, the Wheel of Rizk is activated.

And guess what this means? You got it baby – free spins! Play, power up, enjoy those free spins.

Every. Single. Time. Yup, this isn’t a one-time offer, and players who are clever with their wagers will get a nice and steady stream of free spins as the Power Bar fills up time and time again.

Not happy? Rizk wouldn’t be on our list of best gamification casinos if it didn’t go that extra mile or two beyond. So, every time you place a real money wager and boost that Power Bar some more, you get promoted to a higher level. And like all good promotions, this means levelling up to even more goodies and rewards. The higher the level you reach, the bigger the rewards. Spin that wheel at the higher levels and you’ll be welcomed with jackpots and even more wheels with better rewards.

And there’s still more, because Rizk really takes the idea of being the best gamification casino to the next level – with every 10th level you unlock the Super Wheel which translate into bigger prizes. There is a BigAss Jackpot at level 10; a double speed chip that doubles up your Power Bar when you hit it; a red chip for free spins; a super spin worth £1 per spin and a mega spin option worth £3; a golden coin that translates into real money when you land on it.

Oh yeah, and there’s a bonus surprise at Level 5, where the Super Wheel makes an unexpected appearance out of nowhere. Generous much, Captain Rizk? Still in search of more extras? Every time you level up you get an Extra Wheel a day which can be claimed the next day. Why? Because clearly, Captain Rizk’s super power is spelt F-U-N. Honestly by now my head is spinning faster than the Wheel of Rizk with all the extras that I can unlock thanks to casino gamification. All you need to keep in mind is this: you win real money and those Captain Rizk super powers are real.

best gamification casinos

Source: Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes

This is one of the casinos that started the whole process, exploding on the market with a whole adventure-world in 2014 and going on to become one of the best gamification casinos. Here, you will find no superheroes and, in fact, you could call the quests at Casino Heroes a mirror image of those at Rizk. You, the player, are the superhero and you swashbuckle your way through this Adventureland battling the big, bad bosses. At the end of each level, there will be one of these ‘bosses’ to take you on. Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to defeat this ‘boss’ in order to be rewarded with an avalanche of prizes.

As a superhero, you get your own avatar, of course, as you journey your way across three magical islands. Each island has its own specific goal for you to reach, and its own bosses to defeat – if luck smiles your way, you will be rewarded by mystery treasure bags packed with super prizes. Every spin you make helps you on your way to achieving these prizes, until you get to the big, bad bosses.

And this is how it happens: you get nine clickable boxes; choose one and you can find rubies, free spins, weapons, shuffle options, health or … a BOSS. Everything you find helps you in your ultimate quest – defeating the boss. If you manage to do this, you keep all your treasures and level up. If you don’t, no sweat – you’re taken back to the previous region and you can try your luck again of course!


One of the most respected names in gambling, and also one of the pioneers of online casino gamification. Casumo is all about ‘The Adventure’ – and this is not just an empty phrase, but an actual system that they have devised where every real money bet you make helps the story advance a little bit more.

Accompanying you from the moment you sign up is a cute Casumo mascot that helps you along, cheering you on as you unlock treasures, collect trophies, points and other gifts. All of which can translate into free spins, reload bonuses, match bonuses and free spins and cash, naturally!

Oh yeah, about the mascot – keep an eye on his belt because as it changes colour from the initial white to red, blue and purple, you will be levelling up and collecting even more bonuses and rewards. The goal? To reach black belt level and collect the top prizes, of course, as any self-respecting martial artist will tell you! Definitely earns its place on the list of one of the best gamification casinos.


A journey. An Experience. A Casino. This is Kaboo’s welcoming tagline, and they’re certainly right about each claim, as online casino gamification has been taken to an entirely different level here. All the way up to the cosmos, in fact, thanks to Kaboo’s sci-fi theme that makes players feel as though they boarded a space-shuttle to some distant planet. This doesn’t stop with the visuals – the sci-fi theme continues throughout. With every real money wager, you collect relics and credits, unlocking missions that take you to the next level and, in turn, allow you to collect even more prizes. Each mission and level comes with its own in-game quests, which not only translate into more relics (ie, more bonuses) but are also honest-to-goodness fun, which makes Kaboo one of the best gamification casinos around.

best gamification casino

Source: Volt Casino

Volt Casino

Another one with a space/apocalyptic kind of theme that drips cool, just like the online casino’s in-browser store that dispenses all sorts of goodies, from free spins to merchandise, according to the points earned. Here, you get to build your own city. Points are acquired with every real money wager made, and there are nifty mystery boxes – bronze, silver and gold – to unlock with surprise rewards inside, each with their own minimum wagering requirement. Top gamification casino – check.


It’s all about the magic baby, as you work your way through two different kinds of points – experience (XP) and spirit – to unlock new voodoo levels and cast spells. Each voodoo level gives you access to four spells. Casting spells gives you different rewards:

Blood magic = free spins

Dark magic = a small deposit bonus

Light magic = a large deposit bonus

The above are all activated when you make a deposit. Looking for rewards that don’t require you to spend money? Voodoo Dreams, which I consider to be one of the best gamification casinos around, has those too. All you need to do is cast some Spirit magic to receive the ultimate of gifts, real cash, with no deposit and no wagering required – check out the Spells shop to figure out which spells to cast.


It’s called The World’s Happiest Casino for a reason. This mission-based online gamification casino pulls out all the stops in terms of bright colours, a funky interface and a steady stream of missions that can unlock the door to stunning bonuses and cash rewards. It’s as easy as ABC – find a mission card, click on it and you’re good to go. The best part? You can play as many as you want in a day – and if you stop halfway through (hey, we need to eat and shower, right?) your progress will be saved for your next gambling session. The entire setup of this online casino is totally based around the player’s convenience.

You can track your mission progress by clicking on the ‘progress’ bar, and new missions keep showing up everyday. The million Sterling question: what do these missions do? There are three kinds of missions:

Spin – spin as many times as the mission cards states, at the requested minimum bet. No matter the result, progress is guaranteed

Spin and Win – Here, every time you spin, the outcome needs to be a win to get you further ahead on the progress bar

Big Win – This is the mega cashout we all dream about. To complete the mission you’ll need to secure high wins.

Every completed mission is exchangeable with free coins or more free spins! All together now – it’s raining fun and wins. Oh yes, and there’s also a random mystery coin going around as you spin your way through the games, which also translates into more rewards. Difficult to beat this in terms of best gamification casino.


It’s all in the name – VideoSlots has created one of the best casino gamification concept for online slots, and I can so easily see why players lap it up. Including myself! Welcome to Battle of the Slots: big wins, multiplayer experience, constant thrills, unlimited slots choice…in short, what we have here is the ultimate online casino gamification for any slots jockey. The groundbreaking system offers players the chance of large (and guaranteed) prize pools, pitting players head-to-head against each other. Always in a friendly manner, of course, because after all this is also an opportunity to socialize in a rather swanky poker-style lobby. It is, in fact, dubbed as a Social Casino Experience, and I’m all for it.

The idea revolves around the sheer, vast number of titles available at Video Slots, and players get to participate in real-time video slot Battles, challenging friends and other players. I particularly love the fact that you can actually chat with the other players while you’re spinning the reels – needless to say, don’t abuse of this function. No-one wants to be that guy. Once you’re in a Battle, this means that you’re competing for a number of different rewards, with the main attraction of a 500 free spin prize pool taking place every day at 6PM. Did I mention that these spins are wager free? Hold the phone ‘cos here I come.

The gamification feature at VideoSlots offers other kinds of rewards and there are various tournaments taking place at a time, making this one of the best gamification casinos around.


No-one plays quite like the ruler of the jungle. No gamification list would be complete without respects being paid to Leovegas, who clearly know how to make players roar thanks to some super cool online casino gamification features that include quests, tournaments and fancy rewards. While not strictly classified as gamification, the casino’s recent introduction of a Multiplay function, which allows players to play more than one game at one go, has proved itself to be a massive win, one that is likely to pave the way for more such initiatives from other online casinos.

Multiplay is, in fact, being touted as the next big thing in online casino gamification scenarios, enabling players to enjoy multiple quests and to increase their chances of scoring rewards. And, with some snazzy online casino gamification updates announced by communications director Hans Uhrus to be taking place later this year, we can safely assume that the lion doesn’t sleep tonight as it battles to keep its place on our list of best gamification casinos.

 best gamification casinos

Source: Play Frank


Sometimes, simple is best – and PlayFrank certainly takes online casino gamification to a new level by creating a set of simple, but highly effective in terms of fun and rewards, daily challenges. This particular gamification structure works through a unique level up system, which brings players daily challenges that are tracked and translated into rewards. Everyday, the players are offered a number of ‘paths’, all leading to different rewards. It’s totally up to you which path to take – track one may lead to a number of free spins, while track two might yield a number of bonuses. Your game, your choice, your rewards – PlayFrank places control in your hands and you get to choose, according to the type of gameplay and the type of rewards that you prefer.

The genius of PlayFrank’s type of online casino gamification is that everything is tailored according to the particular personality of the player, so you can choose your carefully daily challenges and daily rewards. And, if you’re one of those who gets confused by super-sophisticated gamification designs (I know I do, sometimes), PlayFrank is your ideal online gambling destination – the simple design means that you don’t need to figure out anything in order to Level Up. You choose what you’d like to receive, and just continue playing and Levelling Up automatically. As Uncle Frank puts it, all you need to do is “watch the rewards roll in”.

As for the usual question, players are so fond of asking: how will I know how much I’m winning? – PlayFrank keeps this one simple, too. To keep tabs on your progress, simple check up on your Track icon and it’ll tell you exactly what your winnings so far are. Want to chance Track? Also easy – just click on a different Track option than the one you’re on. The more you level up, the more Track options become accessible to you and the more rewards you can bag.

The Daily Challenges, as the name implies, change on a daily basis and allow you to pursue and fulfil specific goals according to what best suits your aims. Psst – here’s a helpful hint. If you complete all the challenges, you will actually get an extra rewards. Thanks, Frank, we’ll certainly give you a place on our list of top gamification casinos!

How do the best gamification casinos earn their title?

What do all the above awesome casinos have in common to make it on our list of best gamification casinos? Think of it as offering an immersive experience that adds a storyline to your gambling whether you’re spinning all your favourite slots, trying your luck on the progressive jackpots, exploring the world of online casino bonuses or even joining a sophisticated live table for a round of live roulette or poker.

Because, much as we love getting our online gambling on, the fun reaches a whole new level when we’re also trying to collect five swords that will annihilate a dragon while we’re at it. Or, because this is the 21st century after all, that will save the dragon from possible extinction (and unlock the door to a nice, fat bonus).

It’s no wonder that online casino gamification has become such a big thing, with amazing upgrades and developments that make online casinos as much about the gaming as they are about the gambling. The great news? You don’t need to be an expert player to enjoy the world of online casino gamification. If you’re new, you’ll have a blast discovering all the thrilling extras it offers – and if you’re quite the expert player, well then you don’t need me to tell you that you’re just going to love it!

best gamification casinos

Source: Rizk

Online Casino Gamification – popular features & player experience

So we’ve established that online casino gamification offers you a multitude of ways in which to increase fun, engagement and (most importantly) winnings. Onto the million sterling question: what exactly are these ways I keep talking about, and how are all types of businesses using this feature to help them improve their service? Read on to learn more about some of the more exciting options being offered at online gamification casinos.

Loyalty Points

The most basic gamification feature, the one that existed from way before online casino gamification was invented. Offering loyalty points to return players is the simplest way to keep them coming back. Loyalty points are usually exchanged for rewards such as free spins, cash topups, special promotions and the like. Think of it as a ‘thank you, and we’d like to see more of you’ from the casino.


Who doesn’t want to be top dog? Chances are, we wouldn’t be playing at the best online gamification an online casino if we didn’t have a competitive streak, right? Leaderboards are also based on a points system – basically, the more points you acquire when playing, the higher up your position on the Leaderboard. Take that, No 36.

The psychology behind this is quite astute. Let’s say I’m flipping the bird to No 36 because I’ve finally made it to No 35. There’s no way I’m going to let myself sink back to a lower position, right? Enter this particular aspect of online casino gamification, to offer some extra motivation. Clever.

Adventures and Missions

This is where creativity starts taking a stronger role, and you start admiring the inventiveness of particular casinos. This aspect of online casino gamification means that a casino can create just about any kind of universe, with its corresponding adventures and missions, that it wishes to. From sci-fi to jungles, exotic holidays, cruises… You name it, some casino will have it in the form of the day’s mission.

Adventures and missions give online gambling a completely new flavour, making it not just about the slots and the games, but about the narrative you’re pursuing while spinning the slots or playing the tables. Think of it as playing a video game, where you get to follow a story, choose quests and accomplish missions – you get all this plus the opportunity to gamble and win real money while doing it. It’s like a marriage made in heaven between video games and online casinos. The good news? A cagillion online casinos have a cagillion themes and storylines, which means that the chances of getting bored are pretty much zilch. Whether you want to be the hero, the villain or vacationing tycoon… there’s an online casino gamification feature that offers it, and we bring it to you here.

In-Casino Shops and Currency

There’s something extremely attractive and exclusive about the idea of earning currency that is special to one casino only, and that you can spend at the casino itself. The way this works is also simple – missions and games earn you points, and these points are then translated to this special currency. The currency is then exchanged for whatever your heart desires and the casino is offering – casino merchandise, free spins, exclusive promos, special in-game options. It’s certainly a good way of making us players feel special and part of a community.

Your Own Avatar

Want to feel, and look, even more special? Then join one of the online casino gamification options that allows you to create your own unique avatar. Purple hair, superhero cape and cheesy grin tick all your boxes? There you go – your own unique look to spin those slots and tower over those tables looking like the avatar from your dreams. With the click of a button.

Map Completion

X marks the spot, as they say. Well, not quite – in the case of gamification online casinos, it’s more likely to find a multitude of Xs, as the rewards when you’re trying to complete a map will be numerous. Channel all your best Christopher Colombus vibes as you explore the world of casino games, working your way through a given map, ticking off missions and quests, until you complete your voyage and get to the ultimate reward.

Tournaments & duels

For some of you players, a spot of one-on-one competition is essential, I know. Which makes this particular gamification feature a massive attraction. Bored of playing on your lonesome? Some casinos will let you take part in special tournaments for specific games, and even to go head-one against another player in a duel. The winner takes it all! Well, maybe not always all, but the winner does take home a lot of cool stuff, such as free spins, extra bonuses, cash and the like.

Social Media sharing

The influence of social media can never be overrated or overemphasized in most human business of today. There are a lot of platforms today that allow players to log in through their social media accounts. Some even go as far as allowing and encouraging players to share their progress with their family, friends and even strangers through the social media feature. One good side of it is that it gives the platforms the needed publicity. It also helps friends and family to track a player’s activities on gaming platforms and know when to intervene where addiction is suspected.

The relationship between gaming and gambling in today’s world

When people in the online casino world talk, a lot of them use the words ‘gaming' and ‘gambling' interchangeably. The truth is that both activities are actually similar to each other. There is however one very vital difference. In gaming, the skill of the player is what matters. It is the single determinant in whether they win or lose. Gambling, however, relies completely on luck or chance.

Today, there is an integration of both gaming and gambling, and perhaps this is one of the reasons that the best gamification casinos are so popular. A lot of video games now have subtle and sometimes overt gambling features. In the same way, casino games have incorporated quite a bit of gaming features into their platforms. Some gaming software’s even go as far as introducing loot boxes into their platforms. Players basically have to pay some money to access the contents of a loot box.

With the line between gaming and gambling progressively blurring out, research results suggest that young people should not be exposed to gambling like gaming too early as it could lead to gambling problems later in life.

Today… betting on video games is a thing, and it is a popular thing. There are electronic gaming machines that incorporate the element of skill. This, in the long run is likely to help increase patronage from young people. Without any doubt, the marriage of gaming and gambling had been a really profitable move for both industries. This is because it makes gambling and gaming more exciting for the players. And thus, more attractive too.

How do the best gamification casinos affect your gambling?

The reality of gamification is way more than a momentary occurrence in the igaming and gambling scene. From all indications, gamification will be here for a while as the best gamification casinos vie with each other to provide the best experience. It is already established that video games and gambling have so much in common. Now, that is no longer just the case. The reality is that video games and gambling are merging on different platforms.

The use of video and auditory rewards has often been suggested to be even more satisfying to many people than money. Now imagine that there is a combination of money, video and auditory rewards all at the same time?

Then there is the tendency of the gambling platforms to utilize the “near miss” feature which deceives the human mind that there had actually been some sort of victory achieved there.

Another important way that gamification affects your gambling is through the deception of your mind to think that there is a relationship between your actions and the resulting win. The reality is that most of gambling wins are random and have little or nothing to do with what was done by the player. There is no such thing as a “lucky number”. But the brain won’t be convinced of this as long as it looks at the screen and continues to get all of those triggers.

Yet another grand deception of the gaming/gambling marriage is the progression. The fact that players are convinced that they are leveling up. That they are moving towards a specific destination even though this destination never happens. The customer is retained because they are determined to get to the end of the road. And they have an illusion of progress to back them up too.

Collectibles and power ups serve a power-pusher entity that keeps the customer coming back. The idea is to keep the customer on the site for as long as possible so the platforms create scatters, multipliers and wilds. These may even start mini games, causing the gamers to have even more interaction that then creates an illusion of certification. Making them feel like they have learned something that will affect the eventual outcome of the game when in reality, they haven’t.

Now many players see games as skillful while they see gambling as pure chance. These features listed above are going to make any casino site feel more like a game than a gamble. Casino games that appear like video games seem to be for many people, more respectable than outright gambling. It also appears less risky.

Seasoned gamblers no longer turn up their noses at the best gamification casinos. Perhaps because of the bright cheerful colours… or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the players don’t seem to burn out and end up playing the games for a very long time. In the end, the casino makes money and the players are happy. Win-win.

In-depth exploration of the psychology behind gamification casinos


To put this in the simplest way possible; gamification gives control to the player. The idea is that there is no real control over gambling. Luck and chance play the biggest roles in deciding the fate of the wager. But when gamification becomes a part of the casino, we have an almost instantaneous shift on the balances of power. Now, the skill of the player would actually matter. The player can work on their skills and get so much better at everything. Gambling ceases to be just gambling as soon as some element if skill is introduced. The lack of control is dumped, and in its place, danger with a tinge of control introduced.

 A sense of journey and maps

The feeling that one is passing through a stage comes with a bunch of other feelings. For instance, if the present stage was hard, the player feels like it could get better. Taking the player through a psychological and virtual journey is going to be a definite plus to the sense of control that is described above. People love adventure. They love the sense of wonder and discovery. All of these are what the game would bring to the table with some gamification features.

Positive reinforcement

The fact that gamers get rewarded for finishing tasks and levels definitely helps them to keep coming. The rewards in form of extra spins, level up, bragging rights, and a lot of other things that gamified casino activity offers are all very likely to encourage players to come back.

Sense of achievement

Yet another undeniable psychological effect of casino gamification is the sense of achievement. This perhaps explains the fact that a lot of people who become addicted to gaming and gambling do not have much else going on for them in their physical lives. The sense of achievement that finishing a task affords in combination with the positive reinforcement of rewards definitely makes for an effect of gamification.

Goals and competition with self

We are often encouraged to challenge ourselves to do better. To be better. Now this may be in aspects of life such as professionally or spiritually. The thing is, challenging ourselves in these aspects isn’t very likely to give us as much pleasure because the tasks of life are more difficult to complete. The tasks presented to us by the best gamification casinos, however… those are likely to be more easily finished, leading to the player feeling the push or drive to do more, achieve more. Setting goals for ourselves become so much easier when we know that we are very likely to accomplish them all.

Goals and competition with others

As much as they might set goals for themselves, players also want to set goals with friends and compete with them too. The natural flare for competition will push them to try to win all game levels and accomplish as much as possible. Being able to share their progress and gaming affluence with friends and family will definitely contribute to the competing flare. The fact that humans are so naturally competitive means that a competitive game will definitely help with some amount of self esteem and ego.


Most gamified casinos require players to log in. Some of them even collect some personal information which they use to tailor user experience. This means basically that a gambler who is using a gamified casino will feel like they are getting a special treatment. And what else makes a person feel special if not when they are treated like they are in fact special? The best gamification casinos will often carries a feeling of exclusivity and thus, it is no surprise at all that humans would prefer a gamified platform over a non gamified one.

Dopamine rush

The thrill of winning. The excitement and fear of danger. The fear of the unknown… too many things contribute to the rush that gamers feel during a game. That addictive dopamine rush at the end of a completed task. It could indeed be a factor in whether or not the player returns for more.

Team building

Who would ever think that there could be a team in casino gaming?  In spite of the personalized edge that gamification brings to gambling, it also leaves a nicely large room for multiple players and inadvertently team building.

Online casino gamification and responsible gambling

Gamification has proven to increase socialization. And there is an irrefutable relationship between responsible gambling and socialization. It is really simple. Human interaction may help reduce vices. But this is not going to be as impressive as the fact that gamification could actually help casinos monitor their gamers to know who is spending too much time on the site and who is not. Creating an automatic switch from gambling to pure gaming with absolutely no gambling could help players stay out of gambling addiction. It, however, doesn’t reduce the screen time if the player just switches from one casino to another.

The point is, as much as gamification can be used to keep players, it can often be used to let them down easy too. The question now is whether the operators will take this initiative and run with it or prioritize profit and ignore all the good they could do.

Gamified gambling and mental health

With the continuous rise of internet as we know it, one would expect that problematic internet use would be studied more. That has not been the case. There seems to be a very blurry line between internet use and problematic internet use. And it definitely isn’t helping that online gambling and gaming seem to be taking on even more features from each other by the day.

Gamified gambling might have a lot of positives. It is however important to not get carried away with those. And to investigate all possible sides of the situation properly.

Studies have shown that an increasing population of young people are coming down with problematic internet use like excessive online gambling. There are many gamified features that work towards keeping the player right there on the website or in the app. These features keep the players there irrespective of whether they are winning or losing and that is when it becomes unhealthy. The minute online gambling or gaming starts to tamper with normal day to day things like having a job, caring for family, being healthy, being happy and so on; then there is a problem. Now as much as gamification could possibly lead to addiction, it may also help victims because of the socialization aspects as discussed in the rest of this article. The news of gamification is an awesome one for people who have not gone down the rabbit hole yet. Measures must, however, be put in place that gamers are protected.

Why gamified online casinos are here to stay; the science behind the rave

The question of whether or not casino gamification will thrive in the gambling world has been a salient feature of related discourse. Well, here are a few attributes that will affect customer service and thus the survival of the concept.

Personalized gaming and casino gamification

With every passing day, there is a new part of gamification that is being explored. Personalization is one of the aspects of gamification that has caught the interest of researchers and developers worldwide. The idea is that gamification should go had in hand with personalization such that the casinos are not just gamifying their platforms but also tailoring each user’s experience to their needs and personalities through the data they will gather from them about themselves.

We already experience different levels of personalisation in our lives, everyday. From the fact that we could search for green potatoes on Google internet and log out, only to be bombarded with potato ads on all of our social media the moment we are back online. The truth is that gamification can indeed help to personalise user experience in order to identify the best gamification casinos for us. This will likely help increase retention rates for casinos, but it will also help with the mental and financial health of the player.

Healthy competition in gamified gambling

There has always been a part of every human being that wants to believe that they’re special. That they are better than counterparts at something. The silent or sometimes roaring question of who can run faster or jump higher is not something to be ignored because as we are going to find out, this need to stand out drives a huge part of our existence. There is competition everywhere we look and there is nothing wrong with that.

Healthy competition in gamified gambling isn’t even just about the players who are trying to beat each other at casino games. It is also about the best gamification casino platforms as they try to stand out in their services to their customers. While gamification and the internet could allow Alex from the UK to compete with Joe in sub Saharan Africa on a gaming platform. It will also allow Rizk to compete with Energy Casino irrespective of where the companies are located. The fact above definitely causes a sigh of relief because casino gamification largely caused users to want more. There isn’t much evidence to show that it will cause the casino companies to give more or stay at the tip of their toes. If, however both players and developers are able to have a good dose of gamified competition, things might be so much better.

Challenges of gamified gambling today

Even though gamification sounds like the best thing after Christmas, it probably isn't because it opens doors for a lot of challenges in everyday life. Taking the best gamification casinos, for instance; on the one hand, gamification has helped improve customer experiences and possibly increase the likelihood of a return each time the player logs in to play. On the other hand, however, gamification might also cause a lot more dependency on gambling and possibly increase addiction if responsible gambling measures are not implemented right away. The question at this point is whether or not gambling platforms and casinos will be willing to implement measures for responsible gambling. It is a question of finding a balance between customer welfare and profit-making.

Another major worry is that casino gamification is not sustainable on a long term basis. The arguers asserted that it is but a short term gimmick at sales and could not possibly survive for long.

Thirdly, there is room for the consideration of whether or not casino gamification not too much of a manipulation. Whether it should even be legal. For instance, many regions and states have banned the gambling elements like “loot bag” in video games because of its stunning similarity to gambling. Each of these on their own might not be much to think about where gambling and gamification is concerned. But, when put together, they open up room for extensive discourse and perhaps arguments on the topic.


The reality of online casino gamification is a two-sided coin. What stands for one person as head, may stand for the other as tail. The years to come will see more sides to what we already have, and that is something to look forward to at our favourite gamification casinos.

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