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While most of the cryptocurrencies offer complete details of the user payment on a public ledger, Zcash provides the privacy that people seek. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Zcash offers permission less transaction with complete privacy to users with zero knowledge cryptography. It is open source and decentralised currency with robust security and privacy features.

It makes use of peer-reviewed cryptography research and a team of highly qualified professional engineers have built this cryptocurrency with enhanced security. Zcash uses open source platform that was based on the code base of Bitcoin and has been rigorously tested by experts.

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Who Created Zcash?

The Zcash protocol is brought to you by a team of qualified scientists, engineers and advisors at ZECC. The team behind the development of Zcash includes all the creators of Zerocoin protocol and Zerocash protocol.

The Zcash team comprises of investors, advisors, engineers, scientists etc. Zooko Wilcox is the CEO and creator of Zcash, and he is having more than twenty years of experience working with the decentralised and open system, cryptography and information security.

The team of scientists includes a qualified professor from Computer Science Department at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, faculty member from UC Berkley, a PhD student in computer science from MIT, a faculty member from School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, assistant professor at John Hopkins Information Security Institute etc.


Zcash Video Review

There is a nonprofit organisation by the name of Zcash that is working round the clock for improving and maintaining the Zcash protocol for offering ease of use to existing as well as future customers. In 4 years, the organisation would receive 1.44% of monetary base for completing the assignment. The organisation came into existence in March 2017.


How Does Zcash Improve Security?

ZCash vs BitcoinAll the transactions in this cryptocurrency are anonymous with 100% shielding which means that the blockchain is unable to get details of the sender, recipient or value of the money transfer. Consider Bitcoin as HTTP for money, in that context, Zcash is https which means enhanced security.

Zcash offers the fungibility feature which means that units are interchangeable and can be unlinked from specific history so that each group has the same value. Hence, the shielded coins can be unlinked, and blockchain is unable to identify the tale behind the transaction.

At the same time, the cryptocurrency offers the benefit of confidentiality and anonymity from the world before digital currency.

Since Zcash makes use of an open source protocol, the company has no control whatsoever on its mining or distribution or access to any shielded or private transaction. Hence, it comes with an added layer of security which means that all the confidential and sensitive information of the people come with total protection without any access.


How Does Zcash Work?

All the information related to the transaction comes with encryption in a shielded environment. Since no payment information is available, the protocol relies on zk-SNARK which is a new cryptographic model. This zero-knowledge proof construction is designed and developed by a team of cryptographers. The system makes sure that all data is encrypted while zk-SNARK looks that no information is stolen or cheated.

The system of Zcash is somewhat identical to Bitcoin. The only difference Zcash has to offer to its users is choice of encrypting or shielding the transaction information. This cryptocurrency provides transparent and shielded address which means users have the opportunity to send money either anonymously or publicly.

One can even send the payments through a shielded address to a transparent address and vice versa. In case of first one, the recipient’s balance is visible while it is unavailable in the regarding the second one.

ZCash Casino GamesOne can easily find out the transparency of the address on the wallet address. Address beginning with ‘t’ is transparent while address beginning with ‘z’ has privacy enhancement with shield protection. This cryptocurrency is ideal for multi-signature transactions, but the enhanced privacy feature will be missing. ZCash supports all Bitcoin transactions.


What New Technology Does Zcash Use?

To serve clients better, Zcash makes use of new applications by utilising the existing blockchain technology and applying the same to cutting-edge technology. All the transactions are entirely encrypted, and the blockchain is unable to identify it.

One of the essential technologies offered by this cryptocurrency is zk-SNARKS which is zero-knowledge cryptography. It stands for Zero Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. There is no interaction required between the verifier and prover.


How Do You Use Zcash?

For using this cryptocurrency, people need to have a digital wallet first. An official Zcash client is available for the Linux based operating system. The modified version is available for Windows and Mac operating system. There are 3rd party wallet applications available.

There is a hardware wallet called Trezor and Ledger that is very handy for storing a significant amount of Zcash.
Users can get Zcash either by buying it from mining or through the exchange. Many different currency exchanges are available. Companies that want to accept payments in this cryptocurrency need to contact the developers for the assistance. One can interact with the community members through chats or forums.



If you have used Bitcoin and searching for a cryptocurrency that can offer enhanced security and privacy feature, then Zcash would not disappoint you. It works more or less like Bitcoin but with the option of shielding the address without having to sacrifice the users’ privacy.

Zcash has a bright future and has been going from strength to strength. It is growing in popularity, and there is no reason as to why you should not use this cryptocurrency if you want to remain anonymous.


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