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Privacy Policy

Top10-CasinoSites takes privacy and data protection seriously. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you how Top10-CasinoSites (‘Top10’, ‘We’, ‘Us’) treats any information which might be related to you and others making use of our site. We’ll call this information your ‘personal data’.


1 – Your Data Controller

Top10-CasinoSites may be considered your data controller while you are making use of our website. Under GDPR Law, the data controller is the company or entity which decides how any personal data is processed and handled.

Any personal data collected from you while browsing our articles and reviews falls directly under our responsibility. We take our duties seriously and are committed to keeping any personal data secure and private.


2 – Your Personal Data

Top10-CasinoSites does not require its readers to log in or sign up to make use of its informational and entertainment content. Our team makes use of statistics-gathering software, which helps us write better targeted and more relevant content for our readers. Because of this, some data may be gathered from your device and browser.

This personal data can be some or all of the following:

  • Your country of origin
  • The location from which you are accessing our site
  • The kind of device you are accessing our site with
  • The operating system your device is using

Data relating to your country of origin and location is retrieved through your IP address. Device and operating system data is provided by your device automatically when browsing the web. This is standard practice for most internet websites and should not be cause for alarm.

Our readers can reach out to us using our contact email (contact[at] or contact form, which is available on the website.

We would like our readers to know that we will not send out promotional or marketing emails to any persons reaching out to us by email. We will only use your email address to reply to any questions or issues which you may have contacted us about.

The same can be said for any communications our readers initiate through our website’s contact form.


3 – How We Process Any Personal Data

Your personal data is used by us for the legitimate interests of Top10-CasinoSites. This includes:

  • Analysing provided information to improve the quality and content of our website in order to directly address user interests, preferences, and queries. This is in the service of a better experience and service to our readers.
  • Geographically targeting the content of our articles, providing pertinent information to our readers which updates depending on the location from which our webpages are accessed.
  • Exercising any legal rights or obligations we may be entitled to or responsible for.

The above is subject to your consent to our use of cookies. Your consent is given through an informational banner presented to you once you access any of our webpages.


4 – Sharing of Personal Data

Your personal data may be shared with companies or entities whose services we make use of. This includes our website domain providers and WordPress. Apart from this, information collected from cookies is processed through Google Analytics and Hotjar, which are data processing tools that help us reach the goals outlined above.

Top10-CasinoSites is a European website based in Malta. We do not transfer any personal data outside of this jurisdiction.


5 – Links

Top10-CasinoSites is an affiliate marketing website. Some of the links we provide lead to entities not in the control of Top10-CasinoSites, such as casinos. In this case, their respective privacy policy applies. We advise you to read this before making use of any services.


6 – Data Retention

We will keep your data for as long as it is useful in fulfilling the purposes outlined in Section 3. Once your personal data is no longer of use, it is securely and privately deleted.


7 – Your Rights Surrounding Your Data

You are eligible to contact the Top10-CasinoSites team through the contact email mentioned above in order to effect a number of changes or informational requests concerning your data collected through our site. These are:

  • Access – You may ask us to confirm our possession and processing of data, ask for a copy of the data, or about any other issue detailed in the sections above.
  • Rectification – You may ask us to amend any of your personal data so that it is up-to-date and correct.
  • Erasure – You may ask us to delete and erase any of your personal data where it is no longer needed for our purpose, among other reasons.
  • Restriction – You may ask us to restrict our use of your data if its accuracy is contested or its processing unlawful, among other reasons.
  • Portability – You may ask us to provide a copy of your data in a commonly readable and portable format.
  • Objection – You may object to our processing of your personal data if you think it infringes on your fundamental rights and freedoms.
  • Supervisory Authority – You have the right to lodge a complaint in our address to the local appropriate authority regarding our use of your data.

We sincerely hope to have answered any questions you might have had or clarified any misconceptions about the processing or your personal data. Top10-CasinoSites is committed to providing you the best user experience possible alongside responsible handling of your data with proper privacy and security considerations.