Top 10 UnionPay Casinos

The official Bank Card of the People’s Republic of China, UnionPay has become a truly international option, available in 164 countries across the world. It’s also available in a ton of great online casinos. Here’s our list of what we consider to be the best of the best options when it comes to UnionPay casinos.

Top Casino Sites for 2020

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  • Play with Monero & Tron
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  • Well Established, went online in 1997
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What are the benefits of playing at UnionPay casinos?

unionpay logo klein - unionpay casinosThe scope of UnionPay is so massive, that it’s little surprise so many people want to be able to use it for as much as they can. After all, it’s already something that people have in their lives. They are already comfortable with it and don’t need to do research or sign up to anything new in order to use it.

Well, they, and anyone who may want to take up a UnionPay card, are very much in luck. China may be quite closed off in some ways, but is very open in others, and UnionPay is a perfect example of that. Not only is it available in a huge amount of locations but it’s also available to use in a wide variety of businesses, including casinos.

For many online gamblers, it’s an ideal option. The reason we say many people and not everyone is because of course what payment method is right for you depends on your individual situation. Every payment method has its positive and negative traits. Ultimately, there are trade-offs and you need to decide which elements are most important to you and therefore, what options best align with your personal needs.

For instance, one negative for many people is that UnionPay doesn’t offer the anonymity of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, it’s much more practical for a lot of people, especially those not technologically minded. So, what we are saying is while there is no definitive better payment option, there is a better payment option for you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits UnionPay can offer.

1) Availability

unionpay availability world map - unionpay casinos

This is something we have, of course, already covered but we want to reiterate just how grand the scale of UnionPay’s reach is.

We are talking about millions and millions of people from well over 100 countries who already have this as an option. Conversely, right now, UnionPay isn’t as big as it should be in the world of online casinos. Just to be clear, there’s plenty of great sites you can choose from, but considering its scale, we don’t feel it has nearly managed to reach its potential.

And, as we’ve discussed many times on this site, more availability does mean more competition, more options, and ultimately a higher quality of casino sites. And, of course, it also means that people are more comfortable with using it.

People can be dubious about signing up to a casino site but having a payment option that not only they use, but is used by so many people, can really help them put aside those concerns. It also means that UnionPay provides a more international set of options for people looking for a new casino.

2) Security

security firewall - unionpay casinos

It should be little surprise that the official card of the People’s Bank of China is backed up by some pretty hefty security. Everything you send is encrypted and kept safe via firewall technology. So, if you back this option up with an equally reliable casino, you can enjoy your online experience without having to be concerned about your details getting used by a third party for nefarious means.

Of course, a payment method used so commonly by so many people would have to be safe, otherwise it wouldn’t have stuck around as long as it has. This also goes back to what we said about peace of mind. When you have used something safely for a long time, it can really reassure you that you haven’t got anything extra to worry about from the payment method side of things.

3) Speed

unionpay card online payment - unionpay casinos

Ultimately, UnionPay is a pretty traditional method of payment. It’s essentially a debit card and operates similarly. However, familiarity is no bad thing: not just in terms of keeping the customer at ease and for its broad reach, but also because it is common enough to have the transaction process streamlined to about as close to perfection as you can get. Times do vary somewhat, but UnionPay remains a very fast way of depositing funds.

4) Ease of Use

We’ll go into the practicalities of how to actually deposit funds momentarily but considering it is something that is used every day and is operationally the same as many bank cards throughout the world, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that UnionPay is also very easy to use in a casino. This is especially true because people are already so familiar with how to use it. Something like PayPal is easy to use but can’t possibly be as simple to someone as the payment method they are already used to and don’t need much, if any, instruction on.

5) Mobile compatibility

Mobile app - unionpay casinos

Another area in which UnionPay deserves praise is how much effort has been put into the mobile side of things. China is, of course, a technological juggernaut, and this can be seen in how they have implemented mobile compatibility with one of their primary methods of payment.

The UnionPay mobile app is available with both iOS and Android devices, and the website also works on mobile. This is all without mentioning innovations like NFC technology, and even things like wearable payment devices. This might not be too relevant to casino users but does show you the sheer amount of effort that has gone in and will continue to go into making UnionPay mobile friendly.

How can I deposit funds at UnionPay casinos?

deposit funds unionpay - unionpay casinos

As we said, the ease of which you can deposit funds with UnionPay is one of their best features. If you have ever used a bank or credit card of any kind online to pay for anything or any service, or even if you haven’t, we imagine virtually everyone reading this would be able to figure out how to deposit with UnionPay on a casino site without any instruction.

For some reason, when people think about casino sites, they imagine that tasks they do normally, such as enter bank information, will somehow be made more complicated. This doesn’t make much sense: why would a casino, or any business that wants you as a customer, make any part of the experience more difficult? Especially the one where you actually put down money on their product?

Still, if you are unsure about how this all works, here is a quick rundown of what to expect. Once you have signed up to a betting site, you can go to the cashier page (or this will be taken care of during the registration process) and select your preferred method of payment. From this point, you’ll need to confirm your account details with the name of the holder, number of the card, expiration date and CVV code.

unionpay cvv

Of course, all these things mean that this payment option isn’t especially anonymous, which is why some people prefer alternatives, but that is not an issue for everyone. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. The only other possibility is that you have a prepaid card, which you would have to load money onto from your account, but other than that, the process remains pretty much the same.

One other note at this time is that we strongly advise you to make checking the casino site has your preferred payment option an early part of your research into finding a new operator. This is simply because it’s one of the quickest things you can check during this process. For instance, it’s much faster than spending a few minutes on some games to try out the quality of the website. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by spending a bunch of time finding your perfect site only to discover they don’t carry your preferred payment option and the site is unavailable to you.

Of course, an easy way of going about this is to simply check out our carefully considered top 10 table towards the top of this article.

Can I deposit with one currency using UnionPay and withdraw in another currency?

While UnionPay has one of the broadest reaches of any payment method, and this includes a truly international set of customers, the ability to deposit with one currency and withdraw with another is not actually up to the payment type.

mr green homepage

This would be down to the casino and would make them essentially have a side-line in money transfers. When you actually consider the logistics, it becomes clear why this is not something that is commonly available. Furthermore, most casino sites have, as a security feature, the rule that you must withdraw by the same method you deposited with. So, considering that, the ability to switch currencies at UnionPay casinos seems incredibly unlikely.

How fast is depositing at UnionPay casinos?

unionpay multiple cards

We’ve already discussed how UnionPay is one of the quickest options available for many customers. However, some people want to know exactly how long it will take. They want to know when they can expect to use their money after they have hit the deposit button, or whatever that casinos equivalent is. What they are forgetting here is that processing times have two authors, as they are subject to both the processing of UnionPay, and of the casino itself. Of course, the latter is something that UnionPay has no control over.

With that said, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. While we can’t tell you to the millisecond how fast your deposit will be, the answer is essentially that it will be fast enough, assuming you are using a good casino and UnionPay.

This goes back to the point we made regarding how to deposit. Casinos want to do everything they can to make your time with them as easy and enjoyable as possible, because they want you to choose them over all the competition. This strange idea that many casinos are difficult to use makes so little sense. They are a business which needs to excel to survive in a competitive environment. That means that if you pick wisely, everything should work as quickly, smoothly and easily as possible.

How does UnionPay work?

unionpay how does it work

This is actually an extremely broad question because we are talking about an entire banking institution. If we are referring to how it works in practical terms for the customer, then we have already covered deposits, and beyond that it works the exact same way any bank does. You head to a branch office where it is eligible, and you fill in an application. There’s nothing new about how they operate.

If you are talking about how they operate from a technical and business point of view, it would unfortunately take us far too long to attempt to go through the ins and outs of the Chinese and international banking system. But, if this makes you nervous about using UnionPay, there’s really no need. Put it this way, not knowing how engines work doesn’t make you any less safe to be on a plane. What matters is how you use UnionPay and as we’ve discussed, that’s about as easy as it gets.

Are there special terms and conditions at UnionPay casinos?

Anything to do with terms and conditions depends on the individual casino site. Of course, they have legal restrictions to what terms they can put forth, but generally speaking it is up to them.

terms and conditions

However, remember what we said about casinos wanting to give you the best possible experience? Well, that also applies here. This doesn’t mean there might not be exceptions to that rule. Some casinos might try to trick people with convoluted terms and conditions, but a good casino site will realise that is a fool’s way of running any kind of long-term business.

With that said, there shouldn’t be too much with regards to terms and conditions that severely negatively affects UnionPay users compared to users of other payment types. Some promotions are exclusive to certain payment types, but that’s true in general and can’t be seen as an exclusively bad thing for UnionPay. The only other thing that is immediately apparent is that for whatever reason, the deposit limits for UnionPay are low in some casinos. How much that will affect you obviously depends on your style of usage of online casinos.

A history of UnionPay and its future perspective

unionpay history

Most people think that the history of UnionPay begins properly in 2002, but that actually isn’t the case, as the concept behind unified bank networks in China was around since 1993. In fact, 2002 was instead the year that vision was realised. Since then, it has expanded both in terms of popularity and technology, bringing in Quick pass, online payments and, of course, its use throughout the world.

Without the latter two points, we certainly wouldn’t have the ability to use UnionPay in our favourite casinos like we do today. While we can’t predict the future, we can certainly say that it seems likely that UnionPay will continue to expand: not just in its usage, which is always growing, but also where and how you can use it.


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