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Thailand Online Casino sites conjure an almost dreamy picture. Thailand, land of pristine beaches, 24-hour parties and dodgy hostels. Also, the ultimate time-out destination, whether you’re on gap year, backpacking your way through all the shots in the world or… you’re lucky enough to be retiring there. There’s no buts and ifs, there’s a good reason why the expats who live there are in love with Thailand, and it’s because it’s a truly spectacular country.

The living is cheap, and easy – provided you don’t try to pull some crap like you’re an extra on The Beach. You can drink, club or spend all your time on a hammock. Or, if you’re one of us, live your best life surfing the best real money slots and chasing the next jackpot on your phone while admiring the sunsets and signalling for your next cocktail.

There is, of course, a but. If you’re far away from home and fancying a good stint at a Thailand online casino, it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with the lay of the land. In this in-depth guide to the best Thailand online casino, we bring you our tried-and-tested favourites, as well as all the info that you need to know before you throw your first roll.

Online Casinos accepting Thai Players


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Choosing the Best Thailand Online Casino

Let’s start with the basics. Online casinos are not actually legal in Thailand. But don’t start packing your bags for a different destination, yet. What this means is that there is no legal structure to regulate those online casinos that want to operate in Thailand. In case you’re wondering why this is the case, reality is that not many Thais have shown an interest in online gambling, although state lotteries and horse-racing have turned out to be popular. Most of the people in Thailand who use online casinos are expats like yourself.

So, where does this leave us? In a good place, because despite the fact that online gambling is not actually legal, if you are in Thailand and you use an online casino there is nothing to fear. No hassle, no fines, no legal problems.

Which means that, in practice, as a player you can continue on your merry way to the live table or the slots – or both – in total peace of mind. The only decisions you will need to take is which are the best Thailand online casino for you to play at. And, in this, the process is very much similar as though you were choosing an online casino in another country. Remember that you are not actually looking for a Thailand online casino, as there’s no such thing, but simply for a casino that is accessible to you while in Thailand.

Is the casino accessible?

Thailand Online Casino

Before, the fun and games begin, you need to find a casino that you like AND that is accessible in Thailand. While Thai gambling laws are not punitive, they’re still somewhat restrictive, so there is a good chance that the first option you try will greet you with a big, fat ‘not available in your country’ notice.

Which I suggest you slap right back at them and move on to the next options. There is a simple way to facilitate the entire process: go on the list of currencies accepted and see if the Thai Baht is listed as available. If it is, then the casino is obviously accessible in Thailand. Simples. If your heart is set on it and the Baht is not listed, don’t give up just yet. The other option is to trawl through the list of restricted countries in the Terms & Conditions sections.

Where is the online casino licensed?

So, you’ve checked the list of currencies and found the Baht. Oh, happy days. Does this mean you’re ready to roll? Not quite – I can’t stress this often enough: security is the priority. The fact that a casino is available in Thailand doesn’t necessarily make it trustworthy. Those of you who follow my writings here know what’s next: go back to the casino landing page, scroll all the way down and look for a regulator’s logo. This will tell you in which jurisdiction the casino has obtained its license – ideally, you will find either the Malta Gaming Authority, the UKGC or maybe the Isle of Man logo as these are three of the top licenses that point towards extremely high standards and a high level of security.

If you find that your chosen Thailand online casino is licensed somewhere like Panama or Costa Rica, my advice is to move on and not risk it. Sure, the casino is regulated, but the standards kept by these regulators aren’t necessarily the best practice ones that we have become used to when playing on European online casinos and American ones. After all, you don’t want to ruin your big win by having problems getting the casino to honour your withdrawals.

What’s the customer service like?

The most obvious aspect of this is: do they speak/write in your preferred language. This is a massive consideration as you don’t want to end up going back and forth on a Google translator should you encounter a problem. The topic is too technical and the stakes are too high – if you’ll pardon the pun! Check the list of languages spoken in the T&Cs and you should be all right.

Next consideration is working hours. Bear in mind that since you’re in Thailand, chances are that the online casino staff operate at completely different hours than you. Do they offer 24 on 7 customer support, preferably in the form of live chat? If not, do they have a good reputation answering e-mails? Although you may think you’re an old hand and won’t need any customer support, in reality you’d be surprised!

Once you’ve established that license, language and customer support are in order, you’re ready to go. These are the most important considerations when picking your next Thailand online casino. However, I’m not quite done yet. There is more to a super gaming experience than mere language and currency! In fact, you could say that these two elements don’t really feature in the fun factor. So, what comes below is my personal recipe for a great time, taking into account the different elements I look for when picking my next online casino session.

Which games are on offer?

InterCasino table games


Of course, this is the most important question of all! I can go on about the importance of security till the cows come home, but let’s not beat around the bush. We all know why we are here. To get the most thrilling, the funnest experience that can be offered by a Thailand online casino. And this totally depends on the quality and variety of the games offered.

Don’t waste time at a Thailand online casino if it does not give you what you want. Are the top providers like NetEnt, MicroGaming, Yggdrasil, Playtech and the like available? If you see no familiar names, incidentally, that’s usually for a reason so keep your distance.

What about live dealer games, if this is your thing? Table games like roulette, blackjack and the like? Before you put down that deposit, make sure you’re going to be serviced well.

Incidentally, sports betting is super popular in Thailand, both online and not. Which means that if you’re up for some online gambling fun, you will find a lot of online casinos in Thailand offering this option, even more than traditional slots and table games. Keep your eyes open for some good sports betting deals, in particular horse-racing. Horse-racing bets themselves are legal and available in Thailand, in their real life version. The option is also available many a Thailand online casino, for those who want it.

The other form of physical gambling that is legal and available in Thailand is the state-run lottery, which is also very popular. If lotteries give you a thrill, you’ll be able to find the online version no sweat while in Thailand.

Casino Bonuses, anyone?

thailand online casino dollars bonus

If, like me, you genuinely enjoy the whole experience of online gaming just for the thrill and fun of it, then chances are that the bonus will not determine whether you use an online casino or not.

But I, for one, am not about to refuse a yummy cherry on a good cake, so if the Thailand online casino you’ve chosen also comes with a feast of promotions and bonuses, then all the better! Things to look out for if you’re being seduced by a good bonus – the T&Cs, which will tell you all about the wagering requirements, the currencies accepted for bonus cashout and so forth. You should be giving the T&Cs a good, loving look anyway as you don’t want any nasty surprises to spring up when you’re trying to cash out.

What Are the Best Payment Methods at a Thailand Online Casino?

888Casino promotion terms

If you’re using a Thailand online casino and living in the country, the best payment method for you will certainly be Baht. If you have been following my guide, you will by now have checked that your chosen Thailand online casino actually accepts these.

What if you wish to play at a Thailand online casino that doesn’t? Like I said, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, as long as the site is accessible and regulated. You will simply need to choose a method of deposit that will not present you with hassle when it’s time to withdraw your winnings.

Plenty of digital options abound, with most delivering a stress-free transaction process. If you don’t have access to an international credit card using one of the main traditional currencies like Dollars and Euros, you will need to find a way to change your Baht into playable currency.

Top of the list of desirables is an e-wallet like Skrill, which actually accepts Bahts as one of its currencies. Neteller, sadly, does not include Bahts – although you can still use it if you have access to one of the other accepted currencies, of course.

Thailand Online Casino

Other options to turn your Baht into dollars include the old-fashioned methods – credit cards, an international debit card, Wire Transfer and PayPal. Alternatively, if you’re part of the edgy crypto crowd, find a Thailand online casino that accepts digital money and you won’t need to worry about changing currencies ever again.
Once you’ve established that you can play with Baht at an online casino, it’s time to pick which payment method suits you best. There are plenty of methods to choose from, each delivering a hassle-free transaction process. Here are just some of the ways you can deposit and withdraw your funds.

Credit CardsDebit CardsSkrillNetellerPayPalPaySafeCardWire TransferBitcoin

Almost everyone has access to a credit card, making them a very popular payment method. Credit card providers, such as Visa and Mastercard, are trustworthy and allow players to withdraw and deposit funds straight into their account. That being said, you could be hit with cash advance fees, so check your card providers terms and conditions first.

  • No need for new registration
  • Available at most casino sites
  • Cash advance fees could apply

Debit cards offer a simple way of depositing and withdrawing funds from your bank account. Unlike credit cards, these transactions are unlikely to incur any fees. They are also speedy, as deposits are usually processed immediately and withdrawals are credited to your account with low waiting times.

  • Fast or instant transfers
  • No fees apply
  • Available at most casino sites

E-wallets are a great option for managing online funds and Skrill is one of the most popular examples. Used by thousands of players across the world, this payment gateway facilitates fast transactions. It’s quick to register and comes with low fees.

  • Registration is easy
  • Fast or instant transfers
  • Low fees apply

Another fantastic e-wallet is Neteller. Again, this has extremely low fees or commission for transactions. You can also use it to transfer funds into your gaming account in the blink of an eye. Simply sign up to Neteller and set your preferred currency as Baht to avoid exchange rate fees.

  • Fast or instant transfers
  • Low fees apply
  • Available at most casino sites

PayPal connects people from across the world and is available in Thailand. That means you can use this hugely popular e-wallet gateway to fund your online casino account. It’s widely trusted, has minimum waiting periods, and very low commission fees. What more could you ask for?

  • Low fees apply
  • Widely trusted
  • Fast or instant transfers

If you don’t want to use your e-wallet, credit or debit card, then a PaySafeCard could be the ideal option for you. This is a prepaid voucher that allows you to transfer funds quickly and easily. Available at numerous stores around the world, all you need to do is purchase it and use the unique code to make transactions. Make sure you only ever purchase PaySafeCards from reliable retailers though.

  • Fast or instant transfers
  • No link to your bank account
  • Available at numerous stores

Another great alternative for people who don’t wish to use their credit card is Wire Transfer. It is a popular yet rather traditional deposit method. Users should bear in mind though that transactions can be very slow, taking a few days to process. Additionally, fees can be higher than other payment methods. Money Transfer Services, such as Western Union, offer similar means of depositing.

  • Fast or instant transfers
  • No link to your bank account
  • Available at numerous stores

In countries like Thailand where online gambling is prohibited, Bitcoin can offer the assurance of anonymity. This is the most popular type of cryptocurrency. It is entirely electronic and is not under the control of any central authority. However, as it is less mainstream, it can be harder to find casino sites that accept this payment method.

    • No link to your bank account
    • Fast or instant transfers
    • Not as widely available

Register and Play

Mr Play registration

Once you are confident that a casino site ticks all your boxes, it’s time to complete the registration process. Using a VPN service, you can sign up to online casinos that operate outside of Thailand.

All you will have to do from there is fill in a simple form. Enter your personal details, such as your name and email address. You’ll also be required to input a username and password. Make sure you create a strong and unique password that cannot be easily guessed. After all, you will be depositing funds into this site so your security should be a priority. Some sites will ask you to set up your payment method during registration, while others will allow you to do that at a later stage.

How Do I Find a Trusted Online Casino in Thailand?

Due to gambling being prohibited in the country, using gambling services within Thailand does come with certain risks. The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code (section 853 and 855) state that any form of gambling debt is not enforceable by law. As a result, bookmakers in Thailand are notorious for denying payouts and withholding funds from customers.

BitStarz country restriction

Thankfully, there are regulated online casino Thailand friendly sites that operate offshore and welcome Thai players. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology within the country does attempt to monitor and block traffic to these sites. However, many players get around this by using VPN technology to dodge the government’s IP block. Plus, with the law enforcement focusing their efforts more on the illegal physical gambling sites within the country, players who gamble at a trusted online casino in Thailand are much less likely to be subject to penalties.

Anyone wanting to find a trusted online casino in Thailand should, therefore, utilise VPN services to access sites that operate outside of the country. These are strictly regulated and licensed, so any player that signs up with them can rest assured that their data, funds and fun experience will all be protected.

Is my Data Secure at a Thailand Online Casino site?

SSL encryption

It is recommended that you use a VPN service if you wish to access casino sites from within Thailand. However, that shouldn’t be your only means of ensuring your data is secure. Along with the different methods set out in their terms and conditions and privacy policies, online casinos will commonly use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. This gives an extra level of protection to customers’ data.

A form of digital encryption, SLL and TLS both work to keep personal and financial details inputted into the site safe. This minimises the chance of your information falling into the wrong hands.

Another way that casino sites create a secure environment for their players is by using HTTPS protocol. Combined with SSL or TLS, this works to keep communications over the network safe and protects your data from any potential attacks from hackers.

Just like with the licensing of a casino site, you should always be happy that the online casino you are playing at is taking all the steps to keep you safe. That’s why you should read the terms and conditions and privacy policy before registering. Again, if you can’t find the answers to anything you want to know, just contact customer services.

What Are the Most Popular Games at Thailand Online Casino Sites?

As we mentioned before, a good casino site is all about the quality of its games. A trusted software developer can give you the assurance of both fun and fairness.

If you register at any of our recommended online casino Thailand sites, you will find that almost all of them provide a myriad of gaming platforms, like instant play, download platforms and mobile-based gaming. If you’re a new player and not sure which platform would suit you better, then we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on some of the best below.


Microgaming slots

You’ve probably heard of Microgaming before. And if you haven’t, then you certainly will after visiting some of the best online casino sites around. Microgaming is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for the majority of modern online casino sites. Operating since 1994, they are also one of the oldest and most widely recognised casino software providers around.

They develop a huge range of casino games, with each ensuring exciting themes, eye-catching styles, smooth running graphics and, of course, a fair and random game mechanic. Alongside all these great game features is the chance to win big money. Microgaming is famous for paying out huge jackpots in full immediately to their winners. They even broke the record for paying out over $100 million in winnings across their progressive jackpots.


Playtech casino games

The tagline of Playtech is ‘source of success’, and they certainly enjoy a lot of success when it comes to creating the best mobile and online casino games. They are leaders in the industry. Not only are they dedicated to creating next generation technology and content, but they also have a focus on responsible gambling and regulated markets. This makes them a great choice for players in Thailand and across the world.

Just like Microgaming, Playtech’s games have striking styles and exciting mechanics. Best of all though, their games come with low house edges and high payout percentage with different staking options. No matter what you like in your game and how much you want to wager, Playtech will have you covered.

WMS Slots

WMS slots

If you have ever been to a land-based casino outside of Thailand, then you have probably heard of WMS Slots. This developer is famous for designing and supplying slot machines to a large number of casinos across the globe. Recently, they made their fantastic slot game selection compatible with online casino sites too. This means you can play the slot games without having to venture to a brick-and-mortar establishment outside of your country.

Offering a safe environment and unforgettably fun experience, the WMS Slots allow you to play for free or for real money. They are uniquely designed, with fantastic features and bonus games. These can include free spins, stacked wilds, multipliers, random prizes, and more. All this enhances your play and gives you the chance to win even bigger payouts.

These are just some of the best software developers available at online casino Thailand friendly sites. Check out the selection and see for yourself just how thrilling and varied your online gaming experience can be at a trusted online casino in Thailand.

A Brief History of Gambling in Thailand

10Bet casino games

Just like with casinos in the USA, the laws surrounding gambling in Thailand are strict. The Gambling Act 1935 brought about a blanket ban on all forms of gambling, with the exception of horse racing and the national, government-sponsored lottery. While the act doesn’t make specific reference to any online gambling activity, this does fall under the category of general gambling.

However, this hasn’t put a stop to the demand for the limited online gaming opportunities. Players are still keen to visit online casinos for the chance to win real Baht. In fact, estimations state that round 70% of adults in Thailand admit to using illegal gambling services on a regular basis. It’s clear that the market within the country is still extremely popular.


So we’ve established that there’s no such thing as a Thailand online casino. There are, however, many secure online casino options available in the country. Follow our guide and you should have no problems figuring out which Thailand online casino best suits your needs – may all the luck of the Thais be with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a resident of Thailand, you’ll be amazed to find a huge selection of different recommended online casinos right here. As a new player, if you have any questions in your mind, then there’s no need to worry. We’ve provided a dedicated FQ section below, where your commonly asked questions are answered in a detailed and satisfactory manner.

1. Will I be offered bonuses?

If you want to increase your bankroll and get more Baht to play with, then we suggest you take a look at the bonuses offered by our leading Thailand based casino sites. As a registered player of the casino site, you can take advantage of the bonus offers and redeem them with minimum hassle. There is a wide range of different deposit bonuses available, and you should choose the one based on your personal preferences.

The rule of thumb for selecting a bonus is that it should offer you real value and should allow you to redeem it with the fairest terms and conditions. Many people do not read the terms and conditions before using the bonus. This can end up with a whole load of unwanted hassle though. Therefore, make sure you know all the requirements and restrictions to avoid disappointment.

2. Do online casinos have loyalty schemes?

If you can register and sign up at any of our recommended top 10 Thailand casino sites, you will be provided with several loyalty schemes from the casino from time to time. The loyalty points are also known as comp points. The objective is to accumulate as many of these points as possible by playing regularly on the site.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can exchange them for real playing credits, cash or even bonus prizes. This allows you to play for longer game sessions and rewards you for being a frequent customer.

3. How many ways are there to make a deposit?

As a player based in Thailand, you certainly want to make fast and hassle-free deposits into your online casino account. Thankfully, all the Thailand casino sites we feature offer a large number of different banking methods.

These include everything from credit and debit cards to e-wallets and even cryptocurrency.  Whatever your preferred methods, you should easily be able to deposit money and make requests for withdrawals, with low fees and speedy transfer times.

4. Can Thai players play casino games online for free?

All our top 10 Thailand casino sites provide free play to registered players. All you need to do is sign up with your choice of casino and then access a large number of different casino games with no cost to you.

Once you register, you will be provided with a certain number of demo credits. These can be utilised for playing games for free in a no-risk environment. Alternatively, some sites may just allow you to switch games between free and real money modes. This way, you can play for free as often as you like. Just be aware that you may not be able to actually withdraw any winnings made in free mode.

5. Can players based in Thailand deposit in Thai Baht?

If you are a resident of Thailand, you will want to deposit money in Thai Baht. This is not only convenient but saves you from the hassle of exchange rates. We have selected the best casino sites that allow you to use your preferred currency. All you need to do is choose a payment method that allows you to deposit money into your player account without charging high fees or commission.