The Best Ethereum Casinos in 2020 – Full Guide to Ethereum Gambling

Cryptocurrencies – What’s not to love? Increased privacy, a completely decentralised financial system and a huge choice of casinos to choose from. We’re here to find the best Ethereum casino for you.

But, hey, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Firstly, why do people use Ethereum (also known as ETH) over other available cryptocurrencies? There are a huge number out there – currently there are over 900 cryptocurrencies jostling for pole position in the market. Let’s firstly take a look at the background of Ethereum and how it came to such prominence in the market and understand why this cryptocurrency, in particular, is gaining popularity within the UK market.

Ethereum was launched in 2014, the brainchild of a group of programmers that worked closely with the Bitcoin community. So, what makes Ethereum the best? There are plenty of reasons; with a lower coin supply, Ethereum is more liquid than Bitcoin, meaning that transactions are faster and more confidential than that of older cryptocurrencies. Ethereum also has better technology than other cryptocurrencies.

So, how does the future look for Ethereum? To say it’s looking good would be a wee bit of an understatement. Experts have predicted that in 2020, an Ethereum coin could be valued as high as £1000. It’s worth noting that although this prediction could very well be inaccurate, investing money in price predictions alone isn’t the best way to go. We should always remember that Ethereum predictions are exactly that – predictions.

If you are indeed looking to start your crypto-adventure, there’s no better time than now to find the best Ethereum casino for you.

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Buying Ethereum Using GBP

Ethereum Casino

As one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to use in Ethereum casinos on the market, Ethereum is easier to purchase than you may think. To buy Ethereum you most probably need to use a crypto exchange or CFD (Contract of Difference) broker. On these digital platforms you have the opportunity to buy, trade or sell ETH (also known as Ether), plus any other cryptocurrencies. It’s worth noting that the majority of platforms may require you to register, provide documentation, and then finally, to deposit funds. Once this has been completed, you’re ready to start playing at your Ethereum casino of choice.


Ethereum Exchanges

When you’re ready to purchase ETH, the first thing you should do is find a suitable Ethereum exchange. Here a handful of Ethereum exchanges that you could find useful:

  • CoinMama – opened in 2013 and is a supplier of Ethereum, Bitcoin and a whole bunch of other cryptocurrencies.
  • – a very easy-to-use site, Fincen registered and also provides a complete trading platform and accepts SEPA transfers, credit cards and wire transfers.
  • Coinbase – the grandmother of Ethereum exchanges, Coinbase has been around since 2012. Supporting over 103 countries, it’s a bonafide international Ethereum exchange.
  • Bitpanda– aside from having a super cute name, Bitpanda operates in the Eurozone with a wide variety of payment options to choose from.

It’s worth getting out your virtual shopping trolley and having a shop around for which Ethereum exchange works best for you as an online player, giving you more options to choose the best Ethereum casino.


Ethereum Games – CryptoKitties

Awww, kittens! Even if you’re unfortunate enough to have an allergy to our feline friends, these kittens are purely digital – no itchy nose involved. Mysterious Cats are a menagerie of the cutest, most loveable pets, each with its own unique genome which defines its character and appearance. As a player, you have the ability to breed kittens, create a completely new breed of cats and unlock rare qualities of our furry companions.

The World’s first blockchain game, Mystery Cat is a technical base for supporting cryptocurrencies. Not a crypto currency itself, although it can provide the same security as a crypto wallet. Every Mystery Cat is completely unique and you have total, 100% ownership. No cat can be copied, altered, removed or destroyed. Come on – who wouldn’t want to keep their ETH in fluffy balls of joy?


How Does Ethereum Work?

Ethereum functions on a peer-to-peer network, a group of computers interlinked that compute transactions in a shared ledger. This lets them build a distributed database that keeps records of all the information in the network. Each computer in a network is called a “node” which validates transactions that occur. These incoming transactions are organised into blocks that are then in turn broadcast to the entire Ethereum network where the computers process transactions in real time.


What is a de-centralised Platform?

A decentralised platform, commonly known as a decentralised exchange or DEX for short is cryptocurrency exchange that works in a decentralised way. It is based in no jurisdiction without a central authority. As mentioned above decentralised exchanges allow peer-to-peer trading of crypto currencies.

As users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange, this in turn reduces the risk of hacking occurring. Another excellent feature of decentralised platforms is that they stop price manipulation or fake trading volume, known as wash trading. The anonymity of decentralised exchanges also makes them a very attractive option.


Smart Contracts Explained

As in a traditional transaction, we exchange items of value, in this case cash, to complete a purchase. It follows a simple convention. Let’s take a look at an example: Jane gives you £3 for a packet of crisps (yeah, sure it might be a bit on the expensive side but these are those fancy crisps you’d lay out to impress guests) and you in turn hand Jane a packet of those overpriced crisps. The transparency is evident – each party can validate that this transaction has taken place. Should, however, Jane give you a handful of pocket lint in exchange for the ridiculously-priced fried, sliced potatoes, the transaction will be void.

Even transferring simple amounts like this within the digital world takes some careful consideration. It’d be a bit silly to send people money and trust that you’ll receive your goods or service in return. There needs to be some form of security in place, rules and compliance that ensure all parties are treated with equal fairness.

This is where smart contracts come in. The easiest way to describe how smart contracts work is that they are programs that spring into action when transactions take place. Smart contracts are what give Ethereum the edge over other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

So, we have our ridiculously-overpriced-crisps smart contract. The software code related to this contract will run every time someone buys ridiculously-overpriced crisps. This smart contract code is stored within the blockchain, so all nodes (think of nodes as Ethereum’s equivalent of non-seasonal yet fully human Santa’s little helpers) are there to verify the legitimacy of the transaction. All nodes are guaranteed to run it at the same time and get exactly the same result as all the other nodes, hence bringing you a consolidated and fair price for your crisps.


Ethereum and Security

To pose the question “Is Ethereum secure?” is the same as asking “Are computers secure?”. Everything has vulnerabilities, which is important to keep in mind. Using other payment methods such as debit cards, bank transfers and eWallets also pose their own risks, so nothing is ever 100% secure.

High-profile hacks are most often what grabs the majority of people's attention. This could be down to an issue with a smart contract but to point the finger at Ethereum itself is the wrong idea. An equivalent to this would be someone receiving a scam email and complaining that the entire world wide web is unsafe to use. So, yes, Ethereum is secure but like EVERYTHING, things can go wrong, though fortunately this happens but rarely.

Ethereum Coins

Can Ethereum be Hacked?

Ethereum has never been hacked. This blockchain still remains completely secure and is most definitely to remain this way.

In the past, what has caused some confusion with Ethereum being hacked is that the cryptocurrency itself has not been hacked but the exchanges have been hacked. If a hacker accesses Ether being held in an exchange or a wallet, or the keys needed to complete a transaction, they can be stolen, transferred to an offline wallet and avoid being traced. An additional issue is that cryptocurrencies have no link to a real-world identity. This not only concerns using an Ethereum casino but a wider criticism of the cryptocurrency system itself, rather than Blockchain technology.


How to Use Ethereum Safely

We’re going to stick to 3 simple rules to ensure that you’re using Ethereum safely when playing on an Ethereum casino:

  1. Learn the language. As with all technological developments, they come complete with a bumper-sized Britannica Encyclopedia full of jargon. Know the lingo, know the currency.
  2. Learn your seed phrase. Your seed phase is similar to a password and allows access to all of your assets within Ethereum.
  3. Keep it safe by keeping it secret. Go analogue – write this down and keep it secure – lock it in a safe if possible. Having it saved in digital form could still make you vulnerable to potential hackers.

It’s also worth noting here the difference between mWallets and eWallets. Simply put, mWallets are mobile-optimised whereas eWallets can be accessed via your computer desktop or laptop. Check out our informative article on eWallets, right here.


Storing your Crypto Safely – Ethereum Wallets

Third-party wallets are the simplest way of storing your Ether. With this method you have easy access to your balance and by keeping tokens on the exchange could speed up the trading process.

Should you choose this option, you will, in effect be giving the exchange full access to your funds as it’s the said third party that stores your private keys. Historically, cryptocurrencies have vulnerabilities exposed in this way.

The great thing about the Ethereum platform is that it gives you the chance to create a personal wallet for yourself and therefore can choose from a selection of options. Using this method you will have complete control over your private key and in turn, free and easy access to your balance.


How Ethereum Can Improve your Gaming Experience

There are a whole bunch of benefits for using an Ethereum casino. Let’s take a look at a few of these here:

  • Higher RTP – with the majority of Ethereum casinos, you’re looking at a hugely generous RTP of around 99.5%, and no lower than 99%.
  • Transparency and security – As Ethereum casinos run real time code that constantly audits games, providing an optimal and functional feature of your chosen Ethereum casino of choice.
  • Fast withdrawals – the architecture of the blockchain itself ensures this, without hidden fees. The one and only expense you should face while using Ethereum is a slightly higher electricity bill.
Want to check out the best Ethereum casino games and bonuses?

Are there any catches when using Ethereum?

As with all online casinos, be they decentralised, or traditional, full terms and conditions should be clearly displayed. If you get a feeling that the casino you’re thinking of registering with isn’t completely legitimate, you’re probably right. By following Top 10 CasinoSites recommendations as you’ll be sure to discover a reputable casino.


Ethereum And Customer Support

As an online casino player, you’ll be looking for the very best in customer support from your Ethereum casino. Aspects you should look out for are a 24/7 chat option (saves the two-and-fro of sending emails), an active local phone number that connects to a live agent without lengthy delays. What do you do when you can’t for the life of you find your Free Spins and need some guidance? We’ve all been there. A proactive and solid customer support team is worth their weight in gold.


Pros And Cons of Using Ethereum


  • Faster than Bitcoin
  • Complete anonymity
  • Higher RTP games
  • Low fees


  • Could be slightly complicated to set up
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges could be vulnerable to cyber attacks



Cryptocurrencies can be hard to wrap your noggin around, it’s true. The easiest way to learn and educate yourself about Ethereum and cryptocurrencies is to get out there and try them for yourself. Start small and as you become more comfortable with the processes and concept, the easier it will become.

One of the greatest reasons to use Ethereum is the elevated RTP. RTP is sometimes overlooked by players as they’re seduced by pretty graphics, tasty sound effects and neat character design. This is a real shame as RTP is where it counts. No one ever said you’re going to get rich from playing in online casinos, but using an Ethereum casino will at least give you an advantage that other casinos don’t.


Can my Ethereum Be Stolen by a Third Party?

As explained earlier in the article, there are certain vulnerabilities associated with every payment method. The good news is that it is highly unlikely for this to happen. It’s less likely than you losing your wallet for example.

Can I Withdraw an ETH Bonus?

Yes. Factors you should always take into consideration are casinos that offer the lowest wagering requirement and the longest time to complete the wagering requirement. Always be aware that if you withdraw funds while you have an active bonus, you will lose your bonus.

Is ETH a Scam?

Not at all. Ethereum is well respected within the cryptocurrency sphere and is seen by many as the international leader in cryptocurrencies. Many experts believe it will soon overtake Bitcoin and enjoy global cryptocurrency supremacy.

How Easy is it to Buy ETH?

Pretty easy, in fact. Before you start going out and splashing out on the cryptocurrency of the future, make sure you have an Ethereum Hardware Wallet. See above for our selection of cryptocurrencies where Ether is readily available to buy.


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