Best Real Money Gambling Apps: Top 10 Casino Gambling Apps

real money gambling appsIf there is one single word that sums up all the seismic changes taken place in the world of casino gambling over the past ten years is “Mobility”. A series of technological innovation has brought a revolution in casino games and has provided an excellent platform for gambling providers like casino operators and thousands of keen gamblers who want to wager for real money.

Instead of travelling to potentially faraway locations like Macau and Las Vegas to get into action, the gamblers of today’s generation can grab the best slice of the action at any place in the world all thanks to the sophisticated devices.

A significant part of putting power in the pockets of gamblers over the past one decade has been the emergence of a plethora of real money gambling apps. Whether it comes to general casino offerings or single game apps, one can easily find a huge variety of apps in the online market where people can enjoy on their terms.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the best real money gambling apps and take you through the existing landscape. Once you finish reading below, you will get to know how to make the most out of the casino gambling apps. So without squandering any further time of yours, let’s get started.

Best Online Casinos with Mobile Apps

Playamo Casino

€/$300 Welcome Bonus
150 Free Spins

  • More than 1,000 different games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fantastic bonus deals
Dunder Casino

€/$600 Welcome Bonus
200 Free Spins

  • Best bonus around the world
  • Amazing design
  • Exceptional customer experience
Lord Lucky Casino

$/€5 No Deposit
150% up to $/€750

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Over 2000 slots and games with special features
  • Winnings paid out in only minutes with Trustly
King Billy Casino

100% bonus up to €200 Bonus

  • Very interesting VIP Package
  • Fair and reasonable bonus terms
  • Diverse assortment of table games
Betway Casino

up to £250 Bonus

  • Best bonus around the world
  • Amazing design
  • Exceptional customer experience
Paddy Power Casino

50 Welcome Bonus
50 Free Spins

  • Weekly & Monthly Promotions and Deals
  • Myriad Payment Methods for Hassle Free Transactions
  • Customer Service Available 24/7 during Weekdays
N1 Casino

300€ welcome bonus

  • More than 400 different casino games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% welcome bonus
Coral Casino

£50 Welcome Bonus

  • Generous Welcome Bonus for New Players
  • Nice Website Design with Easy Navigation Features
  • Dedicated FAQ Section for Any Queries
Ladbrokes Casino

Play through £10 and receive £50 bonus

  • Get 10% up to €100 of your losses
  • Generous VIP Program for high rollers
  • Games compatible with all smartphones
Lapalingo Casino

100% welcome bonus up to $500
50 Free Spins

  • Best VIP Club & Loyalty Program
  • Wide range of live dealer games
  • Very trustworthy operator
Sloty Casino

$1500 welcome bonus
$88 Free
T&C apply

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Quick deposits and fast withdrawals
  • Multiple languages available
Fortune Jack Casino

Up to 5 BTC
250 Free Spins

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Triple layer SSL encryption
Bob Casino

100% Up to €/$100
100 Free Spins

  • Wide range of game variants
  • Large variant of Roulette and Blackjack
  • 24/7 customer support
Casino Cruise

1.000 €
200 Free Spins

  • Over 1,300 games
  • VIP program
  • Wide range of banking methods
Energy Casino

100% up to £/€/$200
€5 No Deposit bonus

  • Weekly promotions and offers
  • Very popular among other playes
  • Unique casino concept
PWR Casino

100% up to £200
25 Free Spins

  • Best bonus around the world
  • Amazing design
  • Exceptional customer experience
PWR Casino

up to €150

  • Best bonus around the world
  • Generous Welcome Bonus for New Players
  • Weekly & Monthly Promotions and Deals

Ranking for the Best Real Money Gambling Apps

As a country, we love our smartphones. We can do many things from our tablet and mobile devices right from watching television to ordering the weekly grocery items. It comes with little surprise that the gadget can also be used for gambling.  It is interesting to note that the casino operators did not want to offer real money games on the go and as such the services were not available until recently.

Herein lie the confusion and dilemma in deciding which is the best mobile casino app to play and gamble. Some operators have taken the bulls by horns and offer the best mobile experience suited to player needs while there are some who have a long way to go. However, the casino apps mentioned in the top list above are rated best in the industry. They are compatible across all smartphone devices, and you can play without any second thoughts.

Comparing Mobile Casinos regarding Usability

The biggest challenge faced by casino operators for developing mobile-based apps is adapting to games and functions that can efficiently function on the small screen. The software developers leave no stone unturned in offering the best-simplified layout with optimised features for smartphone devices. Games are displayed clearly and accessible with a single touch. In this video, you can see the layout of the selection of different mobile casinos from different operators.

Different Types of Real Money Gambling Apps

When you are first getting the impression of the concept of gambling applications in your mind, it can be confusing and befuddling to navigate across the set of choices available at your disposal. Luckily, the different solutions offered falls into a few main categories discussed below.

1. Casino Apps: The needs and requirements of the casino game aficionados are well catered with all the latest generation state of the art apps. You will find that almost all of the top rated casino websites have their dedicated application where you can play and enjoy games like poker, blackjack, roulette and many others.

2. Traditional Sportsbook: The smartphone device is a natural home for the current sportsbook betting. There are dedicated apps available where you can easily enjoy and get an immersive gambling experience instead of trying the mobile browser. Whether it is UFC or soccer, there is a multitude of apps available where you can find the classic sportsbook betting.

3. In-Play Betting: The cut, as well as the thrust of live or in-play betting, is a natural fit when it comes to the app environment. With an easy to access, a dedicated and handheld solution that spontaneously reacts to in-game events, the in-play or live apps help you explore the new world of online gambling with much ease and in full potential.

4. Peer to Peer: It continues to remain an uncrowded field, but there is an increasing interest of players for direct peer to peer gambling apps from around the world. This, in turn, makes the world of gambling far more fascinating and social. Meanwhile, it opens the doors to a personalised and new world of opportunities for casual or passive gamblers.

Finding the Best Gambling Apps Accepting Real Money

The good news for the modern generation keen gamblers is that searching for the real money gambling apps is a straightforward affair these days. As with the different gambling apps discussed in the top list above, there are few categories regarding best places where you can spot these gambling apps. Let us talk about them in the section below.

1. The App Store: It is the home to the most significant source of applications in the world. Although there are certain restrictions in place that governs the real money gambling apps, still you can access a massive selection of legal and fully licensed casino games compatible with all devices like iPhone and iPad.

2. Google Play Store: It is also a favourite place, and it is designed for people who are using smartphones and tablet devices working on the Android operating system. This place is somewhat a looser environment than App Store; hence you can expect a massive range of gambling apps that you can install and play on your gadget easily without any restrictions whatsoever.

3. Direct from Providers: If you need an app from a particular casino operator or mobile casino site or the app stores mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you should check the official website of the casino and directly download the app from there. However, it would be best if you were careful with these gambling apps because in some cases, they don’t pass the app store criteria. However, it is still a useful and handy place to search the apps.

Download Casino Apps vs Browser Based Apps

There are two ways you can play the mobile casino games. The first one is by downloading the app and the second one is by playing the casino games directly in your mobile browser. As a general thumb rule, the mobile site of casino operator is available in the browser-based format, but still, it might not be in the native downloadable app.

The web-based app is the mobile version of the casino website and works with a browser only. The browser has the connection to function the device and operating system, so the web app doesn’t have to be developed as extensively.

The browser-based app is compatible across several operating systems and smartphone devices. It comes with an in-built HTML5 Technology that makes it easily adaptable and functions across several devices. A native app, however, works with a particular operating system like Android or iOS. The native apps work directly with the operating system and must be developed and adapted extensively to do this.

The native app is a little bit difficult and complicated to develop as compared to the mobile responsive websites. As such, many casino operators don’t offer this option to players. You can download the native casino app for your iPad or iPhone from the iTunes store just like you download any other application. However, the things are little different for Android. Recently, Google Play Store has begun accepting the real money gambling apps, and you can easily find the native apps for your Android device.

Factors to Keep in Mind with Real Money Gambling Apps

Now that you are willing to put your own money online, it is essential to do a bit diligence up front to make sure you get the best available option. Before you commit yourself to a particular app, it is crucial that you have taken the below factors into account.

1. Ease of Use: The primary purpose of the casino gambling app is to make the transactions as simple as possible. Any app you consider for gambling should be graphical user interactive and should be enjoyable to use. Most of the apps available at the online stores are either cheap or come free of cost. So you have many opportunities to kick in the tyres before making the final decision.

2. Terms and Conditions: You should take some amount of time reading the online gambling forums. Over there you will find several disgruntled players who didn’t take the time to read the terms and conditions in full before they sign up for a particular casino app. It is essential that you don’t commit the same mistake.

3. Updates Frequency: For Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, the hardware upgrade cycles work at an incredible pace. Your choice of casino app should offer regular updates so that you can take advantage of the latest technological developments and you don’t get stranded on legacy software.

4. Cost & In-App Purchases: As we have discussed above, the overall cost involved in the real money gambling apps should not be high, but you should have a clear picture in your mind. It is important that you are not just checking out the sticker price and you should see for yourself how much money is involved in buying the app.

Device Factors to Consider with Best Real Money Gambling Apps

In addition to the in-app factors listed above that you must take into account, here is an essential element to think what kind of device you are using to play casino games. Here is a quick start-up guide to help you.

1. Operating System: It is the most critical factor, and the game tactics greatly vary here. It is the policy of Apple, and you should be on your tiptoes for the latest release. On the contrary, the Android ecosystem is little chaotic and haphazard. So it would be ideal to take out some extra time to fine-tune the local set up regarding overall battery performance so that you get the most out of the smartphone device.

2. Device Recency: Whether it is an Android or iOS operating system, you want to stay updated with two major hardware releases. Although the modern devices are designed to stand well with robust use, they are meant to be remarkably obsolescent.

3. Battery Performance: The performance can vary a lot based on the particular combination of software, hardware and provider that you happen to run. So it is imperative that you take out some amount of time so that you get the best battery performance and play for a long duration of time before running out of juice.

Platform Comparison for Mobile Gambling Apps

The last piece of the puzzle where you need to pay full attention is the operating system where you will be playing the casino games on your device. Here is a relatively short list of items to choose from here:

1. Android: It has captured the most significant market share when it comes to real money casino gambling apps. The developers around the globe have taken into account the underlying technology offered by Google and have put into work several affordable devices.

2. iOS: It continues to remain the ideal benchmark for other mobile operating systems although others are keeping to catch up Apple regarding sophistication and speed. It is known as one of the best platforms for casino games, and you can play without any lag.

3. Windows: This operating system is struggling to keep up with the mobile wars. Although people can experience some problems with their phones for day to day usage, several app developers find it difficult to justify the extra work to make apps for Windows. Also, there is a shortage of apps in the Microsoft store.

Managing Stacks for Gambling Apps

The power and convenience of the gambling apps are great from the gambler satisfaction point of view. However, it is essential that you stay vigilant regarding money management and don’t get carried away spending much money. Before starting to play, it is imperative that you set aside some money and have proper gambling budget rather than wasting money in the heat of the moment.

At the same time, you have to track your wins and losses over the period so that you can keep a check on overall spending. Following on that point, you should be extremely careful when it comes to using credit for gambling purpose. It is an unpleasant road to tread, and you should only go ahead if you can afford to lose money.

Popular Games Available on Money Gambling Apps

You will have unlimited and complete access to a wide range of games that you can play and enjoy on the real money betting apps. Here is a quick list to the main options mentioned below.

1. Poker: It is known as the king of all casino games and continues to remain extremely popular for all gamblers. Pretty much all the apps offer this game to the players.

2. Blackjack: You will find a complete list of variants including the live dealer games in all the real money casino apps available online.

3. Slots: It is one of the best games to unwind and play on the small screens of smartphone devices. Now it comes with 3D technology and amazing graphics features.

4. Roulette: It continues to offer the glam and glitz that casino players crave and is known as one of the classic casino games that easily translate on the small devices with a compelling experience.

Account Funding Options for Casino Gambling Apps

You will come across a similar set of funding options regarding withdrawing or loading money when it comes to the casino gambling apps. The payment gateway is more or less the same and the same is discussed under the following headings below:

1. Electronic Wire Transfer: It continues to remain the best available option for several decades and is a convenient payment solution for many gamblers. If you deal with a large sum of money and want to avoid hefty fees, it is the best payment solution which is secure and reliable at the same time.

2. Credit/Debit Card: The traditional options like Visa and MasterCard can be an excellent source to fund the casino accounts across the globe. It is worth noting to have a couple of credit or debit cards available in the background if you use other funding methods.

3. PayPal: It offers an enormous amount of reliability and flexibility when it comes to broader usage. This payment method is available in more than 100 countries and delivers blazing fast transactions with no delays. If this ewallet service is not available in your country, go for other options like Neteller or Skrill.

Useful Tips for Mobile Users of Gambling Apps

If you are still not sure how to go ahead with this, then you should check out the tips and guidelines mentioned below:

1. Don’t Save Password: You might be tempted to allow the app to remember the login credentials for quick and easy access to games. However, mobiles can get stolen which makes other people gain control over your device and use the available balance. So it is important not to save the password and log in every time for security reasons.

2. Stable Internet Connection: It is essential to have a stable internet connection while playing games on your smartphone device. The excellent connectivity allows you to play continuously and save yourself from the frustration and annoyance from any probable cut-off.

3. Data Consumption: The amount of data used while playing casino games on mobile is minimal except for live casino games that consume a lot of data. The HD video streaming can dramatically increase data consumption that can minimise the speed if you exceed the daily data usage limit. Alternatively, you will have to pay a massive bill at the end of the month.

4. Battery Life: The more you use your smartphone, the greater is battery consumption, and it can drain the battery life while using the money gambling apps. To increase battery life, you should reduce the brightness to minimum and disable unnecessary sound functions. Also, you should use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to limit the battery usage.

FAQ on Best Real Money Gambling Apps

1. Does the app consume a lot of mobile data?

It is quite difficult to validate the exact figures how much data the gambling app consumes. The HTML5 games or the Live Games consume a lot of data than the standard games. It is recommended to use the Wi-Fi connectivity or use mobile plan with unlimited data for the best experience.

2. Is the gambling app safe and secure?

Yes, the apps are perfectly safe to use as they utilise the same SSL encryption technology used by the banks and leading websites to secure the personal and sensitive information of users. It is important that you use a secure password, don’t disclose it with anyone and don’t save passwords at public places. At the same time, you should use a secure internet connection to stay safe.

3. The gambling app is not compatible with my mobile. What to do?

The casino developers make apps for Android and iOS users because these are the most popular platforms available. The problem is that people using Blackberry and Windows are left in the cold. If the app is not compatible with your device, then you can play the games from your mobile browser.

4. I have a casino account. Can I use it on my gambling app on mobile?

Yes, you can immediately get started, and there is no need to create a separate account to access games on the mobile gambling app. Use the existing credentials, and you will immediately have access to the casino platform on your smartphone.

5. Can I use the gambling app for free play and real cash?

Yes, you can use the app for playing casino games either free or with real cash. We suggest you to try the free version first to get the feel of the game and don’t waste money. Once you find yourself comfortable with the gameplay, you should start playing like a real money player.