Best Google Pay Casinos in 2020: How to Deposit, Withdraw, Transaction Times, Casinos That Accept Google Pay

Google – not just a site for cheating at pub quizzes. The search engine now offers Google Pay – one of the most convenient ways of depositing at online casinos in 2020.

Top UK Casinos That Accept Google Pay

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  • Smooth transaction process
  • Wide selection of slots
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  • World leaders in mobile gaming
  • Informative blog
  • Multiple available languages
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  • Unique design
  • Multiple available languages
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Most Important

Allow us to fill you in with what Google Pay actually is.

Learn how to set up Google Pay so you can start enjoying your favourite casino games.

Educate yourself on how Google Pay actually works.

We’ll tell you how to deposit with Google Play.

Get the lowdown on how Google Pay withdrawals work.

In the red corner, we have Google Pay, in the blue corner, PayPal. Who’s the strongest contender?

Google Pay Support. How good is it? We’re here to spill the beans.

Weigh up the pros and cons of Google Pay.

Let us figure out the answers to some of your FAQs.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay are now offering one of the top digital wallet platforms on the market. Also known as GPay if you want to be down with the kids, Google Pay functions as a digital wallet platform created by a bunch of California-based tech bros and is a digital wallet system. This online payment system facilitates Google Pay users to make payments via Google using devices that include Android watches, phones and tablets. It’s a game changer in the digital wallet world.

Google Pay is accepted worldwide, and it’s only going to get bigger. Oh, and hey, did we mention that you can use it in casinos too? Well, that’s why we’re here. It's also supported by leading financial institutions in numerous countries. Credit and debit cards facilitate transactions with Google Pay as the helpful middle-man, enabling your mobile devices to carry out smooth transactions at your favourite casino.

Much like other digital payment platforms and eWallets, Google Pay users link their accounts to Google Pay. Why not just use their card, I hear you say? Well, Google pay has no limit on transactions, so the sky's the limit. Wait, there is no limit. Forget what we said about the sky.


How do I Set Up Google Pay?

Firstly, you need to get your phone out of your pocket. Now, this is not enough. Get yourself on Google Play (iPhones are also enabled to use Google Pay). Using Google Pay is pretty simple to set and if you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to be depositing at your online casino – but more importantly (and hopefully) withdrawing huge amounts of cash.

  • Open Google Play store on your phone.
  • Install Google Pay, select your language and follow the next steps.
  • If you already have a Google Pay account, you can, much like large international corporations, ‘merge’ your account. You can use your same name, email and log-in for your Google Pay account. If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to start from scratch.
  • Listen up now – this is the most important part – you need to link your banking details so you can fill your brand-new Google Pay account with funds.

If you find yourself getting lost in the sign-up process or having difficulty linking your bank card or cards, Google has a very useful help section that will get you on your way to gaming glory.


How Does Google Pay Work?

Google pay is pretty sweet in that you don’t have to have your wallet or cards with you when you wish to make a payment.

Google Pay functions much in the same way as other eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller. This is Google though, so experts are saying that Google Pay is going to kick off big time and totally dominate the market. Apple Pay – watch your back. Check our guide to Apple Pay Casinos here. 

Google Pay is a prepaid account that can be used to make deposits at online casinos and general online payments, quickly and securely. Before you can get started – remember to input all of your user information slowly, gently and carefully. Your information is then stored with reliability and security – then you’re ready to make some deposits and hopefully 10,000x withdrawals. Well, one can dream.

Enter your ‘Account’ section, choose Google Pay as your method of withdrawal and you're ready to play, hopefully winning a few quid on the way.


Depositing Funds With Google Pay at a Slots Casino



Paying With Google Pay on Mobile Phone

Paying With Google Pay (Image: © Matthew Kwong)


Hey, who doesn’t like slots? Well, table game players and poker punters for a start. Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that depositing your funds at a slots casino is exactly the same as at a regular casino.

Enter your ‘Account’ section as before, choose Google Pay as your deposit method and you’ll rotating those reels and breaking the blackjack balance in no time at all.


How Does the Withdrawal Process Work When Using Google Pay?

Firstly, withdraw from your casino under ‘Account settings’, to your Google Pay account, and then transfer your Google Pay balance to your linked bank account or debit card, free of charge. Transfers to a debit card on average take a few minutes, but could take up to 24 hours with some banks.

If you’re withdrawing directly to your bank account, this could take longer, sometimes up to five working days.


Google Pay vs PayPal

While both super-secure and convenient when depositing at an online casino, there are other options to consider apart from Google Pay, especially PayPal. The processes are similar – it’s essentially the same app with different branding and a few new features. You can link your bank account or debit card to both PayPal and Google Pay.

One of the features that makes a big difference when using PayPal is that the withdrawal times are much faster. However, Google Pay does not enforce transaction fees. Essentially, Google Pay functions similar to your debit card, with transactions almost instantaneous (if you’re lucky) or a slightly annoying long 24-hour wait.

Should you request your online casino withdrawal, your operator's verification department will usually take a few hours to do this. On the flipside, online casinos that accept Google pay will take a lot longer than PayPal when withdrawing directly to your bank account. The reason being that banking regulations governing online card transactions are a lot more rigorous than they are with digital banking.

If security is a priority for you, Google Pay is the way to go as you need to add an extra security element to your financial details. If you’re looking for a digital wallet option that is secure, and if you’re planning on using your bank or deposit card details, it makes sense to do this through Google Pay as an extra security feature.

Oh, and if you’re looking for better customer support than PayPal (and let’s face it, that wouldn’t be hard), then read on.


Google Pay Support

Wow. Google Pay support is extensive and all-encompassing, complete with an excellent support section as well as live chat support and email.

Site support information includes:

  • What is Google Pay?
  • Set up Google Pay.
  • Countries where you can use Google Pay.
  • Require a Google PIN or fingerprint to send money.
  • Set up screen lock to make contactless payments.
  • Check if your phone can make contactless payments.
  • Find supported payment methods for contactless purchases.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we won’t bore you with all the incredibly helpful support information that Google offer. Nevertheless, if you encounter a problem – Google will have the answer. After all, they are good with answers.


Pros And Cons of Google Pay

Nothing in life is perfect. It’d be boring if it were. Here are a few pros and cons of the Google Pay:


  • Transaction-free  (we think this is a biggy)
  • Instant Deposit
  • Extra security layer
  • Available for both Android and Apple devices



  • Fewer casinos accept Google Pay
  • Not compatible with Windows


Is Google Pay Supported by All UK Banks?

Sadly not. Well, not yet anyway. Currently, the major banks accepting Google Pay are:

  • Bank of Scotland
  • First Direct, Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds Bank
  • M&S Bank
  • MBNA
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Natwest

These banks are smart enough to know that Google Pay is most probably going to be massive, and they’re right to hop on to the bandwagon sooner rather than later. You can find the full list of banks that support Google Pay here.

How do I Know That Google Pay is Safe?

With the added layer of encryption, Google Pay is safer than a lot of digital wallets and eWallets out there. If security is a major concern for you, Google Pay is the perfect online wallet for you.


When using Google Pay, your payment, as mentioned above, is always encrypted and stored on Google’s secure servers. Seriously, these are safer than Kim Jong Un’s compound. Google Pay lets users store a selection of payment methods which in turn speed up your withdrawal processes. Google Pay passkeys are a further wall for nefarious digital folk to try and get over.

Do I Still Get a Welcome Bonus if I Use Google Pay?

As Sweden – a close to cash-free society – operates at the cutting edge of financial modernism, it’s no surprise that at present, Mr Green and LeoVegas are the only operators that offer welcome bonuses to Google Pay players. As Swedish operators, it’s not massively astounding that these guys are at the forefront of the digital wallet era. These guys will show other operators how it’s done.

Google Pay – What Limits Are There?

At time of writing, in the UK, there are no limits on how much you can deposit at UK-facing casinos. Having said that, as every transaction is essentially a collaboration between Google, your bank and your casino, your bank and casino could limit transactions, but it depends on the value of the transaction concerned. Some banks will limit transactions to £9,999.

What Fees Can I Expect From Google Pay?

The reason we love – and you will love – Google Pay is that it is the absolute transaction fee service. Although withdrawing to bank cards and directly to your bank are completely transaction free, withdrawals to a credit card are priced at 2.9% – not a problem if you’re playing at a UK casino as they don’t accept credit cards.

How Long is The Processing Time For Google Pay?

Processing times for Google Pay are instant for deposits but can take between minutes and up to five working days for withdrawals.

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