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What Is Hi-Lo?

While online slots rule the gambling industry, there’s no question that players love card games. They’ve been here since the dawn of time, with poker and blackjack being favourites. But what if you want to skip the know-how and start playing straight away? That’s where the Hi-Lo card game comes in!

The Best Hi Lo Card Game Casinos in 2024

Looking for the best HiLo online game casinos in 2022? You’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the top online casinos that feature the popular game which you can trust. Join any of them right now to play HiLo for real money yourself!

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Play the Hi-Lo Card Game for Free

How to Play Hi-Lo

The Hi-Lo game has a very easy learning curve. Scratch that – it’s not a curve at all!

Hi-Lo is a game of pure chance with 50/50 odds where you bet on the next card being higher or lower than the card that came before it.

That’s it. There are no other rules to keep in mind, making it similar to aviation-themed crash games. These arcade style games have seen a massive boost in popularity over the past few months, seeing their start at crypto casinos.

Also known as the higher or lower game, Hi-Lo great to play for free or real money. If you’re a poker or blackjack enthusiast and you want a change of pace, our guide will tell you everything you’ve wanted to know.

How to Play the Hi-Lo Card Game Online

Playing the Hi-Lo game is pretty easy. After all, you don’t need any particular skills to guess if a higher or lower card comes up next, right? That said, while it’s not rocket science, it’s best to try the game for fun first. Unlike live casino games that you can only play with a deposit, the demo will give you an idea what to expect. But trust us – you’ll get the basics in just a few tries.

As we mentioned previously, the objective of the game is to guess if a higher or lower card comes on the next draw. Ace is low, while Kings are high. Some variants may come with three boxes, but those are variations that rarely change the rules. With 2+ boxes, it simply costs more to play – but you'll also get a better payout if you win.

The game begins when a player picks a bet on the table. It’s the dealer’s turn – he places a card face up on the table. Your next decision is to guess if a higher or lower card is drawn next. Guess the right card and you win. Guess wrong, you lose.

Hi-Lo Game RTP

The base game RTP of Hi-Lo is around 97%. That’s similar to roulette, which isn’t surprising considering your chances to guess the right card are close to 50/50. It all depends on the provider, of course, so it’s a good idea to check the game’s guide to learn the RTP before you play it.

How to Win in Hi-Lo

There’s no special formula that can help you win H-Lo, as most of it is down to luck. There’s no way of knowing if a higher or lower card appears, although if the draw is 2, the possibility of a higher card is greater.

Hi-Lo Card Game Payouts

The higher or lower game payouts vary. They depend on the base card the dealer draws for the first time. For example, the possibility of a higher card on a draw of 2 or 3 is much higher. If it’s a high card, the possibility of a lower card is bigger.

The odds and payouts chance depending on the draw similar to all the classic arcade games you’ll find in top online casinos.

Hi-Lo Bonuses and Promos

Before you decide to play the Hi-Lo card game for real money, you should try a few rounds for free. Alternatively, you can use a bonus or a promo to start off with. Many casino sites will give you extra funds as a welcome bonus.

What kind of bonuses can you claim? It depends on the gaming site itself. The top cryptocoin casinos are known to be generous with their promos, so you may find a good deal there. You may even come across a free bet for Hi-Lo which will let you try it out without breaking the bank.

Conclusion – Is Hi-Lo as Fun as It Sounds?

It sure is! If you ever need a break from all the poker or blackjack strategies or roulette is simply too volatile for you, Hi Lo would be our pick. It doesn’t take any prior knowledge to play, has only a few bets, and is as simple a game as they come!


Hi Lo is a simple card game where you bet on the outcome of the next card draw. It can either be higher value than the previous card or a lower one.

The Hi Lo game falls under the crash/turbo games category, which are played at very fast speeds.

Yes, you can. The game’s demo should be available in the top online casinos. It’s not a hard game to follow, but still, a few free runs will certainly be beneficial.

Yes, you can. The game has been developed using HTML5 technology, so you don’t even need to download it to play it on your Android or iOS device.