Best Prepaid Card Casinos in 2021

If you are like many gamers around the world that are not entirely comfortable using their credit cards to make deposits at online casinos. You may not wish to share your personal data or simply wish to have more control over your spending. Prepaid card casinos are reloadable, secure and offer total control of your spending.


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Top Prepaid Cards Online Casinos

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Top10 Sites s – LeoVegas
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Paddy Power
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What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are a safer alternative to carrying your actual money around with you. Prepaid cards can be preloaded with a chosen currency and can be topped up whenever you like. Since you choose the amount of money on the prepaid card, your bank account is safe from hacking, theft, and even over-spending!


Different Types of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have come a long way since the mere store-bought gift card. There are multiple forms with varying purposes. To make selecting a prepaid card easier, we’ve identified all the different types of options available to online casino players.


Reloadable Prepaid Card

Reloadable cards are the gold standard of prepaid payments. In general, reloadable prepaid cards are all purpose payment solutions that can be used at brick-and-mortar retailers, for paying bills, and making purchases online. These cards are offered by VISA and Mastercard and is therefore widely accepted by online casino operators.

Reloadable cards are easily topped up to protect your bank account and your spending habits. There are no overdraft fees because once the card is depleted, it will no longer function until it is topped up once again.


Disposable Prepaid Card

A disposable prepaid card acts much like a gift card. It is preloaded once and is no longer used once its value has expired. They can be purchased for others as gifts too. The great thing about disposable prepaid cards is that they are the most anonymous, allowing you to make deposits without revealing any personal information.

One of the most widely accepted disposable prepaid cards by online casino operators is PaySafeCard. You can pick up a PaySafeCard at over 500,000 outlets across the world and is available in small dominations like £25 and £10 or larger numbers like £100 to £175. PaySafeCard leverages a 16 digit pin which can be used to immediately transfer credit to your casino account.


Virtual Prepaid Card

If you have been to the payment section of your favourite online casino operators, you have probably seen names like Skrill quite often. Skrill is one of many virtual prepaid cards that are 100% digital with no physical card in any form. A virtual card is a digital version of a payment card that can be received and accessed instantly either via e-mail or to a digital wallet.

Virtual cards can be topped up for one-off payments or used for on-going transactions such as deposits at an online casino operator. As a digital platform it couldn’t be simpler to budget and visualise your spending. Your payments are not linked to any bank account, so your hard-earned savings are secure from fraud


Crypto Prepaid Card

If you have a wallet full of cryptocurrency there are still prepaid card options for you too. You have two options available; Purchase a crypto  prepaid card that accepts cryptocurrency as a means of top up.

Crypto cards are not as widely accepted as regular prepaid cards and you may find that converting your cryptocurrency to a regular currency is best, however there have been various great crypto casinos on the rise. PaySafeCard or PCS Mastercard is an excellent choice for crypto users. PaySafeCard is available in over 40 countries and can be topped up using crytpo currency. Both cards are a Mastercard and therefore widely accepted by most online casinos.


How to Deposit with Prepaid Cards at Online Casinos

Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are one of the fastest deposit methods to deposit funds into your casino account. All you are required to do is enter the cashier section of your preferred online casino operator and select your choice of prepaid card from the available options. It’s a good idea to get a widely accepted payment method such as Skrill or PaySafeCard so you’ll have plenty of casino operator options.

Just decide how much you intend on transferring to your casino account and follow the prompts. You will only have to enter the 16-digit PIN code if you’re using PaySafeCard but if you are using the virtual prepaid card from the likes of Entropay or EcoPayz, you will have to add details like card number, expiry date, and the 3-digit CVV.

Some casino operators will let you purchase the prepaid card directly from their website. You will again have to log in with the credentials, head towards the cashier section and select the prepaid card option. Making a deposit this way is seamless and you know the card will be accepted.

All prepaid card deposits are processed immediately, and the amount is there in your casino balance before you can even decide what game to play.


How to Withdraw from Prepaid Card Casinos

These cards are great for deposits but unfortunately you cannot withdraw funds to it. The most obvious means to withdraw funds would be to link a bank account or credit card to your online casino account. But there are of course other methods too.

Entropay virtual cards allow players to make both deposits and withdrawals. Other e-Wallets such as Skrill and Paypal are great withdrawal options too and you won’t have to give up your personal banking information. The most widely used method for withdrawals for online casinos is Neteller which offers fast, secure mobile payments.



One of the biggest benefits of using a prepaid card is the added security. They are preloaded cards and therefore you can’t spend, or lose, more than you have. Prepaid cards also enjoy the very same security capabilities that are offered by standard debit and credit cards. For example a Prepaid Mastercard has the same Two-Factor Authentication as a debit Mastercard.

This payment method will come with a unique PIN number that must be used to make deposits and withdrawals. You are also secure from serious theft as prepaid cards have no ties to your actual bank account meaning your funds are secure from fraudulent activity.

These cards are just an added layer of security as the best online casino operators utilise 128-Bit or 256-Bit SSL Encryption technology to hide and encode your sensitive information. The combination of the security and measures undertaken by the casino operator ensures that only you and the casino operator have access to the data concerning transactions and your playing account.


Fees and Charges

Not unlike many other payment methods, prepaid cards are not free from fees and charges. What fees or charges you face will vary between the different payment options. If you use a long-term prepaid card you may be faced with a monthly fixed fee and some cards have a charge on ATM withdrawals.

If you like to play on online casinos in different jurisdictions, make sure your prepaid card is of the required currency as many will charge a foreign transaction fee for the international conversion. Smaller fees may exist for card cancellations, reloading, or balance inquiries.

Some casinos may also charge a fee for using a prepaid card, usually a small transaction fee.


Mobile Payments

If you like to use your money on the go then prepaid cards have got you covered. Prepaid cards can not only be used at online casinos and stores but many feature total mobile payment support. Many providers have mobile apps associated with their product where you can top up your balance, check your card balance, and receive customer support.

To truly take your card on the go, you can add this payment method to Apple Pay or Google Pay services to play on mobile casinos.


Where Can I Buy a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards can be purchased in both brick-and-mortar shops and online retailers. Some casino operators allow you to purchase prepaid cards from the cashier section of their sites. Many banks will offer a prepaid card whilst Visa and Mastercard disposal cards are readily found in retailers. You can even pick one up with your milk and eggs!

You can buy prepaid credit cards online directly from card providers such as at It couldn’t be easier! Just select your card value, charge via your preferred payment method, and receive your pin.


Benefits of Using Prepaid Cards at Online Casinos

There are a number of benefits to using these cards at online casinos and the most important benefits is that of increased responsible gambling. Since a prepaid card is preloaded and does not have an overdraft, it is not possible to deposit more money than you can afford.

Privacy is a large benefit of using prepaid cards at online casino providers. Using this payment method offers another layer of anonymity and protection of your personal identity.


Disadvantage of Using Online Casino Prepaid Cards

If you’re not careful there are some fees that might come back to bite you when using prepaid cards at online casino operators. You should really read and fully understand the terms of your prepaid card to avoid hefty monthly charges or unnecessary fees.

The second distinct disadvantage of using this payment option is that you have to produce a second method for withdrawing your well-earned winnings. Despite being an instant method of depositing funds, this payment option cannot be used to withdraw winnings. So if your card is not connected to a bank account, you will have to use a different method to make withdrawals.


How to Choose a Prepaid Card?

The first thing any potential gambler must do is research both your prepaid card options and your casino operators of choice. You’ll want to make sure that the payment method you choose suits your needs. Does the card have hidden fees? Is it disposable or reloadable? Choose the card that suits both your playing style and financial means.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that your favourite casinos accept your chosen prepaid card as a payment option. There would be nothing worse than topping up your card and missing out on that fantastic welcome bonus because your card isn’t accepted.


Prepaid Card Alternatives

The best alternative to prepaid cards, except using regular cards of course, would be an e-money or e-Wallet service such as Neteller, Skrill, or Paypal. Using an e-Wallet is a great way to protect your personal banking information and most offer instant deposits and withdrawals.


Prepaid Cards Casinos: Offering Total Control!

Overall, Prepaid cards are the ultimate way to make safe, secure, and anonymous deposits at your favourite online casino operators. They are easily reloadable and do not have to be linked to your bank account. You do have to use a different means of withdrawal though as prepaid card withdrawals are not supported.

There are a many prepaid card providers and different types of options aimed to suit the needs of every type of gamer. If you do your research and choose wisely, you can find the perfect prepaid card for all your gambling needs!


Prepaid Card Casinos FAQs

❓ What Is A Prepaid Card? 

A prepaid card is a preloaded payment system that acts like a debit or credit card but does not need to be linked to a bank account. It can be used anoymosuly and benfeits from the same levels of security as a standard debit or credit card.

❓ Which Casinos Accept Prepaid Cards? 

Most casinos will accept some form of prepaid cards but sticking to popular provdiers such as VISA, Mastercard or PaySafeCard is reccommended.

❓ Why Would I Use A Pre Paid Card? 

A prepaid card is a great choice if you want to really take control of your spending since the cards are not linked to an account and must be topped up with currency. Prepaid cards are also great for those who wish to make deposits with as much perosnal identity security as possible.

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