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The Best Online Blackjack Real Money Casinos

If you're looking to play online blackjack, real money casinos are obviously the way to go. Read on for a full breakdown of the game itself and the best sites that offer it, along with useful tips and a list of available bonuses you can claim!

Best Real Money Blackjack Casino Sites

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What Is Real-Money Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in existence. Having originated in French casinos in the 1700s, it quickly found its way to the US, becoming highly popular in Vegas.

The game itself grants payouts of one-and-a-half times (for a regular win) or twice your stake (for win by blackjack). We’ll delve into what that means below!

Real money blackjack means playing with real money at an online or land-based casino, as opposed to playing free demo versions.

Blackjack is traditionally played with one, two, four, six or eight decks of cards.

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Basic Real Money Blackjack Rules

The aim of the game in blackjack is to win money by beating the card total in the dealer’s hand without going bust.
The value of the cards are:

  • Ace = 1 or 11 points (decided by player)
  • Cards 2 to 10: Points corresponding to the numerical value of the card
  • Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King): 10 points

The ideal hand adds up to 21 points. If you get 21 with the first two cards you receive, that's called a blackjack, meaning that you win immediately – unless the dealer also has blackjack. In the latter case, a tie is announced and bets are returned without adjustment.

Once you get your two cards you have the chance to ‘hit’ for another card, ‘stand’ with what you have, ‘surrender’ to fold and receive half your stake back, ‘split’ if you have two of the same cards and want to play two separate hands, or ‘double down’ if your hand equals 10 or 11 by doubling your bet and being dealt just one additional card.

How To Play Real-Money Blackjack

  1. Sign up at a blackjack online casino and make a deposit.
  2. Choose a blackjack game from the lobby.
  3. Place your initial bet.
  4. Decide whether to ‘hit' or ‘stand' trying to get as close as possible to 21.
  5. The dealer reveals his cards, upon which the winner will be revealed.

Blackjack Game Variations You Can Play Online

The best blackjack online casinos will offer a large number of different variations of the game, which all differ in certain ways despite the fundamental rules remaining similar.

Selecting a version with a lower house edge may be more beneficial for your bankroll, but usually players will go for the variations they enjoy the most.

Below we will run through some of the most popular blackjack games.

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Some players want to play free or demo versions of blackjack online, either to avoid using their own money or simply to practise. You don't usually an account or to make a deposit in order to play free online blackjack (unless you are from the UK), but that does mean you’ll only have a limited game selection to choose from, and a distinct lack of tournaments are free-to-play too.

Live dealer blackjack allows players to enjoy an authentic, land-based experience all from the comfort of your own home via a live video link. The latter is broadcast from a studio where a real-life dealer will manage and oversee the game, just as though you were in an actual brick-and-mortar establishment. This ramps up the social interaction of the game, especially as you'll often be playing alongside other real players too!

Mobile blackjack just means playing on your smartphone or tablet, now widely possible at most online casinos. This increases the accessibility of the game for players on the go, with the rules remaining the same bar the fact that you’ll be playing on a smaller screen.

Virtual blackjack – also known as video blackjack – is a single-player experience where you play by yourself against an automated system, kept fair thanks to a Random Number Generator (RNG). While this lacks the social element that live blackjack offers, the game will naturally proceed in a smoother, faster manner at your own pace.

In Perfect Blackjack, players are allowed to make a side bet on whether either they or the dealer (or both) will be dealt two of the same cards. If the first two cards are a ‘perfect pair’ – a pair of the same cards and the same suit – then the payout can be as much as 25:1.

In this variant you play two hands at the same time, with the option to “switch” the top cards of the two hands in an attempt to improve your chances of winning. For example, a player might have a hand with a 5 and a 9, and another hand with a 4 and a 7. By switching the 5 and the 4, the player would then have two hands with a 9 and a 7, which would be a stronger position.

In Blackjack Switch, a “super match” is a side bet that can be placed in addition to the main game of blackjack, and is won if the player's first four cards (the two cards in each of the player's hands) form a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, or four of a kind. The payouts for winning a super match bet are typically higher for stronger hands, with four of a kind being the most valuable hand. For example, a super match bet might pay 10:1 for a pair, 15:1 for two pairs, 25:1 for three of a kind, and 100:1 for four of a kind. The odds of winning a super match bet will depend on the specific rules of the game and the number of decks being used.

As the name suggests, this variation originated at land-based casinos in Atlantic City on the east coast of the USA. The rules are slightly different to the original – for example, the dealer can stand on 17 and can also look to see if they have a blackjack. Players can also split their cards up to a maximum of three times.

Blackjack Rules

Naturally, to succeed at blackjack, you must be familiar with the rules of the game. Some online casinos will use multiple decks in order to prevent players from card counting, but the general rules of the variants will be similar.

The aim of blackjack is to get 21 or as close to 21 without going over it, while beating the dealer's hand.


Below we go into more detail about the rules of blackjack, how to play a hand, and what sort of payouts you can expect.

Blackjack Rules
  • The aim of the game is to beat the dealer's hand while getting close to or 21 exactly, without going over it.
  • Cards have different values. Regular number cards have their number as value, while Face cards are valued at 10. Aces can be worth either 1 or 11, meaning they are the best card to have.
  • The player and dealer are each dealt two cards. The player’s cards are visible, while one of the dealer’s cards is hidden until the end of the game.
  • The player can decide their own strategy by choosing between five options:
    • Hit (take another card)
    • Stand (at the your current card)
    • Split (double your stake, only for 2 identical cards)
    • Surrender (give up your hand to receive half of your stake)
    • Double (double your stake, only available on the first move)
  • The first two are the most common. If the player reaches 21, he wins blackjack. If he goes over, he is ‘bust', and the house wins regardless.
  • The dealer is instructed to automatically stand at 16 or 17.
  • Payouts:
    • Blackjack pays out at 3:2 (sometimes 2).
    • Regular win pays out at 5:4.

You should also keep in mind that there are some slight variations which can benefit you or the house. Keep an eye out for the following:


Blackjack Terms

To play blackjack effectively, you should learn all the terms of the game. Here’s a handy glossary of everything you’ll need to know.

Stand If you think that your cards are strong enough to win, then you can ‘stand' and wait for the online computer to keep playing. It will either beat you or go ‘bust' by going over 21.
Hit After the initial first two cards have been dealt, you can “hit” if you want another. If you feel you can get even closer to 21, you can hit again for another card.
Split If your initial two cards are of the same face value, you can change the one hand into two, and can bet on both hands.
Double After receiving the initial first two cards, and if you feel you just need one more card, then you can double your bet.
Blackjack This is the best hand, and includes a face card with the value of 10 plus an ace. If you get a blackjack with your first two cards, this is known as a ‘natural.'
Insurance This is also known as ‘even money.' If you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace on display, then you can ask for an even money bet. The payout is 1:1.
First Base If you’re seated on the dealer’s immediate left, then you’re first base. You’ll get your cards first.
Hole Card The card that is left face down. When the player has decided how to act, then the hole card is revealed.
Surrender If you see from your initial cards you have no hope of winning, then you can surrender – in which case, you’ll receive back half your initial wager.
Upcard This is the dealer’s card that is left face up.
Bust Having a total count of over 21.
Push A tie-break. Both the player and the dealer have the same hand with the same total.
Shoe A device from which the cards are dealt. It normally holds multiple decks of cards.
Basic Strategy Player actions that ensure the best player odds.
Soft Any hand that includes an ace valued at 11 instead of 1.
Regular Win The value of your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s. It pays out at 1:1.
Blackjack Win When your cards are 21. It pays out at 3:2.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a game that relies on chance as well as skill, but there are certainly strategies you can adopt to give you a better chance of success.

Learn which mathematical strategies could help your gameplay and how to put them into practice with our in-depth online blackjack strategy page.

Blackjack Tips

There are seemingly endless blackjack tips to give you the edge over the dealer, from simply managing your bankroll effectively to actually knowing how to count cards. Unlike casino games such as slots, how you choose to play will have a big impact on your success.

Here we’ve outlined our top five blackjack tips so you can get started:

Tips to consider:

House edge is a percentage worked out for all casino games, whether it’s online or at land-based venues. The house edge for blackjack is usually 2-3%, if the player isn’t implementing a strategy. Therefore, over time, the house is likely to win by a profit margin of 2-3% of the money wagered. Using some strategies like the ones below, however, will help you reduce that percentage.

Land-based casinos don’t like card counting, but it is a popular and accepted method when it comes to playing online. You will need to have a bit of arithmetic skill, with the result giving a good indication as to whether you or the dealer is at an advantage based on the remaining number of high and low cards. This way, you’ll know when to raise or lower your bets.

Knowing how to manage your own bankroll is very important, ensuring you decide on a maximum amount you are comfortable spending before starting any game and if you reach that point walking away from the table. When you start spending more to try and chase your losses, that usually never ends well. Never bet money you cannot afford to lose!

Blackjack has inspired a wide array of different betting systems, such as the Martingale System. You can also learn strategies like splitting which some players swear by, although none have been proven to be 100% effective.

Only experienced card counters should be taking on insurance – it really isn’t suitable for casual players. But if you are, and you’re confident that there are plenty of 10s and face cards left in the deck, it is a solid option.

Blackjack Bonuses

Online casinos are always running sign-up bonuses or welcome bonuses, so new players can get their hands on deals at different casinos. These can be used to build your bankroll and give you more chance of success, although you must be aware of any wagering requirements before signing up or risk being left frustrated.

The welcome deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus are two examples of the most popular promotions in any casino. Some sites also offer specific live casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are probably the rarest of all the blackjack bonuses, as they allow you to receive free cash without having to part with any of your own money. You are very likely to need to register at the online casino, though, and may even have to enter your card details, although no money will be taken.

No deposit bonuses will usually come with higher wagering requirements too, so make sure you check the terms and conditions.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the most common blackjack bonuses, available to new players at an online casino. These usually come in the form of a matched deposit bonus of 100% up to €100 (for example), which means you’d need to deposit €100 to receive €100 in bonus equalling €200 in total.

Live Casino Bonuses

Sometimes you’ll find online casinos offering live casino bonuses that are only available for live blackjack. You won’t be able to use these specific bonuses on any other kinds of blackjack games, except for live versions.

Good to Remember: Good to Remember:

Always pay attention to wagering requirements before claiming any bonus. These will tell you on which games you need to wager your bonus, how much you need to wager, and how many times you need to do so.

Online Blackjack Summary

The best blackjack online casinos will offer a wide variety of variations of the game to keep every player interested. Live dealer blackjack is an exciting recent addition, pitting you against real-life croupiers.

The rules may seem simple, but there is a lot to learn if you want to become a blackjack expert. Learning blackjack strategy and implementing tips will help you beat the dealer, while using bonuses will help boost your bankroll.

Real Money Blackjack Casinos FAQs

Yes, of course! Most online casinos allow you to play real-money blackjack.

You can find the best blackjack online casino for 2024 on our list at the top of this page.

Yes, provided that online gambling is not prohibited in your country and you play at a licensed site.

No. As long as you play at a licensed blackjack online casino, you can be sure the games are not rigged. Games have to go through a vigorous process of screening to ensure game fairness and random outcomes.

In blackjack, your odds of winning are overall about 42.22%. The chance of loss is 49.10% and the chance of a tie is 8.48%.

There may be apps through which you can do this. However, these will likely be social games, meaning you cannot win real money. Additionally, unlike poker, blackjack is a game played between the house and the player.

Yes! Most blackjack online casinos have live dealer games.

Absolutely! All the best blackjack casinos have made sure that their games are available across all devices, whether desk-bound or mobile.

Well, you could try, however it would not be easy. In real-money blackjack games with live dealers, multiple decks are used, as well as card shuffling machines. At land-based casinos, card counting is frowned upon, and may even get you banned if you're caught doing it.

Yes. At most online casinos we recommend, you can play virtual blackjack in demo mode, without making any deposits or using any real money.

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