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Revolut Casinos | Best Casinos That Accept Revolut 2024

With more than 15 million users worldwide, it’s safe to say Revolut has become a favoured payment option for many. Through partnership with Visa and Mastercard, Revolut and Revolut casinos have become super popular in the gaming world. Read on for more details!

The Best Revolut Online Casinos

  • Impressive support for cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple award-winning casino
  • Excellent user-centric website
Up to €/$2500 + 250 Free Spins
  • Easy-to-search catalogue of games
  • Exclusive VIP programme
  • Great weekly promotions
Up To €/$7,000 or 5BTC + 250FS
  • VIP programme
  • Over 2,400 games
  • Excellent website and user experience
100% up to €/$150 + 100 Free Spins
  • Excellent casino mobile compatibility
  • 24/7 Support
  • Exciting space race promotion
€2,000 Welcome Package +200 Free Spins for new players
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Speedy cash-out times
  • Award-winning casino
Deposit €100 and play with €200 + 180 Free Spins
  • esports, sport, slot, & live games available
  • Excellent mobile support through apps
  • Wide variety of promotions
Up to €300 Bonus for Live Casino Games

What Is Revolut?

Is it a bank? An e-wallet? Well, it’s both really! Has it got what it takes to be amongst the best casino payment methods available, though?

Revolut describe themselves as a financial superapp. What this means is that due to the relatively rare combination of e-wallet facilities with bank-like strength and partnerships, users find Revolut particularly appealing for their needs.

Revolut has been around since 2015, starting out in London. Nowadays valued at $33 Billion, it’s safe to say the relatively-new FinTech company has found a strong foothold in the game. Casino players find Revolut particularly useful due to its compatibility with Visa and Mastercard payment options, alongside its app monitoring, budgeting, and other features.

Useful Revolut Features for Casinos

In practice, Revolut works much like a prepaid debit card, only digital in nature and able to be repeatedly topped up. Revolut casinos are therefore just like any other credit-card-accepting casino.

You can top up via a bank transfer or through another credit or debit card. This works much like any other e-wallet, only Revolut issues its own digital card to pay with instead. You could get a physical card to go along with your digital account too, but it isn’t necessary.

What’s also special is that these cards are issued in partnership with Visa or Mastercard and will bear their logos, therefore, all the top Revolut casino sites will accept the payment option just like it would any other Visa or Mastercard!

1. Revolut cards should be accepted anywhere Visa and Mastercard is accepted

Since Revolut works primarily through an app, it’s very simple and easy to keep track of all payments associated with your card – both deposits and withdrawals.

2. Deposits and withdrawals can be easily monitored and tracked through the Revolut app

The app is also helpful in that it allows you to set spending limits on your account/card, which makes it way easier to stick to your budget.

3. Revolut allows users to set spending limits for easier and better budgeting

Revolut’s budget limits won’t put a hard limit or cap on your spending, but they will remind you and keep you informed on your spending choices. You’ll even get notified when you’re straying close to your budget!

Revolut is also quite handy if you’re particularly security conscious (which we all should be). The app offers the option of making online payments using a virtual, 1-use card, keeping your more permanent card safe.

4. Revolut allows payments through virtual single-use cards for added security

Of course, added security doesn’t mean it’s time to seek out shady casinos to play at, but it does offer some added peace of mind. You should always play at casinos that are licensed and verified safe. Take a look at our list below for some of the best casinos that accept Revolut payments.

How To Use Revolut

Great! Sign me right up! How do I do that? What are the best Revolut casino sites to try it out? Well, signing up for a basic Revolut account is a free and simple process. As for the best Revolut online casinos, you’ll just have to take a look at our table above -you’ll find all the answers there!

Setting up an account is as simple as inputting your phone number and setting a passcode. Your account will be associated to your phone number. After that, you’ll need to give some details including your name, date of birth and home address.

You might also have to verify your identity by providing a photo of an identifying document (such as an ID card) along with a selfie. This helps Revolut make sure it’s really you behind your account and adds to the security of the set-up process.

Revolut Virtual Cards for Casinos

Following this set-up process, you’ll be given a virtual card to make payments with. Revolut will select whether to give you a Visa or Mastercard card depending on factors such as your location. According to Revolut, there should be no difference in card acceptance between the two.

You can also order a physical card for making in-person transactions. This will take some time to be delivered and may cost a small amount of money to order and ship. However, for Revolut casino payments, you can start making transactions the moment your virtual card is issued and topped up. That means that for the best Revolut casino experience, you don’t really need a physical Revolut card at all!

Standard, Plus, Premium, & Metal Revolut Accounts

Besides the Standard free account, Revolut also offers a few different paid tiers to their services. With the Standard Account, there is a limit on the fee-free ATM withdrawals and currency exchanges. ATM withdrawals are limited to €200/mo or 5× withdrawals, depending on which is reached first. Currency exchanges are limited to €1,000 /mo.

Their Plus Account removes the 5 ATM withdrawal limit and includes 24/7 priority customer support. It’s otherwise very similar to the regular account in most meaningful ways.

Next up is Revolut’s Premium Account. This tier unlocks access to some additional features; most importantly for players, it unlocks unlimited virtual cards. Handy if you’re one to play large!

Last, but certainly not least, there are Revolut Metal Accounts. This tier unlocks a snazzy exclusive metal card to make payments with. The other account types just allow for customizable plastic ones, or just a simple card in the case of the Standard Account. More importantly, they allow for higher withdrawal limits, and the removal of the no-fee limit for currency exchanges.

You can check out a comparison of all the different Revolut card tiers on their website.

How To Make Revolut Casino Payments

Of course, simply having an account is not enough to start depositing money to your favourite Revolut casinos. You first have to get funds into your account, and this can be achieved through another card, such as your credit or debit card or through a bank transfer.

The process is as easy as making a payment anywhere else online. You simply input your details and select the amount of funds you’d like deposited into your account.

UK Regulation & Credit Cards UK Regulation & Credit Cards

It’s important to note that since July 2020, the UK Gambling commission has prohibited payments to online casinos through credit cards or prepaid debit cards funded through credit cards. This means that players in the UK should top up their Revolut accounts through a bank transfer in order to play online.

Depositing to Online Casinos With Revolut

Since Revolut is partnered with Visa and Mastercard, the account and card you’ll be issued will be treated by any online merchant as one of those cards. What this means for gamers is that any casino which accepts Visa or Mastercard should accept Revolut. This of course doesn’t cover every casino, as not all of them support these two cards, but it does mean that a vast majority will accept Revolut as a payment method.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos With Revolut

Withdrawals are much the same as deposits. Again, since casinos will treat Revolut cards as either Visa or Mastercard, any Revolut casino supporting withdrawals with those two payment methods will work. This makes things super simple for everyone involved.

Revolut Fees

Impressively, Revolut will not charge anything for any of its services below a certain limit. This is another factor which helps its popularity. The limits themselves are very reasonable, with users being able to exchange in over 30 fiat currencies without a charge up to £1,000/mo.

Past that, Revolut employs a reasonable 0.5% fee on transactions. This limit gets removed with the two higher tier account types.

Revolut & Cryptocurrencies

Another Revolut highlight feature is its excellent support for major cryptocurrencies. Over 30 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Stellar are supported, and can be exchanged with 30+ currencies instantly. You can even make investments into cryptocurrencies from just 1$. Everything is stored in the same virtual wallet – neatly and securely!

Revolut has even included handy alerts for you to stay on top of everything that’s happening in the crypto market. This is a really great feature and helps ensure you don’t get caught off guard.

Revolut Security & Privacy

Revolut takes the security of its users really seriously, by employing a host of different security measures. This comes in an effort to protect users from nasty and unexpected breaches of their privacy, or theft of their hard-earned funds.

On a physical level, the app can be locked using your fingerprint or Face ID if your phone supports it, otherwise, there’s always a passcode required for access.

Apart from that, you can disable the card from being used completely, all through the app. You can even select specific functions to disable. For example, you can choose for it not to work with ATMs (in the case of physical cards), or not to work with online transactions.

We briefly went over the disposable single-use virtual cards feature earlier, which is worth describing in more detail. You can use a completely new virtual card, with unique numbers and information for each of your online deposits.

This removes your actual card from the equation altogether, making sure things stay secure. That said, this of course isn’t a licence to visit shady websites.

Regardless, it’s quite a great feature to have against man-in-the-middle attacks, which is when a cyber thief places himself between you and a completely legitimate website, in order to steal your information.

Revolut is also introducing what’s known as a 3D Secure system. This means you’ll get prompts to confirm any payments you’re making online through the Revolut app.

Revolut Advantages & Disadvantages

Can you tell we really like Revolut and its features? Of course, no service is perfect, and we do have a few critiques to offer. We’ve compiled everything in a handy list below.


  • Excellent combination of traditional bank & e-wallet features
  • Impressive security & privacy features
  • Extremely useful analytics & monitoring features
  • Great crypto & stock support


  • Slightly limited features for free accounts
  • Limited usefulness in UK due to law
  • Waiting time for a physical card

Revolut Casinos Summary

What’s the final verdict on Revolut and its features, then? Well, if you’re looking for a payment method with the wide acceptability of credit/debit cards and the features of an e-wallet, look no further! Features will unfortunately be slightly limited if you’re living in the UK, but otherwise Revolut is an excellent and secure choice for all your casino payment needs!

Revolut Casinos FAQs

Revolut is a digital baking service which combines the wide acceptance of standard debit/credit cards with the features and security of an e-wallet.

Revolut employs many different security measures, including fingerprint authentication, disposable virtual cards, feature-specific customizable limits, and 3D Secure payments.

Revolut works primarily through an app on your mobile phone. The account is associated with your phone number and all the account functions can be controlled through the app.

Revolut supports all the major currencies including Euro, US Dollars and British Pound Sterling, along with about 30 other fiat currencies. Exchanges are fee-free up to £1,000/mo for standard accounts.

Yes! Any casino which accepts Visa and Mastercard payment options should accept Revolut. Users in the UK should keep in mind that credit card-funded payment methods are not allowed.

Revolut is accepted at all the best casinos accepting Visa and Mastercard payments.

Yes! Revolut supports the exchange of over 30 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


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