Top 10 Cryptocoin Casinos for 2019

Cryptocoin MoneyMost of you who are reading this post may be used to playing at the online casinos using your real money. “Crypto Currency” is the money that you have earned and transferred the same to the casino gaming account from your crypto-wallet.

At any point in time, you may withdraw the money from any ATM (Automated Teller Machine) around the world.

You might not be aware of cryptocurrency, cryptocoins or cryptocoin casinos. It would not be surprising to state that you might have heard the word cryptocurrency for the very first time.

You should be aware that the cryptocoin casinos have been in existence for quite some time and we cannot blame you for your ignorance because not many people know about it.

List of Top 10 Cryptocoin Casino Sites for 2019


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150 Free Spins


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Cryptocurrency is often regarded as the currency for the technical people and whizzes who can understand its overall operation. Strictly off limits for the simple people without any technical background or programming knowledge. Well, times are changing now, and everything will be different from earlier.

Just like bitcoin gambling, cryptocurrency is also moving forward and getting its fair share of response from the players. There are a lot of cryptocurrency casinos available on the internet and in this article, we are providing a brief overview of how it works.

Before you decide to close this window and click away, we would like to educate you and the rest of the readers over here that bitcoin gambling and cryptocurrency have a lot of advantages as compared to the regular online casinos.

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What are the Differences Between Cryptocoin and Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocoin is the unit of cryptocurrency just like the way a Canadian Dollar is a unit of CAD currency. The cryptocurrency is a decentralised payment system which means the payment does not require any middle person or institution. It is not under the control of the 3rd party and is a peer-to-peer ecosystem.

It is money without the involvement of banks or any other financial institutions. Any individual who uses this currency and involves himself in the transaction has a full copy of the necessary details which is what makes the entire system possible. All the transaction records of the coin are called its “blockchain“. So, as an individual, you will have complete control over your money, and you will decide what will happen to your money. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

It gets way better!

Since there is no requirement of financial institutions that can otherwise control the game, cryptocoin transactions are either cheap or completely free of cost. There are no fees or taxes involved in it. And above all, it is entirely safe and secure to use.

Cryptocoins make use of coding and double layer encryption that makes it difficult for cyber thugs to hack the system. All the online transfer takes place, through public as well as private keys which further increase the overall security protocols. No government or financial body can manipulate or interfere in the working of cryptocurrency.

The only negative thing about the cryptocurrency is that people can lose it quickly. Now the question arises how? The data can be destroyed because there is no central repository like a bank or a financial institution. Like for instance if your PC crashes, you can say goodbye to all the data stored on the hard disk. In other words, it’s like saying you have lost your wallet having $10,000 in it. So it is imperative that when you purchase cryptocoins, maintain all backup for the transactions.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

Till date, there are more than 700 cryptocurrency projects available, but only a fraction of them are legal and good at what they do. Also, there is an insufficient number of casinos that accept cryptocurrency currently. 

Below are the most famous and widely-used cryptocurrency types:

  • Bitcoin – It is the mother of all the cryptocurrencies available which came into existence in 2009. Not only it is the original cryptocurrency but regarded as the most popular and widely used one. More than 80% of the cryptocurrency is used by bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Cash – We can accept it as the child of Bitcoin. It is one of the widely-used peer-to-peer electronic cash. Fast transactions are one of the advantages of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Ethereum – Ether is the coin while Ethereum is the currency. It is regarded as revolutionary blockchain because it allows the individual to program tokens and contracts that can be self-executing. It is a boon for the businessmen and individuals because it offers different things in a lot of different ways.
  • Litecoin – It is somewhat similar to bitcoin regarding mining but offers a significant maximum coin supply. Although it is not very popular like bitcoin, it is good to note that cryptocoin casinos accept litecoin as well as bitcoin.
  • Dogecoin – It is named after the famous “doge” meme and is very popular because of the loyalty it offers to the users. It has a strong community base and is widely accepted at any of the cryptocoin casinos.
  • Monero – Another well-known private digital currency. It is also untraceable as all of the other cryptocurrencies. Everything is only under your control.
  • Dash – One of the most-preferred digital cash which can be used to spend anywhere. The whole transactions are processed in an open-source trading platform.
  • Ripple – Many Institutions and large companies already started to use Ripple for their money transactions due to its lightning-fast transfer process duration. It is the “World's only enterprise blockchain solution“.
  • Zcash – Its slogan is “Internet Money“. Unlike the other crypto money types, it hides your previous transactions and does not show them as historically to the public.

What is a Crypto-Coin Casino?

Cryptocoin Casino SitesWith the rise and popularity of cryptocoin currency, some cryptocoin casinos have mushroomed in the recent times. People can have their share of doubts about cryptocurrency because of lack of knowledge. There are many rumours, and misconceptions surrounding the cryptocoin casinos are that they are dubious and will trick people off their hard-earned money. This is absolutely rubbish and does not hold true.

All you have to do is to register carefully at any cryptocoin casino just like you do with other online casinos. You must do your research and gather as much info as available before trusting your money with them. In reality, the cryptocoin casinos have a lot of benefits as compared to the online casinos. Read below to know further.

Ever since the launch of bitcoin in the year 2009, the cryptocoin casino gaming platform looks more or less similar to the online casinos. Both of them have one thing standard which is the internet. It has grown in popularity, and people now are shifting from online casinos to cryptocoin casinos.

Cryptocoin Casinos Samples

There are a lot of cryptocoin casinos available online, but only a handful of them are legitimate and trustworthy. This is not because cryptocoin is unreliable but because the world of online gambling brings with itself a lot of greedy not good people. You should check out our article on casino scams and rogue casinos for more information. Here is a complete list of cryptocoin casinos that are considered legitimate and trustworthy:

  • – It accepts all the four currencies mentioned above which is ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. There is only one slot game available at the moment, but players can enjoy table games like video poker, roulette and blackjack.
  • PrimeDice – It accepts only bitcoin transactions and not the other ones. The exciting thing about this casino is that it has got a beautiful dice game that offers many profitable payouts to individual players.
  • MBitCasino – It also deals with bitcoin as the only form of transaction. It would not be an issue for players because bitcoin is readily found and recognised worldwide. The USP of this casino is that it offers a wide range of games and several slots from Betsoft, NetEnt and Endorphina. Players will find this casino identical to the regular online casinos.

Major Advantages of Cryptocoin Casinos

We have been talking a lot about cryptocoin casinos till now, but one thing that we haven’t said is that the casino offers a fantastic addition to the online gaming industry. You should seriously consider signing up to any of the casinos mentioned above. There are many benefits of playing at cryptocoin casinos like money saving, better deals at winning and many other things. Here is a list you need to check out:

  1. Since the cryptocurrencies are decentralised, there is no middle person. No bank or institution will charge a fee for your transactions. It means all the payments are free of any charge and other hidden costs.
  2. Apart from being tax-free, all the transactions are almost instant. Unlike other modes of payment like MasterCard and Visa that take time to process the request, there is no waiting time over here. All the payments are processed in real time where you can play immediately as soon as you have deposited the money.
  3. Since the crypto-coin currencies are all about P2P transactions and blockchains, it is the best thing that can happen to you. There are no personal details required, and you can sign up at the casinos only by giving your email address. No personal info like home address, telephone number and bank account are required to create an account. Just you need a username, and you are good to go.
  4. It is an excellent source of investment because the cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate. On the whole, it is not a good idea to exchange all the bitcoin/Dogecoin/Ethereum/litecoin for real money because it would turn futile in the long run. So, playing with the cryptocoins at the online casinos is the better alternative. You would not lose anything regarding money; instead, there is always the possibility of winning back.
  5. In spite of the fact that cryptocurrencies have been doing well for the past ten years, but it is not declared as an official currency in many nations. It might look dubious at first but is a blessing in disguise for players who live in countries where gambling is prohibited. These players can play at the crypto-coin casinos without any hassles because it is not making use of real money and entirely legitimate.
  6. The casinos that make use of bitcoin gambling make use of a system called Provably Fair. It is a cryptographic algorithm that allows players to check whether the game they intend to play is entirely fair or not. The usual casinos also have this feature, but it is outsourced to some 3rd party organisation. Players can have their mind at ease because the games they are playing is fair and random.

Reference: website.

Bottom Line

It is an accepted fact that many gamblers are not at ease while playing at the crypto-casinos with bitcoin gambling in general. But as per speculation, the cryptocurrency continues to rise in popularity. And with so many advantages associated with it, the crypto-coin casinos will continue mushrooming online in the upcoming years.

So why are you waiting? Go forth and register online at any legitimate crypto-casino and start experiencing a new world of crypto-gaming.

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