Best Siru Mobile Casinos for Fast & Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

The ability to instantly deposit money to and from one’s casino account has become integral in this day and age. Old methods like bank cards and bank transactions are therefore thrown out the window and replaced by newer methods. The best, fastest and safest of these methods is Siru, and we will, therefore, present the Best SiruMobile Casinos right here, so you can just go ahead and enjoy the most thrilling online casino games

The Best Siru Mobile Casinos for UK players

VideoSlot Casino
  • Huge selection of slots and casino games
  • Bonus offers available for new customers using Siru Mobile
  • Experience really sets this casino apart from the rest
Wixstar Casino
  • Exciting and varying bonuses
  • Supports the use of Siru Mobile
  • Easily accessible to UK-based players

Karamba Casino
  • Secure and safe casino with great customer service
  • Siru Mobile available for UK players
  • Good selection of casino games
Kaiser Slots Casino
  • Bonuses available through Siru Mobile
  • Available for all UK players
  • Wide selection of entertaining and (potentially) profitable casino games


Using Siru as a UK Player

Founded in Finland back in 2011, Siru Mobile is an innovative tech start-up with an international company structure. The company was founded in order to meet the growing demand of consumers who would prefer to pay through a mobile service, rather than using traditional depositing methods when playing at online casinos. As people turned more and more towards smartphone devices for work and entertainment purposes, it became essential to fill the urgent and growing gap in the market and offer payment alternatives through mobile.

It was this growing demand that sparked cloud-based payment experiences where people started using Siru Mobile for their day to day grocery purchases and other online services, such as enjoying the most thrilling slot games or chasing the highest paying jackpots. This banking method is similar to the Boku Deposit Solution where you use the facilities now and pay for it through your mobile bill.

Right after its inception back in 2011, Siru payment solution was only available in Finland, to Finnish customers. The success Siru had in this market was massive and quickly led to an expansion of the services. Scandinavian countries followed suit, and the payment solution was relatively speedily made available in the UK. UK players can today easily start to use Siru as their preferred way of depositing to online casinos, whether you’re after livening things up at a live dealer casino or looking for a top slot like Starburst.

The core concept behind Siru Mobile Casinos is this: instead of completing transactions to your favourite online casino by the use of traditional methods such as bank card or bank transactions, you simply deposit your chosen amount through Siru, right on your smartphone. The money will immediately be available in your casino account, without money being pulled from your bank, making this one of the most popular casino deposit methods. This might sound like you get to play for free, but that’s not quite true. Instead of relying on having money on your account when making the deposit, you simply play now and pay later. We will discuss this concept in-depth later on, but the main idea is that whatever you buy through Siru Mobile ends up on your monthly mobile carrier bill, unless you’re on a pre-paid plan, but keep reading for complete descriptions about how Siru payments to online casinos work.

Siru Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses and their availability has become a huge part of deciding what casino to play at, as well as which payment solution one should use. The vast majority of online casinos will now offer several different bonuses to its UK customers, and absolutely every single online casino will – at the very least – present new players with a tempting welcome bonus which usually comes in the form of a certain amount of free spins, or a certain amount of percentage back on your first deposit, meaning you get a decided amount of free money to play for as soon as your first deposit is made.

Certain e-wallets will be blocked from participation by certain casinos, and one can never be 100% sure that ones selected payment method will be valid for every single promotion or bonus offered by a casino, but choosing Siru Mobile should guarantee you some nice bonus offers, almost no matter which casino you decide to sign up with.

The only thing you should be aware of before accepting a bonus at a casino by way of Siru Mobile, is the fact that there are fairly low deposit limits when using Siru.

Making Deposits at Siru Mobile Casino – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you wish to use this particular mobile banking method, you need first to select a casino site that accepts deposits via Siru MobileOnce you have found your choice of site and registered with this casino (something that is usually done by navigating onto your chosen casino site and clicking “Register”), the next step is to fill in all the details and verify your mobile number by connecting it with the casino. Making deposits is not difficult, all you have to do is to visit the Payment Section on your casino site and select the deposit amount.

It is important to notice that the standard limits (as of the time of writing) usually sit at £20 per phone, £200 per week, or £400 per month when it comes to deposits made at online casinos. Apart from that, every deposit will attract fees worth £4. In reality this therefore entails that should you make a one-time deposit to an online casino using Siru Mobile on your smartphone, only £16 will be credited to your casino account and the remaining£4 will be deducted in the form of fees.

Before you can make a deposit to any online casino, you need to actually set up your very own Siru Mobile account. This is not done like any other payment solutions such as e-wallets, instead it is done in the following way:

  1. Make sure that you have a valid UK phone number
  2. Go ToSiru’s homepage and register
  3. Have your phone ready as you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm your phone number
  4. As soon as your phone number is confirmed, your account is ready to use.

As you can see from the step-by-step guide above, no banking information or valid bank card is needed in order to set up and get going with Siru Mobile. Once you have confirmed your phone number and this has been accepted, you are ready to make deposits to your selected casino. Note that payment is made either through paying your phone bill at the end of the month (this is usually the time of payment for normal phone bills, meaning that your casino gaming will count as a regular phone-billing service), or – if you have a pre-paid plan – the money will be immediately pulled from your existing balance. If your pre-paid balance cannot carry the extra £20, you will not be able to use Siru Mobile as a payment solution.

Can You Withdraw Money from an Online Casino using Siru Mobile?

There are not many drawbacks to a payment solution as hassle free and secure as Siru Mobile. In fact, the only real disadvantage is that whilst the vast majority of casinos will allow you to deposit and partake in bonuses when using Siru Mobile, no casino will allow you to withdraw money to your Siru account. This might be a bit inconvenient for customers who prefer to have everything in one place, but that is just the way it is at this moment. Siru does not allow withdrawals made to their service, therefore, every player and punter using Siru to deposit, should couple this service with a good and reliable e-wallet so that withdrawing becomes as easy as depositing.

This coupling of e-wallet and Siru Mobile will make it possible for you to deposit quick and easy (albeit with a small fee, which should be considered reasonable given the security and speed connected with using Siru), and if you spend some time to find an e-wallet that suits your needs, you should have no problem withdrawing safely either.

Make Every Payment through your Phone Bill!

The main concept behind Siru Mobile and its services, is that you do not need a bank account connected to this service in order to deposit to an online casino. This means that although you are able to make a one-time deposit of £20, this amount will not disappear from your card. Instead, this amount will show up on your monthly phone bill provided to you by your chosen carrier.

This is a nifty little solution, but it is important to be aware of the fact that although it might look like you are not being charged money to play at a casino, these charges are very real and will show up on your monthly phone bill. Pre-paid plans can also be connected with Siru Mobile, but in this case you need to make sure that your pre-paid plan can cover at least £20 extra as these funds will be withdrawn from your phone plan immediately.

Siru Mobile Payment Advantages & Disadvantages

Main advantages using Siru Mobile at online casinos:

  • Siru Mobile is one of the most convenient banking methods available online and is recommended for new and experienced gamblers and punters alike. You will have pre-set limits (similar or identical to the ones mentioned above) that will help get you started with your playing at online casinos, yet at the same time ensure that you don’t cross the limits of fun.
  • There is no need to submit any financial or personal details like name, date of birth, social security number etc., when setting up your Siru Mobile. Your mobile number is sufficient to carry out any transaction made online to a casino. This is synonymous with more security and you are also kept completely safe from any type of identity theft.
  • This payment method is now available not only in Northern European countries like Finland, but also in the UK. You will find tonnes of casinos offering this payment method to its UK-based customers. If you are having problems finding the casino that suits you the best, we advise you take a proper look at our specially curated list above, there is bound to be at least one casino perfect for you and your needs on this list.
  • Last but not least, you can play now and pay later on. You can pay for the gambling expenses at the end of the month where the amount is added in your monthly mobile bill, or, if you are on a pre-paid plan, the amount will automatically be withdrawn from said plan.
  • Using Siru is the best possible way to ensure that you don’t spend more money on online casinos than you had originally intended.

Main disadvantages using Siru Mobile at online casinos:

  • Withdrawals from a casino account to your Siru account is simply not a possibility. You will therefore need to find a different payment solution to use for withdrawals.
  • The fees connected with deposits made through Siru Mobile is slightly higher than fees connected with other mobile payment solutions like Boku and Zimpler. You will have to pay for £4 for every single deposit, but the positive aspect is that this fee goes towards guaranteeing your own safety when using Siru Mobile.
  • This payment method is not suitable for high rollers and players who prefer to place large wagers every time they play. The absolute maximum amount that a player can spend on betting and playing every month is set at £400, meaning that Siru Mobile is ideal for players who mainly use casinos as a way of having fun, and not as their main way of making a living.

Safety and Security

Previously, many players have expressed some concerns when it comes to making online transactions through smartphone devices. This might be considered reasonable seeing as these solutions are very new, but the team at Siru Mobile understands the importance of safety and security for all customers and offers 2 Factor Authentication Process in order to finalise any payment.

As the confidential data is between the player and Siru, the user has to make additional authentication for maximised security. Players can now have complete peace of mind, knowing that the risk management system at Siru Mobile is constantly evolving and keeping a close watch on unusual payment behaviours and blocks all suspicious transactions to protect its customers from fraud and theft.


How quickly are Siru Payments processed?

Siru payments are instant and will appear on your casino account as soon as you have confirmed the six-digit code sent to you by phone. You will also receive an invoice telling you that the transaction has been confirmed.

Do I need to register online to use Siru?

No registration or sign-up is needed in order to use Siru Mobile. All you need, is a valid UK phone number.

Can UK players use this method at online casinos?

Yes, Siru Mobile is now finally available all over the UK.

Is there a fee when depositing through Siru?

Yes, there is a standard fee of £4 with any transaction made through Siru Mobile.

Can I withdraw money from a casino site using Siru?

No, this is unfortunately not a possibility, meaning that you need to couple Siru Mobile with another transaction method. We recommend that you take a look at a good e-wallet to pair with your Siru Mobile.


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