The Best Real Money Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos in 2021

Baccarat: not just a game to play when the blackjack table is full. Online baccarat or live dealer baccarat is a whole new gaming experience with one of the best RTPs in the house.


Best Casinos to play Baccarat online

Paddy Power
Deposit £10, play with £50 on sign up
  • Wide variety of baccarat games
  • Live dealer options
* more terms & conditions apply
£50 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Superb live baccarat
  • Huge selection of baccarat games to choose from
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Deposit $10 play with £50 on sign up
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
  • Easy to use interface
* more terms & conditions apply
William Hill
100% up to £300 on sign up
  • Long history in providing baccarat games
  • Experts in casino gaming
* more terms & conditions apply
Welcome Bonus Money + Free Spins
  • Gaming in a fun environment
  • Huge selection of baccarat games to choose from
* more terms & conditions apply
100% up to £200 on the first deposit + 50% up to £200 on the second deposit
  • Easy to use interface
* more terms & conditions apply
All British
£10 cashback on losses for ever
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
  • Superb live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply
£200 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Easy to use interface
  • Huge selection of baccarat games to choose from
* more terms & conditions apply
£200 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Secure gaming environment
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
* more terms & conditions apply
Up to £100 Welcome Bonus + 20 Wager-Free Spins
  • Experts in baccarat gaming
  • Superb live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply

Full T&Cs apply. Free spins – no deposit required & new players only. Claim within 3 days of registration & 3 day expiry. Free spins worth £0.10 each on Book of Dead, winnings paid as cash. Deposit offers available across any two deposits. Both expire 7 days after registration & have 7 days to wager once claimed. Deposit £10, £25 or £50+ & wager 35x for a cash reward. Only cash stakes qualify & wagering contributions vary. 5 free spins on Book of Dead with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry.

£100 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Secure gaming environment
  • Huge selection of baccarat games to choose from
* more terms & conditions apply
Mr Green
£100 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Large selection of baccarat games
  • Excellent baccarat live
* more terms & conditions apply
€100 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Unbeatable baccarat selection
  • Top-of-the-game baccarat graphics
* more terms & conditions apply
£50 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Fantastic choice of baccarat games
  • Experts in baccarat gaming
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£150 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
  • Superb live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply
Bet £10, get £10 on sign up
  • Gaming in a fun environment
  • Easy to use interface
* more terms & conditions apply
Dream Vegas
£400 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Huge selection of baccarat games
  • Fantastic live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply
£10 Match Bonus on sign up
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
  • Superb live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply
Deposit £20, get £20
  • Excellent baccarat graphics
  • Superb live baccarat
* more terms & conditions apply


How to play Online Baccarat and Baccarat Rules

Baccarat – often referred to as the love child of blackjack and roulette – looks more complicated than it actually is. It’s, in fact, an incredibly simple and enjoyable casino game, and one you can enjoy while playing at your chosen online casino. It may not be the first casino game you think of, but did you know that baccarat is one of James Bond’s favourite casino games – he doesn’t have a film named ‘Casino Royale’ for nothing! It’s origins date back to the 15th century, but it only really gained popularity recently when the casinos across Las Vegas introduced the game to players. If you’ve never played baccarat before, or you’re simply looking for the best live dealer baccarat games to play, we’re here to offer you a helping hand. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know from how the game works, all the different variants, the rules and where to find the best baccarat casino games. We also give you a few hints and tip to improve your baccarat strategy, so you don’t have to go into the game blind-folded.

But first, here are some quick instructions on how to play baccarat at an online casino:

  1. Create an account at one of our recommended baccarat casino online website
  2. Deposit enough money so you’ll have enough funds for a couple of games. Don’t forget to claim your welcome offer or bonus promotion to play baccarat for free.
  3. Choose one of the exciting baccarat casino games to play. We recommend the live dealer games for the best experience
  4. Exchange your money for chips and place your chips on the banker, player or a tie. Don't worry, we have more information on how to play baccarat below.
  5. The dealer will close all bets and hand out the winnings before a new round begins.


The Rules

In baccarat, players compete against the cards dealt by the dealer with the goal of scoring the highest hand. The highest hand wins. There are three types of bet you can place a bet on. Both banker and player wagers can benefit the player, with the banker not having an affiliation to the house. The third place you can wager is the tie section. Whatever baccarat live casino game you play, the rules all work in a similar manner. But, it's important you learn how the game works to get the best results when playing any baccarat casino games.


The different wagers

The banker – a player can wager on the banker and if they have the highest score, win. Pays 1:1. 5% rake is deducted.

The player – a player can wager on the player and if they have the highest score, win. Pays 1:1.

A tie – a tie means the wager prediction was for the player and banker to have the same score. Pays 8:1.


Hand Values

Cards with the value of 2-9 have face value with all picture cards valued at zero.

Aces are valued at one point.

The highest scoring hand is a nine, and in baccarat is called a natural. This could throw you off a bit – what happens when I’m dealt my two cards and one is an eight, the other a seven. In this instance, the total of the two cards are added up and the first digit removed. So, 7+8=15, 15, giving you a total of 5.


How to play

The game starts once all players have placed their wagers. As mentioned earlier, you can bet on the banker, player or a tie. Once the bets have been placed, the banker will deal the cards. Every player will receive two cards with the possibility of a third card coming from the dealer’s shoe.


The third card

Should a natural raise its head for either the player or the banker, no further cards will be drawn.

If the banker or player DO NOT have a score of 8 or 9, another card will be drawn

Should the player be dealt a 6 or a 7, another card is drawn. A player’s cards must stand if they score 0-5.

If the banker gets a third card, the same rules apply as to the player, with the banker standing on 6 or 7 and drawing a third card should the banker hold 0-5.


Further rules

If the player is dealt a 2 or 3 the banker still needs to take another card with 0-4 but will stand on 5 to 7.

When the player is dealt a 4 or 5, the banker must draw another card if they are dealt 0-5 but stands on 6-7.

Should the player be dealt a 6 or 7, the bank draws on 0-6 but does not take another card on 7.

If the player draws an Ace, 9 or 10 (including any picture cards), the bank will draw on 0-3 but stand on 4-7.

Yeah, that’s a lot to take in, we know. Luckily your online casino will have a cheat sheet so you can refer to this, should you need a little clarification of the rules. If you’re literally too excited to log in and view this, we’ve provided one here:

Baccarat Drawing Rules


Online Baccarat Simulators – Play Before You Pay

There’s nothing worse, or perhaps, sillier than playing a game for real money that you’ve never played before. It’s like attempting to win the Tour de France without knowing how to ride a bicycle. Baccarat simulators or play money baccarat games can be found on most sites, and it’s a great way to learn the ins-and-outs of the game without spending a penny. Another way to play baccarat for free is by claiming a live casino bonus which you can wager on most live table games, giving you a chance to try the game for free without wagering real money.


Why Should I Choose Online Baccarat or Live Dealer Baccarat Over Other Casino Games?

Well, the tables are usually quieter, but this isn’t the main reason for choosing baccarat over other casino games. Baccarat odds may not be the highest in the house but Baccarat offers the highest RTP (and therefore, the lowest house edge) over every other game, apart from a highly-experienced gamer playing perfect basic strategy blackjack. One of the reasons baccarat odds are great for boosting your RTP is that it pays even money for wins, bar the ‘tie’ bet. Baccarat is a game of pure luck with a high RTP. What’s not to love?

Baccarat RTP is as follows: Baccarat RTP is as follows:

To bet on the banker: 98.4%

To bet on the player: 98.76%

To bet on a tie: 85.64%

What do we learn from this? Even with the seductive baccarat odds, don’t bet on a tie. That’s what we learn.


Different Forms of Baccarat

Like a bag of Liquorice Allsorts, baccarat comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes but luckily doesn’t contain any of those weird bobbly blue ones. Through its rich history, baccarat has evolved into many forms, including live dealer baccarat – yet all pretty similar to play. You'll be able to find all these baccarat casino games at all the top sites, and that includes everyone's favourite baccarat live casino game which adds more authenticity.


Chemin de Fer

Known rather affectionately as Chemmy, Chemin de Fer, literally translates as “railway” and is thought to be the original form of Baccarat. Still a popular form of the game, the name lends itself to the iron boxes that represent the iron road, or railway.

In this 6-deck version of baccarat, players are seated, as in traditional baccarat, around an oval table. While there is a dealer and inspector in live games, players shuffle the cards themselves. While playing online, this of course will be done by the RNG.

Once the game has started, a player is selected as ‘the banker’, while the rest are ‘the pointers’. The banker deals the cards and is also involved in the gameplay as they must also make a wager. Once the banker has placed his bet, the action begins, from right to left. Every player has the choice to ‘go bank’ which means matching the bankers bet or deciding on an amount to bet themselves.

If a player does indeed ‘go bank’ (to match the banker’s bet or increase it). Once a player has gone bank, no other player is allowed to make a wager. The action continues until both the banker’s bet and pointers bets are equal.

Now, for the cards. Once all the bets have been placed, the banker deals four cards face down – two to herself and two to the pointers. The pointers are playing as a team and it’s usually the pointer who has placed the highest bet that leads the action.

The banker and players now take a cheeky peek at their two-hole cards. If either pointer or banker have an 8 or 9, then the hand is revealed and then compared. Should pointers not be staring down at an 8 or a 9, they now have the decision to take a third card or not. Once a decision has been made, the banker does the same. Should the banker win, she takes all the bets placed by the pointers. If the pointers win, they divvy out the banker’s bet.

Once the next round starts, the banker title moves on to the next player and a new hand begins. Sadly, not as common as other forms of baccarat, Chemmy is an exciting variant of this classy table game.


Baccarat Squeeze

Perhaps this game should be called baccarat tease, because tease it does. Compared to our beloved baccarat, again, much like Chemin de fer, the cards are once again dealt face down. Now comes the teasing part – the dealer reveals cards, one by one, showing but a small section of each card. The way in which the cards are revealed is dependent on the bets placed in the round; the dealer first squeezes the cards with the largest total wager and then reveals the remaining hands. It’s worth taking note that squeezing the cards does not impact the final outcome of the game, it’s an element to increase the enjoyability of the game, boost the excitement and a great way of ruining cards, should you be playing in an online casino.

Luckily, baccarat squeeze is of course available online too, so you don’t have to worry about the cards getting bent.


Punto Banco

Punto Banco – the most common form of baccarat played during modern times, it’s also the most standardised version of the game, and the easiest to understand. Closely following the rules of standard baccarat, Punto Banco strategy is also a feature of the game which can help to give players an advantage at the table.


Baccarat Banque

If you studied GCSE French, you might remember that banque means bank in English. Also known as ‘deux tableau’ (two tables in French), as the dealer plays two hands. Playing against the left and right hand of the table, which also both receive cards. Similar to chemin de Fer, hands can represent multiple players. With each side of the table seating up to five players, if the player doesn’t want to match the dealer’s bet, the players can chip in. If the player hand is challenged and loses, the player seated to this player’s right will be dealt the next hand. Only when a player bets the dealer’s full amount, can they challenge the dealer. Remaining payers are not active in this particular round. First, the player on the right of the banker can decide to ‘go bank’, then the next player, and so on.

Winning and losing is the same as every other baccarat format, so you don’t need to worry about utilising that rusty noggin of yours.


Mini Baccarat Rules

Awww, if the game wasn’t cute enough, they created a mini version of it. How adorable. Mini Baccarat is, as expected, a mini version of baccarat. This is the eight-deck version of baccarat (when in land-based casinos). The dealer is always the banker and players do not not alternate in dealing cards from the shoe.


Live Online Casino Baccarat or Live Dealer Baccarat

The future has arrived. We can now log on to our laptops or open our phones and have a probably Eastern or Central European croupier with potentially above-average-looks deal baccarat live in our homes. Well, via a computer, mobile device or tablet at least. The best thing about this is that you can play live baccarat online at any time of day thanks to an array of live dealers. You can even chat to all the other players and the live dealer when playing live baccarat online – what's that for a truly authentic experience?

Live casino, including live dealer baccarat, is hugely popular, and will continue to be so. The only drawbacks players may find is that the game is slower than an RNG-dealt video game of Baccarat. Live casino has become increasingly popular, so you'll have no trouble finding it a baccarat casino online website, alongside other forms of live table games.


Video Baccarat

Video baccarat machines can be found in many a casino pit, and for good reason. Video baccarat is a much faster game than traditional baccarat. This benefits the casino as the house edge is so low on baccarat that the floor space could be utilised in a much more profitable way by the casino. So, speed the game up, make the playing units smaller and there you have it – increased velocity hold and speedier gameplay. Everyone’s happy.

Communal play on video baccarat machines is also a feature integrated into many video baccarat machines. The community-feel of baccarat is one of the most enjoyable elements of the game, so this feature is a must for players.


EZ Baccarat

As the name implies, this is the EZ (easy for people born before 1982) version of baccarat. Popular in the bay area of San Francisco, this is quickly becoming an international sensation with the online gambling world.

The beauty of EZ Baccarat is there is no 5% commission on the banker's hand. The house protects their edge by introducing “barred” hands that protect the casino from a player winning too much.


Online Baccarat Strategy

Asking a player what their baccarat strategy is similar to asking someone what their roulette strategy might be. There isn’t one, never will be one and even if you asked very politely, you’re not going to get one. Baccarat is 100% pure luck.  Saying that, there are ways of maximising your winnings while playing baccarat, a method we will furnish you with presently. After all, there are people that play baccarat for a living, so they must be doing something right. These tips work for any baccarat casino games, including the popular live dealer baccarat.

The (almost) even-money nature of the Banker bet allows us to use an evens chance gambling system. Our advice is to use the 1-3-2-4 system, which is a way of reducing your losses while you wait for those big wins.

If you are winning bets, they should continue as shown below:

Bet 1 is 1 unit, Bet 2 is 3 units, Bet 3 is 2 units and Bet 4 is 4 units.

If you lose, you revert back to Bet 1. This is a similar technique to playing even money chances on roulette.

Let’s break it down:

Should your first bet lose, you lose 1 unit.

If the second loses, you lose 2.05 units.

If the third loses, you make a profit of 1.8 units (including the house edge).

Should the fourth lose, you make a profit of 1.7 units.

If the fourth bet wins, your total profit is 9.5 units.

The beauty of this Baccarat system is that you only risk 2.05 units and have a chance of gaining 9.5 units in profit. To put it another way, you can have four losing sequences and get your money back with a single winning streak.


Looking For Patterns And Systems

A deck of cards has no memory. Which means that every time the deck is shuffled, brand new possibilities of chance are created. Players for patterns and try to build a system around this, although there is no mathematical basis in this increasing your winnings.

You’ll find these cards strewn about the tables in land-based casinos and sometimes have the opportunity to mark down your cards as you play online. If you’re a superstitious player – this could be a method for you.


Money Management While Playing Baccarat

Follow these five simple rules and you’ll improve your online baccarat balance:

  1. Divide up your money and control how much you bet at each round.
  2. One of the best ways to manage your money during the play is to pocket a certain percentage of your winnings each time you win or to pocket it all.
  3. Always bet on the banker. This bet has the lowest house edge and is the one to go for.
  4. Know when to call it a night. Try to pace yourself and always avoid losing it all early in the game.
  5. Never bet more money than you can afford to lose. This is bankroll management 101.
  6. Don't forget to claim baccarat live casino bonus for a chance to play baccarat for free.

Chasing losses is a real buzzkill to your gaming enjoyment and, if, say, you’re chasing £20 and worrying about how to pay for your kid’s new school shoes at the same time, we’d strongly recommend that you call it a day.


Online Baccarat Cheats and Tricks to Win


Here at Top 10 Casino Sites, we would never endorse foul play or affecting the final outcome of your online casino game. Saying that, there are ways of maximising your win potential while playing baccarat which we’ll go into below.

  1. Know your odds – the banker bet is usually set at 5% but not always, sometimes it can be as high as 25%. Always check your online casinos as to how much they’re charging for rake. The tie bet should be 8% but some casinos will go as low as 6%, which isn’t much fun at all.
  2. Decrease the deck – most baccarat games use a standard 8 deck of cards but sometimes it can be as low as 4. The fewer the cards, the greater your chance of taking home the big bucks.
  3. Play online – Not only will you see a higher number of hands with the faster gameplay. Another great aspect is that you can practice on a baccarat sim with play money until you get into the swing of it.

As mentioned earlier in this article. Always bet on the banker as this maximises your RTP. Try not to go on baccarat tilt and put your monthly mortgage payment on ‘Tie’. That’s for losers, literally.


Online Baccarat Conclusion

One of the greatest things about baccarat is that it has an awesome social element, more so when playing in land-based casinos, but also in online live casinos  – especially with live dealer baccarat. It’s a simple game to play which makes it a very easy-to-understand option for would-be gamers that are new to the casino universe, or just not very good at picking up game rules. Online Baccarat is the ideal game for players looking for a more communal atmosphere with simple, accessible rules.




What's the Difference Between a Banker, Player, and Tie Bet?

These are the available places you can choose to place your bet, with the cards deal to these player positions determining whether your bets win or lose. And remember – always bet on the banker.

Is it Possible to Win at Baccarat?

With an in-built mathematical advantage and the longer the games are played, the closer they are to reaching that house edge. Saying that baccarat has one of the lowest house edges in all casino games – so if you’re going to win, it could be with this one.

What Are Some of The Best Baccarat Basic Strategies?

As baccarat is a game of pure chance, there are no strategies. The only element that will give you an advantage is to always bet on the banker, as it carries the highest RTP.

What's The Difference Between Playing Online Baccarat or in a Land-Based Casino?

Well, if you’re going to a land-based casino you’re going to need to get dressed, leave the house and converse with a grumpy casino receptionist.

The biggest differences between playing online Baccarat and playing in a land-based casino is down to a couple of factors. Firstly, the speed at which hands are dealt. You’ll find the pace of the game in an online casino much faster, with the ability to see many more hands.

Is Baccarat a Game of Skill?

No, not in the slightest. Baccarat is a complete game of luck. The only skill element is to know to bet on the banker rather than your other two wager options.

Where can I play Live Baccarat?

Whether you're to the game or have been playing this classic game for years, you'll be happy to find out that many online casinos offer Live Baccarat for you to play. Of course, this will also depend on where you reside as different countries have different restrictions. We've put together numerous country guides so that you can find a reputable casino just for you, and these include Ireland, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Colombia, Pakistan, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam, amongst many others.

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