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The Best Crypto Casinos That Accept Solana (SOL) 2024

Solana is an excellent cryptocurrency that has gained in popularity since hitting the digital currency market in 2020. While not many casinos have caught wind of the new kid on the block(chain!), a number of cryptocurrency casinos are not just accepting it, but also selling it themselves. Here we have the lowdown on how SOL works and Solana casinos.

The Best Solana Casinos to Try Out in 2024

1 BC.Game
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Accepts Solana payments
  • Buy the cryptocurrency directly from the site
  • Easy sign-up using your Google account
Up To 360% Four-Part Welcome Bonus
2 DuelBits
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Deposit to your account directly with Solana
  • The site sells cryptocurrency itself
  • $45,000 Summer Lucky Drops
Wager $50 on Duel Poker And Get $5 Reward
3 RollBit Casino
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Includes own trading platform with Solana
  • Buy crypto with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay or G Pay
  • Plenty of Rollbit Original games
Bonus Battles Available

Discover the Best Solana Casino Bonuses

Giving you a couple of casino names and linking you to them is all well and good, but we’re sure you’re asking: “what’s so special about these casinos anyways?”.

Good question! Our top priority is always making sure our readers do not get burnt by any casino we recommend, so licensing is not only a must, but the bare minimum. This shortened our list of casinos to recommend significantly – there just aren’t that many given how relatively new this cryptocurrency is!

While it’s true that the crypto world moves fast, three years isn’t really a whole lot for a completely new coin to establish itself in a market of hundreds, if not thousands of competitors – which means it’s a real testament to Solana’s innovation for it to have made it so far into the vast crypto casino world at all!


BC.GAME Homepage Solana

The BC.GAME homepage showing a number of BC Originals. (Source: BC.GAME)

BC.GAME is set up as an interesting and innovative cross between a social platform, a crypto casino, and a sportsbook, making it a great choice for any casino gamer to go for, but one we feel surely won’t disappoint!

Licensed under the Curaçao registry with parent company BlockDance B.V., this casino site offers its players three different bonuses to choose from upon sign-up, apart from their more traditional welcome package.

Four deposit bonuses ranging from a 180% match on the first deposit to a 360% on the fourth await you! Of course, you can also go for the three special offers. However, whether it’s the quest-based bonus, a prize at the spinning wheel, or the intriguingly named ‘roll competition’, you should first read their bonus T&Cs to make sure you’re not missing any of the fine print!

What’s interesting about this platform is that it offers its players the option to buy cryptocurrency directly from the casino itself, making it a useful one-stop-shop for all things crypto casino – from buying your favourite coin at an exchange to cashing out! Solana (SOL) and a host of other cryptocoins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge are available!

Play at BC.GAME Casino


DuelBits Homepage Solana

The DuelBits casino homepage. (Source: DuelBits)

DuelBits takes a similar, but somewhat simpler approach in offering their Solana casino. Missing BC.GAME’s social features, DuelBits makes up for it with a no-frills, straight-to-the-point approach in both design and game offerings. Choose between the casino and sportsbook option in the top left-hand corner and get to your favourite titles!

Owned by Liquid Gaming N.V., DuelBits is licensed by the Government of Curaçao, which means it’s been vetted for fairness and security by a reputable third party licensing authority – a must with any kind of gambling site, regardless of whether it’s a crypto casino or not.

The best crypto casino bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and in this one, players can choose from a variety of options, including Lucky Drops, prize pool tournaments, cash drops in poker, live casino tournaments, and more! As always, it’s a good idea to look at the casino’s bonus and general terms and conditions before depositing to make sure you’re fully informed.

Apart from accepting deposits in SOL, this Solana casino also allows you to use it as a cryptocurrency exchange, making it possible for you to purchase and deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Apart from crypto, you can also deposit using more traditional payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, the paysafecard, and WebMoney.

Play at Duelbits Casino

RollBit Casino

Rollbit Homepage Solana

The RollBit casino homepage showing the Live Wins offerings. (Source: Rollbit Casino)

RollBit Casino doesn’t subscribe to the less-is-more mantra, because it offers its players all the possible features under the sun to play with – or at least most of them! A casino, sportsbook, crypto exchange, NFT platform, social gaming platform, and a tournament host – you dream it and if it’s got anything to do with crypto or casino, RollBit has it.

Owned by Bull Gaming N.V. and licensed by the Curaçao government, there aren’t any shady licensing issues here either. In terms of bonuses, RollBit falls a tad short since it only offers its players bonus battles, and not a straight-up traditional deposit bonus. At least not one we could find in its vast website. Even so, we still encourage you to read through the T&Cs for any information on those battles you should know from beforehand.

As with all of the best online casinos out there, RollBit offers its players a variety of different options to deposit with, whether it’s the coin of the hour Solana (SOL) or dozens upon dozens of other cryptocurrencies available in the portfolio section. If you’re feeling more traditional, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay transactions are also possible!

Play at RollBit Casino

Solana Casinos Pros & Cons

As with any other deposit method, using Solana to play at your favourite online casinos has its advantages and drawbacks. The cryptocurrency’s benefits and limitations often also translate directly into how good it is for use within the context of a crypto casino, and Solana is no different. Here’s how we’d break it down:


  • Quick transactions
  • Innovative and forward-thinking cryptocurrency
  • Interesting bonus options at Solana casinos
  • SOL casinos are often one-stop-shops for all things crypto casino


  • Yet to be as widely available as larger cryptocurrencies
  • Some Solana casinos are unlicensed, so keep an eye out

What Is Solana & How Does It Work?

Okay, so you know where to play if you’ve set your sights on trying out casinos that accept Solana, but for the less initiated among us, what even is Solana? Is SOL the same thing?

Solana is a proof of stake blockchain platform with a native currency called SOL. It was introduced to the crypto world in 2020 as a competitor to Ethereum, supporting similar smart contract and decentralised app functionality.
Solana logo

The Solana Logo. (Source: Crypto Markets Wiki)

Hold on – what? Yes, that’s a bunch of words not everyone may be entirely familiar with, so let’s break it down:

  • Blockchain
    The basis of all cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is a long list of transactions shared by all the users of a particular crypto platform which is verified by hundreds of computers, each checking each other’s work. The blockchain platform native to a particular crypto coin is the backbone of any cryptocurrency.
  • Proof of Stake
    Proof of stake is one of the two most popular methods of verification in use by cryptocurrency platforms. It works by requiring that the computers doing the verification hold an amount of the cryptocurrency – in this case SOL, themselves. This means it’s in those computers’ owners’ best interest to make sure the verification is done correctly. When compared to the other kind of crypto verification, proof of stake is quicker and more energy efficient, with crypto platform giants such as Ethereum making the switch to it in recent years.
  • SOL, Solana’s Native Currency
    In the same way the Ethereum blockchain has Ether (ETH) as its native cryptocurrency, the Solana blockchain has SOL. In common parlance, the name of the blockchain and that of the cryptocoin itself is often used interchangeably, but it’s good to know the difference.
  • Smart Contracts and Decentralised Apps
    Smart Contracts are a particular capability that only some cryptocurrency platforms provide. These allow for computer programs to run on the blockchain platform, which that cryptocurrency uses. This has given rise to what is known as decentralised applications, or Dapps, which can range from financial applications to whole markets for things such as NFTs!

What Makes Solana Different to Other Cryptocurrencies?

The Solana platform is built from the ground up to support these kinds of decentralised applications, rather than having the functionality tacked on after release as is common with some other cryptocurrencies.

While Solana is less widely available, it’s newer, more innovative, quicker, and cheaper to implement than rival platforms.

Ethereum is Solana’s main competitor in the crypto space, but given that casinos that accept Solana are likely to also accept Ethereum, the competition only benefits casino players! While Ethereum may be more widely adopted, compared to ETH, Solana is quicker, processing more transactions per second. On top of that are the lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum by host platforms.

The Value of Solana

Just like any other cryptocurrency, Solana has had its ups and downs in the crypto market. As with other platforms, the FTX Bankruptcy at the tail end of 2022 impacted its market capital negatively, but since then SOL has seen a steady rise as more and more players in the crypto space make use of it.

Solana Casinos – What to Prioritise

Now that you’ve got a good grasp of what SOL is, it’s time to move on to how to pick out the best Solana casinos for yourself. While we’ve got our own list of favourite casinos that accept the cryptocurrency, you might want to know the secret sauce behind how we choose them, so let’s dig in!

Why Is Solana Suited to Online Casinos?

As mentioned above, Solana differs from its main competitor Ethereum by having quicker transaction speeds and lower transaction charges.

As you might imagine, for the average casino player this means quicker deposits and withdrawals, with the lower transaction costs allowing for wider adoption and less chance of charges being passed down to the player by the casino.

Solana’s benefits for casino players include quicker and cheaper transactions.


The first thing we look out for when choosing an appropriate casino to recommend is licensing. This factor should be crowned king for any player wanting to avoid scams and grifts – and we know that both the crypto and casino market are full of these!

Licensing allows players to make sure that a third party has vetted the casino and verified that it adheres to at least a basic level of security and trustworthiness. The best licenses tend to be from authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and Curaçao.


Top-notch casinos also have the best casino bonuses, and it’s no different with crypto casinos or more specifically, casinos that accept Solana transactions. Throughout our search for the Solana casinos we recommend above, we noticed that the sites offering SOL deposits often had a non-traditional bonus offering.

New Solana casinos will often have non-traditional bonus offerings in the form of bonus competitions and tournaments.

You’ll notice that it’s common to find competitions and tournaments rather than something along the lines of a more traditional 200% deposit bonus. This is an interesting feature of newer and more innovative casinos and, while it may not be for everyone, it certainly adds a dose of variety that’s not otherwise found in more traditional offerings.

Game Variety

This factor is a prime consideration for any kind of casino out there, whether offering traditional payment options or cryptocurrency transactions.

We recommend that any player looking at a prospective Solana casino looks up a couple of their favourite titles in the game section of that site before signing up or depositing. There’s nothing worse than putting down a substantial deposit at a casino only to find your favourite game isn’t even there!

You’ll often find that apart from more traditional slots and live casino titles, some of the best casino arcade games will also be available to play. Among these you’ll find titles such as the ultra-popular crash gambling – check out Top10’s free crash gambling for yourself!

Other Payment Options

Besides Solana, you might hold a few other cryptocurrencies you'd like to make use of by depositing into your online casino account. In the crypto space, it’s common practice to hold a stock of more than one coin at a time, so having multiple cryptocurrency deposit options at a casino is a definite must.

On top of that, if a casino also supports traditional payment options, that’s a definite additional plus. This saves you the hassle of changing out your traditional fiat currency into crypto if you just need a quick top-up and you’ve run out of SOL.

Casinos and Crypto Exchanges Casinos and Crypto Exchanges

While doing the research for this article, we noticed that many Solana casinos also offer the functionality of a crypto exchange. This means that you can convert your traditional currency to crypto directly at the casino. While this is a nice addition for convenience, we would keep a cautious eye on this. Crypto exchange hacks are usually how cryptocurrency gets stolen, so sticking to larger, more reputable exchanges may be wise.

Depositing & Withdrawing With Solana

Depositing and withdrawing your funds at a casino that accepts Solana works much the same as at any other crypto casino. The gaming site will provide you with an address to send SOL to from your crypto wallet when you’re depositing. Once withdrawing, the opposite will happen – you’ll provide the wallet address, and the casino will send the funds to you. It’s really that simple!

Solana Casinos – Our Thoughts

Now that you’ve had an in-depth breakdown of what Solana and Solana casinos are all about, you might want to know what we personally think about this new cryptocurrency hitting our favourite gaming sites.

We believe there’s no doubt about Solana’s use in the space: having quicker and cheaper transactions is beneficial for any kind of host platform. While we hope to see more widespread adoption of this cryptocoin, for now, it’s an interesting option for the more adventurous crypto gamblers among us, and what’s crypto and casino except for one big exciting adventure?

FAQ section

Solana offers players an alternative to established platforms such as Ethereum. It boasts quicker and cheaper transactions and a blockchain built from the ground up for innovative and exciting Dapps.

The best way to quickly find this out is to scroll down to the footer of a casino’s homepage and look for Solana’s distinctive ‘S’ logo. In lieu of this, we would navigate to the casino’s banking page and check for a mention of Solana there.

This all comes down to personal preference. Simply make sure your prospective Solana casino is licensed and has the games you’d like to play, and from there on, the choice is all yours – whether you want to prioritise bonuses, features, or support for other deposit methods.

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