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The Best Online Slot Tournaments Casino Guide 2024 – Top10-CasinoSites

Online slot tournaments are the perfect opportunity for players who fancy a bit of friendly competition alongside their usual gameplay. But what are the different types available, and which casinos offer them? Read on to find out all this and more!

Best Slot Tournament Casinos

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  • Daily King's Tournament
  • 24/7 Live chat customer support
  • Fast withdrawals
Up to €/$2500 + 250 Free Spins
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  • Great slot tournaments
  • 24/7 Customer support via live chat
  • Withdrawal limit is above average
100% up to €100 on First Deposit
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  • Jelly Wins slot tournament with €30,000 prize pool
  • Top-tier software providers
  • Massive number of payment methods
100% up to €300
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  • Weekly slot tournaments with a €1,500 top prize
  • Multiple language support
  • Many iGaming awards
€500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins
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  • 5-day Playson slot tournament with €5,000 prize pool
  • Many payment options
  • Lots of top games providers
100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins
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  • €60,000 Prize pool at Playson’s “Weekly Madness”
  • Huge selection of games
  • 24/7 Live chat support
100% up to €300

What Are Online Slot Tournaments?

Online slot tournaments can be described as a sort of social and competitive event that involve casino players spinning the reels on selected slots titles. The two primary tournament categories are:

  • Free online slot tournaments
  • Buy-in slot tournaments
Players compete against one another for the largest share of the prize on offer. You score and collect points as you spin, which are then displayed on the tournament leaderboard.

Those who finish at the top of the leaderboard receive a larger cut of the overall prize pool, though it is common for online slot tournaments to offer smaller prizes as well. These are often awarded to the player who had the most spins or the player with the lowest credit total at the end of the tournament.

Although the rules of online slot tournaments do vary from each other, the general features they have in common include the following:

  • Players start the event with the same number of credits.
  • All players compete on the same slots title.
  • There is a specific time frame that the competition runs on.
  • The winner is the player who has the highest points total or number of credits.
  • There is a pre-set number of top places that share in the overall prize pool.

Online slot tournament prizes can range from free spins and casino bonuses to cash.

How do Slot Tournaments Work? How do Slot Tournaments Work?

Free slot tournaments are also known as freerolls, and offer real prizes that can come in a variety of forms. Entering them is a great way of potentially boosting your bankroll so that you can play more of your favourite real-money casino games.

How Do Online Slot Tournaments Work?

To understand how online slot tournaments work, there are some key casino features and terminology that you need to be aware of.

Beyond the ones that we have already mentioned above, there are also variations that include scheduled, sit and go, feeder, survival, mission, prize draw, reloader, unlimited spend, one-shot, comped and survivor slots tournaments.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Players who enter freerolls are given a specific number of free credits, which must all be used.

The game ends when a player reaches zero. Winning one of these freerolls is a great way to build your bankroll to then play the real money slots and table games at the online casino that hosted the tournament!

Buy-In Slot Tournaments

As the name suggests, you need to pay a participation fee to enter a buy-in online slot tournament, which then adds to the total of the final prize pool. However, although these buy-in slot tournaments can be a lot of fun to play, they are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

The Leaderboard

The tournament leaderboard displays the scores of players with the number of points that they have accrued. This feature updates in real time so you'll always know where you stand in the tournament rankings.

Prize Pool

With online slot tournaments, the term prize pool refers to the fact that the available winnings are shared between the top players on the leaderboard.

Generally speaking, the top 10 players in the tournament will each win a share of the total reward.

What Are the Different Types of Online Slot Tournaments?

Once you decide which type of tournament you want to enter, it is a good idea to carefully read the terms and conditions so that unexpected surprises are avoided.

The common types of online slot tournaments include:

Menu title

Scheduled tournaments begin at a scheduled time and play out within a set time limit as well.

Sit and go is the term used to refer to open-seat slot tournaments that have a limited number of available places. Once all of the available spots fill up, the competition and the fun begin!

A feeder slot tournament is one where players have to buy in, with the prize up for grabs a free entry to yet another tournament. The tournament spot up for grabs tends to be one with a big payout opportunity. The only downside to these types of tournaments is the fact that a player has to do well in a pair of consecutive competitions before they can enjoy any rewards.

Survival slot tournaments are knock-out competitions. Because of this, they tend to be among the most exciting options, typically having three rounds that each last a few minutes. When each round concludes, the number of remaining competitors is reduced, with those having the lowest scores being removed from the field.

Mission tournaments utilise the various features of the slot title that is being used for the event. The goal is to complete a specified number of missions while doing so in the fewest number of spins. An example would be activating a bonus round a specified number of times.

Here, you receive a prize draw ticket for a preset number of bets when you compete in a prize draw online slot tournament. Your chances of winning increase with the purchase of more tickets.

A reloader slot tournament gives players the opportunity to buy additional sessions for a fee and then play again. It is similar to the concept of re-buys that are often offered in poker tournaments.

Unlimited spend slot tournaments are also commonly called extender slot tournaments. They give players the opportunity to purchase optional add-ons that help them to maximise their chance of winning by boosting their base score.

As the name indicates, a one-shot slot tournament is a type of event where players have only one chance to qualify for each stage.

Comped slot tournaments are free to enter, but you must have an invitation to do so. These invitations are given out to players who have previously spent high amounts on real-money casino games on the operator's site. Upon reaching a specified number of points, an invite is given to a comped slot tournament. These tournaments are generally created for players who have earned an online loyalty bonus for being a high roller or being a member of the casino's VIP club.

The Difference Between Jackpot Slots and Slot Tournaments

It is common for players to confuse online slot tournaments for another popular casino option called jackpot slots. Though both of these options are a lot of fun and can offer great payouts, they are not the same thing.

As noted previously, slot tournaments are competitions between other players at the casino where the winners are determined by the scores tallied on the leaderboard.

In comparison, jackpot slots are just played by a single player at a time. Regular slot games have a fixed payout structure, but some games offer impressive jackpot opportunities that can deliver a big payout if achieved.

Then there are both fixed jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots. Fixed jackpot slots are where the prize is bigger than the normal payouts players see for matching symbols on a line.

With progressive jackpot slots, a small portion of each wager contributes to a progressive total that continues to go up. Because of this, these games offer some of the biggest jackpot opportunities out there!

How Online Slot Tournaments Differ From Drops and Wins How Online Slot Tournaments Differ From Drops and Wins
There are some key differences between online slot tournaments and Drops and Wins. With Drops and Wins, the jackpot is progressive, multiple slots are eligible, and the jackpots are random. This differs from slot tournaments where the prizes are fixed, there is a limited number of eligible slot titles, and the prizes are organised by way of the players with the highest scores.

How To Start Playing Online Slot Tournaments

The below step-by-step set of instructions will guide you through the process of playing online slot tournaments.

How to Join an Online Slot Tournament
  • Find an online casino offering slot tournaments – Referencing our above list of the best online slot tournament casinos is an easy way to find a tournament that you can enter.
  • Download and install the casino's app – Downloading your preferred casino's app and installing it onto your mobile device is easy. Simply head to the casino's website or get it from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Register and make your deposit – As soon as you have signed up at an online casino and provided any required personal and banking details, you can head to the tournaments or promotions tab and view the available online slot tournaments.
  • Join your preferred slot tournament – Once you find a competition you want to join, simply enter it and let the fun begin!

Online Slot Tournament Strategies

Luck is the major factor that determines the outcome of online slot tournaments, though there are certain ways you can increase your chances of success. Check out our top slots strategy tips to learn more, and see our following section for some useful pointers.

The Dos and Don'ts of Online Slot Tournaments

Though scoring a win in an online slot tournament relies primarily on luck, there are a few helpful things that you should keep in mind which we've listed here.


  • Make sure you understand the tournament rules.
  • Verify if you can play with any of the winnings you earn.
  • Stick to a pre-set time limit.
  • Make sure you use up all of your tournament credits.


  • Don't spend your time constantly watching the leaderboard.
  • Don't deposit or wager more than you can afford to lose.

Small wins are not an indication of upcoming larger wins. Remember: all outcomes are random!

Online Slot Tournament Positives and Negatives


  • Potential for big prizes/winnings
  • Improved chances of success
  • Get more spins for your money
  • VIP members often get free entry


  • The tournament might not be in your favourite slot
  • You won't be able to keep any jackpots you win
  • You have to stick to the schedule of the tournament
  • Many of the bigger tournaments have comped entries
Are There Other Types of Online Casino Tournaments? Are There Other Types of Online Casino Tournaments?
Online slot tournaments are a lot of fun, but they are not the only kind of casino tournaments that today's online operators offer. Other options that you should check out include poker, blackjack, and roulette tournaments, usually available in the site's live casino section.

Online Slot Tournaments Conclusion

As we’ve seen from all of the the best online casinos, online slot tournaments can be a lot of fun, giving you the opportunity to possibly score some great prizes. With that said, it is important to remember not to expect huge winnings.

Regardless of how fast you are at spinning the reels and at re-buys, the type of winnings that are up for grabs will make it hard to justify the amount of time you devoted to gaining them. The best strategy is to simply approach online slot tournaments as a fun activity that adds to your overall casino experience!

Online Slot Tournaments FAQs:

Because online slot tournaments can be somewhat difficult to find, we suggest that you check out the casinos listed above. You can also check the site's ‘Promotions' page.

Everything will depend on the type of online slot tournaments. Some can last an hour, whereas others can go on for a month – there are even those which finish within a single day.

Once you know the number of competitors and the prize pool available, then it’s just a question of mathematics. First, check the slot’s RTP. If it is less than 95%, then the possible winnings within the fixed time period may not be enough.

The prize pool is displayed before the tourney starts. Because many casinos will keep a percentage of this for their own profits, be sure to check the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Most slot tournament pool prizes will be either cash, free spins or many types of bonuses. Cash amounts can range from $500 to $1,000. Free spins can vary from 500 to 1,000. A jackpot slot prize may be given which goes to the overall winner. Some online casinos will give away physical prizes like mobile phones, holidays or computers, though these are much less common.

Provided that you’re playing at an online casino that’s fully regulated with a reputable licence, then the game will be absolutely fair.

It’s a good idea to try out the slot’s free-play version as a means of practising. There’s no risk to your bankroll in doing this, and the gameplay remains identical.

On the whole, you are limited to your own physical dexterity. Although most slot tournaments prohibit the use of auto-play, you can speed up the gameplay by simply clicking through the free spins and other bonuses.

These are normally invitation-only as a reward for reaching VIP status in a casino's loyalty scheme. With your participation being a reward, you are not required to pay for entry to the tournament.

Absolutely! You can play either via a mobile browser or a native casino app. Many casino sites will have exclusive slot online casino tournaments just for phone users.

There are plenty of key factors that make it worth it to play online slot tournaments. Tournament play is a great way to boost your chance of winning money, and they often offer great prizes. It is also often an option to play free slot tournaments online where you have the chance to win real prizes.

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