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Grab a Bonus at High Roller Casinos – Big Stakes, Even Bigger Rewards in 2023!

High roller casinos aim to reward the most loyal customers who bet large amounts of money with exclusive benefits, ranging from the latest gadgets to instant withdrawals. Ready to supersize your gambling experience? Learn how in our high roller casino bonus guide for 2023!

The Best High Roller Casinos

  • Amazing VIP/ high roller promotions
  • Wide-ranging betting markets
  • Good game selection
200% Welcome Deposit Bonus + 10 free spins.
  • High roller bonuses
  • High-quality live dealer games
  • VIP club available
£/$750 Match Bonus + 100 Free Spins
  • Personal account management
  • VIP casino events & promos
  • Incredible welcome bonuses
100% up to £100
4 Skol Casino
  • Impressive high roller welcome bonus
  • Vast selection of 2,500+ games
  • Exciting VIP programme
Up to €1,300 Bonus + 250 Bonus Spins
  • High roller club
  • Daily prizes for VIPs
  • Six prize chests
200% deposit-match bonus up to £/$500
6 BetVictor
  • High withdrawals allowed
  • Incredibly impressive odds
  • Amazing market selections
100% up to £/€300

What Is a High Roller?

High rollers aren’t a special kind of bonus or slot mechanic, but a particular kind of casino player.

A VIP usually stands for a very important person, but – at high roller casinos, at least – the letters mean very important player. What makes one player more important to high roller casinos (online and land-based) is the amount they tend to deposit and wager.

High rollers are casino players who regularly deposit and wager large amounts of money.

In other words, a high roller is someone who bets big, even if they do not bet often. The best high roller casinos treat players to extra features or offer them rewards to recognise their status. Although many players are perfectly happy to play low-stake slots for more regular gaming, high rollers see casinos – online or otherwise – in a different light.

Is a High Roller Always a VIP? Is a High Roller Always a VIP?

To be clear, many of the best high roller casinos treat VIPs as high rollers and vice versa. In other words, the terms can be interchangeable, along with ‘whale' or ‘cheetah', which are also nicknames given to some high rollers. However, this is not universal.

For example, some high roller casinos may only offer VIP status to players who deposit so much a month, while for others, it might be over a different period. There again, some online high roller casinos may only consider VIPs to be players who bet large rather than deposit over a certain threshold.

Consequently, a high roller is a type of player, while a VIP is a status than can be given to such players.

As such, high roller rewards at online casinos may differ greatly, even among the best online casinos. Indeed, you might be considered to be a high roller without ever achieving a VIP status, though this will depend on the criteria laid out by your casino's loyalty scheme.

How Much Do I Need To Bet To Be Considered a High Roller?

There is no fixed betting threshold that all online casinos follow – as such, the definition of a high roller is different depending on your online gambling platform of choice. Geographic variations also exist.

High Roller Casinos and Deposits

High Rollers around the world High Rollers around the world

At Australian casinos, you will be considered a high roller if you bet between $50,000 and $75,000 at a table. On the other hand, in Las Vegas, you would need to deposit higher sums and wager higher amounts too – anything between $150,000 and $300,000 would be the norm. That said, casinos in Macau have the highest minimum limits – up to $500,000 might be needed to be considered a high roller there!

When it comes to online gambling platforms, wagers between $10,000 and $200,000 are considered the sweet spot for a high roller casino bonus.

Although they are certainly a privileged crowd, it is worth noting that high rollers make up a very small fraction of the total players for the average online casino.

Essentially, that means it’s significantly harder to find a high roller casino bonus – some platforms don’t even advertise one at all.

High Roller No Deposit Bonuses

Whilst welcome offers and no deposit bonuses consisting of extra funds or free spins are fairly common with regular players, it is almost impossible to find a high roller casino no deposit bonus. After all, the ‘high roller’ moniker depends specifically on how much is deposited!

That is because the best VIP bonuses for gambling will always require a commitment and a large money deposit upfront.

What High Roller Rewards at Online Casinos Are There?

High roller casino bonus offers have a common denominator – they offer preferential treatment. The ultimate goal is to keep you playing for longer and reward you for your activity.

These rewards can range from substantial matched deposit bonuses to faster deposits & withdrawals and even a personal account manager.

Tailored Deposit Bonuses

A fairly common reward for VIP players is a higher first deposit bonus than the one advertised for regular players. Some platforms can even match your deposit up to a staggering €10,000!

You can also receive extra bonuses on top, such as free spins with higher value (or VIP spins), better cashback percentages of up to 30% and even reload bonuses on top of your consecutive deposits to boost your bankroll even more.

If you’re enrolled in a VIP programme that includes tiers such as Platinum or Gold, the higher your status, the bigger the rewards!

High Roller Account Manager

A dedicated host or VIP manager is a fantastic high roller casino bonus that is normally reserved for players who reached the upper levels of the casino's VIP programme.

VIP managers are there to manage all aspects of VIP accounts, as well as make sure the players are happy, comfortable, and well-taken care of. Of course, they are also employed to encourage you to keep playing on the platform.

Usually, an account manager will be available 24/7 for high rollers, ready to offer assistance and answer any questions.

Priority Customer Service

Some of the best high roller casinos offer their VIP customers priority customer service. How does this break down?

VIP Support Perks

With VIP support perks, better response rates on queries are usually provided. A dedicated phone number is sometimes set up as well, which would typically be available 24/7.

This sort of VIP bonus is often under-valued, but it can be extremely handy, especially for a high-net-worth individual.

Higher Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

If you’ve been dabbling into the world of online gambling for a while, you may know that each casino has a set monthly limit for both deposits and withdrawals. Similarly, restrictions are imposed on how much money you can deposit or withdraw in a single transaction.

Because high rollers frequently deposit, play, and win large amounts of money, it makes sense that gambling platforms would adapt and offer them custom limits to suit their playing style.

Not only that, but casinos also often cater to their exclusive players by waiving transfer fees and offering better processing times for both deposits and withdrawals (typically under 24 hours).

Exclusive High Roller Gifts & Tournaments

High rollers are obviously an elite group of online gamblers – as such, they are often granted the juiciest perks and gifts!

How does a trip to Las Vegas sound? Or the latest Apple products delivered right to your door? Well, that would be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a high roller casino bonus can consist of.

The best high roller casinos offer bonuses that reward you for something you’re already doing. That’s exactly the idea behind granting VIP players access to exclusive casino tournaments and races.

Most often, competitions organised for high rollers provide access to much more substantial prize pools. Typically, these will also require large stakes to be made. Sometimes, even a formal invitation to participate will be issued to all the high rollers at the casino. Whether you prefer high-stake slots, poker or blackjack tournaments, the idea is to test your skills against other elite players and, if successful, to land large winnings in the process.

Once you join a VIP programme, you can expect to receive exclusive trips and even getaways to luxurious locations. Many such trips will be all expenses paid for. Additionally, birthday bonuses, the latest gadgets (smartphones and tablets), plus exclusive prize draws & giveaways are on offer. There are some online VIP programmes for high rollers where you can even win sports cars!

How To Claim a High Roller Casino Bonus

In most cases, the procedure you need to follow to claim a high roller casino bonus is very similar to that of a standard welcome bonus for new players.

In other words, you need to sign up for a new account and complete the verification process. From here, the only real difference involved is that you need to deposit larger sums of money to be eligible for the promotion in question.

Make sure you select the high roller option upon registration if your online gambling platform of choice has more than one bonus advertised. Of course, you will then need to make the minimum deposit requested as well as fulfil the wagering terms.

Note that casino promo codes can sometimes be a requirement, too. If so, you may have to input the code into a designated field along with your deposit.

Bear in mind that there may be some online high roller casinos where VIP bonuses are accessible only via an invite-only VIP club or membership programme. In such cases, the only way you can access your bonus would be to receive an invitation to join directly from the casino itself.

Terms & Conditions of High Roller Bonuses at VIP Casinos

Becoming a high roller isn’t all fun and games – there are some responsibilities, too. Same as other promotional offers, a high roller casino bonus is subject to the usual terms and conditions you may be accustomed to;

For Example:

Top high roller casinos will often have a VIP bonus that comes with wagering requirements of 35x to 70x, on average. These requirements typically apply to both free spins and VIP-matched deposit bonuses if any were awarded on sign-up. Depending on the casino, the wagering requirements will refer to the number of times you have to bet a bonus sum before you are able to convert the winnings to real money.

In other words, you can only withdraw winnings to your bank account once this requirement is met. Since you will be dealing with large sums of money as a high roller or VIP, you should aim for this number to be as low as possible.

If the high roller wagering requirements are relatively easy to meet, then you can be sure that the casino values its VIP and high roller players!

Even high rollers must claim their bonuses within a predetermined deadline. These may differ from establishment to establishment, but all the best high roller casinos set them, for example, at 7 or 14 days.

Your bonus amount and any wins you may have acquired will both be annulled if you don’t fulfil the wagering requirements within this period.

Thankfully, VIP casinos often provide more flexible time limits for high rollers. This is a strategy that is meant to entice high-net-worth individuals to deposit, wager more, and engage with the advertised bonuses at high roller casinos.

A high roller casino bonus will, as expected, require a larger minimum deposit than a regular welcome bonus.

The differences can be quite staggering, depending on your online casino of choice (e.g. €\$500 minimum deposit for VIP players vs. only 10 €\$ for standard customers).

This kind of restriction applies only to tiered VIP clubs consisting of different levels – e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Essentially, to reach a particular tier, you need to deposit and wager a specified amount of money each week/month and earn a set number of points that can be converted to cash, gadgets and such. The higher up the ladder you climb, the more stringent the requirements become.

Unfortunately, some gambling platforms will downgrade you if you don’t fulfil the requirements or forfeit your high roller casino bonus.

Oftentimes, you can even be penalised if your account is inactive over a longer period of time, with some of your benefits being revoked (e.g. your custom deposit/withdrawal limits).

Pros & Cons of Becoming a High Roller & VIP Player

The process of attaining VIP membership can be time-consuming and involve a lot of effort. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it for the potential rewards, here are the key things to consider:


  • A personal VIP manager
  • Higher first deposit bonuses
  • VIP bonus points that can be converted into cash
  • Exclusive gifts and compensation (vacations, trips, gadgets etc.)
  • Custom deposit & withdrawal limits
  • Big reload bonuses often provided
  • Fast cashouts with no fees
  • Invitations to VIP-only events


  • Not all casinos offer high roller bonuses
  • Constant & substantial deposits are required to keep your rewards
  • Hard to reach the higher tiers of the VIP club
  • You may not receive an invite or draw the attention of a VIP manager
  • Can encourage irresponsible gambling

Famous High Rollers and Their Crazy Bets

If you imagine high rollers to lead some pretty lavish lifestyles, take insane amounts of risk, and have some great stories to tell… you are 100% correct! While an interesting departure from the general playstyle shared by most, that’s not to say that such techniques are recommended!

Here are the most well-known high rollers in history and the bets that brought them fame:

  • Akio Kashiwagi was a real estate investor from Tokyo, also known as ”The Warrior”. He is famous for betting between $100,000 – $200,000 a hand on baccarat games. He used to do this for hours at both Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. However, this story doesn’t have a happy ending, as he lost an iconic bet made with Donald Trump – he was challenged to gamble $12 million and double the money. Instead, he lost $10 million and returned to his home country.
  • Archie Karas is a Greek-American gambler and high roller, known for the amazing feat of turning $50 into $40 million over the course of 3 years. The man drove to Las Vegas with only $50 in his pocket, but ended up setting a record for the longest winning streak in the history of gambling, which was dubbed “The Run”. Allegedly, he amassed this amazing sum by playing poker, blackjack, pool, and craps, and it was rumoured he never lost a single round!
  • Don Johnson is perhaps the most famous blackjack player, having won $15 million in 2011 from three casinos in Atlantic City. You may be wondering – how could that happen? Well, Don took advantage of a very popular incentive for high rollers offered at land-based establishments, which is the chance to negotiate the terms of the game, the stakes and the rules. He managed to adjust the house edge as well and essentially make blackjack fifty-fifty. Coupled with a generous cashback bonus from the casino, he used the house’s money to beat the house! Crazy, right?

What Alternatives To VIP Bonuses Are There?

High-stakes players who are not up for entering VIP programmes can find other casino bonuses that may suit them just as much.

DropDown Title

This offer is designed to give a huge boost to your bankroll. It is often advertised as a first deposit bonus (you’re given the whole bonus amount upfront once you make the minimum qualifying deposit) or welcome package (the total bonus amount is given on consecutive deposits). Best of all, free spins are often included as well!

Who wouldn’t like to receive 5x their initial investment when they first join a gambling platform? Although this is a great high roller casino bonus to take advantage of, do keep in mind that it’s exceedingly rare and may come with high wagering requirements. Same as the previous offer, a 500% welcome bonus is typically granted on the player’s first five deposits, so it will take some time and commitment to receive the entire amount.

Among the top online casino bonuses, this can be considered a truly legendary promo and a rare gem that’s worth digging for. It is very hard to find at UK casinos, since they have to pay taxes on bonus payouts, which would put them at a disadvantage. However, plenty of international casinos are ready to boost your bankroll six times. One small downside, though, is that the caps put on maximum wins with the bonus can be rather small. Further restrictions also apply on such a massive bonus amount – maximum wager limits, rollover requirements and such.

Although some VIP rewards may include cashback, it’s not always a given. As such, a clever option for someone who deposits large sums of money is to take advantage of the usual cashback offer for regular players. The percentages are not too shabby at all, with some gambling platforms advertising up to 30%. Some of the best crypto casinos around have these sorts of rewards nowadays.

A great alternative to invite-only VIP clubs, loyalty programmes are a lot more accessible and widespread, particularly in the UK. Best of all, they offer similar, if not more attractive benefits! Every stake on qualifying games will help you acquire a set amount of points, which you can then convert to cash, luxury holidays, laptops and even vintage pens!

These benefits are offered to high rollers and VIP customers alike. Just like cashback, they are not always guaranteed, however. Tournaments allow you to take part in competitions advertised for regular customers. That said, prize pools will be just as attractive, and for some slot tournaments, playing with higher stakes will boost your chances of hitting the jackpot, depending on the slot's volatility!


If you like to play with big stakes and be rewarded for it in the most spectacular ways, a high roller casino bonus will be right up your alley!

Since VIPs are such a rare category, you are guaranteed to receive preferential treatment on gambling sites, from exquisite holidays, to cashback and huge first deposit bonuses, ready to boost your bankroll. Lastly, VIP membership comes with exclusive bonuses that are way more tailored to your betting style, favourite games and individual needs.

So, if you like being part of a select club and treated like royalty, just scroll up and choose the best high roller casino bonus today!

High Roller Casino Bonus FAQs

The simplest definition of a high roller is a gambler who frequently deposits and stakes large amounts of money.

Some of the best gambling bonuses for high rollers are birthday gifts, luxurious vacations, exclusive first deposit bonuses, and higher cashback percentages.

A VIP bonus is an exclusive casino promotion designed to accommodate the needs of elite casino players. It is often included in a larger rewards scheme, such as a VIP programme or an invite-only VIP club.

A VIP gambler is a premium customer of an online casino who achieved VIP status by staking large amounts of money or enrolling in a VIP scheme.

In most situations, all you need to do is sign up, verify your identity, opt for the VIP bonus advertised, deposit the minimum sum required, and fulfil the bonus terms. However, if the VIP bonus you want to claim is part of an invite-only VIP club, you’ll have to wait for a formal invitation from the casino into their programme.

Absolutely – however, it might take a while to achieve VIP status if you’re brand-new. You’ll need to deposit large amounts of money consistently to draw the attention of the VIP manager.

No. A high roller casino bonus is accompanied by similar restrictions as other offers – that means it is limited to a single player account/IP address/home address. Trying to claim it twice from the same casino goes against terms & conditions, and you could risk losing your benefits.

It depends. Some gambling platforms require constant activity on your account and minimum stakes each week/month to maintain your VIP privileges.

The definition of a high roller varies. For example, land-based casinos require deposits of $75,000 – $500,000 to consider that player a “whale”. On the other hand, some online gambling platforms have much lower thresholds (e.g. a $10,000 deposit) before they consider granting you a high roller casino bonus.



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