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Best Online Casinos Accepting CashtoCode in 2024

CashtoCode bridges the gap between online casinos and physical commerce. With a CashtoCode casino, you can depoist at physical locations that contain PayPoints and spend the money playing slots, table games and more. Here is our comprehensive guide to the best CashtoCode casinos online!

Top 10 Online CashtoCode Casinos

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Payment Methods
  • CashtoCode deposits through Mifinity
  • Over 7,000 games
  • Reliable customer supportable games
Up to €2,000 + 200 free spins
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Payment Methods
  • Free, instant CashtoCode deposits
  • Regular cashback and reloads
  • Sportsbook with bonuses
100% up to $1500 + 500 free spins
Payment Methods
  • Over 20 payment methods, including CashtoCode
  • Clash of Spins contests
  • Over 7,000 games
Up to 500 free spins for all new members
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Payment Methods
  • CashtoCode slots, live games and table games
  • £5 bonus every Friday
  • Over 2,000 games
Welcome bonus: 100% up to £25 and 50 free spins
5 NetBet Casino
Payment Methods
  • Well-known CashtoCode casino
  • Points-based loyalty system
  • Over 500 slot and table games
100% up to €200 + 10 Free Spins
Payment Methods
  • Cash bonuses for all payment methods
  • RPG-inspired "spell" system
  • Challange players to duels
100% up to £50, plus 50 free spins

What Is CashtoCode?

The main appeal of CashtoCode for many users is how it bridges the gap between online and physical commerce: CashtoCode is based around a network of physical locations containing PayPoints, which includes shops, petrol stations and more besides. The central idea is that you can make a payment in cash at a physical PayPoint, and this will be transferred to your online account, ready to be used at the participating website of your choice.

CashtoCode can be used at a wide variety of different online businesses, but it has found particular popularity amongst internet gamers. Casinos that currently accept CashtoCode include some of the top casino sites and are rising in number as the system comes to rival more traditional payment methods, such as credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. If you look at the top CashtoCode casino sites, you will find many big names offering top welcome bonuses.

CashtoCode Changes & Updates

CashtoCode has seen considerable evolution since its launch in 2016, the most notable development being its ongoing international rollout. Recent months have seen CashtoCode spread into:

  • May 2021: CashtoCode expands to Nigeria and Ireland
  • July 2021: CashtoCode partners with Mifinity Payments, allowing Mifinity Casinos to accept CashtoCode deposits!
  • September 2021: CashtoCode expands to Australia, and is accepted as a payment method at Pinnacle.
  • March 2022: Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines and Senegal

Who Created CashtoCode?

The cash to code casino system can be traced back to Funanga AG, which launched CashtoCode back in 2016. Funanga itself was founded in 2013, with CashtoCode becoming its flagship product. Today, CashtoCode casino customers can make safe and secure payments at over 100,000 retail locations around the world.

The success of CashtoCode allowed Funanga to partner with MiFinity, another big name in the world of online payments. This made it possible for MiFinity users to top up their accounts using cash payments via the same method as CashtoCode. The partnership demonstrates the potential for CashtoCode enhancing both the security and convenience of other methods.

How Does CashtoCode Work?

The fact that CashtoCode incorporates both physical locations and online destinations may be confusing to newcomers, but when you get to grips with the concept, you will find it a straightforward and useful way of conducting payments. Plus, you might even become a regular customer at the top CashtoCode casinos. Not to mention all of the other online services that accept CashtoCode, which include dating websites and file-sharing sites. If you are familiar with PaybyPhone casinos, then you should understand the general idea.

For many players, the real beauty of the system is the opportunity to use CashtoCode anonymous payments, meaning that you will not need to share credit card details. The service is also free, making it a more appealing prospect than certain e-wallets that charge users with each transaction. By now, you will likely be interested in CashtoCode as a payment method, so allow us to take you through the process of actually using the system.

Depositing in CashtoCode

Making deposits using CashtoCode is easy enough, so long as you have convenient access to a PayPoint terminal and have chosen a casino accepting this method to play at. And who knows, if you are particularly lucky, you might be able to take advantage of a CashtoCode casino bonus. Here is our step-by-step guide to the CashtoCode deposit casino procedure:

Step 1: Using the CashtoCode Online Casino Cashier
  1. Choose a CashtoCode online casino (see the above list).
  2. Register an account with the casino and undergo account verification.
  3. Open the casino's cashier or deposits page.
  4. Choose CashtoCode as your payment method.
  5. Enter the sum of money that you wish to deposit.
Visiting Your local PayPoint terminal
  1. The site's store locator will show a list of the nearest CashtoCode PayPoint terminals.
  2. Select a terminal and receive a unique barcode.
  3. Take the barcode to the terminal.
  4. Present the barcode to be scanned and pay the amount of money that has been requested.
  5. Check your CashtoCode online casino account to check if your funds have arrived — they should have appeared instantly. If so, you are ready to play!
Depositing to MiFinity using CashtoCode
  1. Log into your MiFinity account to access your e-wallet
  2. Click the “deposit” option
  3. Choose “Alternative Payments.” CashtoCode will turn up as one of the options.
  4. Choose the destination eWallet and the amount that you wish to deposit (along with currency)
  5. Select the “make payment” option. Done!

Can You Withdraw in CashtoCode?

Here we come to the bad news: there is simply no way to withdraw funds using CashtoCode. However, this is a minor setback in terms of online gaming, as online casinos will typically accept smaller numbers of gambling payment methods for withdrawals than they do for deposits.

If you are a regular visitor to online casinos, then there is a good chance that you are already used to using one payment method for deposits and having another (bank transfer, for example) at hand for when it is time to withdraw your winnings.

CashtoCode’s Pros & Cons

Before you start looking specifically for a CashtoCode casino, where you can spend cash and hope to win big, you will undoubtedly want a clear idea of the upsides and downsides that come with this payment method. So, here is our quick and simple guide to the pros and cons of CashtoCode.


For many players, a major pro of CashtoCode is the high security of the system. When you pay at such casinos using money deposited at a PayPoint, you are ultimately using that PayPoint's Point of Sale technology. This includes substantial barcode protection that acts as a firm safeguard against electronic theft.

Major Advantage

If you trust PayPoint terminals with your money, then you can also trust CashtoCode.

No Debit or Credit Cards

If you are not entirely comfortable with sharing your credit card details with online businesses, you will be pleased to know there is no need to do so at any of the online casinos that CashtoCode is associated with. Indeed, unlike certain casino payment options, CashtoCode itself requires no personal information from the customer, who will be identified simply by a digital barcode when paying money for a deposit.

No Fees

There are absolutely no fees attached to your CashtoCode transactions. Unlike certain online payment methods that charge you if you make a deposit or withdrawal, the only money that you spend on CashtoCode is the money that you deposit. This alone will make the system a desirable option for many players hoping to find a new payment method for online casinos.

Limited Number of Countries

While CashtoCode is available in multiple countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK, there are only a few casinos which accept the payment. However, the number of online CashtoCode casinos is growing all the time.

Which Countries can use CashtoCode?

Here, we find an area in which CashtoCode is definitely improving. During its early days, one downside of this casino payment method was the relatively limited list of countries that accepted it. It initially included Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK.

However, CashtoCode has since then not only caught on elsewhere in Europe (it can now be used in Ireland and Russia) but also in Australia, parts of the Americas (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico), as well as Asia (the Philippines, India) and Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal), a con swiftly being transformed into a pro.

CashtoCode and Cryptocurrencies

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you may find it a con that the service does not allow you to make deposits using these methods. That said, you can take comfort in the fact that certain websites offer CashtoCode vouchers, which can indeed be purchased with cryptocurrencies.


  • Quick and easy way of depositing money
  • PayPoint terminals allow secure deposits
  • No fees to pay
  • No need to share card details
  • Access rolling out to more and more countries
  • Vouchers available


  • Unavailable for withdrawals
  • Does not allow withdrawals
  • Maximum deposit at £/€250
  • Not accepted at all online casinos

Choosing the Best CashtoCode Casinos

If this is a payment method that appeals to you, then you will almost certainly be eager to find an online casino CashtoCode where you can use it at. Many online casinos list their accepted payment methods along the bottom of their homepage, which will allow you to quickly and easily determine whether or not you will be playing CashtoCode slots. If not, check to see if there is a “payments” section within the site's information links.

Once you have found a few viable cash to code casinos, you will need to choose between them. This is where all of the standard considerations come into play:

  • What bonuses and promotions do they offer?
  • Will you be covered by security and a reliable customer support team?
  • Just how big is the games line-up?

Our above list of the top casinos accepting CashtoCode should help you to make your decision.

CashtoCode Casinos Safety & Security

It should be remembered that the security system used by CashtoCode is not the same as the security system used by a CashtoCode casino. While it is easy to use this method anonymously and securely, signing up for a casino will require you to submit personal information, such as your address and a photo ID, etc. The level of security with which this is handled will depend entirely on the casino.

If you want to ensure that your chosen online casino can be trusted to handle your details safely and securely, check to make sure that it uses up-to-date SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. The relevant information will usually be included at the bottom of the site. Reputable CashtoCode online casinos will also provide full customer support, so they can answer any questions you might have related to security.

Which Payment Methods Are Similar to CashtoCode?

The best online casinos now accept a wide variety of gambling payment methods. But if you don’t want to share card details or make a bank transfer, what alternatives are there? Here are some great banking options to use if you love CashtoCode.

Alternative Payment Methods

Play at the top paysafecard casinos and make payments using a single prepaid voucher. Simply purchase a paysafecard voucher online or at your local shop. Then open the cashier and enter the unique paysafecard code. You never have to share card details online ever again.

Neosurf is a safe and secure online payment method that is accepted at many Euro-facing casinos. Simply purchase a Neosurf voucher at one of 135,000+ stores around the world and use the 16-digit code when you deposit online.

MiFinity is a straightforward e-wallet that recognises 15 currencies and can be used across 70 different countries. It is designed primarily as a means of conveniently sending money to friends and family who also have MiFinity e-wallets, but it has quickly caught on as a common way of making payments at casinos: your favourite cash to code online casino will likely accept MiFinity as an alternative payment method. One downside is that the system incurs fees, albeit relatively low ones.

NETELLER is another digital wallet with a fairly straightforward ethos, emphasising convenience and security. Bank transfers to your NETELLER wallet will incur a token 1% fee, although there is no fee to pay if you are sending money from NETELLER to international bank accounts. Visa, Mastercard, CartaSi, Oxxo, Maestro, iDeal, paysafecard and Boku can all be used to send money to NETELLER. The system is also designed to work in conjunction with Apple Pay.

Flexepin bills itself as a global cash voucher and was developed as a means of helping people make payments without a bank account. It can still be used in conjunction with a bank account, however. The system is very similar to CashtoCode: users purchase Flexepin vouchers at retail outlets, which can be used to top up their Flexepin account. Then they can use the money to pay at sites that accept this casino payment method.

Payz is another e-wallet with the main selling point of being a simple way to send and receive money. You can also download a dedicated Payz app for added simplicity, as well as obtain an Payz Mastercard to allow instant access, even via a cash machine. This latter detail makes Payz the opposite of the CashtoCode process, as it allows you to move money from a digital account to a physical wallet.

CashtoCode Casinos in Summary

While the world has moved heavily towards digitally stored money, many people still prefer using cash. As a result, playing at a CashtoCode casino is a useful way of bridging the gap. As this payment method continues to roll out across the world, we will likely be seeing more and more casinos that accept CashtoCode in the future. So why not check to see if you have any compatible PayPoints in your area?

CashtoCode Casino FAQs

Today, most online casinos will typically list the logos of their accepted payment methods along the bottom of their homepage. So the next time you visit a casino, you can check to see if CashtoCode is listed — and do not forget that this article conveniently contains a list of the top CashtoCode casino sites in 2022!

Yes, and this is one of its main selling points. Users deposit their money to CashtoCode via PayPoint terminals, which include top-tier protection against all forms of barcode theft.

Given that the entire point of CashtoCode is that you make your deposits using physical cash, there is no way to deposit using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is, however, possible to use cryptocurrencies to purchase CashtoCode vouchers, which are available on various websites.

When you choose CashtoCode as a payment option at an online casino, you will be shown a list of available outlets with PayPoint terminals. CashtoCode provides you with a barcode, which you can take to the terminal on your mobile device. Then to make your deposit, present the barcode to be scanned and provide the desired deposit sum in cash.

Yes! If you are tired of e-wallets that charge you whenever you make a transaction, then CashtoCode will come as a real breath of fresh air. The only money you spend on CashtoCode during a transaction will be the money that you have chosen to deposit. This allows you to enter a CashtoCode online casino with as much or as little money as you desire.

Yes, CashtoCode is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices. In fact, a mobile phone or tablet will often make it much easier to complete a transaction. This is because taking a digital barcode right to the terminal will be simpler than printing it out from a PC.

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