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Check out our list below for a comprehensive list of the best Litecoin casino sites that the world has to offer so far. Litecoin is one of the earliest examples of an altcoin, beginning in late 2011. Since then, it’s become hugely popular, meaning it’s available in a ton of world-class online casinos.

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Wagering Contests

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What are the benefits of a Litecoin casino?

Anonymous Casino home page

Litecoin is so very similar to Bitcoin – in fact, it is virtually identical from a technical point of view – that many people wonder why they wouldn’t simply choose the more popular alternative. Well, nearly the same doesn’t mean the two cryptocurrencies are exactly the same. Those small things that separate Litecoin from Bitcoin, as is the case when you compare plenty of cryptocurrencies, make a whole lot of differences. It’s all about details when it comes to something so technically complicated.

This brings us onto a more general point about cryptocurrencies. Many people think that because the ideas behind these digital currencies can be hard for a non-expert to get their head around, that their benefits will also be beyond them. This is simply not true because there are plenty of benefits to cryptocurrencies that are easily utilised by your average user.

With that in mind, we are going to take a select look at some of the benefits of a Litecoin casino. This includes from the perspective of its benefits compared to other competitors, as well as the more general benefits that are true of many cryptocurrencies. This way, you can get a good overview of why this is so many people’s currency of choice.

1) Anonymity

Litecoin Casino SitesOf course, one of the major appeals of cryptocurrencies is – and always has been ever since the days it was a mere concept – is the idea of being able to utilise services and pay for things over the internet with complete anonymity and security. While one could argue that no transaction is absolutely anonymous and secure, we would say that cryptocurrencies like Litecoin are closer than any traditional payment methods could possibly offer.

Litecoin is not unique in this attribute. In fact, there are some cryptocurrencies which offer even greater levels of security. However, for most people, the security elements offered by Litecoin will be far more than what they need.

2) Global usage

Another hugely important part of the appeal of Litecoin is that it is not a currency tied down to any particular country, district or government. This means it can be used by anyone, anywhere.

From a broader perspective, this creates a world where people from different nations can more closely interact and trade in a large variety of ways. It breaks down many barriers which separate us from people living elsewhere. In that way, it is an extension of the advantages of the internet itself, which has arguably done more than any technology to connect us and reduce the impact of distance.

mBit Casino games

On a smaller perspective – that of someone looking for Litecoin casinos that are right for them – it means that the number of options available is hugely increased. It also means that people from countries with less liberal laws on gambling are still able to use trustworthy casinos from elsewhere by depositing and withdrawing with cryptocurrencies.

3) Fast processing times

One of the key reasons people choose Litecoin over the ever-popular Bitcoin is because of the processing times. For all the advantages of Bitcoin, this has consistently been one of its greatest downfalls compared to many other crypto coin options. This is by no means talking down Bitcoin: it provides an excellent service to a lot of people. But there’s little doubt that in terms of sheer speed, Litecoin has it beat by a significant margin.

4) Availability

Litecoin worldwide appeal

To be fair to its greatest competition, Litecoin is not as widely available as Bitcoin. This is one of the reasons many people stick with the original form of cryptocurrency. That’s because no other cryptocurrency can match the original in terms of sheer options of use.

With that said, Litecoin is still a very popular option. And this popularity does mean that it is widely available in a lot of top-quality Litecoin casino sites, with more than enough choice to keep even the pickiest players happy. Is it the most widely available option? No, but it has other advantages and its availability is great enough to be more than satisfactory – at least in the world of casinos – to pretty much any user.

5) Potential

Litecoin growth

We would like to preface this by saying that crypto coins are a volatile market no matter what option you choose, and this is something to consider seriously when deciding how much you wish to invest in such currencies. With that said, it cannot be denied that the growth of Litecoin has been exceptional.

There are many factors to this, including things like fees and changes in Litecoin mining. But in terms of its usage, the fact is that it is simply very popular and that means that it is available in more and more places. This goes back to our point about the availability if Litecoin casinos. Of course, no one can tell what the future may bring, particularly in any kind of economics. Nonetheless, the potential displayed by Litecoin is without a doubt promising thus far.

How do I deposit and withdraw at a Litecoin casino?

Just as we mentioned that people often overestimate the complexities surrounding the benefits of Litecoin and cryptocurrencies in general, they also misunderstand the practicalities of using them. The reasoning behind this is rather strange because we don’t feel that we need to understand the inner workings of virtually any other payment service we use in order to take advantage of them.

The whole point of any kind of service is to make it accessible to people. So, you may not understand exactly how a blockchain works, for instance, but that shouldn’t have any impact on your ability to use Litecoin, or any similar alternatives.

Fortune Jack home page

This concern for many people – that they will simply find themselves incapable of using a cryptocurrency once purchased – is frankly absurd. The practicalities of using Litecoin are barely any different to traditional methods, and certainly not much more complicated.

You simply select Litecoin as your preferred payment method and deposit your funds using the wallet information. This process is essentially repeated during the withdrawal process. The only major difference between this and say, using a credit card – which also works by inputting information that identifies you as the holder of that account – is the need to select a wallet to store your crypto coins. We will cover a little further down in this article.

Can I deposit in Litecoin and withdraw via another payment method?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. However, this can’t really be seen as much of a disadvantage for Litecoin: certainly not compared to other cryptocurrencies, and in most instances not compared to traditional payment options either.

Crypto Games exchange

A casino with Litecoin is not an exchange service and that is the function that they would need to offer in order to make this possible. In general, betting sites will only allow you to withdraw your funds by the same method through which you deposited them. And of course, those funds would also need to be the same currency. This may disappoint some but is simply a reality of practicality and security for betting sites.

How fast is depositing and withdrawing at a Litecoin casino?

As is the case with most of these kinds of currencies, there’s no way of saying exactly how long it will take to deposit and withdraw funds at a casino using Litecoin. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, there’s no way of telling precisely how long it will take for the transaction to be confirmed, as this is how these cryptocurrencies work. You wait for confirmations from the blockchain which naturally vary depending on various factors.

Secondly, we can’t say for sure how long processing takes from the casino’s side of things. This, of course, entirely depends on the individual Litecoin casino you are using. If all this sounds rather negative, there’s really no reason to worry. Transactions can be extremely fast, often taking mere minutes, and they are several times faster than Bitcoin.

What are some easy to use Litecoin wallets?

Litecoin wallet

Just as there are many, many options for people looking for the right cryptocurrency for them, there is also a huge number of options for people trying to find the right crypto wallet to suit their needs. This is often the part where people get concerned, either that finding a wallet will be hard or that a wallet will be hard to use. Thankfully, that simply isn’t the case.

Wallets are places to store your currency: that’s all it is. While they can vary, this wallet location comes with information you can use to identify yourself as the holder of the crypto coins. That information is how you use your cryptocurrency to buy things or in this case, deposit and withdraw with an online Litecoin casino. The actual cryptocurrency itself can be bought on one of the many digital currency exchanges.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at three different options for Litecoin users to give you an idea of what wallets are available.


Coinbase home page

Considering what we just said, we couldn’t think of a better place to start than this. Coinbase is not only an excellent wallet but is also a place you can buy and sell your Litecoins. Essentially, this is somewhere you can use at every stage of your cryptocurrency journey, meaning it is absolutely perfect if you have the types of concerns we described. It keeps things simple and is also the most widely used option for any kind of cryptocurrency.

Speaking of which, Coinbase can also be used for a large amount of different crypto coins. So, if you have multiple kinds, you don’t need to go to the hassle of finding different wallet options for your different currencies.



An example of how different currencies can provide different uses, Edge is a mobile-focused wallet providing you with an easy and secure way to use your cryptocurrencies on the go. One thing that is really important to point out is that Edge is a wallet built for iOS operating systems, meaning that Android users are going to have to look elsewhere (but don’t worry there’s plenty of options still). It also allows for multiple cryptocurrencies, is decentralised and even is operational if servers ever go down. Mix this with an excellent design and you’ve got a winner.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

This is a hardware wallet option. For the uninitiated, this essentially means that your wallet is actually a physical device, like a pen drive, that you store your cryptocurrencies on. It’s like an actual real-life wallet, you just can’t see the cash. Essentially, these store things offline so you can’t be hacked. Generally speaking, this extra privacy is useful for people with larger amounts of cryptocurrencies they want to store. And if that’s the kind of security you require, then this is a really excellent option thanks to its affordability and versatility. Once again, this is a multi-coin wallet option.

Are there fees at a Litecoin casino?

Just as is the case with many popular cryptocurrencies, there is a small fee when it comes to Litecoin transactions. This can’t really be avoided due to the fact that the way in which Litecoin is processed requires work and there must be some form of compensation for that

BitStarz payments

As is the case with the value of Litecoin, the amount of the fees can vary. Although, on a positive note, the crypto coins have had periods of getting significantly cheaper rather than significantly more expensive. So, we can’t tell you exactly how much the fees will be because they are subject to change. We can say, however, that they are generally very cheap and this is one of the advantages Litecoin has over other competitors.

There’s also the possibility of fees from the Litecoin casino’s side of things. Casino sites are, of course, in charge of all their own banking policies and that is entirely up to them. However, we have to say that this is unlikely to be a problem in the vast majority of cases. One thing you always have to keep in mind is how exceptionally competitive the market is right now. Few online casinos would risk losing customers over something so minor. And if you find a casino does have rather over the top fees, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

What is a Litecoin casino?

Litecoin games

It’s important to point out that when we refer to Litecoin casinos, we are not talking about casinos which only accept Litecoin as a payment method. At this point, it is quite unusual for any casino to only accept one payment method and those that do usually make that a unique selling point.

Generally speaking, as well, such niche sites tend to use Bitcoin because of its popularity. What is more likely is that Litecoin will be found amongst other cryptocurrencies, either on casino sites which only accept this form of currency or on a site which accepts both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

What’s important to remember here is that although Litecoin might not be quite as widely available as some other options, there is still a huge amount of choice out there. The market is so enormous that if a currency was only available in a small fraction of online casinos, it is likely that you would still be spoiled for choice.

Are there any special Litecoin casino games?

Crypto Games Litecoin poker

In terms of whether or not there are specific casino games which cater exclusively to Litecoin, the answer is generally no. We’re sure there is an example or two out there – the internet is a vast place after all – but in terms of the games you’ll likely be playing, they should be the same games you would play with any other currency, particularly other cryptocurrencies.

This should be viewed as a good thing. The best games tend to be available across many platforms and currencies because the top software developers want their products to be used by as many people as possible.

Perhaps the most prominent example of the kinds of games which are focused on cryptocurrencies is dice games. These can be found in various forms and are very popular. Otherwise though, you’ll be able to play all the usual suspects, including blackjack, slots, poker, roulette, and so forth.

Are there special terms and conditions at a Litecoin casino?

Fortune Jack terms and conditions

As we have said, a Litecoin casino is any casino sites which offers Litecoin as a payment method. This is now mainstream enough that you shouldn’t expect anything particularly unusual at such a site. This includes the terms and conditions which should be typical of any mainstream, trustworthy betting site.

However, terms and conditions do, of course, depend on the individual site. Each casino site has the right to set their own rules as long as they fall in line with the law. So, while there aren’t necessarily “special” terms and conditions for a Litecoin casino, they can be unique in any case. It is therefore very important to thoroughly check the terms and conditions on any site before you sign up and deposit money.

mBit promotions

One thing to keep in mind which relates to these subjects is that it is also important to check that Litecoin is not excluded from any bonuses you may be interested in. This is the most common way that there’s a tangible difference between the experience of Litecoin and fiat currency users on casino sites.

A history of Litecoin casinos and their future

With its origins dating back to 2011, Litecoin is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies around, being one of the first spin-offs from Bitcoin. It was launched on Github by a man called Charlie Lee, who was once a major player in the cryptocurrency digital currency exchange, Coinbase.

Litecoin logo

The idea behind Litecoin was to create a spin-off via a fork which would allow for a faster alternative, with a higher coin maximum and a few other different technical details. It is worth pointing out though, that Litecoin and Bitcoin are technically extremely similar.

Litecoin took off properly towards the end of 2013 with a huge surge of popularity. This remains true today but the rate of growth during the period was truly astonishing, it set the groundwork for the success Litecoin enjoys now. It remains one of the most important and popular cryptocurrencies around and appears to be going from strength to strength as we move into the future.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin or LTC or Ł is a peer to peer virtual currency and open source software project released under license MIT/X11. It is one of the oldest, largest and extensively used cryptocurrencies across the globe. Just like Bitcoin, it also makes use of blockchain technology for processing the transactions.

So the question arises “What is the difference?”. For processing a block, this virtual currency takes less than 3 minutes as compared to around 10 minutes of processing time for Bitcoin. So users get faster processing time. It has the potential to process 84 million units as compared to 21 million units of Bitcoin.

Above all, Litecoin makes use of a script algorithm which is a sequential memory-hard function that requires asymptotically more memory as compared to the algorithm which is not the memory card.

Where can I buy Litecoin?

There are some different applications as well as websites that sell Litecoin to the users. It is important that the source from where you intend to purchase is a legitimate and a trusted source to avoid any fraud.

Where can I store Litecoin in a secured manner?

This kind of cryptocurrency is stored in a digital wallet. While storing this currency, you just have to make sure that the storage place is a trusted one. The best place to store Litecoin is through electrum wallet. It is recommended not to store this currency in exchange like Bittrex, Poloniex or Coinbase because the user does not have control over the private keys. Litecoin essentially disappears in the event if the exchange goes offline or becomes insolvent.

If you are technically sound and love using smartphones, then Loafwallet would be the best choice available at the moment. It is developed by one of the community members of Litecoin, and it has excellent user ratings and works nice.

Hardware wallet is also a nice option to store Litecoin securely. In fact, it is the most trusted and sound way to store this virtual currency.

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