Top 10 Nordea Casinos in the UK: Which Casinos Accept Nordea Deposits?

Nordea has no less than 10 million customers throughout Northern Europe, making this financial service group a natural fit for many who want an easy way to deposit money into their favourite casino account. Below, you’ll see what we consider the absolute best Nordea-friendly casinos.

Recommended Casino Sites With Nordea Payment

* more terms & conditions apply
£88 No-Deposit
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100% match bonus up to £300
  • 100% match bonus up to £300
  • Casino every bit as impressive as its sportsbook selection
  • Payment options reflective of international appeal
100% up to £3500
  • Banking options also available on mobile
  • Hundreds of world class casino games
  • 3 Welcome Bonuses up to £3,500
100% Welcome Bonus up to £1500
  • Banking made easy with 24/7 Live Chat
  • Great selection of live games
  • Mobile friendly
200% up to £300
  • Great selection of promotions
  • World class design
  • International appeal in payment options and beyond
100% up to £250 + 22 Extra Spins
100% up to £50 live casino bonus
  • Amazing selection of tournaments
  • Wonderfully intuitive design
  • Ease of use also found while depositing/withdrawing funds
100% up tp £300
  • Absolutely immense game selection
  • Great customer service that can help find your perfect payment option
  • Proven fair by independent audits
Bet £25, Get £25 Free
  • Casino selection lives up to its name
  • Easy to use banking system
  • Huge amount of payment options
Up to £3000
  • Online since 2001
  • Moving with the times with modern banking options like Nordea
  • Available in multiple languages

What are the Benefits of Playing at Nordea Casinos?

nordea logoOf course, one question persists above all others when it comes to choosing a payment type, which is: why pick that one option above all the others? And when we say all, it really is a huge selection we are talking about.

At one time, there may have only been a couple of options to play online that everyone had to use. There are now quite literally hundreds. It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t mean all can be clearly ranked, either. Some can, but with many it doesn’t come down to which payment type is objectively better, but which is best for you and your needs. You may, for instance, care more about anonymity than ease of use, or your country's laws might dictate your options.

There are a lot of things to consider and only you know your priorities when looking for the right payment method. If you wish to compare the advantages of Nordea to other examples, we have pages for the likes of PayPal, Mastercard, Skrill and many more. Nonetheless, Nordea does have distinctly positive qualities that are more than worthy of your attention. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few which we consider to be of exceptional importance.

User Base

Nordea Users

We mentioned it briefly in the introduction, and we are going to reiterate here in some more detail: Nordea has 10 million customers. That’s a simply enormous amount of people that already use Nordea. That means that everything they need, at least from the banking side of things, is already set up and ready to go. We live in a world that is all about practicalities, and getting the most out of every second of the day and the sheer convenience of this option for those millions of people already puts Nordea at a distinct advantage.

We could have also called this point the ease of use of Nordea, because not only does it already have this established base, but the practicalities of depositing funds are also exceptionally easy. This also broadens its appeal, because a lot of people who are not experienced in using online casinos can find the whole process intimidating, even though there’s no reason for them to be concerned. Having something that is a bit easier to understand, with so much of it already set up, can really help put minds at ease.

Finally, there’s a point of trustworthiness and legitimacy. Being able to trust your banking method is of course unequivocally important when it comes to signing up to a casino site. Expanding upon this point is our next benefit…


nordea security

Nordea are a trustworthy company, no doubt. But is their security up to scratch? It’s one thing to trust a company to behave appropriately, but quite another to believe they have the capacity to keep your details safe from those who wish to gain access to your details.

Well, we can reassure you that they are every bit as robust as they are legitimate and are highly regarded for their security. All transactions and encoded to prevent third parties from gaining access, and they even go so far as to close your sessions automatically after 15 minutes to ensure that you don’t get ripped off due to forgetting to log off.

Multiple Currencies

Versatility is one of Nordea’s key strengths, and there’s perhaps no better example of this than the number of currencies that are available for your account. This of course means that Nordea has worldwide appeal, both for those looking at its banking services generally, and for those looking at it as a convenient way of banking in online casinos.

Multiple Currencies

On top of the obvious advantages, a larger amount of compatible currencies also means that there’s more casinos that currently allow Nordea as a deposit method, as well as meaning there will likely be more in the future.

The reason behind this is simple: when casinos consider which payment method, they want to make available, they are considering the potential market base this will bring in. A more international scope means that this payment option is more relevant to more casinos. In other words, if Nordea only dealt in Euros, that would mean that players outside of Europe would be excluded, and therefore, many casinos would also not have Nordea as an option. More currencies mean more players, more casinos and more choice all around.


Mobile phone surrounded by poker chips and roulette wheel

Further proving Nordea’s place as one of the most convenient ways to bank and deposit funds is their commitment to mobile. Yes, you can check your balances when you are out and about, whether you are on iOS or Android, because Nordea have an application for both.

Here you can look up and manage your funds, and, most important of all, you can use this option to make mobile payments as well. This means that if you are someone who primarily goes online when on the go, then you can match Nordea with a mobile friendly casino site to have a perfectly portable casino experience.

(Usually) No Fees

Of course, this can depend on the individual casino site, and we must preface this by saying that fees from that end are at the discretion of the service you are using. It is up to you to see if you view those charges as reasonable. With all that being said, it is quite unusual to find casinos which will charge for payments made with Nordea.

Sign depicting no fees

This makes a lot of sense, because not only are there are no costs incurred when using Nordea, and no practical reason why a casino would need to charge, it would actually be quite inefficient to do so.
Think of it this way: if you have a choice between two casino sites using Nordea and one incurs a charge, you are very likely to use the other casino. Your business with them is more important than the small fee and overall, they would likely lose more in customers than they would gain through such charges.

This reasoning is also generally why people misunderstand casinos. They often expect, wrongly, to be squeezed for money at every opportunity. The fact is that because of the amount of competition available, this is simply bad business as customers will go elsewhere. This is why we say there are usually no fees, and you can certainly find somewhere else without any if there are charges at a certain site.

There are also no charges from Nordea’s end of things. The only examples would be a conversion fee to make a transaction in a foreign currency, which stands at 2.2%.

How Can I Deposit Funds at Nordea Casinos?

One thing we have tried to make abundantly clear is that Nordea is, above all else, a very practical payment solution. From its lack of fees to its mobile capabilities, there’s no banking example that immediately springs to mind which makes more of an effort to improve the user experience.

Keyboard Shopping Cart

This is why those who imagine that depositing with Nordea at an online casino will be complicated are quite wrong. All you need to do is select Nordea as your preferred method of payment and tell the casino how much you would like to deposit from your bank. From here, you will be redirected to your bank login page, so, just sign in with your access codes (more on that later), fill in the payment details and confirm the transaction. That’s it. If you have ever bought anything online, we doubt it will be much less complicated than this.

On another note, this is a good time to reiterate the importance of checking whether the casino you are considering has your preferred method of payment, as one of your first points of research. This can just save you quite a lot of time, as it’s quicker to check than previewing the games, promotions and so forth. Don’t go through all that effort just to be disappointed when you realise that you can’t actually use the site the way you would like. Of course, our top 10 table is the perfect place to start if you want to help take out a lot of the legwork.

Can I Deposit with Nordea and Withdraw in Another Currency?

Just because you can use different currencies with Nordea that does not mean that the casino itself will allow you to deposit with one and withdraw with another. Of course, the services casinos offer are up to them, but they are not currency exchanges, meaning that you are generally stuck with whatever currency you began with until the money is back in your bank account.

How Fast is Depositing at Nordea Casinos?

Nordea - Stopwatch at zero seconds

Nordea is not just a secure and affordable way of depositing funds, it’s also as fast as they come. We did say they were all about convenience and the user experience, after all. Transactions should be processed instantly once you have gone through the very simple deposit process.

Of course, how long that money does take to appear in your account can also depend on the casino. But, as we’ve said, in such an extraordinarily competitive market, any casino worth your time will make this as swift as possible. This gives Nordea a big advantage over many of its competitors, and really ties everything together to make it one of the premier payment methods of choice in terms of sheer usability and practicality.

As we noted earlier though, some people trade this convenience for benefits in other ways, like with cryptocurrencies. We aren’t here to say that one is better than the other, as it depends on your needs. However, just like it is good for Nordea to have multiple currencies, it is good for casinos to have all these options to reach and provide the best experience for as many people as possible. Variety is the name of the game. So, if you have a casino which lets you down in terms of speed or any other area, always remember that there are plenty of options out there for players throughout the world, from the UK to Italy, the USA, Australia and more.

How Does Nordea Work?

Remember those access codes we talked about when we explained how to deposit funds? Well, they are the key to understanding how Nordea works. On a basic level, Nordea provides a banking service, something that we are sure you understand. What makes them different however is their usage of access codes. These include a User ID, a password, security and a confirmation code.

nordea app overview

All these things combined are the information you will need to deposit funds to a casino site. They are also what makes Nordea so secure. The User ID confirms that you are you, the password is how you log in, the security code confirms the individual payment and the confirmation code is a kind of digital signature which, as its name suggests, confirms the transaction.

It’s important to note that the security code is specific to that payment, meaning that it is only used once before being replaced. These access codes are generated by a card reader or through a physical card with up to 80 codes printed on it. Which one you use largely depends on what country you are in. How Nordea works is, in essence, incredibly simple: you use the codes, tell it where you want to send money, and it works, all while keeping your finances secure.

Are There Special Terms and Conditions at a Nordea Casino Site?

In short, it depends. However, on a more practical level, any special terms and conditions shouldn’t practically affect your casino usage. Terms and conditions depend on the individual casino site, so we can’t actually say because it’s a case by case basis. However, we can say that there is nothing about Nordea that would demand any terms and conditions that affect your site experience negatively compared with any other payment type.

nordea terms and conditions of use

Occasionally, promotions are tied to a payment method but beyond that, such specific changes in terms and conditions would be considered unusual. Besides, if that is the case, then you could always select a different Nordea supporting casino. After all, there are plenty out there.

A History of Nordea and Its Future Perspective

Nordea VISA card

Where the history of Nordea begins is, in our view, a matter of perspective. It actually has its roots from the mid-19th century as the Christiana Bank, and may arguably date back even earlier. However, its modern form really began at the turn of the millennium.

Still, we think this is a worthwhile thing to note, as it shows just how capable this company is of changing with the times. Evolving as the centuries rolled by, you can still see the spark of innovation which has kept them alive for so long in their current services.

Nonetheless, it was in 2000, following the merger of several northern European banks in the 1990s, that Nordea as we know it came to be. Its name is a shortened version of the phrase ‘Nordic ideas’, and is a fitting name for such a thoughtful company.

From there, they opened an office in Shanghai, acquired more banks from Poland and Lithuania and had their CEO appointed the Head of the European Banking Federation. Afterwards, they launched their accelerator program to help new ideas to flourish, opened a new digital unit, won awards, created a savers app, went contactless and became a member of the banking union.

Needless to say, they have been busy since the turn of the millennium. And they are showing no signs of slowing down. We can only see more growth and more innovation coming from Nordea in the not too distant future.

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