Top 10 Jackpot Slots for 2020 – Biggest Progressive Jackpots, Fixed Jackpots, Must Drops, Strategy & Cheats

Whether the biggest progressive jackpots or the top jackpot slots – everyone wants to find them, together with a good strategy to help them win. Like the Holy Grail of slots, jackpots make us dream big and increase our odds of massive winnings. We all know what makes a good jackpot slot – a bigger prize, bigger winnings and good times. So, if big payouts and juicy winnings get you excited, seek out the slot with the best jackpots, and you're smiling.

The top jackpot slots nowadays offer more than one kind of jackpot, which means more possible winnings even for newbies. And, even if you don't get your paws on the ultimate jackpot drop, along the way you will still be able to collect some cool casino bonuses. In this article, I aim to give you all the information about every single jackpot you can think of but first – let's start the party with my list of Top 10 progressive jackpot slots. However, online gambling is not just about the jackpots – having a go at the best real money slots can be a pretty sweet adrenalin rush even if they're no millionaire-makers, while others may prefer the thrill of live casino games such as live poker, live blackjack, live baccarat or live roulette. But, without much ado, on to the king of slots – the jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots Top 10

Mega Moolah
Major Millions

Hall of Gods

Mega Fortune

Beach Life

93%Playtech$8.2 million
Jackpot Giant

94.22%Playtech$10.5 million
Aztec's Millions

95%RealTime Gaming$1.5 million
Arabian Nights
96.25%NetEnt$5.3 million
Millionaire Genie
96.3%SkillOnNet$4.3 million
Funky Fruits
93.97%PlayTech$3.2 million

My top 10 Jackpot Slots – Progressive

My in-depth guide to ALL the jackpot types

A guide to winning the jackpot

Which game providers have the best jackpots?

Casinos with the top jackpots

How learning about volatility and hit frequency can help you win

The biggest jackpot wins

Jackpot strategy tips


Conclusion – what we learnt in brief

Mega Moolah

top jackpots

This Microgaming offering is certainly one of the favourite top jackpot slots. It is also known as the ‘millionaire maker', with a guaranteed minimum jackpot that resets itself to 1 million as soon as it is won. This slot brings out the big guns with 4 progressive jackpots and this year alone has already paid out over $70 million. So, if you dream of being showered in winnings, get ready to go wild as lions, elephants and giraffes tempt you into the biggest spins.

There are four progressive jackpots to be won, Wheel of Fortune style, starting from the Mini, to Minor and Major. But let's cut to the chase – if it's the top jackpot slots you're after, this one comes with Mega Jackpot and a £1 million seed, guaranteed and contributed by Microgaming itself, that gets out the hunter in each one of us. The Jackpot Bonus Game is triggered randomly, so you do have a really good sporting chance to access it, and each spin yields a win. It may not be the coveted Major win, but the fruits of the hunt tend to be generous.

This African Safari themed slot comes with a 5×3 reel slot, with 25 pay lines  and a max bet of 125 coins. Unlike many other progressive jackpots, you don't need to bet big to have a good chance at the massive payout. The biggest recorded win of $20,066,800 was made on a 25 pence wager.

Jackpot Giant

top jackpots

This island-volcano and giants themed slot from Playtech proves that sometimes, size does matter! Everything about Jackpot Giant screams EXTRA, from the superb graphics to the 50 paylines and the endless opportunities of winning that it presents.

Yup, this one is just waiting to erupt with crazy features and a crazier progressive jackpot which typically exceeds the $1 million mark and has been known to explode up to $5. It's a big game with big prizes, and everything about it screams larger than life. To be able to trigger the progressive jackpot you will need to bet max at $4 per spin and then hope to land on 5 Wilds on the first payline for a hot, smoking mega win. But even if you don't land the mega prize, this 5-reeler comes with just the right amount of entertainment to keep you running hotter than lava.

Hall of Gods

top jackpot

This one has opened the doors to Valhalla for many, turning them into millionaires overnight – the mega progressive jackpot tends to drop every 24 to 26 weeks, yielding over $5 million with every win, on average. All hail to Odin for this Norse-gods themed, fun-ride of a slot from NetEnt. This battle of the slots spins on five reels and 20 paylines and, despite the undeniable attraction of the potential for a mega-win, there's a lot more fun to this game than simply trying to land the progressive jackpot.

To access the mini, midi and mega prizes, you first need to activate the maximum 20 paylines and get three of the bonus game symbols appear anywhere on your screen. This triggers the bonus game, which lets you use Thor's hammer to reveal three matching jackpot symbols which correspond to a prize amount. And pray to all the viking gods that it turns out to be the mega one, so you can wave goodbye to your old life forever.

Having said that, the mini and midi ones tend to hit around the $1000 and the $75,000 mark respectively. Sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.

Beach Life

top jackpots

Life's a beach if you win big with this Playtech 5-reel and 20 payline slot that tends to drop some $2.5 million every 30 to 32 weeks. I've never walked away a millionaire, but whenever I spin the reels on this one it's all about the good vibrations. Maybe it's the brightly-coloured interface that makes the symbols pop with a feel-good factor, or maybe it's the knowledge that 5 Wilds on the 20th payline and a cool million may be spinning around the corner, who knows.

The 80s vibe may not be everyone's cuppa, but the fun-factor for this progressive jackpot is undeniable. Ice lollies? Check. A sunken treasure bonus? Check? The potential to spend the rest of my days basking on a remote sun-soaked island that I now own, if I land the mega jackpot? Check, check, check and a pina colada with that.

But back to reality – even if this is not happening, I'm still loving the dream. At 50 cents a spin, it's not cheap, but it's attractive enough to keep me there. Especially as I get to have a go at the other, more realistic jackpots. So spin those slots and let the sun shine on.

Arabian Nights

top jackpot

Let's start with the obvious. If it's cool graphics and a modern edge you're into, then move on to another progresive jackpot. There's definitely nothing to see on this somewhat dated 5 reel, 10 payline slot. On the other hand, if it's a mind-blowing win that you're after, NetEnt's mashup of the classic Aladdin and Scheherezade fairytales can open a cave full of treasures.

If you're the straight-to-the-point, zero foreplay type, you just need to bet max and aim to hit 5 Prince symbols on a payline. But even a flirtation with some smaller wagers can work the magic of a standard jackpot worth 10,000 coins for an open sesame of winnings.

Millionaire Genie

top jackpots

Developed by Random Logic and based on another Aladdin spinoff , this one is 5 reels and 15 paylines of pure fun, complete with an animated genie that hangs around the screen doing random stuff – including yawning at you, the cheeky bugger.

The game comes in classic three-reel, three-payline format and the best feature is undoubtedly the Progressive Jackpot. Although it starts off at ‘only' $120, in reality the drop always happens when it's reached a much more tantalising amount. All you need to do is land three Genie emblems on an active payline and the genie might just grant your wish for a mega win. The good part is that you get more than three chances, even without a genie's lamp.

Funky Fruits

top jackpots

How does the potential to land $1.6 million every 20 weeks sound? This classically fruit-themed slot can yield quite the sweet harvest if you happen to land at least eight cherry symbols that will unlock the jackpot. The actual win depends on how much you wagered initially – $1 gets you the minimum 10% of the jackpot, while a bet max of $10 lands you the mega win. This rather sensible way of awarding the progressive jackpot is one of this slot's most attractive features. As you'll have figured out by now, even though I like to dream big I don't always like to bet big. This gives me the option to get some juicy fruits anyway, even if I'm not going all in.

Oh yeah, the fruits are also kinda cute. They sing, they gasp and they are altogether bananas… and a bit of carefree fun on the slots never hurts, right?

Major Millions

top jackpots

With a jackpot that pays out close to $8 million every 21 days, this one gives you a good spin for its slots. Although the jackpot seeds at a quarter of a million – a considerably lower amount than its main competitor – it doesn't disappoint in terms of spectacular payouts and fun times. You can choose to play a classic three-reel version, or opt for the five-reel video slot – both feed into the same progressive jackpot and offer the same opportunity of bagging the big prize.

The classic format gives you three paylines, and you can only land the jackpot by spinning three wild symbols on the third payline. The video version has 15 paylines and you'll need to land 5 wild symbols on the 15th payline to cash out the jackpot. To access the jackpot you will need to bet max in both formats, but at $3 a pop it doesn't give your bankroll too much grief.

Aztec's Millions

top jackpot slots

This one's the direct opposite of Funky Fruits, in that either you're all in or it's not really worth playing as the biggest attraction is winning the actual Million in the name. If you land the mega-jackpot, you're guaranteed a million but – and it's a big but – it costs you a fixed $5 a spin, with 25 paylines. Not cheap at the price, this RTG title doesn't mess around much. You've got your goal and you'd better be read to spend it and spin it if you want to make the winning headlines.

The mere thrill of that, if your bankroll is up for it, is enough to give you some high-octane spins while having a go at the progressive jackpot. The theme is obviously Aztec, with the graphics that bring to mind the ancient Mayan civilisation – but seriously, who cares? It's all about winning those million bucks. The jackpot is won when you line up five Aztec's Millions symbols on any single pay line – so start lining up those sacrifices and maybe the sun god will shine down on you and rain millions.

Mega Fortune

top jackpots

Here's another possible life-changer for you; Mega Fortune is famous for gifting an anonymous Finnish man with some $18 million on a mere 20 cent spin. So if you're jackpot hunting with a limited bankroll, this one gives you some very good spins for your money. Other rather amazing payouts included $12 paid to a Norwegian back in 2011, and $9 to another winner known only as Alexander.

So, if it's a proven track record and a reasonable wager that you're after, this nifty five reel and 25 payline title holds definite appeal and can spell your good fortune. With Mega Fortune I always feel that the graphics are very much in keeping with the lifestyle I'm playing for. There's yachts, champagne, limousines, diamonds, and I'm pretty much feeling like a winner if I haven't yet actually landed anything. Which is always a good feeling, nonetheless.

To access the jackpot you need to land three or more Wheel of Luck symbols on an active bet line. This activates the Bonus game, with the second and third wheels giving you the option of coins or a Jackpot win.

My in-depth guide to ALL the jackpot types, including Progressive

As casinos and game developers have gotten more imaginative, the sky is the limit when it comes to jackpot offerings nowadays and you really need to up your jackpot slots strategy to score high. Here, I will walk you through the different varieties of jackpots you will encounter on the slots – and show you how to best take advantage of these special slot offerings.

Progressive Jackpots

These are the most popular kind of jackpot, without a doubt . The reasons are obvious – who wouldn't want to hit it big and become a millionaire overnight, with pretty much zero effort? That person who doesn't get an itch to rule the reels as soon as the ‘M' word is dropped has yet to be born.

The Pros: For the newbies who are reading this, a Progressive Jackpot is a jackpot that keeps on increasing everytime a player at the casino – or a network of casinos – places a bet. In simple terms: let's say you wager $1 on a progressive slot like Mega Moolah. A small part of this $1 is added to the progressive jackpot pool. This happens every single time that someone places a wager on the same slot, so the potential payout becomes very big, very fast.

And, because players know they can win a life-changing amount of money, these slots are incredibly popular. The more people play them, the biggest the jackpot becomes. You see where this is going, right? Feeling lucky and rollin' high? Rock those reels with a good Progressive Jackpot and you can find yourself a lifelong member of the millionaires' club. The jackpot typically reaches the 7 figures before it finally drops, so you can really make the magic happen, here.

The lesson is this: if you're lucky enough to hit the drop on a progressive jackpot, your life will change overnight. And the change is very likely to include champagne for breakfast and oysters for brunch. Living the dream can take on a whole new meaning for massive jackpot winners.

The Cons: There is a downside, of course. Progressive jackpots are extremely tough to win. But you knew that, already. Because otherwise, everyone would be a millionaire, right? The big progressive jackpots typically drop every few months. The higher the amount reached, the more likely that a win is imminent. As soon as the winnings pool goes sky-high, super slot players go into a frenzy, in full knowledge that a massive payout is likely to happen very soon.

But as always, it is all down to Lady Luck or, more precisely, the Random Number Generator (RNG) – which means that although you can estimate the period of time when the jackpot will be won, in reality all wagers are given the same odds to win.

Must Drop Jackpots

If you're looking for a more modest yield from your top jackpot slots, the Must Drop Jackpot can land you a reel good payout – as soon as the pool reaches a specific amount (usually $1,000) OR at a specific time of day, the jackpot WILL drop.  So you know you're not going to be waiting forever for the slots to sing. Oh the thrill of knowing that the next spin can easily land me on the $1,000 target and add a nice chunk to my bankroll. It is not life-changing money, but it will certainly add some reel-to-reel excitement to your day.

The Pros: You know when it's going to happen, so all you have to do is keep an eye on it and make sure you're there, surfing the right slots when the time comes. Casumo, for example, have really upped their game and offer two Must Drop Jackpots besides the standard Progressive one. There is a Must Drop (drops upon reaching $1000) and a Daily Drop (drops within a specified time-frame). Feeling lucky? Have a go at them here.

The Cons: I confess that I can't find many disadvantages to the potential of winning something extra. Sure, these winnings may not be as huge and amazing as the big Progressives, but they still offer a pretty sweet deal.

top jackpot slots

Fixed (Non-Progressive) Jackpots

Finally, like everyone else I do get those moments when a quick fix will keep me happy. This is where I really go for those Fixed Jackpots that will bump up my winnings without the need to raise my stakes too high. As the name itself implies, the jackpot here does not continue increasing, and the maximum is fixed at a specific amount. Let's use NetEnt‘s highly-popular Steam Tower as an example – land on the dragon's eye five times, and you hit the fixed jackpot with a payout of up to 2,000 coins. The maximum amount does not change, no matter how much time passes or how many players place a wager.

The pros: Fixed jackpots are in-built features within a game itself. This means that as I'm happily spinning the reels I will encounter these extra cash prizes and I will enjoy a reasonable chance of winning. When I win, I won't be starring in any rags to riches fairytale, but the low volatility means that a respectable payout at some point is a sure deal! More to the point, it doesn't have to cost me much and I can have fun with a low bankroll.

The cons: Like I said, don't expect any from rags to riches fable with these jackpots as the amounts tend to be modest.

Thunder Struck
96.65%MicroGaming$2.5 million
Nikola Tesla's Incredible Machine
Gonzo's Quest
Star Burst
Jackpot 2000

My guide to winning the jackpot

To have a shot at winning the jackpot you need to use your top jackpot slots strategy. Step one is knowing which game providers rule the payouts roost. Some casinos have a well-deserved track record of being super generous when it comes to dealing out jackpots, and this is where you want to be. With so many varieties of jackpot slots and so many providers, it is easy to get stuck trying to pick between games and platforms. We are here to make the process simpler, so that whether you're into high-end visuals and a modest, fixed jackpot like NetEnt's Narcos, or your old-school, three-reel fruit-themed slot with a progressive pot, like Microgaming‘s Fruit Fiesta, you will know exactly which provider is a good bet for your buck.

Which game providers have the best jackpots?


Well, let's not play coy here. If you're after the seductive sound of those millions raining down, Microgaming's the name of your game. It's no coincidence that their most popular slot is literally called ‘big money' – Mega Moolah. But it doesn't start and end with this. Microgaming are true specialists of the top jackpot slots and the progressive jackpots, and have turned so many ordinary people like you and me into millionaires that we may as well start calling them The Rainmakers.

Their second most popular slot is probably Major Millions, and the clue is right there in those two words Why bother with a subtle name when you're promising players the chance to win crazy jackpot amounts! What's more, there's no fuss to get access to your jackpot money. You spin, you win, you collect in one lump sum – it's as simple as that.


With a total jackpot that exceeds the $10,000,000 mark and over 2,500 wins recorded, Realtime Gaming, or RTG, gives other providers a good run for their money. Midlife Crisis, Shopping Spree and Jackpot Pinatas are the ones to keep an eye out for, with pooled progressive jackpots that will ring the sweet sounds of winnings regularly enough to make it worth your bankroll. Before joining, don't forget to make sure that the casino you're playing at is part of this pool.

Aztec's Millions is another one for the high-rollers. In theory, if you manage to line up won 5 Aztec's Millions symbols on one payline it can land you a cool mega-jackpot worth at least $1,000,000 and that has been known to go up to over $3,0000. Whether it actually does so in practice, is something that you will have a blast finding out, as long as you're aware that you do need a substantial bankroll to stand a chance with this one.


Here's another not-so-subtle one for you – Mega Fortune. With that name, you know you're going for gold. This progressive slot has helped NetEnt earn its place in the hall of jackpot fame, giving out a breathtaking $19,000,000 payout that at the time of writing still holds the world record for biggest jackpot cash prize. It surprises no-one to learn that Mega Fortune has been so big a hit that it has spewed a second NetEnt spinoff, Mega Fortune Dreams.

More NetEnt top jackpot slots include Hall of Gods (three progressive jackpots to hit!); Arabian Nights (Bet Max and line up five Arabian Prince symbols on one of the active paylines); Cosmic Fortune (five jackpots, three of them progressive) and a gazillion others, so boredom will certainly not be an issue. This provider also offers a good selection of local progressive jackpots to registered members of a given casino – titles include Gold Rush, Cash Bomb and Tiki Wonders, which won't rack up the seven-figure wins but can yield some juicy fruits.


These guys will never win the prize for biggest range of high-flying jackpot slots, but I have a soft spot for them nonetheless. Their games are visually spectacular, they take me straight into the action, and offer a good romp. So I'm putting them on my list anyway. Yggdrasil do offer a rather good Progressive Jackpot with Joker Millions. The game landed some lucky so'n'so just over £3,000,000 at Casumo only very recently.

And it has the added advantage of making you feel like you're on a big night out on town, James Bond style, without actually having to make the effort to move from my couch. And it's all thanks those famous high-end graphics.

The magic-themed Ozwin is another fun one that can conjure up some spell-binding jackpot wins. There are five jackpot levels that are timed to deliver wins pretty consistently. Abracadabra and Alakazam, spin those reels one more time and you can be on your way to a sweet payout that can easily go up to £11,000.

Other (smaller) Yggdrasil jackpots worth exploring include the aptly-named Jackpot Raiders, which is literally based around a system of tiered jackpots that can start from a cheeky £40 all the way up to the £15,000 minimum Legendary Jackpot. Certainly worth a couple of raids on those reels. In short, Yggdrasil slots are perfect for those who enjoy a captivating slot experience and the occasional happy windfall of wins. You can play more Yggdrasl slots here.

top slots jackpot


We close off with Playtech, another millionaire maker. Their groundbreaking progressive games network, Win a Jackpot, has paid stunning amounts through the years, reaching and exceeding the $200,000,000 total. Some Playtech slots offer a jackpot of over €2 million for just one spin.

Dream of putting on your superhero mantle? Check out the Marvel franchise slots, with progressive prizes that are part of the Jackpot Network and that can be won randomly, at any time. Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and all the other well-known characters will be using their combined super-powers to help you win the big drop. How's that for a top jackpot?

The downside? Playtech is not available in the US – yet, though watch this space for updates.

How to pick the top jackpot slots casinos

The next big question is, of course, where to play these top jackpot slots? The vast majority of online casinos offer a mind-boggling selection of every kind of jackpot you can imagine. So the question arises. Let's say I up for a spin on Mega Moolah – how should I decide which casino offers me the best overall experience?

There are a number of things to bear in mind when deciding where you're going to try hit it big? After all, you don't want anything to cramp your millionaire lifestyle – such as a casino that can't pay out the winnings, for example. My advice? If you're serious about surfing the super slots, research is the name of your game. Do your homework well and you will avoid much grief later.

These are my top tips for choosing a good jackpot casino:

1. A good rule of thumb is to pick a casino that has a big portfolio of trusted titles. The casinos that offer tried and tested – and won! – jackpots are always a good bet. A reputable casino is likely to have a large collection on offer. Besides the trust element, this also means there's less chance of getting bored. Tired of riding the waves of 888 Gambling's Pirates Millions? Follow me hearties on to the next one at the same casino!

2. Check the payout policy – Some casinos, like Betsson and Casumo, will pay out one massive lump sum even if you win a stratospheric amount. Most casinos, however, won't do this. Check the casino's monthly withdrawal limit. If it's hovering around the $10,000 a month, it is going to take you forever and a day to cash out that multi-million jackpot, if you're lucky enough to get it.  Having said that, some casinos are also happy to put a waiver to this withdrawal limit in the case of a super win that will generate a lot of publicity for them. When in doubt, ask!

3. Go for the sterling reputation – Big names come with big reputations and that's the main reason they've struck it big. You're always better off gambling your cash with a known name and a reputation to protect. You will be drastically diminishing the odds of things going wrong. Always pick the casino that makes the headlines for a good reason, such as paying out big winnings, rather than the obscure name registered on some obscure island no-one's ever heard of.

4. Look for a proven track record of big payouts. A casino that has nothing to hide and that follows best practice will be very happy to publicise a huge win. After all, it is a cause for celebration that is likely to attract even more customers to that casino! If you find easy public references to these wins, then you know that you stand a good sporting chance of joining these lucky souls and that you have nothing to worry about.

5. Once you have done your research on the above questions, then you will be in a better position to choose where to wager your hard-earned cash. The following is my list of top 5 personal favourites:


The number of news stories starting out with ‘Leovegas player wins record amount' are more than enough to place me firmly on Team Leovegas. Most recently, over $7 million on Joker Millions, $6 million on Hall of Gods and $1 million on Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm. So here's the deal: over 20 game providers with top progressive jackpot titles like the Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Mega Jackpots series.

Titles from my favourite providers like NetEnt, MicroGaming, Play ‘n Go and Evolution are included, so sky's the limit. Also, this is one casino that doesn't baulk from dishing out the dosh. In fact, every win prompts a bit of a celebration to cheer up all the other players too, with free spins and other contests.



Reliable, offers variety and it's also so damned cute. I mean, seriously, have you checked out their totally adorable Sumo mascot? Just wait for the moment when he twerks it as you werk it. Ok – moving on. So, the stuff that really matters: all the big game providers are present and correct. As are all the big games we love to take our chances on. All the big progressives that I have been raving about in this feature are also there.

Check out the casino blog and you will find a refreshing variety of wins, from the frequent modest ones to the super payouts, like a God of Wealth mega-drop that yielded just over $190,000 on a $2 bet. Sweet or what? Add 24 on 7 live support and a cool array of promotions and welcome packages, and you can see why it makes the list.

Casumo Casino


A relative newcomer that built a reputation for trustworthiness pretty fast. With titles from over 10 developers, including the obvious ones, the most popular progressive jackpots are there. If you are a numbers person, here's some for you: one of Dunder's winners took home over $300,000 while spinning Mystery Fruit. What he did with the winnings was buy his wife a diamond ring, book a holiday to Spain and pay off his car. Sounds like a plan to me!

Everyone's favourite progressive jackpots are there, starting with the obligatory Mega Moolah. And, if it's the super wins that you're after, you'll be happy to know that Dunder is every high-rollers' dream. Bet big on slots like Burning Desire or King of Slots, where the max bet goes up to $270, or other big titles like Koi Princess,, Jack Hammer and Guns ‘n' Roses, where you can bet up to $220.

Dunder Casino

Mr Green

This award-winning casino is another big puller for me, mostly because it's pretty much slots heaven. The giant providers like NetEnt and Genesis Gaming, as well as the more niche providers like my fave Yggdrasil. Mr Green sometimes gets some flak for the rather bog-standard showing when it comes to casino games like BlackJack, but since I'm more of a slots gal myself this doesn't bother me at all.

And the choice is seriously superb, whether you're in the mood for the mega titles that everyone's after or something more obscure like Sumo Spins. They constantly keep adding new titles too, so if you're one of those big flirts who like to hop from slot to slot (guilty as charged!), you can do that for as long as the fancy strikes you. In short, there's more than enough fodder if you're jonesing for one of the top jackpot slots.

Mr Green

Voodoo Dreams

What's better than slots and jackpots? Slots, jackpots and a way cool voodoo theme at your casino. All other things – like reputation, slots and offers – being equal, I confess to being a bit of a sucker for a good, eerie interface and Voodoo Dreams delivers. The entertaining, harmlessly occult visuals magically lure you in to check out some serious slot selections, and the amount of progressive jackpot options satisfy any craving for a good chance at hitting a massive payout.

On the list you'll find favourites like Fruit Fiesta, Ozwin's Jackpot, the obvious Mega Moolah and quite a few other less well-known options that nonetheless offer both fun and high rolls.

Voodoo Dreams

All about volatility and hit frequency

The slots mentioned above all have one thing in common: a reel good time and royal payouts. So maybe you're in this for a bit of fun and games, and you're pretty chill about that small detail of hitting the jackpot. Or maybe, today's the day you're in it for the kill and you've set your eyes on the big prize. In this case, putting your entire bankroll on the first pretty slot to give the eye is not enough – you'll need to do a bit more homework.

This is when we need to start thinking about volatility and frequency. Let's say Aztec's Millions has currently reached the $4 million mark – now that's enough to get anyone excited, isn't it? You're about to go all in, when you realise that hey, so has Mega Fortune Mega. Oh, the dilemma. Do you trust your all in one slot? Split up your bankroll? Go for the one that loads first? You can do all this, but it would also be a good idea to check out each game's Return To Player (RTP), volatility and hit frequency first.

Let's start with RTP – for an in-depth explanation about his this will affect your chances of hitting the drop, click here. The shorter version is this: a game's RTP measures the probability of you reaping the rewards on the slots. Let's say you're spinning a slot with an RTP of 97%. This means that in the longterm you should expect to get 97c with every $1 you bet. The lower the RTP, the less your odds to hit a good win.

The RTP is, in turn, affected by volatility, which is measured in terms of low, medium and high. The lower the volatility, the more frequently you'll land on a winning slot. The downside is that these tend to be of relatively low value. The higher the volatility, the less frequently you'll score a winning payline, but when you do… you're likely to enjoy a decent payout that is on the high side. To put things into perspective, NetEnt's Dead or Alive is extremely popular with high rollers because it has a very high volatility and when players strike a win, they strike it big. On the other end of the spectrum, we find Star Burst, popular for the opposite reason – it has very low volatility, which means you can expect your bankroll to last longer and to pay out some smaller level wins.

The moral of the story? If your aim is to score a life-changing win and start your new life as a millionaire with the top progressive jackpot, you'll need to accept the reality of high volatility.

One other thing to keep in mind is the hit frequency of a slot. Say I have my eye on the Arabian Nights Progressive Jackpot, currently standing at just over $1,5 million. Now, the Arabian Nights progressive jackpot has been known to go up way higher, sometimes even as high as $4,5 Million. Still, $1,5 mill sounds just as sweet a prize for me, so I may as well go for it, right?

Wrong, as it happens. Well, if I'm serious about at least a sporting chance of hitting a good jackpot, Arabian Nights would not be the best option as the relatively low amount of the prize implies that the jackpot dropped not too long ago. Which means that the chances of it dropping again so soon are rather low. What I should do is check the hit frequency of the slot, see whether I'm anywhere near target and, if the estimate is still far off move on to the next jackpot.

So, you've done your homework, picked your slot and you're ready to rock ‘n roll. One last thing that may sound silly, but that sometimes – in the heat of a fun session – can easily escape a player's mind. Do make sure the wagers you're laying qualify you to enter the progressive jackpot. Which typically means you need to throw in the max bet everytime you'd like a go at the jackpot.

Finally, what are your odds of winning and how can you beat them? Well, to be quite honest, if I knew the answer to that, I would be too busy on the slots to dish out advice here. The odds are typically calculated to a precise mathematical formula and have been estimated at 1 in 5 million, which means that you really need to catch Lady Luck on a good day if you want to get a smile your way.

Truth is no-one plays the jackpots because the odds of winning are very high. We play them because they make us dream and – sometimes – dreams can come true.

What's it going to take to make our jackpot dreams come true? And is there any way of improving on these odds? Do your homework, as I have already stated above, and use your common sense to improve your chances. The only thing I can say without a doubt is that there is always a winner even for the most spectacular jackpots. That winner has to be someone, and it could very well be you.

top jackpots

The biggest jackpot wins

Speaking of winners, I do love me a good story with a happy, mega jackpot ending. Nothing like seeing the smiley faces of someone who just landed $10 million on Mega Moolah to get my fingers itching for a good spin on the slots. Huge wins nowadays are not that uncommon, and many casinos and providers share regular happy news. But it takes a spectacular payout to get splashed on the headlines. If you're in need of some inspiration, here are some fairytales that spun a very happy ending:

The mindblowing $20,066,800 on Mega Moolah that put winner Jon Heywood in the Guinness Book of Records. Honestly, I don't think I can even count up to that number. Microgaming and Betway pulled out all the stops to celebrate Mr Heywood's coming into some top moolah. Inspirational level: shoot for the stars and land on Venus!

Mega Moolah does tend to feature in these happy endings encouragingly often. Before Mr Heywood's triumph, the same slot had already delivered the equivalent of over $19 million to an anonymous player at the Grand Mondial Casino. To date, Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network  has paid out over $100 million.

In April 2016 Lady Luck bestowed her charms Downunder, with a $7.8 million jackpot on Microgaming's now-discontinued Dark Knight slot, which he was playing at Spin Palace Casino.

Another Mega Moolah spectacular happened back in 2016, when Rawiri Pou cashed in $7.4 Million playing at Casinoland. Do you see the pattern here, where the big moolah tends to land?

Then there was that spot of Greek sunshine when the 26-year-old Georgios M won $8.6 million at River Belle Online Casino also on… you guessed it… Mega Moolah.

These stories put a mega smile on my face. I mean, it's living evidence that the next super winner can be me, right? Fine – or you!

My top jackpot slots strategy tips

Increasing the odds is a real thing, and my strategy is mostly based on using common sense (though this only happens if it's gone 11Am) and, more importantly, on practising those spins, researching, and keeping an eye on what the other players are up to. The follow are my favourite jackpot strategy hacks:

Set a loss limit and keep to it

It's too easy to lose track of the bankroll you plan on spending when you're rolling on a high, chasing the unicorn of jackpots. The song ‘One More Time' does come to mind. But never forget that although we want to win big, the ultimate purpose here is to have fun while doing it. And it tends to put a damper if you suddenly realise that you've spent way more than you had originally planned just because you got caught in the thrill of the moment.

So, set yourself a loss limit. When you reach it, go make yourself a cuppa.

Don’t limit yourself to slots

I know I've been going on about slots here, and this is mostly for two reasons. They are the easiest, most relaxing casino games and they're also my favourite. They are also most people's favourites, which is why there's a lot of players competing for that jackpot. If you have a good head for other games like Blackjack and Roulette, don't be shy of giving those a spin too! Many casinos, such as Gold Club Casino and Casino Chan offer amazing jackpots on their live casino games.

Find a reliable real-time jackpot tracker

Want to know which progressive slots are rising faster than the sun on a Monday morning?  Find yourself an online real-time jackpot tracker that you like and put it in your bookmarks folder.  A tracker will give you the stats about how much the different jackpots in the industry are worth, and they work by literally pulling the information from the various casinos to give you the latest news about which super slot may be about to drop. Some of them will also include information not only about the prizes available, but also about the most recent wins and the next expected one. Some developers, like IGT, offer their own tracker so that players can see all their jackpots at a glance.

Study the winning patterns of a slot

Remember that part where I mentioned hit frequency? If you're straight up aiming for the biggest kill ever, take your research a step further. Don't simply check when the last drop happened, go about four to five wins back to figure out the most likely gap between each win. The way I do it is by using that good, old-fashioned law of averages I learnt back in school. Let's say the last four wins of your chosen jackpot took place on these dates: January 2, February 28, April 2, May 5 and June 2. What I do is the following:

I count the time interval between each win:

January to February 28 – 57 days

March 1 to April 2 – 32 days

April 3 to May 5 – 32 days

May 6 to June 2 – 27 days

Next, I add them together, which brings me to 148. Then I take an average by dividing the total (148) with the number of values (4), which gives me 37. And there's my answer, the jackpot tend to drop every 37 days on average. Making an allowance of a few days earlier, I feel that the slots may just align in my favour between starting from day 30. If we're still on day 28, I just don't bother. And if it's day 40, I will certainly spend a fair time trying to prove my strategy right.

Is this method foolproof? Of course not. Sadly, nothing is. But anything that increases the odds is always a plus!


What are the different types of jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are the most popular and the ones offering the massive payouts, as they keep increasing until someone wins. This is what millionaires are made of! Multi-drop jackpots also offer potential for some nice winnings, and are viewed as easier to win as they MUST drop at a specific time of day or when they reach a certain amount. Finally, Fixed Jackpots are those with a fixed upper limit that doesn't change no matter how many people win: these are usually accessed through the bonus rounds and yield a lower win.

How often do progressive jackpots hit?

Well, I'd love to answer this one for you, but truth is no-one knows. All we can do is study the winning patterns and the track record of a slot and pray for Lady Luck to smile our way.

What are the biggest jackpots?

The eternal wars are between MicroGaming's Mega Moolah and NetEnt's Mega Fortune. Both have created millionaires, both have millions of slot jockeys slobbering over the drop and both deliver what they promise, eventually. These are the holy grail of jackpots, so you best come armed with the bankroll to match them. Whichever you prefer is up to your taste and mood, to be honest. Both deliver high-quality visuals, work awesome on mobile and desktop and have the potential to keep you entertained for a good span of time.

How do you qualify to join a jackpot?

Usually, placing the maximum bet will do the trick and eventually land you on the right combination of symbols on a paying line. This will then give you access to play the available jackpots.

How can you calculate the odds of winning?

Many mathematical formulas exist, and the most commonly accepted odds are 1 in 5 million. Not very encouraging, granted, but these can always be improved by employing all the strategy tactics mentioned in this guide. Scroll up once more, if you need a quick refresher.

What are jackpot trackers?

These are online sites that pull realtime information about the status of all progressive jackpots in the industry. If you're looking to see which one is likely to drop next, a tracker will help you figure it out.

Conclusion – Top Jackpot Slots Guide in Brief

So, here are the basic points we have covered in this guide to the top jackpot slots:

Progressive jackpots give you the biggest payouts but are hardest to win. Non-progressive jackpots are best for those who don't put ‘becoming a millionaire' in their list of requirements before spinning a slot – they will give you modest wins more frequently, for an all-round feelgood factor.

Although no strategy can give you a sure win, there are some good hacks that can help improve your odds to land the winning spin so do take your time checking these out. Good luck!

Ramona D

Ramona D

A writer and a dreamer, surfing the slots in search of strategy and serendipity.

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