Top 10 Real Money Roulette Sites

Online RouletteThere is no denying the fact that there are numerous Roulette games that can be played online free of cost, but if you want real enjoyment and best gaming experience, it is suggested that you play Roulette for real money.

Placing the wagers and turning them into a winning one as soon as the ball lands on the number wells might be very appealing to some players. If you are interested playing Roulette games online, it is recommended that you read this article where we have provided in-depth information regarding which games to play and which one to ignore.

List of Top 10 Roulette Sites for 2019


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UK Real Money Online Roulette

If you visit any land-based casino site in the United Kingdom, the most common one that you would be able to see over there is single zero Roulette game. It is also known by the name European Roulette, and you would love playing this game because the house edge is just 2.7%. It means that you will have a lot of winning opportunities on your way by playing this variant of the casino game.

For people who like playing single zero Roulette game, the good news is that you can access this game on all the featured casino sites listed over here. Account registration and sign up process can be completed in minutes, and you will be able to deposit money in your home currency which is Pound Sterling. At just a few pence, you can start playing, or you can even raise the value by playing chips to Pounds if you are looking forward to the high rolling type of session online.

Playing US Online Real Money Roulette

Online Roulette players who live in the US might be familiar with American Roulette game. However, it is not recommended to play online because there is an additional double zero ball well on the Roulette wheel. The house edge is very high, and you would not have a lot of winning opportunities on your way. Instead, it is recommended playing the European or UK Roulette game because of low house edge and more significant winning payout percentage.

In fact, you will be doing yourself a world of favour if you ignore the American Roulette game and pay attention to the other two Roulette alternatives mentioned above. The above games are affordable because payouts are very friendly and offer the lowest house edge as compared to 5.26% of American Roulette.

Europe Real Money Online Roulette

For people living in Europe, they are aware that European Roulette is the most common and widely played game in that part of the world. It is one game that can be played on land-based as well as online casinos easily. At the same time, the house edge is shallow which accounts for just 1.35% making it one of the most sought-after casino games in the entire world.

If you are blissfully unaware of such game and don’t think that this type of casino game exists, then allow us to introduce you to French Roulette. It is another normal variant because of its unique playing game rules. There is no better game than French Roulette in the land-based or online casino.

There are two different variants of French Roulette available to players, and each one of them comes with a low house edge of 1.35%. The reason for the small house edge is that the playing rule comes into effect whenever a zero spins in. If you are playing French Roulette in the online or land-based casino, you will have some wagers on the betting layout, and the bets can be placed on the even-money paying.

So, if you are looking forward to playing Roulette games in the online casino, you are recommended to play the French variant of this game because of the lowest house edge and high payouts upon winning. If you want fun and money in return, it is recommended to play this game.

Roulette Questions and Answers

If we can correctly predict the winning payout for Roulette games, it is 35 to 1 which is very unusual. You can play for low stakes, and if you have luck by your side, then it is likely that you can increase your bankroll substantially in a short period; provided you have made the correct predictions.

Roulette is one of the easiest games to play, and you need not have to undergo a lot of understanding to play and enjoy this game. However, it is likely that one might have questions about this casino game when one is playing for the very first time. For this very reason, we are providing with a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the game of casino. You are recommended to read them before you commence playing.

1. Are Online Roulette Games Random?

The first question that comes to the mind while playing online Roulette games is that whether games would be random or not. There would be dozens of different variants of this game available, and if you stick to the list of preferred casinos mentioned on our website, it is likely that you would be playing random games. It is interesting to note that all the games you play at our featured websites are certified random by the gaming commissions as a part of the licensing. So you need not have to worry anything about it.

2. What are the Best Bets to Place on a Roulette Table?

When you are playing the Roulette table games, you will be provided with both good as well as poorly valued bets. When you are playing French Roulette at our sponsored websites, the best bet you can place is the even-money paying opportunities because of a special La Partage Rule which applies to this variant of Roulette game.

3. Which Bonuses are Best for Playing Roulette?

Most of the Roulette games do not come with bonus options. However, there are a few games that do offer bonus plans to its registered players. If you do come across such casino that offers bonus money on the Roulette games, then the best one would be the low play through requirements and also should have no maximum bet rules or maximum cash out as a part of terms and conditions.

4. What is the Best Roulette Game Available Online?

If you are looking forward to playing the best variant of Roulette game online, then we would recommend you to play French Roulette. The game rule is very nice, and you would not lose cash if you have placed even money playing bet on the Roulette table if a zero spins in. The bets would remain on the table for the next spin, and again if zero spins come in, you would not lose your bet. In fact, you would earn half of your money bet if zero appears.

5. Can You Cheat When Playing Roulette Online?

If you are playing at any of our featured online casino sites, you will not find a single opportunity when you could cheat another player. There is no room for cheating, and the software would not permit any bet to be placed on the Roulette table until the wheel has been set into motion. This has been done to secure the integrity and fairness of the casino games in the online environment.

6. Do Roulette Games have Progressive Jackpots?

Most of the Roulette games are non-progressive. However, there are a few games that allow players to play for progressive jackpots attached to them. Before playing for the jackpot, it is important that you are wagering some money in the form of a side bet.

7. What Roulette Playing Systems Work?

When you are playing Roulette in an online environment, there are a few systems that work over the short term. It is to note that table stake limits and house edges would always be there to protect the casino from the players who try out and being successful in the long term use, for instance, Martingale betting strategy. You should play the game the way you want it to be, but there would always be winning as well as losing sessions on your way. So you need to play sensibly and in a responsible manner. You should stop when you need to be so that you don’t become extravagant or do overspending.

8. What are the Available Roulette Stake Alternatives?

The stake level varies from one casino to another, and the minimum stake wager available with our featured casino is just 0.01. However, some different casinos would urge players to put stake option of 1.00 as the minimum wagered amount. It depends upon you what you want, and to settle for the best staking options, it is recommended that you shop around the internet for a while and test the different gaming platforms of the online casino sites that can offer you a different range of staking options.

9. What are the Worst Online Roulette Games?

The worst online Roulette games would be the one that does not offer good payouts on winning and that have the highest house edge in the gaming industry. For example, we don’t recommend our players to play American Roulette because it has got two zeros on its wheel.

At the same time, the house edge is pretty high which is 5.26% which is way higher than the standard Roulette game which is 1.35%. So it is recommended that you should avoid playing this variant of Roulette game at all cost.

10. Are Live Online Roulette Games Worth Playing?

If you are a socially active player, you would enjoy live online Roulette games because you would be able to chat and interact with the fellow casino players. There is a chat room facility where you can have a lengthy and detailed discussion on any aspect of online casino game. However, it is to be noted that the live games are a little slower as compared to the software-driven games. But you would enjoy because the structure is unique.