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Online Loyalty Bonus Casinos: Top Operators With the Best Loyalty Bonuses in 2024

As its name suggests, an online casino loyalty bonus is a type of promotional offer given by operators to players to thank and reward them for their constant activity on the platform. Here’s where to find and claim the best ones in 2024!

Best casino loyalty programmes How do casino loyalty points work? What is a VIP programme?

Top Casinos With Outstanding Loyalty Programmes in 2024

Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Tiered programme with loyalty casino points
  • High-value welcome package
  • Multilanguage platform
€/$2,500 Bonus + 250 Free Spins
Payment Methods
  • Loyalty club with 11 levels
  • Slots tournaments
  • Live chat support
100% Up To €/$150 + 100 Free Spins
3 Wildz Casino
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Loyalty+ programme for active users
  • Up to 20% cashback for loyal customers
  • Over 1,200 casino games
100% Up To €500 + 200 Free Spins
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Status system with loyalty casino points
  • Events and campaigns
  • Bonus shop
100% Up To €500 + 50 Free Spins
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Loyalty garage programme
  • Provably fair games
  • One of the best crypto casinos
6 BTC Bonus Or 20% Unlimited Cashback
Regulated by
Payment Methods
  • Wide range of exclusive loyalty rewards
  • Feature Buy slots
  • Platform available in multiple languages
€2,000 Bonus + 200 Free Spins

Top 3 Online Casino Loyalty Programmes for 2024

There’s no secret that online casino loyalty programmes enjoy a great deal of popularity all across the world. As such, international audiences are just as spoiled: here are three of the best loyalty schemes we’ve come across.

#1 King Billy

King Billy Loyalty Bonus

King Billy’s Loyalty Scheme (Source: King Billy)

King Billy has a VIP Club fit for royalty, offering exciting incentives for the casino’s players. The VIP scheme has seven different levels, each with attractive and generous rewards.

Players advance through these levels, earning their ‘Royal Score’, through making bets. For every bet made, you will also receive their special currency called ‘King’s Coins’, which can be exchanged for cash. It is better to save these, as the higher your loyalty level, the more cash you will receive.

Here are the levels of King Billy's loyalty programme:

  1. Citizen is the first and lowest level of the VIP club, where each King Billy player automatically joins when making their first bet. The royal score needed, therefore, is between 0-499.
  2. Next is Baron/Baroness, with a royal score of 500-4999.
  3. The third level is called Count/Countess, and a royal score of 5000-12999 is required.
  4. After this, the Marquess/Marchioness status has a royal score of 13000-24999.
  5. You will then proceed to the Duke/Duchess status, which needs a royal score of 25000-39999.
  6. The sixth level is the Prince/Princess level with a royal score of 40000+.
  7. The final level, King/Queen, is only available through invitation only. With each status achieved, top rewards are given including bonuses, free spins, weekly cashback, better King’s Coins exchange rates, and other exclusive offers.

Discover more about this brand in our King Billy casino review.

Play at King Billy Casino

#2 Mr Bit

Mr Bit Status System

The Mr Bit status system (Source: Mr. Bit Casino)

Mr Bit has one of the more interesting online casino loyalty programmes out there, offering many elements we’re used to seeing on gamification casinos, such as points scoring or levelling up. This can make the journey feel like a video game, with new challenges sprinkled throughout.

Once you sign up, you automatically have a status assigned to your account, which is in turn subject to change depending on the number of bets you make in EUR currency during each calendar month. For example, a stake of €20 will award 1 point. There are 27 levels in total that you can access: the lowest level requires 3 points, while the highest requires 150,000.

The rewards available at every level include free spins and cash bonuses – one cool thing is that the wagering requirements are lowered as you advance in the programme. Furthermore, cashback percentages of 2% to 13% apply, depending on your level.

Discover more about this brand in our Mr Bit casino review.
Play at Mr. Bit Casino

#3 BetAmo

BetAmo Loyalty Bonus

BetAmo’s Loyalty Scheme (Source: BetAmo)

BetAmo has an especially enticing VIP Scheme, rewarding their players for their dedication with special prizes. The casino’s VIP club consists of 11 levels, each with an aptly-themed title that can be achieved. You can progress through the levels by depositing money and playing slot games.

Every real-money bet is worth a certain number of special points, called CPs (comp points). For example, €25 is worth 1 CP. By accumulating CPs, you can ascend through the tiers and be awarded. These rewards include free spins, to begin with, then cash prizes and, if you reach the final level, an exclusive Lamborghini Urus. Unfortunately, table and live dealer games do not count towards the casino’s VIP scheme.

Here's a quick breakdown of each tier in BetAmo's loyalty scheme:

  1. Tier 1 consists of four levels (Rookie, Amateur, Skilled, and Lucky Gambler), from 1-600 CPs. You automatically achieve level 1, ‘Rookie’, after your first slot bet. From levels 2-4, you can win 15, 50, and 150 free spins respectively. Each free spin prize is for a specific slot game, allowing you to try a range.
  2. Tier 2 is levels 5-8 (Mr Success, Lucky Gamer, Gambling Knight, and Slot Guru), from 1500-200000 CPs). Mr. Success awards 125 free spins, the rest of the levels have cash prizes.
  3. Tier 3 is two levels (Betlord and Gambling Pro), from 750000-1750000 CPS worth €10000 and €25000.
  4. Tier 4 is the final level of 11 (BetAmo God), reaching a huge 5000000 CPs and is the coveted SUV Lamborghini Urus.

Discover more about this brand in our BetAmo casino review.

Play at BetAmo Casino

#4 Drift Casino

Drift Casino VIP Status System

Drift Casino’s VIP status system (Source: Drift Casino)

Although it’s called a VIP Club, Drift Casino makes sure to keep its status system accessible to a large pool of players. The entry threshold is very low, but the exclusive benefits and privileges are still reserved to higher-tier players. There are six tiers in total, namely Beginner, Driver, StreetRacer, Gold Racer, Platinum Racer, and Dark Racer. When you first sign up, you’ll automatically be assigned the beginner status (this applies to players who made no deposits, or small deposits of up to €90.99).

Once you’ve achieved Gold-Racer status, you will start benefitting from cashback bonuses, faster payouts, and invitations to private events with large prize pools. A personal account manager will also be assigned to you, while the cashback percentages depend on the tier. However, it’s not enough to gain a particular status; you must also maintain it. For example, if you wish to keep your Street Racer status, you must make deposits of €500 every 30 days.
Play at Drift Casino

#5 SlotV

SlotV Loyalty bonus

SlotV’s Loyalty Scheme (Source: SlotV)

On both Romanian and RoW websites, SlotV offers a ‘Status System’ which has 25 levels, where players can receive many gifts. Each registered account is assigned a status.

Please be aware that this system resets monthly, while your status increases with the number of bets placed and crystals gathered. Every €20 bet is worth 1 crystal.

As you progress through the levels, you can receive exciting prizes such as free spins or bonus cash. Once a player advances past phase 5 or higher, they are eligible for a cashback bonus; this amount is dependent on the level that the player has reached. For instance, if you are at Phase 12, you will have made monthly cash bets of €40000, received 2000 crystals and €10 in bonus cash, while being entitled to 4% cashback.

For Romanian players, SlotV also has a ‘VIP Universe’ programme in which players are either directly invited or become a participant after making a deposit of 25,000 RON. This scheme consists of five levels starting at the bottom with ‘Cadet’, ‘Researcher’, ‘Tester’, ‘Navigator’, ‘Boatswain’, and the highest ‘Commander’. You can advance through these levels by making deposits.

However, the higher tiers require minimum monthly deposits. The rewards include a wide range of rewards, from individual prizes to large bonuses, cashback incentives, and a dedicated VIP assistant.
Play at SlotV Casino

What Is a Casino Loyalty Bonus?

By Definition By Definition

The concept of a casino loyalty bonus is simple – you will earn rewards over time if you stick to playing at the same casino, such as free credit, loyalty points that can be converted into cash or other prizes, free spins, or exclusive bonuses.

Brick-and-mortar casinos around the world have historically offered many benefits to attract the big whales to the tables – today, online casinos are following in their footsteps with fantastic loyalty rewards, loyalty programmes, and bonuses.

While the huge number of welcome casino bonuses available online may tempt you to switch and change casinos on a regular basis, there are significantly more benefits to doing the opposite.

The bottom line is that many reputable casinos are interested in keeping you as a long-term customer. This means that you're satisfied enough to continue playing on their platforms and participate in their tournaments or casino challenges. One of the best ways to retain these players is to reward them for their loyalty.

Because of that, they will invest more resources to keep existing players engaged and active by giving them personalised bonuses.

How Do Loyalty Bonuses & Online Casino Loyalty Programmes Work?

Most online casinos implement loyalty programmes that are split into different tiers or which follow a points-based system, where reaching certain milestones unlocks gifts, bonuses, and exclusive services.

Good to Know! Good to Know!

Some loyalty bonuses simply become available at the behest of the casino operator and are accessible to current players as a reward for their continual play. This usually comes in the form of a free spins or a cashback offer on a specific day.

Unlike many of the other best online casino bonuses, players usually don’t have to sign up for anything to receive these, but will need to have funds deposited in order to access them in the first place.

Who Is Eligible for Casino Loyalty Bonuses?

The best online casino loyalty programmes are usually open to existing players. In certain cases, newly registered players can also grab a piece of the rewards if they verify their account or meet the minimum deposit requirements for a starting tier (a Beginner or a member of the Bronze tier, for example).

Existing players can claim any advertised bonuses so long as they are active on the platform, bet the specified amount for each tier of the loyalty system, or deposit through a particular payment method. Do keep in mind that some casinos will ask you to keep depositing a certain amount monthly (e.g.£/€2,000) in order to maintain that tier.

Slight differences in awarding players may arise depending on the casino’s policy, but they will typically be detailed in depth in the terms and conditions.

How Do I Claim a Loyalty Bonus?

To claim a casino loyalty bonus, make sure you follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up for your online casino of choice.
  2. Verify your account by passing all compliance checks.
  3. Enrol in the casino’s loyalty programme.
  4. Play your favourite games using real money.
  5. Meet the minimum deposit requirements (if specified).
  6. Acquire points/reach the specified loyalty tiers (e.g.bronze, silver, gold, platinum).
  7. Convert your points into bonuses and cash prizes.

Because most loyalty programmes use a points-based system, the higher tiers of the programme will always yield the best rewards.

Luckily, you’ll normally be able to reach the top levels in an interactive and fun manner through missions, activities, or challenges organised by the casino itself.

Then, the accrued loyalty points can be converted into bonus cash or additional perks, such as birthday bonuses, cashbacks, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, or faster cash-outs.

Infographic showing popular casino loyalty bonuses

Loyalty Bonus vs VIP Bonus – Is There a Difference?

Depending on the casino, a loyalty programme and a VIP programme Bonuses can be one and the same, as many operators tend to use these terms interchangeably. In this case, the subsequent bonuses in the programme are accessible to everyone and, depending on the number of points you acquire, different perks can be unlocked for you to enjoy.

However, at some online casinos, the opposite is true – VIP clubs are only destined for high rollers and are invite-only, thus inaccessible to the regular player. In this case, to access any exclusive bonuses, you must first achieve VIP player status.

For all players For high rollers
Opt-in to participate Invite-only
Point-based or Tier-based Point-based or Tier-based
Regular rewards Exclusive rewards

As a general rule of thumb, VIP implies some sort of special treatment.

A true VIP programme combines the points-based tier system with exclusive casino loyalty rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Players are awarded with perks such as a personal VIP manager, faster transactions, and cashback offers, as well as rewards for anniversaries, birthdays and other major milestones.

Don’t forget that no matter the loyalty programme or VIP package, you must always gamble safely, within your means, and follow the best practices of responsible gambling.

How To Find a Casino Loyalty Bonus – Tips & Tricks

The best online casino loyalty programmes will contribute to your bankroll and enhance your experience as a player.

If that sounds good to you, then we have your back! We’ve compiled three key points to help you find the best online casino loyalty bonus:

Tips & Tricks

To unlock outstanding loyalty rewards, you’ll need to jump online and read as many casino reviews as possible! Doing proper research will offer some insight into the quality of a particular online casino loyalty bonus and help you compare and contrast existing offers on the market.

Reading the terms and conditions attached to any offer carefully is always advised, as you can quickly determine if it’s accessible and attractive to you or not. Although the T&Cs of a loyalty bonus are generally not as strict as those attached to a welcome bonus, there may still be a few requirements that do not suit you.

You should keep a close eye on your overall progress. This way, you’ll be sure to maintain the original amount you set at the start of the game without depositing any extra, unnecessary funds to your account.

Finding the Right Loyalty Bonus for You

You’ve done your research and browsed through the internet, but you still have one last burning question – which casino has the best rewards programme for you?

The key takeaway that applies to any casino bonus in general is that there’s no such thing as the best offer – only the right offer for you personally. Luckily, the ever-growing competition among operators ensures there is plenty of choice available when it comes to loyalty rewards.

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best loyalty programmes at online casinos in 2024 in our Top Table List above.

Lastly, casino loyalty bonuses are tailored to a particular type of player who usually fits the below criteria:

Do you meet the conditions to claim a loyalty bonus?
  • You like to stick to a single casino and be loyal to it long-term.
  • You like to play casino games regularly.
  • You love to receive freebies with your gameplay, such as cashback offers, calendar rewards, and VIP tiered bonuses.
  • You like completing challenges for rewards.
  • You enjoy personalised offers such as birthday bonuses or Christmas gifts.


When you put your hard-earned money into your favourite casino games, you deserve a little something special, wouldn’t you agree? Loyalty bonuses and online casino loyalty programmes aim to provide just that – they are an exceptional way to receive the best casino promo code and get rewarded as a customer.

Top online casino loyalty programmes will offer you exclusive rewards you can’t find anywhere else, making you feel like a true high roller!

Loyalty Bonus FAQs

A loyalty bonus is a promo granted to gamblers to reward them for their continual play. Some casinos take loyalty bonuses even further by offering full VIP programmes that boast exclusive benefits and experiences.

There are many loyalty programmes available to professional and amateur players alike. While not every programme will suit all players, we recommend those offered by King Billy and Casimba as a couple of the very best.

Do your research! Read reviews and scan the websites of your favourite casinos to compare existing rewards and offers. This way, you’ll quickly know if a loyalty programme suits your play style and activity level on the platform.

Most casino loyalty programmes use either a point-based system (you are rewarded with loyalty points for every wager on casino games on the platform) or a status-based system (you get exclusive bonuses once you reach VIP status, for example).

In most cases, yes – anyone can sign up for the loyalty programme and start earning points as soon as they stake on their favourite casino games. However, some operators may refer to their loyalty scheme as a ‘VIP club’ and restrict access to regular players.

The sky is the limit when it comes to possible casino loyalty rewards – they range from loyalty points that can be converted into cash prizes, cashback, birthday bonuses, and boosted deposit bonuses.

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