The Best Blackjack Live Tables in 2021

Blackjack is a classic live table game that has enjoyed tremendous popularity throughout the ages. For those who want to experience a live dealer game from the comfort of their living room, live dealer blackjack games are the way to go!

Top Casinos that Offer Great Live Blackjack

Royal Panda
Up to ₹100,000 +10 free spins
  • Especially good for beginner gamers
  • Focuses on the Indian market, but all players are welcome
* more terms & conditions apply
Unlock up to £100 Cash + 20 Wager-Free Spins
  • Has a large offer of games
  • Users can choose to play for some of the largest stakes that any online casino has to offer
* more terms & conditions apply
Jackpot City
C$ 1,600 Welcome Bonus
  • Has a very good reputation
  • Offers many promotions
* more terms & conditions apply
Deposit £10 get £50
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Amazing graphics that boost the experience
* more terms & conditions apply
William Hill
€100 Welcome Bonus
  • Large selection of games
  • Entertaining platform
* more terms & conditions apply
£88 no-deposit + 100% up to £100
  • Has earned unanimous great reviews
  • Covers both low and high stakes
* more terms & conditions apply
Paddy Power
100 free spins
  • Well-known and versatile online casino
  • Includes many live dealer black games
* more terms & conditions apply
All British
Up to £100
  • It excels in terms of graphics
  • Great live blackjack experience
* more terms & conditions apply
100% up to SEK100
  • One of the largest offers of online live blackjack
* more terms & conditions apply
Deposit £10 Get £50
  • One of the best casinos in terms of their blackjack games
  • Includes a wide ranging selection of games
* more terms & conditions apply
Deposit £100 and Play with £200
  • Includes numerous other games besides blackjack
  • Has earned a very good reputation in the industry
* more terms & conditions apply
Welcome Bonus Money + Free Spins
  • Highly secure casino
  • Fun and attractive gaming environment
* more terms & conditions apply
100% bonus up to 200€
  • Well-known for their highly secured platform
  • The platform focuses heavily on its graphics
* more terms & conditions apply
£100+50 Extra Spins
  • Numerous blackjack options from which to choose
  • Simple to use interface that adds to the experience
* more terms & conditions apply
€100+100 Free Spins
  • A platform that is earning a tremendous reputation
  • A very large selection of blackjack games that users can choose from
* more terms & conditions apply
100% match up to €100
  • New & fun online casino
  • Tailors to those looking for crypto casino games.
* more terms & conditions apply

2nd deposit – 50% up to €200 and 20 Free Spins
  • Great bonuses on first and second deposit
  • Great for beginners who are learning to play
* more terms & conditions apply


Best Live Blackjack Bonuses

If you are already considering playing live dealer blackjack at any of the top online casinos featured on our website, bonuses may just be the thing to convince you. The best live casino bonuses are offered especially to first-time users. This is known as a welcome bonus and, occasionally, includes free spins in the online casino, besides bankable amounts. Once you redeem it, you can use it at the blackjack table to enhance your bankroll and your enjoyment of the game.

Before you dive in, it’s important to stress the fact that not all bonuses listed here are applicable to Live Blackjack, and that it’s important you first read the terms and conditions to ensure you are fully informed of what the casino has to offer. You'll be disappointed to claim a bonus only to find out you can't wager it on casino blackjack games.

Top 5 Casinos that Offer Great Bonuses for Blackjack

Jackpot City
Welcome bonus of up to £1600
  • Very fast withdrawals
  • unlimited withdrawals
  • live chat 24 on 7
* more terms & conditions apply
100% up to SEK100
  • very good bonuses
  • excellent customer service
  • highly-intuitive interface
* more terms & conditions apply
Welcome Bonus Money + Free Spins
  • Top game providers
  • good loyalty scheme
  • sleek interface
* more terms & conditions apply

Feel like putting what you’ve just learned into practice and trying out an online blackjack game? Hold your horses – first, we recommend that you take a quick look at our FAQs, where we’ve attempted to round up the most important questions related to this ancient yet exciting game. You can always play blackjack for fun with a bonus before you wager your money on the real live table games. Or, if you're new to casino watch online videos to help you get started on your new live casino journey – you'll be able to find all the best tips to help you be a successful blackjack casino player. Don't forget, you can also tip live dealers when playing some live blackjack casino games if you feel like you're having a lucky run.


Low Stakes Live Blackjack

If you are just beginning to enjoy playing blackjack online, then perhaps it is best to start off with low-stake blackjack games and decide later whether you wish to scale up. Games with lower stakes, however, are not as easy to locate as the high-stake ones. Why is that exactly?

Well, given the costs required to run a live dealer blackjack game, many online casinos have determined that they cannot afford to run a table where minimal stakes are played. However, they have also noted that the busiest tables tend to be the ones that accept low-stake betting. Therefore, some of the best known online casinos have integrated this betting option for the blackjack games that they host.

Casinos that Accept Low Stake Betting

£2 minimum bet
  • multiple software platforms
  • low minimum deposit
  • numerous withdrawal options
* more terms & conditions apply
£10 minimum deposit
  • cool VIP program
  • fun party theme
  • great customer service
* more terms & conditions apply
Usually, a £25 minimum bet
  • Exclusive progressive jackpots
  • top-notch live customer support
  • superb live game offerings
* more terms & conditions apply


High Stakes Live Blackjack

Blackjack fans capable of investing a high amount of money into their favorite pastime are spoiled for choice. After all, as we mentioned previously, the frequent high-stakes blackjack games are justified, among other things, by the costs involved in setting up tables.

In online blackjack, users will have the possibility of betting hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands on a single hand. Let’s list some of the best online casinos that we’ve reviewed positively and which have this betting option.

Please note that not every one of the bonuses presented here applies to live blackjack. For this reason, we strongly recommend going through the terms and conditions of the online casinos prior to joining the blackjack table, or any of the other exciting games they have to offer.

Casinos that Accept High Stake Betting

Bets of up to £5,000 as the maximum stake
  • several free spin options
  • lots of live dealer games
  • great mobile app
* more terms & conditions apply
Royal Panda
Bets of up to £5,000
  • Highly secure
  • great live dealer selection
  • multi-lingual
* more terms & conditions apply
Stakes of up to £2,000
  • several ongoing promotions
  • good live dealer games
  • great VIP programme
* more terms & conditions apply


The Rules of Live Blackjack – How is it Played with an Online Dealer?

It is comforting to play a game whose rules have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The precursor to blackjack is referred to as far back as the 16th Century in Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece Don Quixote. And, while blackjack certainly involves luck, it is also a game where strategic planning goes a long way.

Once you’ve learned how the game is played, you will be able to enjoy it in any live setting or online casino. The experience is made all the more exciting when the online casinos offer games that include a live dealer. Your mission then will be to beat the hand of your new adversary, the card dealer. Here’s how it works.

As prefaced earlier, live blackjack games work in the same manner as any form of blackjack. The purpose of the game is to get 21 points, or as close to this as possible, from the sum of the cards you are holding. To win, you need to make sure that your score is closer to the target than that of the blackjack dealer.

The game moves quickly and if you lose once, don’t worry! The next dealt hand may be a winning one. Once you receive a card you can ask for another one (“hit”), you can decide to show your total points (“stand”), or you can walk away (“bust”).

How do you win money in blackjack? You simply bet on yourself to reach a closer value to twenty-one than the dealer. When you are right, the dealer has to repay you the sum that you’ve bet.

The online environment for blackjack is set up with the same, classic rules. The only difference you may notice is that some games will be labeled as online blackjack while others will show as live blackjack. The only true difference is that the latter also includes the presence of a live dealer that ensures the online casino live game runs fluidly, adding more authenticity to the online live casino game.

Our website features handpicked live dealer blackjack games from approved and regulated online casino sites, including 888 blackjack. You can play against a highly-trained live dealer from the comfort of your living room. There's been a surge in the popularity of live dealer casino games in recent years, so there will be plenty of blackjack tables for you to enter and place your bets.

All that you will need is a computer that can access the live stream of the gaming venue and the enthusiasm to play. The stream will show, in real-time, what’s happening in the venue and the online casino platforms will allow you to make decisions based on what you see. Watching the 21 blackjack streaming game unfold can represent a massive benefit, as it allows you to fully experience the game, make use of your tactics, and confirm that the games are played fairly.

If you're looking to play blackjack for fun only, then you should claim a bonus as it will sort of work like a casino online demo, allowing you to try the black jack games for free. You'll still play live casino with a dealer game, but you'll need to deposit once your bonus money runs out.


How To Play Blackjack At Home 

Does playing live blackjack sound tempting to you? If you’re looking to play at the live tables with a blackjack dealer all you have to do is sign-up to an online casino and register to play. Registering at an online live casino UK is really easy to do as there are only a few instructions to follow – you'll be able to play blackjack games in no time at a live online casino!

  1. Pick one of the live casino online websites we showcase on our page for the best live blackjack experience.
  2. Register an account with your e-mail address and a few personal details.
  3. Deposit money onto your casino account or claim a no deposit bonus to play blackjack for fun.
  4. Enter one of the live blackjack table games and place your bets! The blackjack dealer will guide you along the way.

Once you register a casino account, you'll have a wealth of live casino games to play, not just a black jack table game.  We recommend you claim one of the welcome bonus promotions on offer because this will give you a chance to try a casino demo, giving you the chance to try a range of livecasino games!

Should You Take Live Blackjack Insurance?

One question that often gets asked is whether taking live blackjack insurance is a good idea. Since this is a complex matter, there is no simple yes or no manner in which to address the concern.

First of all, what is blackjack insurance? It is, essentially, a side bet that the user makes against the dealer hitting a natural blackjack. The insurance consists of staking half the original bet. In the event that the dealer has a hand containing an ace and a picture card, the player will be paid back 2/1 on the back of the insurance bet.

Why is the insurance bet thought of as a good idea? Simply put, it is a safety blanket that costs half your original wage and pays back 2 to 1 in the event of the dealer hitting a natural blackjack.

Why do some consider the blackjack insurance to be a bad bet? While it depends entirely on the player’s strategy, some consider the insurance to be a bad bet due to the fact that, when they are right, the player must wager half their bet to break even. When the player is wrong, they stand to lose the insurance bet.


When Should You Split Your Bet At The Live Tables?

What does splitting a bet mean? In most variations of blackjack, when a player is dealt a hand containing two cards, they are presented with the option of splitting the cards into two brand new hands. The player will then be dealt an additional two cards and the bet will be doubled. From this moment on, two hands are played against the dealer in a casino live game.

Once more, the decision to split your bet will depend largely on the strategy you choose to employ. Generally, it is believed to be best to split your best when you have been dealt a pair of aces, or a pair eights. Mathematically, the player has a better chance of assembling a good hand when they split in this instance. It is also seen as best to re-split the cards, if you’re dealt another pair of aces or eights.

By the same token, common wisdom states that you should never split tens, as this is in itself a good hand. It’s also not a good idea to split fours of fifths, as the hands that will result are also likely to be weak. Now you know the strategy, it's time to start playing live blackjack UK!

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack On Your Mobile Phone

You can download a blackjack app to place bets at the blackjack table on your mobile phone. Live dealer casino games aren't just limited towards your desktop computer as you can 247 blackjack in the palm of your hands providing you have a stable enough internet connection. Download a live casino app to play mobile blackjack straight away – you'll find that most live casinos are compatible to play on mobile giving you the freedom to access live casino online wherever you may be. You can even claim a bonus on your mobile to play blackjack for fun if you just want to try it out before wagering real money on the live tables.


Live Dealer Blackjack FAQs

How does standard online blackjack compare to live blackjack?

Both types of games use the same classic rules of blackjack. However, live dealer blackjack is likely to be the more exciting of the two. This is due to the interaction between the player and the dealer, and because of the tendency for minimum bets to be higher here than in the exclusively electronic version of blackjack.

Add to your online blackjack experience at 888casino, which has garnered many positive reviews over the years and covers both low and high stakes.

Where can I find live blackjack games?

Our platform has handpicked games and carefully vetted online casinos while taking into account criteria such as the quality of the games, user interaction, and safety. These include 24/7 live dealers that add to the overall gaming experience.

Head over to Betway to enjoy not only superb live dealer blackjack games but also a generous amount of welcome bonuses.

Can you trust online blackjack?

Yes, our platform has carefully selected online casinos that have shown to be highly reliable and that have earned numerous positive reviews from their users.

If you're looking for a casino that has earned itself a stellar reputation, you can't do any better than JackpotCity, especially with all the promotions they have on offer.

Can I count cards playing Live Dealer Blackjack?

In live dealer blackjack games, the online feed will display the cards being dealt out in real time. This means that, technically, you can keep track of the cards that have already been dealt.

Still a beginner and trying to get to grips with the rules of blackjack? Then Royal Panda is the best online casino for you.

What stakes can I play for?

The stakes in live blackjack vary from one game to another, with each casino room including information about the staking options they have available. Our platform includes detailed information about the offers of numerous casino sites, so that you may make a responsible choice based on your expectations and on your bankroll.

Learn how to lower your loss and maximise RTP from our detailed article on putting together an effective blackjack strategy.

Can I test the games for free?

Live dealer blackjack is different in regards to being able to test the game for free. Since a dealer is hired by the casino, a user would need to first register online before accessing a table. Once logged in, users can occupy one of the limited places available at a table, play for low or high stakes, or even sit in as spectators. The reason for the fact that these games cannot be tested for free is that the users have the chance of earning real money and winnings need to be properly claimed.

However, the welcome bonus to many online casinos also includes free spins that can, effectively, be used to sample some of the other games that are available on the platform.

How do I interact with other players?

Every live dealer blackjack game will include a chat room feature where users can interact with one another by typing in their messages. Whether involved in the game or merely observing, users have the option of communicating with each other.

Enjoy a fun and attractive gaming experience at the aptly named and highly secure PartyCasino.

Do live dealer casinos pay quickly?

Yes! Once you have a live dealer blackjack game, you can cash in your winnings. While the actual payout happens right away from the website’s end, your banking option will determine the speed with which you will see the money in your account.

Besides the banking options, numerous websites include payment options such as PayPal or Skrill, which may work faster than conventional methods, but will include certain translation fees.

For those that do not use these methods, electronic wire transfer may also represent a viable option.

Which casinos have the most live dealer blackjack games?

Today there are numerous mobile-based casinos that are able to offer high-quality live dealer blackjack games. In a bid to help you make a wise choice, our platform has assembled a list of trustworthy mobile casino sites.

What happens if I get disconnected while I am in a game?

There’s no need to worry in the unlikely event of being disconnected from a game. Online casinos abide by rules issued by official gambling commissions, and will ensure that the game will restart from the moment you get disconnected.

Are live dealer casinos licensed?

Yes, all the casinos that we have decided to list on our site are fully regulated by official gambling commissions. This guarantees that the users can safely enjoy the online games listed on this platform.

Check out our list of the best MGA casinos, licensed by one of the most trustworthy regulators in the industry (the Malta Gaming Authority).

Can I earn comps?

Yes – all the various casino sites listed on our platform have their own offers in regards to comp points. Depending on the site, and on the staking level within the game, you will be able to earn comp points when accessing a live dealer blackjack game.

Play for some of the highest stakes around at LeoVegas, and enjoy a wide variety of online casino games while you're there.


What live dealer blackjack bonuses are available?

The live dealer blackjack games featured on our website include a variety of the best casino bonuses, especially for new users. Once you have decided on the casino that best suits your needs, you should be able to receive your bonus as soon as you register and use it to increase your bankroll and enjoyment of the game.

Where can I play Live Blackjack?

There's no surprises that Blackjack will be an easy game to find at any online casino just because it's so popular. Still, not all casinos will accept players from all countries, which is why we've created tailored country pages so that you can find the best casino for you. Some of these include Ireland, Poland, Romania, Belgium, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Colombia, and Pakistan.



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