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Casino Account Verification: What ID Documents Do I Need?

ID verification is one of the legal requirements when signing up to a licensed online casino in the UK. The casino verification process requires documents proving your identity, age, address, and proof of ownership. This guide will expound on why ID verification is important, documents to upload for ID verification, and what to do if your documents are not accepted.

Why is ID Verification Important?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) requires that all online casinos in the UK perform account verification with the aim to protect underage players as well as counter fraud activities such as money laundering.

The identity verification processes aim at reducing the risk of illegal activities by verifying customers and ensuring that their identity is correct. Other reasons why ID verification is important include:

Anti-Money Laundering

Online casinos are a perfect target for criminals looking to launder their dirty money by wagering their ill-gotten gains and then withdrawing it as ‘clean cash.’ Since the house edge is only a few percent, criminals wouldn’t mind paying the small price.

Money laundering can cause serious problems such as destabilizing economies and to prevent this, bookmakers may ask to confirm your identity beyond the usual background checks.

If you are asked to verify your identity, it does not necessarily mean that you are a suspect of fraud. Instead, it could be that the operator has not managed to get substantial information from your background check.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud linked to online gambling comes in various forms, which is contributed by the fact that there are limited face-to-face interactions, making it hard to identify a fraudulent user.

One of the main fraud is impersonification. Identify theft is common in online gambling, where users can illegally obtain credit card details to fund their account.

Another form of fraud prevalent at online casinos is creating multiple user accounts. These fake accounts are then used to throw games and casinos can lose significant amounts through such fraud.

Non-Compliance Fines

Online regulatory bodies such as UKGC impose huge fines on online gambling companies that do not comply with the required identity verification procedures. Other fines are linked to not complying with the AML policies measures to prevent problem gambling.

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When is Account Verification Required?

Casinos have varying time frames of when you will be required to submit your verification documents. This could be during registration, during the course of gambling, or when you request to make a withdrawal. An easy casino account verification will make your life easier, so be sure to look out for this casino feature.

  1. During Registration – When creating a new account, you will be required to provide correct details about your name, age, address, and your preferred payment method. There will be a check box requiring you to confirm that you are 18 years or above and if you agree with the set terms and conditions.
    This allows the casino to carry a ‘soft check’ through various databases to confirm that the information you provided is accurate. Some casinos will not require any other form of verification after this while others might require additional verification documents.
  2. During the Course of Playing/Withdrawal – When you become a regular player and are consistently depositing and placing wagers, your casino will most likely request a full ID verification. This includes a scan/original copy of your National Identification Card, utility bill, and your card details.

What are Some of the Documents Needed for ID Verification?

To verify your casino account, you need to provide documents that prove your name, age, address, and ownership of the banking method used.  Some of the commonly request ID verification documents include;

Proof of Identity

This is used to prove who you say you are and the most common documents requested for this purpose include;

  • National Identity Card
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

Tip: To hasten the proof of identity verification, make sure that the scanned document is clearly visible. Do not alter any information or manipulate the picture. Also, ensure that the date is valid as expired documents will not be accepted.

Proof of Address

The proof of address documents is used to verify where you say you live. When signing up, you are required to provide your address, and this document is used to prove that you provided the correct address details.

The document you choose to upload should have both your name and address on it. The commonly used documents include:

  • Utility bill
  • Phone bill
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Any official government document

Tip: Make sure you send a scan of the full document, and the scanned document should not be older than 3 months from the day you upload it for the casino verification process. It is also worth mentioning that some casinos only accept original documents and do not accept scans. Thus, confirm with the customer support first before uploading.

Proof of Payment Methods

This document is used to prove that you are the owner of the linked banking method. Most casinos offer bank account, credit/debit card, and e-wallet such as Neteller/Skrill as acceptable payment options. Here is how to verify either of these options.

  • Credit/Debit Card: You will be required to show the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card; you can cover other digits. Your name and the expiry date should also be visible. When you scan the backside, cover the 3 digit CVC code. Your card should be signed, and all 4 corners must be visible.
  • Neteller/Skrill: Verifying your Neteller/Skrill account is simple since you just need to take a screenshot of the account showing your name, email, and account/ID number.
  • Bank Account: To verify your bank account, you just need to upload your statement or a screenshot of your online banking profile showing your name and account details.

How Long Does Casino Account Verification Take?

How long the account verification takes tends to vary from one casino to another. For some online casino websites, the process is instant whereas, for others could take a while, it could generally take a few days. It simply just depends on the case.

However, we always advise that you upload your document soonest if you are already certain that you will be playing in a particular casino for longer as this will save you the inconvenience caused when your withdrawal request has to be paused for ID verification. You can contact the customer support to inquire on the document that might be needed.

What Happens if My Verification Document is Not Accepted?

As long as you provide the correct and authentic documentation that proves you are a resident in the UK, of the legal age, and you are using your own funds, then there are no legal reasons why your casino verification documents should not be accepted.

However, online casinos and bookmakers are privately owned businesses, and if they decide that they don’t want to approve your account, there is little you can do about it. In this case, you can contact customer support and inquire which additional documents will be needed or you will need to launch a complaintto both the UK Gambling Commission and IBAS. Luckily, there are tons of reliable UK casinos you can choose to play with.


Casino Verification – The United Kingdom AML Regulations

The UK Anti Money Laundering regulations are very stringent regarding regulatory compliance for online casinos through the KYC procedures. These restrictions are put in place for three main reasons:

  • KYC procedures help prevent underage gambling.
  • KYC procedures help identify gambling addicts who have self-excluded themselves from gambling.
  • Identity verification helps identify potentially high-risk candidates for money laundering, terrorist funding, or financial crime.

The Gambling Act of 2005 was the first law in the UK to make gambling without a license illegal. Under this act, online bookies are required to prevent crime and fraud as well as uphold an open and honest industry and ultimately protect the vulnerable people. This is achieved through verifying ID, age, and funding sources.

It was through this act that the UK Gambling Commission was formed. The UKGC is an independent body that has the power to issue and revoke licenses. They are also responsible for issuing legal action and penalties to operators that break the law.

The act was amended in 2014, making it more stringent where it is now illegal to operate in the UK without a license even if the operator is based abroad. The law also enforced stronger rules that uphold responsible gambling and protect vulnerable individuals.

What are Online Casino KYC Procedures?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the initial verification process carried out by casinos to verify your name, age, and address. KYC procedures in the UK play a crucial initiative in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

KYC is started using information that the player submits when creating an account. The personal details provided are then matched with data from various databases to confirm the player’s identity.

The stage at which the KYC checks take place may vary between regions and authorities. For example, in the UK, the Gambling Commissionannounced that as of May 2019, all their licensed casinos had to verify the name, date of birth, and address of every new player before they can start gambling. This prevents players from using the no deposit bonuses and other welcome offers until the initial check is complete.

The KYC process is understandably an inconvenience, especially when you are just looking to play your favorite game. It is especially a nuisance when verification is required after placing a withdrawal request. Nevertheless, this process is quick and straightforward when you follow the instructions provided and is in place to safeguard both you and the operator’s safety and security.

Are There Casinos That Don’t Require Account Verification

The Gambling Act of 2014 requires that all UK casino operators, regardless of whether they are based offshores, looking to advertise or accept players must undertake KYC procedures Nevertheless, online casinos with no ID required still exist and are suitable for players who prefer playing without verifying their identity.

Simply put, these types of casinos can be accessed using BankID as a means of verification. This makes it easier for players to sign up and start playing immediately. As long as you verify your bank details, your deposits and withdrawals will be processed instantly. Playing with no ID is possible for players playing in Swedish casinos, Danish casinos, German gambling sites, Finland gambling sites, and Estonia gaming websites.

The rationale for player identification is to protect players from ID fraud. However, players can opt for a no verification casino without ID if they are worried about their personal privacy and the security of their financial information. Regardless of which option you choose to settle, it all narrows down to how comfortable you are sharing your personal and financial details with the operator.

Types of Gambling Sites with No ID

Online casino players have access to a wide range of casino sites that don’t need ID, and these platforms come with varying features. Some of the popular gambling sites with no identity documents include;

Pay N’ Play

Pay N’ Play are the best online casinos that allow you to withdraw without sending any documents as long as you use your online bank account to sign up and play. The casinos are common in regions such as Finland, Sweden, and German.

At Pay N’ Play casino, you don’t have to go through the ID verification process, and you also don’t have to sign up. Just make a deposit and start playing.

Things to keep in mind about Pay N’ Play casinos Things to keep in mind about Pay N’ Play casinos

You can only bank using Trustly-Trustly is the only quick and secure payment option that is acceptable at online casinos without ID.

Not available for British players- Unfortunately, UK players are not accepted at Pay N’ Play casinos, but there are other alternatives, discussed below, that you can use.

You can’t claim welcome bonuses-Although these casinos offer instant payouts, you cannot claim any bonus deals. Thus, you have to play the games with real money.

Free Casinos With Demo Games

Playing demo games is another way that players can access their favorite games with no ID needed. For UK players, since the British Commission restricts these games to prevent underage gambling, you can still play free games offered by offshore operators. More so, since there is no need to fund your account, you don’t have to sign up until when you opt to play with real cash.

What to keep in mind about free casinos What to keep in mind about free casinos

UKGC restricts free games- The UKGC requires all operators to undertake KYC and AML procedures to all players accessing the platform regardless of whether they are playing for free or for real money. Thus, UK players looking to play demo games without verifying their ID can opt to play at Curacao casinos.

Limit on the number of free games- Unlike when playing for real money where you have access to a wide range of games; only a few operators provide demo games in the UK. Hence the number of games you can play in demo mode is limited.

Limit on the number of providers offering free access- There are also fewer casinos in the UK and allow players to bet on demo games without ID verification.

Free Credit Casinos

Some online casinos welcome new players with bonuses in the form of free spins or no deposit bonuses immediately after signing up with no ID verification required.

With these offers, players can play several games before they can fund their account and play with real money. These casinos are a great option if you are looking to try out a new casino without sharing your banking information.

What to keep in mind about free credit casinos What to keep in mind about free credit casinos

No banking information required- Since your account will be credited free credits immediately after creating an account, it means that you will not have to provide your card or banking details.

Limited credit- These casinos are not in business to make losses, and as such, you don’t expect the free credits to be substantial amounts. The limited credits cannot keep you playing for longer.

Requires verification for top-ups- If you wish to play for real money after exhausting the free credits or free spins, you will have to through the KYC procedures.

Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are rising in popularity mostly because there is no third party authority involved such as banks which gives some level of anonymity. These casinos not only support anonymous payments, but they also don’t require you to go through KYC procedures. Thus, you don’t have to share your personal and banking details.

More info about Crypto casinos More info about Crypto casinos

Mostly support Bitcoin- Although there are numerous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin casinos are the most common. Crypto casinos support BTC deposits with no verification and registration required. You will hardly find other common payment options such as credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.

Instant payouts- One of the most impressive features of crypto casinos is the easy withdrawal. Your withdrawal requests are processed within minutes without the need to submit verification documents.

Suitable for international players- With the stringent restrictions that UK players face, crypto casinos have been a safe haven for those looking for gambling platforms that don’t require ID verification. Crypto casinos are not limited by geographical location, and they accept players from around the globe.

(Image: Pixabay| © stockpic)

Casino Account Verification Summary

Casinos are required to ask you for proof of identity and proof of address to the their licence obligations – however, a prerequisite for this is that all customer data must remain secured.

Some casinos will definitely make it easier than others when it comes to the verification process, but it's important to know that you're unlikely to get your withdrawal unless you submit these documents.


Casino Account Verification FAQs

No. Online UK casinos will mostly undertake a ‘soft credit check’ to verify ownership of debit card and this is not the same as the actual credit check that generate your credit report and score.

You don’t need to verify your identity if you play at no ID verification casino. When playing at regular real money casinos, you will not be required to verify your account if you never make a withdrawal request or if the request is fairly low. More so, if the casino can electronically verify your identity using public databases, then you won’t have to submit additional information.

Under the Gambling Act 2005, operators with a license from the UKGC must undertake ID verification and KYC procedures with the objective to prevent underage gambling, counter fraud, and prevent money laundering ventures.

Yes, there are several online casinos with no ID that players can choose. However, for your safety, it is always advisable to play at regulated and licensed UK casinos which require verification.

Just like there are legal and rogue online casinos that undertake account verification, some no ID verification casinos are safe and legal while others are not.

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