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Top10 Free Online Keno – The Best Keno Casinos in 2023

Hugely popular online, keno is an arcade-style game that is a mix between lottery and bingo. Check out our guide to try out some free online keno and discover the best casino sites to play it!

The Best Online Keno Casinos

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The History of Keno

The game of keno originates in China, meaning it originates from a different tradition to the lotteries that Western players may be more familiar with. Having said that, the latter have been playing the game since the 19th century since it was imported. However, its presence on the internet is obviously a more recent phenomenon.

Online keno initially popped up at some of the best crypto casinos, but then also made its way to the top online gambling sites. This mirrored the rise in popularity of similar arcade-style casino games, such as Crash gambling and Plinko!

How to Play Keno

The gameplay of keno is simple enough, following the format used by the majority of lottery games. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’re presented with a grid of numbers.
  2. Select the numbers of your choice – you’ll be limited to a set amount.
  3. Click or tap on ‘Bet’.
  4. The game will randomly draw a set of numbers itself.
  5. The more of these numbers match yours, the more you win!
Keno is available to play in different variations, with both the size of the grid and the amount of numbers you can choose differing. In some versions, the grid will run up to 40, while in others, it will run all the way to 80. In some, you can choose 10 numbers, while in others, you can pick 15.

An online keno casino might offer a version that incorporates multipliers, which increase the cost of your ticket but will also increase your potential winnings. If this is the case, then you could find yourself being asked to choose between 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x multipliers. Other casinos or game versions, meanwhile, will apply random multipliers.

Multi-Card Keno

One variant of Keno that you can expect to run into at online casinos is Multi-Card Keno. The important thing to remember here is that “card” is simply another word for a ticket. Typically, a game of Multi-Card Poker will use either four or 20 tickets, each bringing with it a different gameplay experience.

When people talk about Multi-Card Keno, chances are they are talking about the keno machines that can be found at physical casinos. The format does not necessarily apply to the online version of the game, where the purchase of tickets is handled with a different system.

What Makes Keno Stand Out?

While a typical game of keno may look no different from any number of other lottery titles, the truth is that the game has a few characteristics that have helped give it an edge over the years.

The main draw to keno is that it is straightforward and accessible when compared to many other lotteries.

One detail is that keno deals with smaller amounts of money than traditional lotteries. There is less to win, yes, but also less to lose. This enhances its appeal to casual players who prefer lower stakes.

Another factor is that it lacks the “bonus ball” feature found in various lotteries that can lower your odds. With keno, what you see is what you get, with no hidden numbers.

All in all, the above can make keno a more desirable option for casual players than most conventional lottery titles.

Keno Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Keno is ultimately a game of chance, with sheer luck playing a major role in deciding whether you win or lose. However, there are some tricks and strategies that you can take into account that might help to nudge the odds in your favour.

The Small-Bet Strategy

One strategy involves spreading your bets over multiple rounds. While it might be tempting to wager on a large range of numbers in one go, depending on your bankroll, you might be better off following these tactics:

  1. Choose a small amount of numbers.
  2. Place small bets.
  3. Run the draw and hope you win!
  4. In the next round, select a small amount of numbers again.
  5. Place small bets.
  6. Run the draw and hope you win… again!
  7. Repeat the process for as long as you like (remember to bet responsibly!)

The value of this strategy is that your money will go further, as you'll be spreading it across a larger number of rounds. If no numbers win in one round, you may still win in the next.

Keep Tabs on Your Spending

Something to keep in mind when playing keno is to keep your bets fairly low. This is a golden rule that applies to most forms of gambling. Having an effective and excellent bankroll strategy can mean the difference between having fun for a few hours, or having to quit, frustrated, after a few minutes.

However, keno does offer a potential exception to the rule if multipliers are involved. With the latter, you are given the choice to risk bigger losses for the chance of bigger wins. Unfortunately, there is no real strategy involved here: you are essentially testing your luck, and your only guide should be how much (or how little) money you feel comfortable spending.

Use Bonus Money

Remember to make good use of your chosen casino's welcome bonus! Top casino sites will always have a great casino bonus offering, enhancing your overall player experience and giving you more chances to land bigger winnings. If you're new to keno, such promotions can either give you extra funds to play with or reduce your risk while you're getting used to the game.

Keno Terms and Definitions

Below is a handy list of the terms you should know before you place your first bet.

Keno Glossary of Terms Keno Glossary of Terms
All or Nothing This is a high-risk ticket, as you will only receive a payout once all of the numbers selected are drawn.
Blank An unused ticket.
Buy-in Tournament Pay a fee and you can participate in this tournament with a predetermined number of tickets. The winner keeps all the winnings.
Catch If one of the numbers on your ticket is drawn, it is referred to as a “catch”.
Combination Ticket Multiple wagers can be placed on a single ticket of this type.
Catch All This type of gameplay requires all numbers on the keno ticket to be marked in order to win.
Deuce If two spots on the board are grouped together, this is a deuce.
Catch Zero This refers to a ticket where none of the numbers have been marked off.
Draw The 20 numbers that are selected in order for you to win are collectively called a draw.
Enhanced Payoff Enhanced payoffs occur when more than one game is being played on a single ticket, resulting in larger wins.
High-End Ticket The more spots that are marked on this ticket, the higher the payout.
Left-Right Ticket If a vertical line runs down the centre of the ticket, you only need to catch numbers on either side of the line to win.
Stud During this game, the top prize will increase until it is won.
Split Ticket This ticket has multiple groups of numbers that are played separately.
Way Ticket A Way ticket has multiple bets placed on it.

    What Other Games Are Like Keno?

    As we’ve mentioned above, the keno is one of many exciting, arcade-style games online. Casinos will generally also offer a few, or all, of the following:

    Menu title

    Arguably the single biggest rival to keno online, virtual bingo is available in a wide number of varieties. For example, PlayOJO has a section devoted to such titles as Amigo Bingo, Hero Bingo, SuperHero Bingo, Equaliser Bingo, and more!

    Lottos offer a similar experience to keno, although if you are trying to find one, then your best bet will be one of the many dedicated lotto websites rather than general casinos. That said, your casino might just have a few lotto titles among its selection of casino games.

    Scratch cards, be they physical or virtual, offer a very similar experience to taking part in a lottery, with added appeal of fun themes. For example, the Walking Dead Scratch Card is based on the popular TV series, while Age of the Gods Scratch will take you into a world of mythology.

    Apart from the more traditional offerings described above, you’ll also find another Asia-inspired title in Plinko! Drop a ball from the top of a pyramid-shaped stack of bumper pegs, and find out which multiplier slot it will land into at the bottom of the stack!

    Top10 offers an excellent free online Plinko game, along with excellent recommendations for Plinko casinos to try out!

    Crash gambling is a recent addition to this style of casino games. While it doesn’t have its roots in the brick-and-mortar arcade venues that some of these other games do, it nonetheless fits the bill considering how fun and easy to learn it is! Bet on how long an aeroplane will stay in flight before it crashes – the longer you wait, the bigger the bet multiplier!

    Check out our free crash gambling page to try the game out and where to play it online!

    Conclusion: Time To Play Keno!

    We hope that this guide has answered all your questions about how to play keno. If so, your next step is to try out our free version of keno on our site, and then try the real thing out for yourself!

    Variations range from 1×2 Gaming's Chinese-themed Firefly Keno and Egyptian-flavoured Tutan Keno to Pariplay's football-oriented World Cup Keno and futuristic Keno Neo. However, remember to look beyond the surface theme and take note of how each game functions in terms of the amount of numbers and the presence of multipliers, as these are the most crucial elements that affect gameplay.

    Best Keno Casinos FAQs

    No. While there may be some wild stories of players believing they have found an algorithm, this is highly unlikely on modern keno versions online. These use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate random outcomes. Each time a new game beings, the generator starts again, providing completely different results to the previous set.

    If you are playing at a licensed casino site, you can be sure all games – not just keno – have been audited and confirmed to be totally fair on players. That is why you should stay away from dodgy, unlicensed sites.

    Of course. Online keno is one of the most popular games across many different sites, including casino, lottery, and bingo sites.



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