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Bitcoin Cash CasinosThe newcomers to the Bitcoin (BTC) have arrived namely Bitcoin Cash or BCH during a time which is regarded as a complicated situation for the casino players and all other people in the Bitcoin community. The reason being, there is a lot of political and technical debate that has intensified the case, and it would be interesting to see how this currency would develop shortly.

The bitter debate intensified in 2017 in the form of 1st August hard fork of Bitcoin which means earlier was the legacy of Bitcoin and people are seeing the new split on Bitcoin Cash.

The situation between people supporting BTC and BCH is very tense, and the future looks confusing and bleak. So the biggest question is why Bitcoin Cash? Why was the need to split it in the first place? Are there any advantages or merits? In this post, we are going to throw light on Bitcoin Cash gambling, and by the end of this article, you would be able to make your own decision either playing with Bitcoin Cash or not.

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On Chain vs. Off Chain Scaling

There is a scalable debate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. If you are hearing the word “scaling” for the first time, you should know it means making a transaction in a faster and efficient manner as the user base continues to expand.

The community of Bitcoin Cash has a firm belief in on chain scaling and for this very reason; they have increased the block from 1MB to 8MB in a very short span of time. It is so because, before August 14, 2017, the Bitcoin blocks were reaching their limit of 1MB with unprecedented consistency which in turn led to high fees and congestion for the Bitcoin users. The increase in block size has mitigated the congestion and costs.

On the contrary, the legacy Bitcoin community at the moment is looking for off chain scaling. Off-chain refers to side chains that are linked to central BTC blockchain. The scaling idea is to take transactions off the chain to minimize the clogging on the main chain.

Bitcoin Core” is the name given to the developers who at the moment are busy developing off chain Lightning Network Solution. It will allow state channel opening which will make off chain transaction transactions blazing fast with full efficiency.

But the community members of Bitcoin Cash hate “Lightning Network Solution” because they feel the same way about the 8MB block size increase of BTC. So, here we need to understand the reason.

Bitcoin Cash Explained

Bitcoin Cash Supporters Despise Lightning Network

There would be significant node hubs in the lightning network solution that can take off the transaction loads in a faster and efficient manner. The hubs would be responsible for fee collection for facilitating and running the transaction of the users.

According to the supporters of Bitcoin Cash, the dynamic hub is a straight path towards Bitcoin “checking account” that would allow middlemen banking institutions to act as 3rd party hubs that users need to pay for enjoying faster-scaled transactions.

The BCH community is of the opinion that Lightning Network would decentralize Bitcoin.

BCH - Peer-to-Peer Electronic CashBitcoin was supposed not to involve the bank in any transactions. As per BCH enthusiasts, Lightning Network would no longer be an extinction level event for greedy big banking institutions. The enthusiasts continue saying that LN would make sure that such kind of institutional and centralized greed would stay in the 21st century in a new avatar.

These are all the assertions for the debate, and the legacy Bitcoin supporters would be the 1st one to stand and cry foul over these claims.

This political debate has taken a bitter stand as BCH users have accused the developers of Bitcoin Cash for encouraging and creating congestion in the BTC network to monetize the sidechain solutions. Most of the BTC Core developers work at BlockStream, a company that is committed to sidechain solutions for Bitcoin.

Most of the BCH supporters think that Bitcoin itself is corrupted and works for providing personal and financial gains of the parties involved. You will be able to understand the point by watching the video below.

BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Asserts Itself as Heir to Satoshi’s Vision

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of BTC, had released the legendary Bitcoin Whitepaper almost ten years ago. Right at the top of the document, the primary objective of the project was made clear.

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

The reality is that Bitcoin is unable to work correctly as “electronic cash” due to network congestion which in turn is making transactions slow with reasonable high fees.

The Lightning Network hubs are run by 3rd party providers who betray the vision of Satoshi that all transactions should be facilitated without the help and need of any banking institution.

Even still, some people are of the opinion that the vision of Satoshi was flawed at the first place because he was unaware of taking considerations of future developments and problems that would come in due course of time.

It is a fair argument pointed out by some people in BTC community, but it is interesting to note that Lightning Network hub would not betray the original idea of Satoshi as expressed in the very sentence of the Bitcoin Whitepaper issued a decade ago.

So this is the end of the debate? Certainly no! Andreas Antonopoulos who is the famous Bitcoin lecturer is a massive fan of Lightning Network. So, it is now up to you to decide on which side of the debate you want to be.

With 8MB block size increase, Bitcoin Cash community is billing itself as original heir to the vision of Satoshi for electronic cash. At the moment, BCH fees are low with faster transaction speed. So online casino players also prefer to play with Bitcoin Cash.