Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites for 2020

Many people are confused as to what Bitcoin Cash is and how it differs to Bitcoin. Well, the good news is that if you understand Bitcoin, then you’re about 99% of the way there to understanding its newer cousin. To help you get started gaming with Bitcoin Cash, check out our recommended casino site below.

List of Top 10 Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites for 2020

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Essentially, Bitcoin Cash is an updated version of the blockchain. Some computers accepted this update, some didn’t, and there is subsequently a split between the original and new crypto coin.

We’ll be going through the differences between these two options later in this article but what’s important to know for now is that there is an exceptional selection of casinos to choose from if you are playing with Bitcoin Cash. Above you’ll find our table of what we consider to be the best of the best options, and it’s an excellent place to start if you’re unsure which Bitcoin Cash casino is right for you.

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What are the benefits of a Bitcoin Cash casino?

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Probably the first question people have on their mind when it comes to any cryptocurrency is why exactly they should choose that when the traditional payment options are so easy to use. Not only that, bit Bitcoin Cash naturally has an additional question: why use it instead of other cryptocurrency options, especially the much better-known Bitcoin, if they are so similar?

Well, not only does Bitcoin Cash have advantages over those traditional methods but also some over its older crypto coin sibling. Similar does not mean the same and there are clear benefits to using one over the other.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at five benefits of a Bitcoin Cash casino. Do keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list of every advantage of the cryptocurrency. All examples are complicated and have many benefits for different people. However, we hope that this will give you a good idea of the kinds of plus points you can expect when using a BCH casino, along with an insight into what this currency is about in general.

1. Faster transaction times

Bitcoin cash global transactions

Let’s first take a look at the advantages that Bitcoin Cash has over Bitcoin. One of the most obvious examples of this is its faster transaction times. The 10-minute wait for the older option is generally considered one of its greatest flaws. Not only that but Bitcoin Cash can handle more transaction per second meaning that more people can use the currency at the same time. This is one of the key reasons for the update and remains a major part of why many people choose Bitcoin Cash today.

2. Cheaper transfer fees

The other major part of this equation is cheaper transfer fees. Bitcoin Cash is around a fifth of the fees of Bitcoin and for regular users, that can create quite a hefty chunk of change. While cryptocurrencies can be complicated, it doesn’t take much analysis or a network of computers to understand that a faster and cheaper product is going to be preferred by many.

3. Big potential

Bitcoin cash graph

One of the major disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash for many critics is that there is a more established alternative and that brings them a lot of peace of mind. However, there is a flip side to that equation, which is that Bitcoin Cash has a greater potential for growth since it’s starting off at a lower level.

Bitcoin Cash is far from unestablished, but there’s no point in pretending that it has hit the level of success of the original iteration. Of course, no growth is guaranteed, especially in something this volatile, but the potential it has does make it an exciting prospect for many people.

There are also scalability issues – the ones which created Bitcoin Cash in the first place – which have not been resolved for the original Bitcoin. That’s not an issue that is going away anytime soon and is something for its users to seriously consider when choosing what cryptocurrency is right for them.

4. More options

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Onto some more general advantages now. One thing that people don’t realise about Bitcoin Cash – and indeed cryptocurrencies in general – is that although you are making a choice as to which payment method you would like to use, that is not you closing the door on other payment options.

While there are some excellent specialist options if that’s what you’re looking for, many BCH casinos have more than one option for payment. That means that if you decide to go with Bitcoin Cash, you don’t have to neglect the online casinos which offer payment by other methods, such as e-wallets or debit/credit cards.

You could, if you wanted, have a mix of cryptocurrencies, or you could be signed up to different casinos for multiple reasons and use alternative payments for each. It’s entirely up to you. The point we are making is that there’s not really much of a downside to making yourself open to more options. The other payment methods don’t just go away because you’ve invested in Bitcoin Cash.

5. Increased security

Bitcoin Cash anonymity

Finally, we’ll end with something that is true for most forms of cryptocurrencies, and that’s the security benefits that are intrinsic to the concept behind Bitcoin Cash and its alternatives. Anonymity is the nature of these options, and that protects you from identity theft. But that’s not all that is kept from prying eyes.

When you send digital currency, interception is conceptually impossible because no sensitive details are sent with it. People often view traditional payment options as being safer, but there are solid logistical reasons to consider a good cryptocurrency to be much more secure in this regard. This obviously doesn’t mean that Bitcoin Cash doesn’t come with other risks, but the security advantages it holds over other payment options is something it and other crypto coins do not get enough credit for.

How can I deposit and withdraw at a Bitcoin Cash casino?

People are generally under the impression that depositing and withdrawing a cryptocurrency is going to be some kind of ordeal. However, once you have bought your Bitcoin Cash and have a wallet set up, it really shouldn’t be much different than using a credit or debit card to manage your funds.

Cloudbet depositing with Bitcoin Cash

All you should need to do to get started at a BCH casino is choose Bitcoin Cash as your preferred payment method, enter your details and select how much you would like to transfer. If complexity is putting you off the idea of using Bitcoin Cash at an online casino, then you really needn’t worry, as there should be little to no additional level of difficulty. Nonetheless, it is a different kind of currency and naturally, people have questions about how it works.

Well, we’re going to put your mind at ease and get you more informed, so you’ll be ready to use Bitcoin Cash without any hassle.

Can I deposit in Bitcoin Cash and withdraw by a different method at a BCH casino?

Generally speaking, you cannot deposit with a cryptocurrency and then withdraw with a traditional type of currency. That is, you could not, for instance, deposit with Bitcoin Cash and withdraw that as Euros.

Bitcoin Cash peer to peer

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise because often at any online casino, you must withdraw by the same method you deposit with, regardless of the kind of currency used. In fact, you have to sell Bitcoin Cash instead of simply transferring it. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to look far to find a buyer. There are several major operating exchanges that can easily and effectively transfer your Bitcoin Cash to traditional funds.

How fast is depositing and withdrawing at a Bitcoin Cash casino?

The answer to this question really highlights the technological differences between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies. It is not a case of how much time specifically, but rather how many confirmations it takes. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, only one confirmation is required. That’s not the only good news either, as Bitcoin Cash is also significantly faster than the original Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact time because it really does vary quite a bit and can also be affected by the casino site itself. Overall though, speed is one of Bitcoin Cash’s best assets, so we don’t think waiting times should leave you too frustrated.

What are some easy-to-use BCH wallets?

Bitcoin Cash wallets

Having a reliable cryptocurrency wallet is a really vital part of using a BCH casino and indeed, using any crypto coin for transfers in general. Just like you need a bank account for your debit card to work, you’ll need one of these to make all those transfers possible.

There’s quite a lot of different options out there and, especially if you are new to Bitcoin Cash, choosing a trustworthy example can seem daunting. However, there’s no reason for concern, as there’s plenty of easy and quality options to choose from. We’re going to take a look at a few here but rest assured there’s more out there if these don’t match your specific needs.


Coinbase home page

It’s the best-known cryptocurrency wallet, and for good reason. Coinbase makes buying, holding and even selling cryptocurrency nice and easy. We mentioned that you need to sell your Bitcoin Cash in order to turn it back into traditional funds. Well, this is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Easy to use and with a large number of cryptocurrency options to choose from, there are few reasons against going for Coinbase. Their security is also top-notch, making this an all-rounder that is hard to criticise.

TrezorTrezor home page


Nonetheless, some people do look to go further in protecting their funds. After all, there have been hacks of wallets like Coinbase in the past, and some users are very hesitant that it could happen again in the future. If that sounds like you – and especially if you hold a large amount of Bitcoin Cash – then it may be worth considering investing in Trezor.

This is actually a physical gadget which plugs into your electronic device. By storing your important information offline and combine this with the convenience of a hot wallet, Trezor makes for an ideal choice for many careful users.


Mycelium home page

Another great example of the variety of crypto coin wallets out there is Mycelium. This is aimed purely at the mobile market. There are both Android and iOS options available, and for many, this is considered to be the best dedicated mobile option around.

There are some downsides though, as for some people, this may be more complicated than other forms of crypto wallets. So, newcomers should perhaps consider other possibilities. However, for experienced Bitcoin Cash users, Mycelium offers a very secure and in-depth choice.

Are there any fees at a Bitcoin Cash casino?

Well, there are two types of fees to talk about with Bitcoin Cash. First off, there are transfer fees and then there are user fees for the casino. In the first instance, there are transaction fees. These do exist, just as is the case for Bitcoin. However, it is significantly cheaper, as we mentioned before.

The other types of fees come from the BCH casino operators themselves. In most cases though, these should be minimal or non-existent. The competition is fierce for casino sites in general, even when we talk about cryptocurrencies. So, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue keeping these types of fees down by shopping around.


 What is a Bitcoin Cash casino?

CloudBet Bitcoin Cash

A Bitcoin Cash casino is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it’s any online casino which accepts Bitcoin Cash as a currency. There are a few things on this subject that are important to note. For starters, Bitcoin Cash – although very similar – isn’t the same as Bitcoin. Therefore, a site which accepts Bitcoin will not necessarily accept Bitcoin Cash and vice versa. Although, the former example is much more likely.

Furthermore, plenty of casinos that accept traditional options, like the British Pound or Euro, now also accept cryptocurrencies. So, while this example wouldn’t necessarily be a Bitcoin Cash casino – at least in terms of how it is advertised – it may be just as useful as a casino which focuses solely on this currency. Similarly, many sites exist which are dedicated only to cryptocurrencies in general.

How does a BCH casino work?

mBit casino games

In almost all respects, a Bitcoin Cash casino should work in exactly the same manner as a traditional casino site. Even the banking side of things is generally very similar. There is, of course, the extra step of choosing a wallet and purchasing Bitcoin Cash, as well as selling it when you want to exchange the money for traditional currency. But the actual practical function of the casino site barely changes.

You deposit funds, play a variety of games, and withdraw funds in essentially the same manner as you would by any other method. In practice, cryptocurrencies are barely more complicated than PayPal or an e-wallet.

Are there special Bitcoin Cash games and slots?

Just as there are websites that are exclusive to cryptocurrencies, there are also special Bitcoin Cash games too. This is what we mean by Bitcoin Cash simply expanding upon the number of casino options you have. Being able to play these games does not mean you cannot play others which utilise a different currency. All you have done is gain access to more sites that you can use and more games you can play.

Crypto Games Bitcoin Cash slots

However, these games aren’t necessarily Bitcoin Cash exclusive. In all honesty, the vast majority of cryptocurrency sites and games now accept several payment options. This is a good thing, but it does mean they are more special cryptocurrency games, rather than special Bitcoin Cash games. And while we wouldn’t imagine things will change entirely, as new options become more commonplace, we are likely to see traditional options also join these sites in many instances.

What’s really important for most people to know though is that using Bitcoin Cash does not mean you will have to compromise on game quality or variety.

Are there special terms and conditions for Bitcoin Cash casino sites?

In general, there shouldn’t be too much of a difference in the casino terms and conditions between cryptocurrency and traditional currency users. The differences are largely practical, with regards to things like wallets and waiting times for confirmations. However, these aren’t different conditions, just different ways in which the currency operates.

mBit casino terms and conditions

Of course, each casino is different in its rules and ultimately, there may be differences depending on the individual site. But most sites aim to keep the experience between players as similar as possible. If anything, the main difference is a positive one, as the anonymity of Bitcoin Cash means not having to upload proof of identity or sensitive banking details: something that can be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

The history of Bitcoin Cash and its future perspective

When it comes down to it, the excitement surrounding Bitcoin Cash is all about what it could achieve in the future. However, that doesn’t mean that the present isn’t plenty exciting as well, and the past not fascinating.

The background of Bitcoin Cash can really be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it, depending on the technical details you go into. That being said, since we’re more interested in the practical uses for the cryptocurrency – and a proper understanding of the technical side of things would probably make this article a textbook – we’ll instead go through what we think are the most important points.

Bitcoin cash logo

A brief insight into Bitcoin Cash’s creation and growth

It all began in 2017 when developers wanted to increase the block size limit for Bitcoin. This change created what is known as a hard fork where an update is only accepted by some users, essentially creating two different currencies. However, the main technical differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are its cost and the transactions it can complete per second. Essentially, as we have mentioned, this means that Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper than the better-known alternative.

A further split occurred in 2018, creating another two versions of Bitcoin Cash. This was also down to debate regarding block sizes. Although we can see from this that the block size issue is already a headache for Bitcoin Cash, it’s also a key part of its potential. That’s due to the fact that the concerns about the scalability of traditional Bitcoin still persist.

Ultimately though, what you need to understand as a user is that Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency with what looks to be a bright future, although of course there are always risks involved. Furthermore, it’s one that is easy to use and already has a wide degree of availability. While the technical side of things may be fascinating, to a user, that should be what is really important.




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