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The Best Tether Casinos for 2024 – USDT Gambling

Tether is a payment method that combines the stability of traditional fiat currencies with the flexibility and speed of crypto. In this article, we weigh in on the Tether casino phenomenon, USDT games in general, and where to find licensed Tether gambling sites.

Top Tether casinos online How USDT gambling works Best Tether casino games

Our Top Tether Casino List

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What Is Tether?

Also referred to as USDT, Tether is the most popular of around 10 stablecoins currently in existence. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to the value of something else, such as oil, gold, silver, diamonds or fiat currencies (i.e. traditional currencies like the euro, the US dollar, or the Great British pound).

Tether is the world’s most popular (and safest) stablecoin, with its value tied closely to that of the US dollar.

Because of its stability when compared to other cryprocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin), Tether is not only a popular option among many casino players, but is also one of the top five cryptocurrencies today.

Tether (USDT) Value

Tether was first unveiled in 2014, promising investors that $1 would be reserved for each token they bought. So far, Tether has remained true to its “stablecoin” description, with only minor fluctuations from the price of the US dollar.

A Brief History of Tether

Tether was is originally known as ‘Realcoin’, and was one of the first cryptocurrencies to fall under the category of stablecoins. Indeed, when first created in July 2014 by Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars, the idea was that one Tether token would always be exchangeable for one US dollar – hence why it is listed as ‘USDT'.

The introduction of ‘stablecoins’ was aimed to resolve the unpredictability, volatility and convertibility issues with the crypto market.

How Tether Works How Tether Works

Operating differently to other cryptocurrencies, Tether works through tokens that are created and redeemed in a centralised manner by Tether Limited, which is based in Hong Kong. It is hosted on blockchain technology, which is a decentralised system.

Tether Controversy

Over the years, Tether has been the subject of some controversy, especially since Tether Limited has not always been able to show that it has enough deposits to back up the currency. This led to an updated disclosure statement in 2019, in which the company said that rather than being 100% backed up by US dollars deposits, Tether is backed up by fiat currency reserves, cash, and other assets.

The Future of Tether

All the controversy has not managed to dissuade people from trusting or using Tether, which continues to retain its popularity. Indeed, it often goes over its market cap.

Of course, if at any point Tether owners will not actually be able to redeem their tokens for dollars, all that would come crumbling down – but there is nothing to suggest that that could happen anytime soon. All of this makes Tether an ideal option for privacy-conscious players at online casinos. In fact, over the past several years, several Tether casinos have sprung up that allow you to gamble with USDT, as well as BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE and more.

Tether Casinos

These are top online casinos that accept Tether for withdrawals and deposits, offering many benefits as a payment method.

If you are wondering whether Tether casinos have all the games, bonuses, and all the other fabulous features you have come to expect from the best crypto casino sites, the answer is a resounding yes!

Play with Tether at bitStarz casino

Why Choose Tether Casinos?

Tether merges the stability of fiat currencies with the innovations and flexibility of blockchain technology, which is an open and public decentralised database.

Transactions made through the blockchain are practically impossible to hack or alter, thus keeping your money safe and secure. At the same time, your casino deposits or winnings will not deflate in value because of market swings.

New Tether Casinos

These days there are plenty of new casinos accepting Tether to choose from, most of which are licensed in Curaçao. While more casinos are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies, operators are constantly diversifying as to which cryptos they accept. At the time of writing, you can expect to make deposits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether, and even certain altcoins.

Tether Betting

Tether betting apps usually allow you to bet on sports, along with casino games such as bingo or even poker. While not all Tether betting sites have an app, most have an excellent mobile site which you can access through your device's browser, enabling you to place pre-match or live bets with ease.

Pros and Cons of Tether Gambling

Like any other currency, Tether casinos come with advantages and disadvantages. While the pros do offset the cons, seeing these laid out will hopefully help you make a more informed decision about gambling with Tether.


  • Super safe and reliable
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Regulated in Hong Kong
  • Fast deposits
  • Low fees
  • No fluctuation in value


  • Not accepted at all online casinos
  • Value will not increase
  • Not all GEOs accepted

Advantages of Tether Casinos

  • Fast payment method: When depositing to or withdrawing from a Tether online casino, your transactions shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to be effected. This beats the majority of traditional payment methods, some of which can take up to four business days to be cleared.
  • Security: The blockchain system used to make Tether-related transactions is among the safest of its kind in the world. This, coupled with the fact that these transactions are compliant with the relevant legislation, is a big plus.
  • Privacy: Blockchains are public networks, meaning that anyone can see what transactions have been made. Nevertheless, your personal details are never directly on the ledger, making all your transactions anonymous. Of course, your Tether casino may still ask you to verify your identity when creating an account, and the authorities can track your transactions if they need to.
  • Legality: As a stablecoin which is worth the same as a fiat currency, Tether works in a different manner to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For a start, Tether is essentially centralised. It is also regulated, and needs to comply with certain jurisdictional policies. All this adds to user safety and security.
  • Very low fees (if any): The majority of Tether casinos do not charge you any fees for depositing or withdrawing your winnings. If you do encounter fees, these are usually small, meaning you’d pay around 10c for every $10-worth of Tether transferred.
  • Stability: Tether is a very stable currency as its value is directly related to that of the US dollar. Such a currency is certainly not as volatile as Bitcoin, which can hugely increase or decrease in value in a short span of time.

Disadvantages of Tether Casinos

  • Not accepted at all casinos: While casinos accepting Tether are on the rise, the majority of online casinos do not yet accept cryptocurrencies; if they do, they are more likely to have payment options related to Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • Won’t increase in value: One of the advantages of using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to gamble is that its value is (at the time of writing) increasing at an extraordinary rate. In 2016, for example, 1BTC was worth $0.06, while at the beginning of 2021 it was valued at $28,994.01. While this won’t happen with Tether, you also don’t stand to lose a huge amount of money.
  • Not accessible to all countries: While there are several excellent Tether casino options, not all are available around the world. For example, a Tether casino might accept players from the US and Canada but refuse players from the UK or Netherlands.

How To Deposit & Withdraw at Tether Casinos

Using Tether for your online casino transactions is very similar to the process used to deposit and withdraw using any other cryptocurrency. More than that, however, it is extremely quick, and takes no longer than using your debit or credit card to trigger payments.

Depositing Using Tether Depositing Using Tether
  1. Log in or sign up to your Tether casino of choice.
  2. Head to the Cashier or Banking section, go to Deposits, and choose ‘Tether’ as your payment method of choice or click on the ‘Tether’ logo. This may be listed under ‘Cryptocurrencies’.
  3. The casino should now give you its address, which is also referred to as a public wallet number (PWN). This will be made up of jumbled letters and numbers. Copy this, head to your cryptocurrency wallet, and set up a transfer. Here, you will need to paste the PWN in the respective field, and then input the amount of Tether tokens you’d like to transfer.
  4. Confirm the transaction, and you’re done! The money should appear instantly in your online casino account, although there have been times where the transaction took 30 minutes to appear. Do be aware, however, that some casinos that accept Tether exchange your crypto tokens into a fiat currency. The exchange rate here should be (more or less) what is listed on the stock exchange, though some casinos may charge a fee. Even so, since Tether is a stablecoin, the amount shouldn’t vary much (if at all) between one transaction and another.

Withdrawing your winnings is also a relatively quick affair, requiring just a couple of steps.

Withdrawing Using Tether Withdrawing Using Tether
  1. Head to the Cashier or Banking section, go to Withdrawals, and choose ‘Tether’.
  2. Input your PWN, which you can find on your cryptocurrency wallet, and the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. That’s it! Your funds should appear in your cryptocurrency wallet instantly (though it has been known to take up to 24 hours on occasion).

Tether Games

One of the most recurring questions we get is what kind of Tether games players can expect to find at Tether online casinos. Well, you needn’t worry – these casinos have all your favourites, including video slots and table games like roulette, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and crapsLive dealer casino games are also available at the majority of Tether casinos, and some even have bingo, keno, lotteries, and dice games.

These games are usually the standard ones that can be played for both fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Indeed, so far, there haven’t been many game developers that have created Tether-specific games.

You may want to check out crash gambling, which is a popular crypto game where players guess the best time to cash out their bet before the increasing multiplier ‘crashes'. Try out crash gambling for free right here on Top10-CasinoSites!

Best Tether Casino Bonuses

The majority of casinos do not offer specific Tether welcome bonuses or Tether no deposit bonuses, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy their promotions. Because it is a stablecoin and its value doesn’t fluctuate so much, casinos can easily exchange the amount to a fiat currency, meaning you will get the same welcome offer as any other new casino player, including sign-up bonuses, cashbacks, free spins and no-deposit bonuses.

In our top Tether casino list above, we have listed the main bonuses you can expect to find.

At many Tether casinos, you can get a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC, or equivalent in Tether or other currency!

How To Get Started With Tether

Needless to say, in order to play at Tether casinos, you first need to get your hands on some Tether tokens. To those who have never done so, this may seem like a complex task, but it’s actually rather simple.

How To Buy Tether

Tether tokens can be easily purchased from cryptocurrency trading platforms like Kraken and Binance. The process here is very easy, and is akin to making online purchases from shopping sites (though, of course, it may vary from service to service). Here is how:

  1. Choose your preferred platform and set up an account.
  2. If the platform requires you to verify your account, supply them with any documentation they may ask for.
  3. Top up your account to buy cryptocurrency, or simply purchase it directly using your debit/credit card, e-wallet, cryptocurrency wallet, bank transfer, or other chosen payment method.

You can store your Tether on these platforms or in your own private wallet.

Safety & Security at Tether Casinos

Safety at any cryptocurrency casino is generally excellent. While top European licensing jurisdictions such as the UK or Malta have not made the move to approve gambling with Tether or other cryptos, Curaçao has stepped up as the leading body to ensure that crypto gambling remains safe and fair. So, given you go for a casino with a trustworthy licence, you should be fully protected as a player.

Most top Tether casinos are licensed in Curaçao, making them safe, reliable and fair!

At the same time, the heavily encrypted blockchain technology makes crypto transfers one of the safest and most anonymous form of payments in the world

How To Choose the Best Tether Casino

To help you find a Tether casino to suit your needs, we have listed all the most important factors to keep in mind.

  1. Read online reviews of the casino: While we do recommend doing your own research, our casino reviews here at Top10-CasinoSites give you an excellent overview of the games, licensing information, available payment methods, reputation and user experience of virtually any worthwhile casino site. That way, you save time and effort!
  2. Check the casino’s licence: Making sure the online casino of your choice has a licence from a reputable jurisdiction is by far one of the most important steps. A trustworthy licence ensures that the casino follows a specific set of requirements which, ultimately, are there to protect you. When it comes to Tether online casinos, you are more likely to find support at Curaçao casinos or MGA casinos.
  3. Look for the casino’s fairness certification: The best online casinos in Europe and elsewhere do more than what is required by the law. One such extra step is to get fairness certification by an independent testing board, such as iTech LabsGLI, and eCOGRA. These confirm that the casino operates fairly and as it should, meaning that the site does not hold an unfair advantage over players.
  4. Scan the games providers available: A good casino only affiliates itself with reputable and trustworthy games providers. Indeed, the world’s best games providers do not just create fabulous new games that entice the senses, but also work hard on creating and certifying a random number generator (RNG) that is fair and completely random. This RNG, as well as the RTP of the game in question, cannot be changed by the online casino, so you can rest assured that they’re the same everywhere. Some of the best games providers you can come across are NetEntEvolution Gaming, NOVOMATIC GreentubePlaytechWazdanPragmatic Play, and Red Tiger Games.
  5. Look out for a variety of payment methods: If you’re going to play at a USDT casino, then you will need to make sure that the casino actually accepts the payment method. Of course, don’t just go for the first casino that does this, as since cryptocurrency transactions are relatively anonymous, it is not unheard of for illicit entities to not attribute the amount to the right account.
  6. Examine bonus T&Cs carefully: Casino bonuses are there to enhance your playing experience, often by increasing your bankroll. Even so, don’t just take these bonuses at face value, as they often come with wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. In our opinion, it’s often better to go for a bonus that promises less but which has reasonable terms and conditions, rather than a larger one which has many requirements. This, though, is a personal preference.

Alternative Payment Methods

Tether may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it might not be available at all casinos. Luckily, there is a wide range of alternative payment methods you can use instead. Below we take a look at the most popular crypto casino and fiat payment options.

Other Cryptos Compared to Tether

While USDT is becoming increasingly popular for online gambling, other cryptos are still more widely accepted like BNB or even Ripple casinos. Here are some of the most popular cryptos for casino, along with their pros and cons.

Bitcoin Casinos
  • Most widely accepted crypto in casino’s
  • Relatively high miner’s fees
  • Less stable
Bitcoin Cash Casinos
  • Not as widely accepted as Bitcoin
  • Very low miner’s fees
  • Fewer available casinos
Ethereum online Casinos
  • Very widely accepted
  • Relatively high miner’s fees
  • Less stable
Litecoin Casinos
  • Very low miner’s fees
  • Fewer available casinos
Pros Cons

Fiat currency options

While fiat casino deposits may not be what you are looking for, you should keep in mind that crypto casinos often do not accept players from all countries. Thus, alternatives such as credit cards, prepaid cards or e-wallets might be your best alternative.

Fiat Payment methods

The easiest and fastest way to deposit money to any online casino at the time of writing is still by using your debit or credit card, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa Electron. On top of being very safe, the money should appear in your account within moments, allowing you to play practically instantly. Withdrawals, however, can take up to a few days to be effected.

The vast majority of online casinos also accept one or multiple types of e-wallets. These are virtual accounts that are not connected to any specific bank account, making them safer for users and keeping transactions off their bank statement. The following are e-wallets you are likely to come across: top online casino PayPal, Rapid Transfer, Webmoney, NETELLER, Skrill, Interac, and TrustPay.

Though very safe, direct bank transfers can be time-consuming to be processed, sometimes taking up to five business days for the money to go through. This means you will not be able to start playing your favourite casino games immediately. Withdrawals made using this method may also take quite a while, so getting your hands on your winnings will have to wait.

Trustly is an electronic payment method that gives you the chance to deposit money into your online casino account practically instantly and directly from your online casino website. It is extremely safe, requiring you to use your banking details to log in. The process is safeguarded by the company, which is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as your bank itself.

The paysafecard is a prepaid voucher system you can use when purchasing services online. While this service allows you to deposit money fairly easily and instantaneously, you will not be able to withdraw money through it, meaning you will still have to give your bank or credit/debit card details to the online casino.

Summary: Our opinion on Tether Casinos

Tether is one of the most ideal casino payment methods in the world. This is because the value of USDT is far more stable than that of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and so on, so you are much less likely to lose money should it drop. Its exchange rate has remained very stable over the past years, with very few fluctuations. Thus, you can be sure that your casino deposits and winnings have a predictable value.

While this payment method has few drawbacks, players from certain countries might find it hard to find a crypto casino that accepts them. At the same time, crypto casinos are excellent for players from other jurisdictions.

Licensed Tether casinos have proven to be very reliable. Thus, given you choose a good casino such as one from our list above, you can rest assured that your safety at such casinos will be guaranteed.

Tether Casinos FAQs

Tether (USDT) is a type of cryptocurrency. It falls under the category of stablecoins, meaning its value is directly related to that of a fiat currency – in this case, the US dollar (hence the acronym ‘USDT'). At the time of writing, Tether can be bought or sold using USD, EUR and JPY.

The best Tether casinos are those casinos that accept Tether as a payment method, but which also have a licence from a reputable jurisdiction (such as Curaçao) and are affiliated with world-class game developers.

Deposits at Tether casinos are usually instantaneous, with the funds appearing in USDT within a few minutes. Withdrawals shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours, though this is usually much quicker.

When you effect a Tether payment via a cryptocurrency wallet, your unique address and the amount you wish to transfer are sent to a network of computers across the world. Each of those computers then checks that you have enough funds and that those funds are indeed in your name, and then authenticates the payment.

Setting up a Tether account is incredibly easy. All you have to do is to choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform and set up an account. You can then use your debit or credit card to buy Tether. Note that you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your Tether tokens in, though most exchange platforms offer their own virtual wallets.

Yes you can, though the full answer is a bit more complicated than that. Any online casino looking to operate in the UK needs a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the UKGC has not authorised cryptos for casino gambling yet. Thus, there are currently no UK-licensed Tether casinos, though casinos based outside the UK may accept UK players.

For the most part, the majority of casinos do not charge players any extra fees for depositing or withdrawing funds using Tether. Nevertheless, your cryptocurrency wallet may charge you a nominal fee for each transaction, while there is also a miner’s fee.

Absolutely. Most crypto casinos offer generous bonuses. Often, the Tether casino bonus is expressed in EUR or BTC, but you will get the equivalent bonus in USDT.

This depends entirely on the online casino you choose. It may be available at certain Tether casino sites, particularly if you want withdraw to a different crypto, though it is not very common.

No. At the time of writing, the vast majority of UK casinos do not accept Tether as a payment method.

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