The Very Best VIP Casinos in the UK (2020)

Everyone wants to be treated like a VIP. Traditionally, VIP means that you get free champagne sent to your table accompanied by a massage on the house, but online gambling is a little bit different. Online casinos reward players by giving out VIP-status to highrollers and to loyal customers. Here is our complete guide on how to become a VIP customer, and how to get the most out of this experience.

Most Important

Casino Sites With The Very Best VIP Casino Experience

£88 No-Deposit
100% up to £100
  • Increased deposit limits
  • Weekly appreciation award
  • First-class customer service
200% up to £400
100 free spins
  • Monthly reload bonuses
  • Varied assortment of games
  • Excellent customer service
100% up to £200
  • First-class bonus-program
  • Cash bonuses depending on your VIP-level
  • Expert at casino games
Up to £160
  • Rewards loyalty
  • Trusted and experienced operator with focus on UK-based players
  • Top-notch customer service
100% up to £500
  • Tier-based VIP-program
  • Birthday bonus and fast cash out
  • Very wide selection of games
Welcome Bonus Money + Free Spins
  • Personal VIP-account manager
  • Faster withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer support
100% up to £200
  • Invitation-only VIP program
  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions
  • Personal account manager
£1500 welcome bonus
300 free spins
  • Flights to holiday destinations for top-tier VIP customers
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Exclusive invitations to Sloty events

VIP Casino Rewards

Every online casino makes a living through presenting top-quality games to their players, but the iGaming business is now so big and competitive, that a good gaming experience by itself rarely is enough to make players stay loyal. And, after all, why should players stay loyal to only one online casino when there are so many out there?

Let’s face it: you can find the vast majority of popular games at more-or-less any casino. If you love to play games from NetEnt and rarely check out the more niche game developers, you will have absolutely no problem enjoying your favourite games, almost no matter where you decide to sign up.

You will also find decent welcome bonuses at any decent casino these days. So, what exactly can online casinos do in order to inspire loyalty in their players? The answer is simple: they can make you a VIP.


How do I become a VIP

There is no easy recipe when it comes to becoming a VIP. We wish that we could present you with a step-by-step list, but this is impossible as the majority of casinos tend to keep their cards quite close to the chest when it comes to who gets rewarded with a VIP-membership and who doesn’t. What we can do, however, is present you with a few tips that may lead you to become part of a very exclusive club at your favourite casino.

Online casinos will always appreciate and reward highrollers. If you have the funding to deposit larger amounts, in addition to playing regularly, you can be fairly certain that you eventually will be rewarded with a VIP-membership. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the money to be able to make these kinds of deposits. Luckily, there is a way in, even for those who cannot be highrollers.

Online casinos appreciate loyalty. They appreciate players coming back and enjoying their games, even if they don’t deposit several thousand pounds every week. You can play for £10 every now and then, but if the casino sees you playing often, they will tend to see this as a sign of loyalty, especially if you aren’t afraid of the occasional higher wager.


Most online casinos will offer their customers tiers of VIP-status. This means that, at many casinos, everyone can become a VIP and collect points that will eventually reward them with free cash or free games; but, the more points you have, the higher level you will be, and the higher level you are, the better the rewards.

If you spend a weekend playing poker and slots at your favourite casino for a total of £20, you might expect a small bonus from the casino – especially if you manage to do well in the tournaments you take part in. This bonus is likely to be in the form of a relatively small amount of free money if you are a regular customer. If you find yourself in the highest rank of the casino’s VIP level, you can expect much more lavish rewards. Some casinos will even fly you around the world to participate in exclusive events – they might even reward you with a luxurious holiday!


The benefits of being a VIP

Regular members of any online casino can now enjoy valuable and attractive welcome bonuses. This can be the perfect way to start your playing online, but you will quickly realise that the bonuses soon stop after this initial welcome offer. If you play in either of the ways mentioned above, you might be lucky enough to be invited into the casino’s VIP-club. The exact offers available to players vary massively from casino to casino, and every casino tends to keep any offer available confidential, meaning that we can only give you a general guideline as to what to expect when becoming a VIP member.

The first thing you will notice as a VIP member is the fact that the bonuses become regular. The whole principal behind the idea of VIP memberships is to offer the most valuable players something really special that they can’t get from anywhere else, and this can’t really be done without proper, and regular, bonuses. These are also upgraded, meaning that you will receive a lot better value from these bonuses than you would if you were not a VIP member.

Exclusive access to tournaments and events

In addition to increased and upgraded bonuses, VIP members can also expect to get exclusive access to VIP Tournaments, as well as Live Casino VIP Games. These live games often come with experienced live dealers who can make you feel that you actually are sitting in a good, old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar casino. The VIP Tournaments are only available to VIP members and will often contain large and exciting prizes which are only available to a certain, quite small amount of players, namely the VIPs. These tournaments can be a real opportunity for VIP members to win big.

The final perk that we would like to mention here is the fact that VIP members can expect a much faster and more reliable experience when withdrawing and depositing to their chosen casino. This is thanks to personal account managers who will be able to answer every question you might have about payment solutions and other services, in addition to making sure that every VIP member’s experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Enjoy exclusive treatment

A lot of casinos tend to divide their VIP memberships into tiers. New customers start at tier-1 and get started with a welcome bonus. The more you spend and the more you win at the casino, the higher tier you will achieve. Once you find yourself at the very top of the casino’s VIP-tier, you can expect to be included in a whole new world of luxury. A lot of casinos will save the very best for their top-level VIPs and you might expect anything from casino-sponsored holidays, football-tickets on the house to exclusive cashback offers.


The best casinos to be a VIP at

More often than not, any online casino will now have a dedicated VIP club. Even so, there are those who stand out and really shine in this area; these are the casinos that we will focus on here. Without further ado, here are the 3 casinos that we find to have some of the most exciting potential when it comes to VIP membership.


888 Casino

screenshot of 888 vip casino club

You cannot talk about VIP memberships and not mention 888 Casino. In truth, you can’t really mention iGaming, online poker or sportsbetting without mentioning 888! This is one of the most famous and experienced casinos available online, and it should not come as a shocker that this is a casino that knows how to take care of their most valuable customers.

The best way to become a VIP member at 888 is by being a loyal highroller over time. This will cost you, but if your funds are there, you will certainly be rewarded for your playing. 888 VIP memberships are also awarded to loyal customers who play regularly for smaller sums. It is important to note that the details of 888’s VIP membership are not public, so you will have to wait until you become a member to know exactly what this offer entails; having said that, 888 is often spoken about as one of the world’s best VIP casinos for a reason. This is a very exclusive club that any player would be lucky to join.



screenshot of mrq vip casino

MrQ Casino is a much newer casino than 888, which leads to quite a different playing experience. MrQ are known to be generous with VIP memberships, meaning that you won’t necessarily need to splash the cash in order to be noticed as a loyal customer.

Once you are in, you can expect regular bonuses, VIP tournaments, fast withdrawals and a dedicated account manager. As is usually the case, MrQ keeps their VIP-cards close to the chest and the exact VIP offers are known only to the members of the inner circle; however, it's safe to say that this is a casino with a whole host of interesting games and offers – meaning that shooting to become a VIP member at MrQ can be a very rewarding and exciting idea.

Lucky VIP Casino

screenshot of lucky vip casino

Lucky VIP Casino is a newer casino that definitely knows how to reward their players with great and achievable VIP-offers. Every new customer who joins Lucky VIP Casino will automatically become a part of their VIP club, and the way to increase your status is easy: play slots. Lucky VIP Casino is a specialist in slots and classic casino games, and the more you spin the wheel, the more points you will earn. These points will push you up the VIP-ladder, and the more points you have, the better the rewards.


screenshot of betfair vip club

Finally, we have the sportsbetting giant Betfair. Betfair is a little bit different from many casinos with VIP programs, because they are a casino that almost exclusively focus on sports and sports-betting. Sure, you can find the most popular slotmachines at Betfair, as well as a whole host of scratchcard games and the like, but it is sports where Betfair really excels.

It therefore comes as a surprise to find out that Betfair has one of the better VIP-Poker offers around. The Betfair VIP-Poker membership is based on points players gain whilst playing Poker at Betfair. This membership rewards you with cash according to your VIP status, and the higher status you have, the bigger the monthly reward. 1,250 points give you a Silver membership, whilst 12,500 points makes you entitled to a Gold membership.



Becoming a VIP player is what every serious player dreams about. You get pampered with great offers, exclusive tournaments, Live Games only available for VIPs of a certain level, and a dedicated account manager who makes withdrawals as fast and easy as possible. A VIP member is part of the casinos inner circle and can expect special treatment.

A VIP player is not like everyone else. You will be first in line and recognised as an especially important person by the casino. Nevertheless, be aware that gaining a VIP membership usually costs. You need to have enough money to play with if you think about going for a VIP membership – and, of course, always remember to always gamble responsibly.



Can anyone become a VIP member?

Yes, anyone can become a VIP member; however, unless you are a highroller, this will require both time and luck. Most casinos do reward “regular” players who stick with the casino for a long time, so the longer you wait, the greater the chance of being rewarded.

What can I expect as a VIP member?

The exact VIP-offer is usually not made public by the casino, but in general, VIP customers can expect a dedicated VIP-accounts manager, VIP-exclusive Live Games, as well as special VIP-offers.

Does every online casino have a VIP program?

No. Although VIP memberships are becoming more and more common, they can still not be found absolutely everywhere. Check with your chosen casino before signing up.


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