Top 10 Switzerland Casinos for Best Gameplay

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Top 10 Online Casinos in Switzerland

Switzerland’s gambling laws have recently changed, and this has made many people fear that they will be unable to find quality casinos to play online. However, we’ve worked hard to find you the best online casinos in Switzerland and we assure you there was no shortage of options to choose from.

The Top 10 Online Casino Sites in Switzerland for 2019

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Casino Tropez
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How do I start playing at online casinos in Switzerland?

In 2019, Switzerland voted to make a major overhaul to its gambling laws, only allowing the casinos and companies that have been certified by the Swiss government themselves to operate in the country. This will change things for a lot of players. Ultimately though, there will still be online casinos available to those players. And, of course, thanks to VPNs and cryptocurrencies, there are also ways around these issues if you do still want to play at Swiss online casino sites that are not authorised by the Swiss government.

Switzerland flag slot machine

Even if you include the steps of changing your location and currency though, the actual process of starting to play at a Swiss casino should remain pretty much the same as anywhere else in Europe. Even when laws change, the basic way in which casinos operate and the information they need doesn’t. So, this law shouldn’t overly concern you and the fundamentals of the registration process should essentially remain the same.

People who have never signed up to a betting site before wrongly seem to believe that they are going to complicated. On the contrary, there’s little difference between a casino registration form and many other kinds of online interaction. If you have ever opened an Amazon account, for instance, you’ll find the process and required details to be largely the same.

However, it can be daunting for some people. So, with that in mind, we are going to take a close look at all the things you’ll want to consider when starting to play at online casinos in Switzerland.

Step One: See if the promotions catch your eye

The importance of promotions really varies from one person to another. For some, they are a vital part of the experience. For others, they are just a nice little extra, but not something they spend too much time considering. However, we’d advise that if the latter sounds like you, that you still look a little closer. That’s because not only can casino bonuses nowadays be a lot more varied and creative than they were at the turn of the millennium but also because bonuses are a really great way of getting an idea of what a betting site is like in general.

All Slots Casino promotion

There are two very important things to take into account when deciding on the best online casinos in Switzerlandor anywhere else for that matter. These come down to whether the site is both objectively and subjectively good. What we mean by this is that certain things are objectively good, which means pretty much everyone can agree on them. So, for instance, having a customer service team and games which work well are objectively good things because we can’t imagine anyone would desire the opposite. Subjectively good things are when design, aesthetic and creative features appeal to your personal tastes. But they are subjective, as others might disagree due to their different tastes.

Another consideration is that the promotional offerings are actually relevant to how you like to use a casino site. For instance, if they have a great bonus but it’s only for a game that you don’t play, then it’s not useful to you. That would be subjectively bad. They are things where there is no right or wrong answer.

What makes promotions so very useful then, is that a good promotional page has to be a bit of both. On the subjectively good side of things, you’ll want to be intrigued by its promotional offering in a creative and imaginative sense. The way the page is designed should also match with the kind of things you like in a betting site. For instance, a focus on a game type you like or one which provides bonuses that match up with how much you want to deposit. This brings us to our next point…

Step Two: What about those terms and conditions?

All Slots welcome terms

Another area where the objective and the subjective meet is in the terms and conditions. Let’s face it, there are some examples that are just out and out bad. Generally, you have an offer that seems too good to be true. However, when you take a closer look, it turns out that you’ll never see a penny of your bonus money due to wagering requirements, or you need to deposit more than any normal person ever would.

However, there are examples which are more preference-based. For example, many terms will specify that only a certain type of game will count towards a wagering requirement. How useful this is to you depends on what kind of games you want to play. Similarly, the wagering requirement amount – assuming it is reasonable – can also have its usefulness depending on how much you intend to bet. An ideal example of a promotional selection, therefore, would be one which has all of these bases covered with relevant examples for all kinds of players, from the casual to high rollers. There are also other things to take into account like the maximum winning amount, time limits and, of course, the actual promotional code itself which allows you to unlock the bonus.

Think of looking at the promotions as being a first test and an overview to see whether it catches your imagination. Then, your second look should be like zooming in on what interests you to examine whether they are actually valuable and worth your while. No matter how important promotions matter to you personally, when it comes to picking a Swiss online casino, we’re sure that you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of the operator when all of this is said and done.

Step Three: Check they have games you like

Europa Casino Games

Alongside seeing if the promotions cater to the games you like, you should ensure that the site actually has those games in the first place. This may seem like a no-brainer and in all honesty, if you have picked a half decent site and you don’t have unusual tastes then it’s very likely you’ll be well catered for.

However, there’s another side to this and that’s the game quality. For example, you may have slot games, but how good are those slot games? Luckily, the vast majority of options out there do allow you to play their games for free in order to entice you into picking their casino out of all the other options that are available.

Another great way of checking the game quality is to see if they have any verification that they have been independently proven to be both fair and random. Finally, you can also look at who created the games themselves. There are many great software developers, with names like Microgaming and Play’n Go being examples of two well-known for their quality.

This is also worth doing because it can open up a new way of finding games to play. You may find you have a favourite software developer and that can make the searching process much easier. Finally, it’s a good idea to check for what live casino options they have, assuming that is something you are interested in.

Step Four: Make sure they support your preferred payment method

888 casino payment methods

This is another step which seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised by how often it is overlooked. Most quality betting sites offer a wide variety of payment options and this information should be easy to find and readily available. It will usually be outlined in a help or terms and conditions section or should become apparent during the registration process.

Nonetheless, make sure to double-check the casino site offers your preferred payment method to avoid disappointment. Furthermore, you’ll also want to check things like processing times and fees to ensure you’re not being ripped off in that department either. If you can’t find this information on site, simply enquire with customer services.

Step Five: Ready to sign up to online casinos in Switzerland?

First off, have a good think over all the research you have done so far before you come to a sign up. Once you’re happy, it’s time to hit the registration forms.

Registration Europa Casino

Don’t be concerned about what is asked here. As we said, it’s the type of thing you should be very familiar with if you are used to any kind of internet transaction. There are a couple of differences here though. For instance, you should be given additional options to set limits on how much you spend. In fact, not having that option is a pretty negative thing for a betting site. It’s not a deal-breaker for many, but it is certainly something to consider. Beyond that, you’ll simply need to input your account and personal details, like your e-mail, home address, name, currency etc.

One important point to remember is the one person per account rule, which can extend to your home and even IP address, depending on the rules of that individual site. The next important thing would be your password. This has to be both strong and unique to avoid your account being at risk. The site can do everything possible security-wise on their end, but they can’t help you against a weak password. If you’re happy with all your information, accept the terms and conditions, confirm your details and you are ready to play.

What payment methods are available at online casinos for Swiss players?

The reason we say Swiss players as opposed to online casinos in Switzerland is that there are plenty of options available to players in Switzerland via cryptocurrency options. However, it is interesting to note that Switzerland is a rather conservative country when it comes to payment types.

Unlike much of the world, they prefer to pay overwhelmingly by cash, with even contactless payments taking a while to get off the ground. This would suggest that the casinos run in the country will likely remain fairly conservative too. So, we’ll be taking a look at some more traditional payment options (obviously hard cash isn’t an option when playing online), alongside payment methods that are available when playing at sites from elsewhere in Europe.

Debit/Credit Card

Credit Card Europa Casino

You might not be able to pay with cash at online casinos in Switzerland just yet – even the Swiss aren’t that innovative – but the closest option to it has to be the trusted debit or credit card. It’s available pretty much everywhere on the internet and, unless you’ve been living off a bartering system for the past few decades, we’re sure you already know how it works.


PayPal Switzerland

While Switzerland is notoriously slow on the uptake of new payment methods include e-wallets, the tide is now shifting further inevitably towards the future. Nonetheless, it makes sense in this cultural climate that the Swiss are more sceptical of these payment options than countries where they have been popular for several years. Therefore, the most significant e-wallet option for the moment is the one which is a household name across the world: PayPal.


By similar reasoning to the last option, we feel that Swiss players looking for a different way of paying online – especially if they want to remain anonymous and secure – will want an option which is known around the world. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, that could be no other than Bitcoin, the biggest and most widely used crypto coin by a large margin.

Bitcoin Working Mechanism Infographic


How do you know if a Swiss online casino is trustworthy?

To put it simply, by the same methods you know any site is trustworthy. Although there might be changes in the law in Switzerland, this doesn’t change the basic principles of what makes a casino site reliable or not, although one of the tests of reliability may be hampered by these recent changes. As we’re expecting a whole host of new Swiss casinos, it can be very hard to gauge customer feedback over such a short period of time.

BGO Security
Online casinos gain their reputation over a long period and, of course, such swift changes make this difficult. It is actually much easier to understand the reputation of sites in other areas of Europe because they have often been around for much, much longer. However, there are other ways to measure reliability.

We’ve talked about the things you should do before you sign up and plenty of them had in mind the fact that you can tell a lot about a betting site by looking around and playing the games yourself. If nothing else, it should show you that a certain amount of effort has gone into creating this website. And while this doesn’t mean you should go forward with the site unquestioningly, it is a good start.

Another way of gaging reliability is through critical opinion, the kind you’ll find on this very site. Other things to look for are privacy policies and the use of SSL encryption to keep user data secure. Another is licensing, which we will cover in more detail in our following section.

What’s the deal with licensing for online casinos in Switzerland?

Just as the country’s general gambling policies are complicated, so is the situation with licensing. Regardless, all you need to know is that as of 2019, online gaming – just like land-based gaming – is covered by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board.

Believe it or not, there was no regulatory body for online gaming before this point. This includes casino games in general, as well as poker and bingo. Obviously, if you choose to register with an online casino without a license, you are putting yourself at enormous financial risk.

You may choose to go with a casino outside of Switzerland. In which case, licensing is every bit as important. There are plenty of trustworthy license providers and regulators out there that you should look out for, like the Malta Gaming Authority or Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner, to give a couple of examples, but there are many more.

What are some popular casino games I can play at the best online casinos in Switzerland?

Recent political shifts may have complicated matters for Swiss players but there is nothing complex about the country’s obvious love for casino games. Their tastes tend to be both traditional, as is probably expected. Of course, there’s a huge amount of game options to choose from and we couldn’t possibly cover them all here. So, we’re instead going to select three popular examples to give you an idea of what is available at online casinos in Switzerland.


888 Casino poker games

For a country which likes to keep things old school in a lot of ways, there’s no casino game which defines classic quite as much as poker. It comes in various forms, from Texas Hold’em to Three Card Stud. However, each variety distinguishes itself by being much more of a game of skill rather than chance compared to most other casino games.

Video slots

Royal Vegas slots

One area in which the Swiss have embraced the new online casino world is with slots. Although, of course, the classic slot machine options still remain, video slots have by far taken over as the more popular options. This is thanks to the sheer possibilities they offer, from designs and themes, sponsorships and new ways to play.


Bingo games

Another game that is loved for its simplicity, bingo is a straightforward game of probability, where you mark off numbers on cards and win through various combinations. There are different versions of this game but generally, you can win via getting all four corners, a line, two lines or a full house where you fill in the entire ticket.

A short history of gambling in Switzerland

The current situation in Switzerland is a strange one. It begs the question of how we got here in the first place. Well, it started centuries ago. The popularity of gambling led to attempts to get it banned as far back as the 16th century, with religious concerns being cited.

They went back and forth with legislation until a ban was eventually brought in properly way back in 1921. Unlike other legislation, this ban stood until close to the end of the millennium. Importantly, Swiss law differentiated at this point between arcade games and games of chance. Since this point, land casinos can be found throughout the country, although their numbers are not overwhelming.

The next big change came in 2019, when Switzerland voted to once again amends its gambling legislation. Today, only casino companies that have been certified by the Swiss government can legally operate in the country. It will be interesting to see if this is a development which lasts, like the ban in 1921, or gets lost in time, like the many that came before it.

H2: Frequently Asked Questions

Fancy a recap of the most important points we’ve covered in this article? Here’s are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions to help sum up the Swiss situation.


1. Who regulates online casinos in Switzerland?

As of 2019, online casinos in Switzerland are regulated by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board.

2. Did the 2019 legislation ban offshore offshore online casinos in Switzerland?

Officially speaking, yes. The legislation restricts online gambling activity to only organisations which are authorised by the country’s own governing body. However, it is still possible to access other European sites.

If you choose to do so, it is advised that you utilise VPNs to access the sites and only ever play at sites that are fully licensed and regulated by a reliable authority.

3. Does this affect the choice of casino games I can play?

As things are so new, it is hard to properly get to grips with what will be the general quality available at the Swiss online casinos. However, most popular game types appear to be covered and there are plenty of alternative options too for those with more niche tastes.

4. What payment options can I use?

All the most popular payment options should be available regardless of which casino site you choose. We’ve given a few examples of popular payment options further up in this article.

5. Are online casinos in Switzerland reliable?

A lot of these changes have made gambling in Switzerland seem very alien to people. However, there’s no reason to be concerned about the reliability of Swiss casinos, at least any more than you would of casinos in general before this legislation came into place.