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The Ultimate Guide to ReelPlay Megaways™ Slots & Casinos in 2024

ReelPlay may not as well-known as Big Time Gaming or NetEnt in the world of Megaways™, but their titles are as fabulous as any. Plus, thanks to their InfinityReels™ mechanic, ReelPlay games can lead to some pretty big wins!


The Best Online Casinos for ReelPlay Megaways™

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Who Are ReelPlay Games?

ReelPlay are an Australian game development company based in Sydney. They were founded in 2014, under the name ‘Chance Interactive’, but they rebranded to their current name in 2019.

Under both names, ReelPlay have acted as both a B2B game builder to help companies create their own games, as well as a creator of Megaways™ slots under their own name.

What the company is best known for are its InfinityReels™ slots, a feature that we explore further down. What you need to know about this, however, is that these was a ground-breaking invention in the world of video slots, and many other companies, including Yggdrasil, now work together with ReelPlay on games that include this mechanic.

This InfinityReels™ feature, coupled with the Megaways™ mechanic invented by Big Time Gaming, has ensured that ReelPlay Megaways™ are quickly becoming top favourites at any casino that stocks them.

Below we take a look at why ReelPlay continues to be one of the most interesting Megaways™ software providers out there.

ReelPlay Licence

ReelPlay is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, one of Europe’s foremost licensing bodies.

Full List of ReelPlay Megaways™ Slots

Discover all the ReelPlay Megaways™ ever released, and head to their respective pages for the demo and top online casinos that stock them. But remember, if none of these pique your interest, then you can check out our list of all Megaways™ slots ever released.

Game NameNumber of waysRTPVolatility
Atlantis Megaways™117,64996.09%Medium
Big Bucks Bandits Megaways™117,64996.10%High
Giza Infinity Reels™Infinite96.45%High
Hypernova Megaways™117,64996.10%Medium/High
Odin Infinity Reels Megaways™Unlimited96.18%High
Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways™Infinite96.07%High

ReelPlay Megaways™ Features

ReelPlay Megaways™ slots are chock-a-block with features that will make gameplay absolutely exhilarating. Here’s why you should opt for these games when you sign up to a top ReelPlay casino.


InfinityReels™ is a concept where the number of reels in a video slot remains fluid, as opposed to static. When a symbol on the last reel (furthest to the right) is part of a winning combination, an extra reel is added to the grid. This continues until the reel furthest to the right is no longer part of a winning combo.

What’s even better is that each added reel comes with a multiplier that starts at 1x and increases by 1x with every reel that’s added. This feature can be found in Tiki InfinityReels™ Megaways™ and Odin InfinityReels™ Megaways™, among other games by ReelPlay.

Other Features

But it gets even better than that, as many ReelPlay Megaways™ have other features. These can include:

  • Cascading reels, which is where the symbols in a winning combination are replaced by new ones without the need for you to spin again. This can give you bigger wins for the same stake, and are a more-or-less standard feature in Megaways™. This feature is available in the likes of Hypernova Megaways™ and Big Buck Bandits Megaways™, but not in any InfinityReels™ titles.
  • Free spins, which can usually be achieved by lining up a number of scatter symbols. This is true for Tiki InfinityReels™ Megaways™, where five or more Volcano symbols will result in 10 free spins, complete with the InfinityReels™ feature.
  • Bonus games are those that do not form part of the main game. In ReelPlay’s case, this can be found in a number of titles and is usually called a ‘Jackpot Respin’. In Atlantis Megaways™, for example, players may come across the Pearl Jackpot Respins, where lucky symbols full of winnings and shells full of multipliers open up to reveal how much you’ve won.
  • The Bonus Buy feature, which gives you the chance to purchase free spins (with all their features) for a price. This is available in Big Bucks Bandits Megaways™, among others.

Our Three Favourite ReelPlay Megaways™ Slots

Some of the best ReelPlay games are Megaways™ slots – and these three are particularly great!

1. Odin InfinityReels™ Megaways™

Steeped in Norse Mythology, Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ is a beautifully designed video slot that captures the theme to perfection. With an RTP of 96.18% and high volatility, this game also provides plenty of potential wins, including a jackpot of 20,000x your initial wager.

Yet most people choose this game for its spectacular features. In fact, over and above the InfinityReels™ with unlimited multipliers, this game has numerous other aces up its sleeve. Among these are the 888x Jackpot Feature, which awards you 888x your stake when you unlock 12 or more reels during the InfinityReels™ feature, as well as a Free Spins Feature, which allows you to spin two wheels to determine how many free spins (8 to 12) and at what multiplier (1 to 4) you’ve won.

This game can be taken for a spin from as little as $/€/£0.30 or as high as $/€/£90.

2. Hypernova Megaways™

Head to the stars with Hypernova Megaways™, a simple yet fun video slot that comes with plenty of playing card suit symbols and sparkling gems. The game itself has six vertical reels, as well as a horizontal one. Oh, and over and above the high RTP (of 96.095%) and high volatility, it also has some pretty neat features.

In fact, while this title doesn’t come with InfinityReels™, it does come Cascading Reels and Jackpot Respins, which allow you to spin for one of the four jackpots: Bronze (10x your stake), Silver (50x your stake), Gold (250x your stake), and Platinum (2,000x your stake).

With 117,649 ways to win, this game can be taken for a spin for anything between $/€/£0.20 and $/€/£20, making it ideal for those looking for low stake Megaways™ slots.

3. Tiki InfinityReels™ Megaways™

Tiki Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ combines the excitement of Megaways™ and InfinityReels™ with the fun of tropical jungles. In fact, a big part of this game’s appeal includes its layout, with its design, soundtrack, and colourful symbols.

What’s even better, however, is the sheer amount of bonus features this game comes with. This starts with the InfinityReels™, which we’ve explore above. These give you unlimited winning potential, and reaching 12 extra reels will also land you the 888x Jackpot, which awards you a jackpot of 888x your stake. Then there are the 10 free spins, which trigger when you land five or more Volcano symbols. These free spins have a sticky symbol multiplier, and you can win free spins throughout thanks to both the InfinityReels™ feature and the Volcano symbol!

This game has an RTP of 96.07%, high volatility, and can be played from $/€/£0.30 to $/€/£30 per spin.

Best ReelPlay Mobile Casinos

ReelPlay are pioneers in their field, so it’s no surprise that you can easily play all their Megaways™ games on your smart mobile devices. In fact, the company uses HTML5 to create all its titles nowadays, so their products can be played on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Pros and Cons of ReelPlay Megaways™ Slots

ReelPlay slots are fabulous – but nothing’s perfect. So here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing these games.


  • Great graphics & beautiful design
  • Fun & well thought-out themes
  • InfinityReels™ give you great winning potential
  • Good amount of bonus features per game
  • Available at many top casinos


  • Not many titles to choose from when compared to competitors
  • Some ReelPlay Megaways™ have smaller-than-usual jackpots

Final Thoughts on ReelPlay Megaways™

ReelPlay’s status in the Megaways™ world continues to grow and strengthen with each title they release. We certainly love what they offer, and we’re sure many of you will do, too!

Q&A With David Johnson: An Interview With ReelPlay's CEO

Hi Dave, what is your role at ReelPlay?
Hey, thanks for having us!

I look after anything commercial, but as a fast growing business, ReelPlay offers the opportunity to get involved in all sorts – such is the benefit of having an awesome and agile team. So mostly commercial / marketing and all that that entails with our many partners, but I also pretend to do a bit of product and other bits and pieces. We’re lucky to be staffed full of experienced and passionate players – indeed, that was one of the reasons I decided to get involved. In the past, I contributed to NextGen Gaming as they progressed from independent through NYX Gaming Group and into SG Digital.

We are big fans of Megaways™ slots. When did you start using the Megaways™ engine?
We are too! Our first Megaways™ game was Hypernova Megaways™, which is coming up to a year old now after its debut at LeoVegas.

After the success of Hypernova, we worked with Rank on Atlantis Megaways™, then recently Big Bucks Bandits Megaways™ debuted on William Hill. Those who enjoy Hypernova but want even more of a gamble will like Bandits, given there's an additional Double Cross feature available after the bonus game spins.

The ReelPlay story with Megaways™ likely pre-dates most folk outside of Big Time Gaming, as a few of our team were at NextGen way back when they helped launch the first Megaways™ games.

What is your relationship with BTG? Do you work together on Megaways™ projects?

We have a great relationship with Nik and the team. As I said, it goes back a long way, and with both our businesses largely staffed out of Australia, there is an added connection there. Our relationship today is a business one, in that ReelPlay license Big Time's IP, which in turn permits us to come up with our own concepts using their inventions such as Megaways™. But then there is a friendship forged over years too, so we might meet or speak on the phone about any manner of things as well as business.

How do you come up with successful themes for your slots?

here’s no hard and fast rule that we stick to at ReelPlay. We make fewer slots than most, perhaps 6-8 p/a… I like to see us as the craft beer of slots, as opposed to a tasteless mass-produced beer!

In creating a slot and a theme we will have a number of ideas in flight at any moment, which we will begin to focus on as the ideas develop. There are of course many variables to that – with our Infinity Reels games we set out to create a brand new style of feature which offered the opportunity of incredible winnings, whilst not deviating too far from what players are comfortable with. With a forthcoming game, I was keen to go back to a type that hasn’t been improved on for many years, the results of which you’ll see debuting exclusively on Betsson brands come September.

With Hypernova Megaways™ we had an idea in mind which we felt would extend the brand – the hold n’ respin element. With Odin Infinity Reels X Megaways™, we’ve tried to offer the best of a combination of the two most exciting features in the market today. ReelPlay also does lots of work in the background working with competitive collaborators in getting their ideas to market – there’s many partnerships that fly under the radar.

We’re in love with graphic design of your slots. How does ReelPlay design team work to define such strong graphics?

Ah that’s very kind, thanks!

We’re very fortunate to have awesome colleagues who make it their work to do just that. Passion, inventiveness, cutting edge skills and knowledge, all round good guys you’d want to work with… that goes for ReelPlay in general too.

ReelPlay has released a few Megaways™ games by now. What is your favourite as a team?

I expect there’d be a broad mix of answers which might even change day to day! For me, it might be Big Bucks Bandit Megaways™ at the moment for the bonus gamble chance and the Red Dead style theme, but then at other times the immersive soundscape of Atlantis is perfect. And then you can’t ignore the first-born in Hypernova Megaways™.

In Odin Megaways™ you merged the Megaways™ mechanics with your Infinity Reels feature. Was that difficult to achieve?

Very! You’ve got two complex math models normally running those independent features, so then trying to have them work together definitely gave our designers some headaches. As in any successful slot, the key of getting Odin right was in the math. We want all our players to find entertainment in what we create, whether they be games for the more casual player, those committed to the bonus and big wins, or any point in between. Odin offers Infinity Ways’ additional reels combined with huge potential x over an incredible amount of ways – the first game to offer infinity ways if you like, and thus the output is a volatile engine with huge potential winnings, which we reflected in the art style.

ReelPlay Megaways™ Slots FAQs

Our Top Table List above lists five of the best ReelPlay slot sites for the UK, as well as a further five for European players and those from other countries.

ReelPlay are an Australian gaming development company who are particularly famous for their InfinityReels™ feature.

Megaways™ slots were originally developed by Big Time Gaming. They tend to have larger grids, 117,649 ways to win, and more bonuses.

Check out our list above for a definitive list of ReelPlay Megaways™ slots.

Totally! ReelPlay creates all of its slots in HTML5, meaning they are compatible with all smart devices, including iOS and Android smartphones.

Definitely! We list the main bonuses next to the online casinos ReelPlay in our list at the beginning of this article.

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