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Best SG Digital Slots in 2024

Most casino players will have come across the name SG Digital at least once online. To find out more about this company and why they are so renowned in the industry, check out our detailed guide below!

Best SG Digital Slots in 2022

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow riches logo
 Software: Scientific Games
  •  Return to player (RTP):  95%
  •  Volatility:  Medium
  •  Release date:  2009
  •  Game type:  5x3
  •  Features:  Bonus Game, Multiplier, Scatter Symbols, Wild, Minimum Bet: 1p

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Rainbow Riches Review

Monopoly Big Event

 Software: Other
  •  Return to player (RTP):  96%
  •  Volatility:  Medium
  •  Release date:  2015
  •  Game type:  5-reel
  •  Features:  Multiplier, Wild

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Monopoly Big Event - Unavailable

Elvis The King Lives

 Software: Other
  •  Return to player (RTP):  96.09%
  •  Volatility:  High
  •  Release date:  2013
  •  Game type:  2 sets of 2x2 +-3-6
  •  Features:  FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Substitution of wining symbols, Wild

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Elvis The King Lives - Unavailable

Epic Monopoly 2

 Software: Other
  •  Return to player (RTP):  96.01%
  •  Volatility:  Medium-High
  •  Release date:  2016
  •  Game type:  5-reel
  •  Features:  Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Bonus wheel, Feature: Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols

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Epic Monopoly 2 - Unavailable

Witch Picking

 Software: Other
  •  Return to player (RTP):  96.8%
  •  Volatility:  Medium-High
  •  Release date:  2016
  •  Game type:  5-reel
  •  Features:  FreeSpins, Multiplier, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Wild

We recommend playing at:
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Witch Picking - Unavailable

300 Shields

 Software: Other
  •  Return to player (RTP):  95.30%
  •  Volatility:  High
  •  Release date:  2014
  •  Game type:  5-reel, 25-payline

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300 Shields - Unavailable

Who Are SG Digital?

SG Digital call themselves a global leader in the game developer industries, having created technology platforms and sports products along with casino and lottery games.

In addition, the company owns many different subsidiaries, such as Bally Technologies, Shuffle Master, NYX Gaming, and WMS. All these different companies have created games of their own, many of which are supported by casinos in the United Kingdom and Europe, including Switzerland and Italy.

What’s In A Name?

In what may have confused some of you in the past, SG Digital often goes by other names – specifically, Scientific Games or SG Gaming. However, all these different monikers still refer to the same company; the only differences lies in the products which they are responsible for overseeing.

Top 10 SG Digital Slots

With such an incredible library of games, picking a top ten for this developer was tough. However, our team of experts have combed through the wide choice out their to bring you the very best of the bunch!

1. Rainbow Riches

an image of the rainbow riches slot game logo

(Source: Virgin Casino)

  • RTP – 95%
  • Paylines – 20
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 20
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

This one is something of a brick-and-mortar favourite in the United Kingdom and can be found in Bingo Halls all across the land. While it was always a star on the high street, we wondered how well it would fare in the ultra-competitive online world.

It turns out very well as its use of the simple leprechaun/pots of gold-based themes, great technical design, plenty of multipliers, flexibility and great bonus games have lost none of their charm in the transition to online.

Those special features really put Rainbow Riches on another level. The Road To Riches, Wishing Well and Pot Of Gold Bonus simply requires you to find three of any symbol and the multipliers unlocked come thick and fast. An old school vibe but with a generosity that never goes out of style.

2. Monopoly Big Event

An image of the Monopoly Big Event game logo

(Source: Casumo)

  • RTP – 99.0%
  • Paylines – 20
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 25
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

No franchise is more important to the history of SG Gaming than Monopoly. Indeed, many believe that this brand set the stage for the many amazing tie ins we see from the SG Digital family. In this instance, Barcrest takes the lead.

In terms of value as well as creativity, it’s a triumph from start to finish. Great soundtrack, charming graphics and sound slot fundamentals make the popularity of this one a no brainer. The use of houses and hotels to build wins along the use of the “In Jail” icon also showed many other developers how to utilise an intellectual property in and clever, logical way. Monopoly Big Event is exactly that, it’s big on quality, big on design and big on ways to win.

3. Elvis The King Lives

An image of elvis the king lives slot game logo

(Source: Casumo)

  • RTP – 96.09%
  • Paylines – 80
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 5
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

The monstrous amount of paylines make this one stand out almost as much as the king himself. Elvis is the wild symbol in this game and can replace all the symbols except for the scatter, which is represented by a record. And, in one of our favourite uses of an intellectual property so far, the Jukebox feature sees you try to land on one of four classic Elvis hits from Hound dog to Blue Suede Shoes for a multiplier up to 25 times, as well as free spins.

Another fun theme here for sure, and an amazing soundtrack. But for us, it’s all those different ways to win which make this one something special.

4. Epic Monopoly 2

imag of epic monopoly 2 slot game logo

(Source: Casumo)

  • RTP – 96.01%
  • Paylines – 100
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 1
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

We didn’t intend to have two separate Monopoly games on this list, but we had to go with what we considered the best, that means we could not leave out the wonderful Epic Monopoly 2. WMS are in charge here and they have crafted a game which lives up to its “epic” name thanks to 100 paylines and big jackpots.

The use of the Epic Wheel and dice do make this one quite a bit more complicated than some other examples, but it also gives you many more opportunities to win once you get the hang of things. If anything, it is the generosity of the features which can take a little practise. Being able to balance all those betting goodies is a challenge. But it is a rather pleasant challenge to have, especially when there are x100 multipliers involved.

5. Witch Picking

image of witch picking slot game logo

(Source: Mecca Bingo Casino)

  • RTP – 95-96%
  • Paylines – 25
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 2
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Progressive Jackpot

Witch Picking, the progressive video slot from NextGen Gaming, is a great example of why this particular SG Gaming development team is the favourite of many.

The game looks great, it’s not here to reinvent the wheel design-wise, but it is clear, distinctive, and straightforward while remaining creative. It’s also inventive in a way that is appealing to casual players. For instance, there is the Hearts & Clubs button where you can double or even quadruple your winnings by guessing the right colour on a card. Another example is the three witches card, which allows you to pick your preferred bonus category. Versatile enough for experts, simple enough for newcomers. A perfect balance.

6. 300 Shields

Image of 300 shields slot game logo

(Source: Foxy Bingo Casino)

  • RTP – 95.3%
  • Paylines – 25
  • Minimum Bet – 0.02
  • Maximum Bet – 505
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

Another NextGen slot here which features some of the biggest betting boosts we have seen from any slot, with the ability to enhance your wins up to 300 times.

This is through the Shield feature. As is common, you need to get three or more symbols. It is the chance to boost that multiplier to gargantuan levels which helps this one stand out. Indeed, the title is based on this incredibly special unique selling point. 300 Shields backed this up with great fundamentals, looks and gameplay for a success that appears likely to stand the test of time.

7. Jewel In The Crown

Iage of the jewel in the crown slot game logo

(Source: Casumo)

  • RTP – 96 -98%
  • Paylines – 13
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 50
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a more aptly named slot. Ok, we didn’t quite give the top spot, but Jewel In The Crown is certainly one of the absolute finest SG Digital has to offer. Its appeal is simple. This is a classic, gem based, old school looking slot, taken to whole new standards thanks to massive jackpots and a great RTP rate crafted through many different ways to win. A perfectly poised twist on the classics set to modern standards.

8. Ooh Aah Dracula

Image of the ooh ahh dracula slot game logo

(Source: Mecca Bingo Casino)

  • RTP – 96%
  • Paylines – 10
  • Minimum Bet – 0.01
  • Maximum Bet – 50
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpot? – Yes

The monstrously, no pun intended, popular Barcrest Game Ooh Aah Dracula is available across a massive number of operators, and it’s no surprise they all want to get their ghoulish hands on it. The 16-bit video game style and distinctive theme makes it immediately eye-catching and they back this up with the kind of solid slot experience the developer is famous for. Bonuses arrive in the form of free spins when you land 5 scatters through the Super Stake symbol. Beyond that, this is a fairly traditional 5 reels, 10 payline game. But one which perfects those fundamentals, while giving you the option to go big with its high roller feature.

9. Rocket Returns

Image of the rocket returns slot logo

(Source: Casumo)

  • RTP – 96%
  • Paylines – 228
  • Minimum Bet – 0.15
  • Maximum Bet – 150
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpots? – Yes

Rocket Returns works best on your phone, as opposed to tablets, and it finds a space between the traditional slot and an old school arcade game for something unique. It does still spin, with each hexagonal square being its own reel, and the blazing free spin round and multipliers mean there’s no doubt this is a casino slot, just not as we know it. Also, it’s proof that Bally has what it takes to create something truly original. There is a lot of innovation in the world of online slots and this is one perfect example.

10. Zeus 1000

Image of the Zeus 100 slot game

(Source: Playojo)

  • RTP – 96%
  • Paylines – 100
  • Minimum Bet – 0.50
  • Maximum Bet – 250
  • Bonus Features? – Yes
  • Jackpots? – Yes

What better way than to end our look at the best SG Gaming has to offer than with the power of the gods? Zeus 1000, much like Rainbow Riches, first found glory on land before making the journey to the online realm. And its five-reel set (alongside its extra 5×12 right reel) still has not gone out of style.

Symbols move across wheels allowing you to build up to 1000 Zeus symbols meaning there is the opportunity here for some truly godlike winning streaks. It has a medium to high difficulty level for sure, but the possibilities for fans are truly massive. Classics never go out of style, whether they are omnipotent Greek legends, or the slots named after them.

SG Digital Slot Features

Talking about the kinds of bonus features you can expect from SG Digital's slots can be rather tricky, not because there are a lack of them, but rather, an overwhelming abundance. Because SG Gaming is actually the whole of so many different parts, we have seen almost every feature imaginable from their developers, in-house and external.

There are some though, which seem to be binding agents across the many different teams which make up this exceptional family of developers. First off, there is a huge variety of design themes. It is clear that creativity is rewarded at SG Digital and this means that whether you are looking for film franchises, adventure themed slots, space-themed slots, pirate slots, you name it, there is almost always something to wet your betting whistle with.

In fact, two features that appeared universally across all our top picks were the frequent use of rewards and jackpots.

Finally, a feature we appreciate is that many SG Gaming slots are created to be available on as many platforms as possible. Not only have we seen so many of their titles move from the pub to the online casino, but we can also generally see them move from desktop to mobile.

Other Games by SG Digital

Apart from slots, there are many other games and products created by the company:

Our Lottery

SG Digital provides 24 different lotteries worldwide for private and state-owned operators. Having been in the lottery business for many decades, it is clear, based on how many people utilise their products, that they are masters of this particular craft.

Casino War

Simply yet highly entertaining, Casino War is billed as the easiest and fastest table game ever devised. You win if your card is higher than the dealers, in the case of a tie, you either surrender or go to war.

Four Card Poker

This game comes from the renowned Shuffle Master, a leading provider in land-based gambling who merged with SG Gaming in 2014. Four Card Poker has a 97.2% RTP rate, a minimum bet of 0.10, a maximum bet of 100.00, and a top award of 8,400.

Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Baccarat has stood the test of time and this version of that great game has a perfect balance to make it ideal for both beginners and experienced Baccarat players. The bonus player and bonus banker side bets provide a new element while staying true to the fundamentals which have made this so timeless. And of course, it is handled by the wonderful Shuffle Master.


Similar to Our Lottery this is not one title but rather many provided to operators throughout the world. Ultimately though we decided to include this here because Bingo is a “game” that SG Gaming provide (unlike sports betting which is more of a platform) and it does showcase the incredible range of this industry behemoth. Flexible, fast, smooth and omnichannel, with a variety of game types to choose from.

Common Promotions

In terms of what promotions are possible, that pretty much depends on how generous the operator in question is willing to be, and if they have any creative ideas. There are no strict rules as to what can and cannot be a bonus. That said there are some which are overwhelmingly more common than others. Here are five of the most common you are likely to see available for SG Digital slots.

Free Spins – This was probably expected. Free spins are just a really logical way of adding value to someone’s slot game. They can be given away alone or as part of another promotion, and they come with a wide range of terms and conditions meaning the value here can vary greatly. Regardless, there is no denying the impact a great free spins bonus can have, take the 500 free spins offered by Cash Arcade as one example.

Matched Bonuses – This is where the amount you deposit is matched in bonus money you can use on the casino. While it can be used on all kinds of games, it is most often used on slots. Just as importantly, slots are usually the only game that counts 100% towards wagering requirements. Leo bet offers a matched bonus of up to £400, as just one example.

Cash Drop – Any promotion where the money is dropped at random across players that have met certain criteria can be considered a cash drop. One such example is Unibet who drop £2,000 a day by playing any one of five selected slots.

No Deposit Bonus – If you want an incentive to try out a site with actual cash but are not sure you’re ready to sign up, a no deposit bonus is perfect. Here you’ll not have to deposit a single thing to get money to play with. Of course, how you unlock those winnings for withdrawal are down to the terms and conditions, but it’s still a great way of getting started.

Welcome Bonus – There are no set criteria for a welcome bonus, except that it is what you get for joining up with the site. It could consist of any of the above examples, or something entirely different. What’s important to know is that they is often the most generous promotion an operator will provide. Paddy Power, for instance, has a great welcome bonus, offering 100 free spins, and 100% bonus up to £50.

SG Digital: A Brief History

The history of SG Digital is intertwined with the acquisitions of multiple companies, such as Williams, Bally, Autotote, WMS, Don Best, Lapis Software Associates, and Red7Mobile. All of this has resulted in a rich and diverse portfolio of innovations.

One of these would be the creation of the world’s first secure instant lottery game in 1974.

Another significant development was the merge with Shuffle Master, the first mechanical card shuffler which would allow every card to be from a fresh deck. The launch of the AEGIS open lottery gaming system then arrived in 1996.

The SG Gaming extension into the online world began in 2004, with the first internet lottery game opening in the USA.

List of Best SG Digital Operators

So where exactly can you enjoy games by SG Digital? Well, we've listed the best casinos that support this company's products right here:

Top Operators

  • Amazing selection of slot developers
  • Seasonal and themed slots categorised
  • Broad selection of game genres
Wager £10 Get £30 + 100 Free Spins

18+ Opt in. Wager £10 on selected games within 7 days of registering. Get 3x £10 bonuses, selected games, up to 40x wagering to withdraw max £750. 100 free spins on selected games, no wagering. Bonuses expire in 7 days. Card payments only. Click for T&Cs.  

  • Over 2000 casino games
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • Exclusive live games
30 Free Spins On Registration
  • Beautifully designed site
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Real & live casino available
Collect Red Rewards
  • Great selection of live games
  • Tons of casino classics
  • Enormous slots selection
Up To £100 Cash On Live Only
  • Other promotions added regularly
  • Underrated casino
  • Jackpot prize pools over £1millio
Up to 25 free spins weekly

Alternative Casino Software Providers

As great as SG Digital are, and as impressively complete as their library is, they are far from the only game providers in the business. The competition they face is fierce, making their overwhelming success even more impressive. Here is a quick rundown of their (world-class) peers.

BetSoft – They offer a wonderful selection of colourful and creative slot and table games for developers all over the world, with Ogre Empire, Chillipop Slot and Greedy Goblins being just a few highlights.

NetEnt – An innovator of artistic style and graphical finesse, the slots from NetEnt are a treat for the senses, from the 1950s horror movie-inspired Creature from the Black Lagoon to the high-octane Guns ‘n’ Roses game.

Microgaming – With 25 years in the industry, having come into the online gaming world as innovators in 1994, what is utterly amazing is that Microgaming has remained on top of their game for all this time. They can even compete with SG Digital in the world of bingo, with Butlers and Rosy Bingo both being classics.

IGT – An absolute juggernaut of the industry with a history that predates the internet, games like Golden Goddess and Wheel Of Fortune have become like loved pieces of online betting furniture. And the upholstery still looks as good as it ever did.

Pragmatic Play – With over 150 casino games at their disposal across video poker, table, classic and video slots, the most astonishing thing about the gaming arsenal of Pragmatic Play is the level of innovation they consistently bring. Cowboys Gold and Book of Kingdoms are just a couple of recent world-class examples.

SG Gaming FAQs

They are a company that create a wide range of gambling products. Most casino fans will likely have played something that belongs to them. They may also be known as SG Gaming.

SG Digital is made up of a large series of different development teams and subsidiaries. As such, it is the names of those smaller teams which usually appear on the relevant games. Hence why the name might not be so recognisable.

Indeed they are. All mean the exact same thing.

They offer a huge range of slots, table games, bingo, lottery and sports products, and a vast selection of each.

SG Gaming are an American company based in Georgia. However, they have many different locations, including SG Gaming Shadderton and SG Gaming Fulton.

SG Digital – A Summary

SG Digital stand out not only for their impressive scale, but also for their unwavering dedication to quality across all their brands. Their widespread recognition of excellence associated with every brand they represent simply reflects their outstanding achievements. To try out one of their products, simply scroll above to see our expert recommendations!

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