Top 10 BetSoft Games

BetSoft is one of the most highly regarded and successful casino software companies in the world. Many online casinos feature the best BetSoft games amongst their selection. While the 3D slot games have been their signature ever since their inception – and there certainly is no shortage of exceptional options in that regard – BetSoft has become a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to casino games.

Betsoft games

The Ultimate BetSoft Games List

However, that doesn’t mean that some games aren’t better than others. While a definitive ranking of the best BetSoft games might not be possible – because a lot of that comes down to personal preference – we have compiled a top Betsoft games list.

These BetSoft games are the best for you to have a play with and see which stands out to you as the finest gaming experience from one of the world’s premier software developers.

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl Game Specs

RTP – 97.79%

Winlines – 15 or 30

Minimum Bet – 0.02

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

If there’s one game which really encapsulates so much of what makes BetSoft such a respected name in the world of online casinos, it’s this one. Good Girl, Bad Girl brings together the world-class graphics and animations and combines that with exceptional gaming experience. The game is the perfect balance of being easy to understand without scrimping on the variety of options available to allow players to enjoy the exact kind of slot game they want.

When you match this with an astonishing generous RTP and plenty of additional features, it becomes clear why this game is so revered by users.

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Gypsy Rose

Gypsy rose

Gypsy Rose Game Specs

RTP – 97.60%

Winlines – 30

Minimum bet – 0.02

Maximum bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

This is another example of the 3D slot BetSoft games with plenty of style and excellent rates of return to back it up with a ton of substance. More examples of why this is a game with plenty more going on beneath the surface than it seems are the number of options available. These include features such as the wild symbol, crystal ball, re-spin and Crow Wild, among others to keep players interested.

Just as importantly, it provides users with even more chances to win. Take the Magic Book bonus, for instance. This gives players the opportunity to earn x20 of their total bet. Take all this and match it with some gorgeously colourful graphics and an interesting art style, and you’ve got an all-rounder slot game that is hard to beat.

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The Tipsy Tourist

The Tipsy Tourist

The Tipsy Tourist Game Specs

RTP – 97.10

Winlines – 20

Minimum Bet – 0.02

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Just to prove that BetSoft’s eye for quality has not dipped over the years, check out the wonderful The Tipsy Tourist slot to see exactly what this software developing veteran can pull together in 2019. This is a stunning, finely polished slot game that continues their trademark tradition of matching good looks with excellent gameplay and generous payouts. It comes close to matching their absolute top RTP amounts of all time, and also has a wide series of features to keep users interested.

For example, the drinking bonus round, which is activated by the drinking cup symbols, turns the game into a coin toss round. This has the potential to add more and more towards your prize fund.

Innovative enough to stand out against modern competitors but classic enough to maintain what created their popularity in the first place, The Tipsy Tourist sums up so much about what makes BetSoft games great.

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Chillipop Slot

Chillipop Slot Game Specs

RTP – 95.38%

Winlines – Cluster Pays

Minimum Bet – 0.02

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Feel like spicing up your online gaming experience? Then check out Chillipop Slot, a 5-reel slot game with cluster paylines. These keep the excitement going strong well into play sessions, both long and short, thanks to how easy it is to play and how many features and bonuses it offers.

How you play is completely up to you, with options to try and double up your winnings and multipliers allowing you to get to dizzying winning heights. One example of its interesting use of symbols is the Mule Trail. Get three of these and you can win anywhere up to 26 free spins. You can even expand the grid itself through collecting more than five mules with sombreros. This is quality stuff all around.

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Tiger’s Claw

Tigers Claw

Tiger’s Claw Game Specs

RTP – 95.14%

Paylines – 720

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

With no less than an astonishing 720 different ways to win, Tiger’s Claw perfectly shows off the versatility for which the best BetSoft games are known. The fact that this comes from a mere five reels makes this even more impressive.

Tiger’s Claw is also one of the most ambitious slot games out there, feeling more adventurous than many of its less flamboyantly designed counterparts. However, it does stay grounded with all the things that BetSoft fans have come to love and expect from the developer. These include the great graphics, excellent gameplay and generous pay outs and bonuses.

Take, for example, the free spins symbol. This is something that is very common across slot games, of course, but Tiger’s Claw goes further by offering the potential of 96 maximum free spins in a single win.

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Ogre Empire

Ogre Empire

Ogre Empire Game Specs

RTP – 95.22%

Paylines – 25

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

There’s nothing ugly about this one. The ogre may be big and he may be green, but BetSoft has done an excellent job, as you would expect, of fine-tuning his imperfections so he’s a rather glorious sight to behold. That is, of course, fitting for a game with as few flaws like this one. This is a casino game that can make others green with envy, thanks to its interesting features and plenty of ways to win.

Just like the much-loved Good Girl, Bad Girl, this is a game of two halves – day and night mode: each of which provides its own interesting gaming experience. Through the day, the giant is awake. This means you’ll have to take on the ogre. Meanwhile, he sleeps on a night, providing you with all kinds of new possibilities in the form of different symbols. This is a slot as polished as it is creative.

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The Ancient Owl of Athena

The Ancient Owl Of Athena

The Ancient Owl of Athena Game Specs

RTP – 95.05%

Paylines – 10

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Not only does The Ancient Owl of Athena boast one of the most poetic names in the vast gaming library of the best BetSoft games, but it also excels in gameplay, payout potential and style. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the slot is set in such a stunning environment: allowing BetSoft’s sensational design team to go to work and bring the most out of an enchanting world.

On top of that, there’s a top-quality RTP percentage and lengthy of bonus options, allowing you to gather free spins and even potentially double up your fortune with a nerve-wracking heads or tails conundrum. It would take a lot for this game to live up to the majesty of ancient Greece, but we think it has just about managed it.

Play The Ancient Own of Athena now

Yak, Yeti and Roll

Yak, Yeti And Roll

Yak, Yeti and Roll Game Specs

RTP – 96.54%

Paylines – 20

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Joining the monster-mash we started with Ogre Empire is Yak, Yeti and Roll. This is a game where the wins come as smoothly as its title rolls off the tongue. Yes, this 5×3 slot game has plenty of ways to win as your combinations can trigger a mountain of features and bonuses that can transform a light chill into a blizzard in no time.

This is known as the Trail of Treasure: the more consecutive cascades, the greater the reward with a maximum potential of 17 in a row, which we complete the trail. When you match this with its Eskimo scatter symbol and buy feature, you have a game with a whole lot of options to suit your play style.

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Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal Game Specs

RTP – 95.03%

Paylines – 30

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Another excellent pick of the bet BetSoft games is 2017’s Blood Eternal, a gothic example of just how far BetSoft’s stylistic range can go. One thing that’s really great about this entry is how powerful the symbols feel. Not only do they represent big potential wins, but they also help to establish the game’s character, theme and general atmosphere.

All this extra attention and effort really allows the player to get into the groove when playing. And with so much going on – including scatter and double up options, not to mention an eye-watering potential jackpot – you’ll want to keep your wits about you.

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Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins Game Specs

RTP – 97.20%

Paylines – 30

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

Another one of the best known and most loved slot games available from BetSoft is Greedy Goblins. This game allows you to get greedy along with your new little green friends with tons of ways to win across its 30 paylines.

There are two bonus rounds available, including a free spins round that is triggered from three or more elfinia signs scattered anywhere on the reels. The other bonus round is triggered by two books of secrets. This is the key to accessing huge amounts of cash if you pick the right paths.

Greedy Goblins might be simpler than some of the other BetSoft games options here, but there’s an elegance to it. And for many, this will strike the exact right balance between accessibility and variety.

Play Greedy Goblins now

Who Spun It?

Who Spun It

Who Spun It? Game Specs

RTP – 97.64%

Paylines – 30

Minimum Bet – 0.01

Maximum Bet – 5

Bonus Features? – Yes

Jackpot? – Yes

We suppose it’s time to unravel our final pick for the best BetSoft games. For us, Who Spun It? did it with an excellent all-round gaming experience in the computer room, as this is a perfect example of the kind of quality that makes BetSoft so great. It has an exciting detective setting, pulled off beautifully by their designers.

On top of that, there’s plenty of creativity within its 30 paylines. The detective mode feature automatically initiates every five minutes and you can take advantage of this mode by using clue coins to solve the mystery behind the game. It has style, great value and a unique concept. It’s everything you’d expect from a software developer with the well-earned reputation of BetSoft.

Play Who Spun It? now

Where can you find the Best BetSoft Games?

Betsoft slot titles

As we have said, the scope of BetSoft games is so large, they are in quite literally hundreds of different online casinos ranging from relative unknowns to some of the biggest names in the world of online gaming. Of course, with so many to choose from, you are bound to find a casino that is perfect for you and includes plenty of BetSoft goodness.

What’s so great about the developer being in so many places is that you don’t have to compromise on the right casino or the right software. A few examples of the kind of online casinos where you can find BetSoft games include:


Just like BetSoft, InterCasino is a legend in the betting industry. They are among the first to set sail into the then-unknown charters of online betting back in 1996 and have continued to defy their age by partnering up with some of the finest software developers around. Similar to BetSoft, they have evolved and moved with the times to where their innovation is backed up by a sterling reputation that has been well-earned over the years.

InterCasino games

As you can imagine, their slots library is vast – it is what BetSoft specialise in, after all – and they are met with several other world-class developers to create a truly varied and comprehensive library of options. However, that’s not all that is available here, as Inter-Casino also include plenty of table games and even live games complete with real-life dealers playing Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more in real-time. Even better, their site is available on both smartphone and tablet, and you don’t even need to download an app to get involved.

Can I Play BetSoft Games at InterCasino?

InterCasino Betsoft games

InterCasino is available to a wide variety of players, with licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Swedish Gambling Commission allowing them to operate globally. Alongside their multiple licenses and sterling reputation, your mind should also be put at ease by their use of 265-bit Secure Socket Layer technology. This ensures that all of your important personal data is kept safe and secure.

They also utilise a Random Number Generator to ensure fair and random games, which of course is in keeping with the standards expected of a site which supports software of the quality of BetSoft. All in all, InterCasino is a wonderful example of the kind of quality site you can expect to find this much-loved software developer.


Another wonderful fit for BetSoft would be Playamo, a casino which – just like BetSoft – manages to balance a sense of colour, creativity and fun, with style and sophistication. Perhaps most importantly of all is the fact that they back up all this excitement and aesthetic up with plenty of excellent content to get your teeth into.

Playamo casino

This is a site which at once gives off a classical sense of confidence with plenty of modern touches to keep players excited. Notice anything about all the things we’ve said about Playamo? All of these things could also ring true for virtually any of the BetSoft games you can think of, along with their overall design philosophy.

Just like our last entry, Playamo is very much a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to game choice. The more, the merrier is clearly the belief here. So, you’ll find an excellent array of slots alongside plenty of table games and more left-field choices. Not only that but they even give you the opportunity to actually pick what software developer you are looking for. This means that if you want the clearest direction to some BetSoft goodness, you’re only a few clicks away. This can also give you the chance to explore the many other excellent options at your disposal. Playamo is all about variety, and we doubt you’re going to ever run out of options here.

Can I Play BetSoft Games at Playamo?

Playamo BetSoft games

And that love of choice isn’t just found in the game selection. Playamo caters to a wide choice of different players, offering a variety of bonuses, an excellent selection of banking options, including Bitcoin, availability on mobile and several customer service options, including 24/7 live chat coverage. Their team even speaks many languages: a reflection of the wide availability of the site, which can also be appreciated through the number of currencies available.

Finally, the Playamo casino utilises that all-important SSL encryption to keep its users safe. And as we can clearly see, they only use the best software developers around to ensure their games are fair, alongside a random number generator.


Last but not least in our quick look at the finest online casinos offering the best BetSoft games is the lovely CasinoLuck. Once again, there’s a huge amount of games available, and BetSoft is met with other huge names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, and many more. This means that no matter what you’re looking for out of a casino site, we find it hard to imagine you’ll be disappointed here.


Just like BetSoft, CasinoLuck prides itself on being an example of what a modern online betting experience can and should be. It positively glimmers with quality. While the amount of software developers does mean there’s a whole lot to choose from and plenty of unique options to discover, one thing that everything has in common here is of an exceptional standard.

Whether you’re playing the 3D video slots for which BetSoft is famed, among their many other colleagues in the shiny office halls of CasinoLuck, or you’re going after something a touch more specialist, it’s not only available but finished to an extremely high standard. In fact, there’s a wonderful mixture between well-known and much-loved classics and rarities that you’re unlikely to stumble across anywhere else. And, even though things seem pretty perfect, if you do need any help, you can easily contact their customer service team via telephone, email and live chat.

Can I Play BetSoft Games at CasinoLuck?

No matter who you are, you can rest assured that CasinoLuck is a great choice for you. All their games are tested and certified. Plus, sensitive data is covered by SSL encryption, and they hold licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and more. CasinoLuck have garnered a serious reputation over the years and have plenty of fans across the world. When you look at all they have to offer, it is easy to see why.

This, of course, is just a few of the many, many casinos which have BetSoft available and is by no means supposed to represent the huge amount of options available. There’s plenty available from huge sites to niche options, with all different kinds of styles and products where you can get that BetSoft goodness. It should, however, showcase just a couple of examples of the amazing websites available with this world-class software developer.


€/$300 Welcome Bonus
150 Free Spins


100% up to £50
50 Free Spins


100% up to €900
110 Bonus Spins


Up to 5 BTC
250 Free Spins


200% + 100% Bonus
100 Free Spins


100% up to £400
Get 180 Free Spins


$100 up to $1,500
$88 Free
T&C apply


100% Up to €/$500
140 Free Spins


150% up to £300
100 Free Spins


100% up to €2,400
$25 Weekly Bonus


About BetSoft

BetSoft products

The quality of what BetSoft offers speaks for itself. You can look at any one of the examples we have given and see quite clearly that they are a cut above most as a software developer. These games are not only gorgeous to look at and offer generous potential pay-outs, but are also creative. They offer people experiences not available anywhere else. BetSoft sees a simple slot game and open it up to a world of possibilities. With BetSoft, you’re not just playing a game, you’re going on an adventure.

A Brief History of BetSoft

However, this overwhelming level of quality didn’t happen overnight. BetSoft’s journey began over a decade ago in 2006, and their huge library of cinematic games began in 2010 with their first Slots3 title. This was followed up with their first ToGo title in 2011. Their scope expanded in 2011 when they were granted a class 4 license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and advancements continue today, moving to HTML5 and into new markets, such as Italy and Romania.

Just as BetSoft’s gaming quality has improved, changed and expanded, so has their reach. Today, Betsoft works with over 500 casino sites all across the world and have picked up several prestigious awards. This is a trend which doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, as 2018 and 2019 have also seen more accolades come their way. What remains the same though is BetSoft’s commitment to quality. That is what made them into the name they are today and what keeps them as one of the most exciting software developers in the world as we head into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phew, that was a lot to take in. If you need a quick reminder, he’s a brief FAQ to help remind you of some of the most important bits about BetSoft we’ve covered.

1. Who are BetSoft?

BetSoft are a software developer that were founded in 2006. They create the games you enjoy on casino sites and specialise in high quality 3D Slots, although they do also make other titles.

2. Where can I find BetSoft games?

BetSoft titles are available on quite literally hundreds of casino sites throughout the world. We’ve given some examples further up, but rest assured that is the mere tip of the iceberg. Their scope is large enough that you’re sure to find a BetSoft casino that is right for you.

3. Do BetSoft games have any special features?

Aside from the graphics and animations, which in our opinion are a special feature in themselves, every BetSoft game we have looked at includes both bonus features and jackpots. Often, they even have themes which inform the gameplay.

4. Are BetSoft games trustworthy?

Alongside their world class reputation, BetSoft also ensure that all their games are approved and audited by an independent source. Those sources are selected by the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority and the Danish Gambling Authority. So, in short, yes.

5. Where are BetSoft licensed?

BetSoft are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as holding a license from the Romanian National Gambling Office and an eGaming license from Curacao eGaming.