Top 10 Casino Slots

Casino SlotsWe are confident that you will find every single one of our top 10 casino slot games amusing, and can expect various casino bonuses and jackpots up for grabs.

Besides, the best part about it is that you can play all of these games on their respective casino sites in either a free to play mode to experiment with them or in the real money mode, which will allow you to keep all the profits you make.

  1. Big Break Slot – This is an exciting slot game with a unique layout and design. You could enjoy this game on multiple devices including Android, iPhones and Tablets. You are offered 15 win lines from this slot, so not much is at stake with a single max line minimum bet spin. In case you don’t mind risks, you can wager more. Moreover, there is a jackpot of an immense 1000 coins, and there exist several free spins, wilds and scatter pays you can make the best out of.
  2. Hitman Slot – If you’ve seen the Hitman movie and liked it, you are going to love this slot. It offers 20 pay lines, and several unusual features will keep you attracted to the slot. Several scatter pays, wilds, free spins and bonus rounds, and a massive 4000 coin jackpot will all be waiting for you.
  3. Bush Telegraph Slot – Bush Telegraph Slot is a fantastic video slot, and even though graphics may not be its most active feature, this has acted as a pathway that led in several new slots into the world of online casinos. You can expect to find all gameplay features such as wilds, bonus rounds, free spins and an astounding 7500 coin jackpot, which makes this slot worth trying.
  4. Ho Ho Ho Slot – This slot is available for the entire year, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be snowing outside for it to be available. With a jackpot of an unbelievable 15000 coins, lots of free spins, wild symbols and scatter pays, this may be the most exciting slot out there.
  5. Kung Fu Monkey Slot – This is an exciting slot offering some features such as wild symbols, scatter pays, free spins, 3 tier bonus rounds and a high 2500 coin jackpot. You are sure to have a smooth playing experience as this is similar to Microgaming’s inner teenager coming back to life!
  6. Lucky Witch Slot – This slot offers some of the most unbelievable prizes and must be a nightmare for casino managers. Evidently, the developers at Microgaming wanted to pull something unusual off. The top 4 awards are 20,000 coins, 10,000 coins, 9,000 coins and 8,000 coins, apart from the several stacked wilds, scatter pays, wild multipliers, mystery prizes, picking bonuses and way more.
  7. Mermaids Millions Slot – This slot may be a bit more classic than the rest, but is still unique compared to them, thanks to the features. Wild symbols, 20 pay lines, free spins, scatters, a jackpot of 7500 coins and a picking bonus are all a few to name. This slot is one you may want to try your luck on!
  8. Muchos Grande Slot – This slot that comes with a slight Mexican theme would be perfect for you if you seek fun and aren’t way too serious about the game. It does offer wild symbols, scatter pays, picking games and of course, a proverbial donkey. It is sure to give you a good laugh and several surprises throughout the time you spend with them.
  9. Pedal Power Slot – As much as the name may sound similar to some ‘green’ energy cycling approach from Microgaming, this is a rather interesting slot that comes with scatter symbols, 20 win lines, wilds, a user-friendly interface and a 2000 coin jackpot. In case you have never used multiline video slots before, I’d urge you to check this out first as it not only offers excellent winning chances but also helps you rapidly learn how these video slots work.
  10. Munchkins Slot – This slot offers 15 pay lines, wild symbols, scatter symbols and an utterly massive 15,000 coin jackpot along with free spins. There are just too many things you are sure to love about this slot, and you don’t even have to invest any extra efforts as it is simple to use.