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Slot Machine Forums – How To Use Them to Improve Your Casino Experience

Are you an online slots fan who is always eager to learn the inner workings of software providers, RTP, and the like? Slot machine forums can help you share your knowledge with other readers, learn tips and tricks you didn’t know, and even improve your strategy!

What Is a Slots Machine Forum?

If you were around during the golden era of the internet, you probably vividly remember the rise of online forums and discussion boards, where members would gather and share public, written messages with each other on different topics.

Likewise, today’s slot machine forums exist for a similar purpose: they are places where players gather to discuss popular casino topics, such as online slots, casino bonuses, jackpots, table games, software providers, and industry updates.

Same as a general discussion site, slot machine forums have moderators and administrators to oversee the user activity and make sure everyone respects the conduct rules set by the platform in question.

Good to know! Good to know!

Depending on the forum, you may be required to register for an account. Some, however, allow anonymous posting.

Gambling boards will also commonly be split into sub-forums based on niche interests within the same industry, for example slot machine tech forums or jackpot forums.

Common questions asked on slot machine forums that you may also want to know the answers to include:

  • How many slot machines are in Las Vegas?
  • Which slot machine has the best odds?
  • Why are slot machines so addictive?
  • What slot machine should I play?
  • Is there a trick to winning slot machines?
  • What do slot machines do to your brain?
  • What should you not do at a slot machine?
  • What slot machine has the best odds of winning?

Why Join a Slot Machine Forum?

There are many reasons why you may be tempted to join online slots forums.

The first and most obvious one is to find like-minded individuals who share your passion for the same topic and become part of a community. Many forums will allow you to make friends and chat with others while playing online slots, therefore turning a solitary activity into a social affair.

And that’s not even the only core function of these online communities. For instance, if you’re an avid jackpot tracker, some slot machine forums focus exclusively on the biggest prizes available. They can help you gather insight about the average payout size, when the jackpot was last hit, what the users’ experiences were, how easy the jackpot was to trigger, and so on.

Land-based casino players can also receive practical advice and guidance. If any slot machine malfunctions during their play, they may visit dedicated slot machine repair forums to figure out the issue and resolve it.

In addition, slot machine discussion forums are also great intermediary places for users to get help directly from software providers. One such example is Casinomeister, where popular representatives from studios like Nolimit City, Endorphina, and Blue Guru Games are active. On their official threads, you can get in touch with the makers of the slots and ask questions or settle any issues you have during gameplay.

If you’re less interested in the social aspect and care more about things like RTP, payouts, volatility, and strategising, you can become a member of a how to win on online slots forum. These discussion boards are instrumental for beginners, intermediates, and pros: they are places where you can read the players’ experiences with the best and worst casinos, as well as their accurate reviews of a newly-launched slot.

Lastly, if you’re one of the pros yourself, your contributions can be equally valuable to other visitors — slot machine forums are solid destinations for you to share your own knowledge about the technical aspects of an online slot or a winning roulette strategy.

As such, players who run across one of your posts will know what casino or game to avoid and why, and not make similar mistakes.

Our Top 10 Favourite Slot Machine Forums

Without further ado, we’re going to present you our top 10 picks for the best casino slot machine forums. We’ve united only independent websites, where users register the highest level of activity. Although a large percentage of them are based in the US, they gather users from across the globe, and their information is generally valuable for any player.

Casinomeister is one of the oldest online communities dedicated to players. They have been live since 1998 and have a strong focus on fair play and building trust with their users.

Their slots discussion board is super active; posts are spread on over 50 pages and there are dozens of threads opened on popular topics, such as games with bonus buy, slot of the day, payout speeds, and slot slang. In addition, you can easily find threads dedicated to classic slot games like NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest and Bonanza Megaways™ slot from Big Time Gaming.

However, perhaps the most valuable feature is that you can find threads operated by software providers themselves (Nolimit City, Endorphina, 4ThePlayer, TrueLab Game Studios, Blue Guru Games, etc.). Here you can raise questions, show your support, be the first to find out about a brand-new launch, or share any issues you’ve had with the games — and, of course, receive assistance.

The Casinomeister forum can be viewed without registration. As a ‘lurker’, you can browse all the threads available without an account, but if you want to actively participate, post, and comment, you need to register. Do keep in mind that registration requires you to set a username and share some personal details, such as your email address, location, date of birth, and country.

Reddit is an American social news and discussion website with around 430 million monthly users in 2020¹. Because it’s more of a general discussion board, it may not be the first option you consider if you’re looking for slot machine forums.

However, due to the site’s construction, you can find posts organised by subject, into new user boards called ‘subreddits’. One such example is r/gambling — here you can find a wide range of casino topics discussed, such as whether or not you should bet max on video slots, who the best YouTube slots players are, how casinos guarantee their profits, and such.

In March 2022 In March 2022

Reddit ranked 9th in the top most visited websites in the world and 6th most visited in the US, based on data provided by Semrush. That means the gambling subreddit, by extension, unites users from all across the globe — that way, you can quickly gather information on what others think of specific slots, casinos, or even games of skill like poker.

Generally, if you don’t have an account on Reddit, you can read most threads, but you can’t comment or answer any posted questions. To participate in the slots discussions, you can create a Reddit account by connecting your other socials, such as your Gmail or Facebook account.

Another huge advantage of choosing Reddit as your next discussion place for all things slots is that you can browse on the go, from anywhere: the website has a dedicated app running on Android and iOS.


A print screen of the Gambling Forums homepage. (Source: Gambling Forums)

Gambling Forums is smaller than the others we’ve mentioned, but it’s very active and well-organised. You can browse over 100 topics, each with its own thread; there is a casino forum, a poker forum, a blackjack forum, and a slots forum, to mention but a few.

This discussion board is operated independently and isn’t censored, so players can freely discuss amongst themselves and even share feedback or criticism in a dedicated thread.

The whole spectrum of gambling interests is covered, so you can easily discover a mini community for yourself. You can find out if IGT slots are better than Bally’s, how to use crypto for gambling purposes, the best slots to play, and even learn the truth behind the most popular slot myths. And, if you want to make friends, there are various chat rooms available, as well as a lounge section for off-topic discussions.

Gambling Forums can be viewed by anyone — you can read the comments and threads without signing up, but you need an account to post. You can create one with an email address and password, or else by connecting it to your existing Twitter or Google+ account.


A print screen of the VegasMessageBoard homepage. (Source: VegasMessageBoard)

VegasMessageBoard unites over 1,550 threads and 23,000+ comments from users. An interesting fact is that you can find forums about land-based casinos and resorts (for example Las Vegas Strip hotels), but also general information about the casino industry and development. If you’re purely interested in casino gaming, the dedicated thread with the same name discusses slots, table games, and video poker.

Users open interesting topics and threads, such as how to participate in Mega Moolah slots tournaments, whether to pick new or old slots, and so on.

Same as the other forums, you can read the threads, comments and replies without an account as a guest, but there will be some limitations. Signing up for an account will allow you to view full-size images, participate in the active discussions, and vote in polls.

Creating an account is possible with a name or email address and password. Alternatively, you can log in with your existing Facebook credentials.


A print screen of the Vegas Fanatics forum homepage. (Source: Vegas Fanatics)

As its name suggests, Vegas Fanatics was actually founded by two Vegas enthusiasts in 2016. Their aim was to create a message board where users could discuss topics related to Las Vegas, such as trip reports, casino reviews, and general gambling information.

Although most threads pertain to famous land-based casinos like MGM, you can also find valuable information that applies to online gambling, such as the best slot themes, IGT jackpots, Walking Dead slots, special symbols and what they mean, slot games to avoid, and so on. In fact, we would even go as far as to call it one of the best IGT slot machine forums. If you’re a fan of this developer, it’s a fantastic place to find the current value of its progressive jackpots.

Currently, the community is very active, with over 41 pages dedicated to video slots discussions, bonus rounds, and even rare wins. You can browse the entirety of the content without an account (including the replies), but you need one to participate in the discussions or like any posts.

The sign-up procedure is a bit more rigorous compared to the other forums we’ve analysed: here you need to supply a username, email address, your gender, date of birth, location, and even pass a verification question about casinos.

The MPU Mecca


A print screen of The MPU Mecca forum. (Source: The MPU Mecca)

The MPU Mecca is a lesser-known gem that we highly recommend if you’re a fan of physical slot machines. The discussion board primarily serves the UK audience and topics are focused on pre-1995 slot machines with fruits, sevens, and BARS.

The site brings together multiple forum topics depending on slot type and theme, for example old fruity discussion’, ‘old fruity projects’ for those interested in restoring or rebuilding old slot machines, and ‘walking with cavey’, a place for reviews and articles. Although it’s a smaller, UK-based site, its stats are pretty impressive: 1,713 downloaded files, 8,208 comments, and over 150 posted reviews.

So, if you’re a fan of older slot machines, you’ll absolutely love it here. There is a wide gallery of such slot machines, many of which are still in limited edition today, alongside information about iconic slots and big wins. Plus, if you also have a private collection, it’s an excellent place to share it.

As opposed to the other forums we’ve tackled previously, unfortunately, you can’t view the content of the threads on The MPU Mecca without signing up for an account. If you try to, you’ll receive a standard error message. To sign up, you'll need to provide your birthdate as the forum has a birthday calendar for its users. Don’t worry, this private detail won’t get stored or shared without your permission.



A print screen of the slots topic discussion on the Quora website. (Source: Quora)

Quora is one of the best known question-and-answer websites in the world, founded by two former Facebook employees. Established in 2009 in California, the website has grown tremendously since and attracted a global audience, with 300 million unique visitors a month² in 2020. The content is entirely user-generated, and people can edit their answers.

Same as Reddit, Quora is more of a general forum, where a multitude of topics are discussed, ranging from finance to culture. However, you’ll be pleased to know the slots thread is quite active, with over 8.4k users.

Here, users ask quite a few relevant questions, such as what are the secrets of slot machines, and how to pay taxes on slot machine winnings.

Unfortunately, you can’t view any of the slot threads as a guest; you will have to connect your Google or Facebook account in order to participate.


TrustPilot is, without a doubt, one of the first places users go to if they want to post an independent review of a company or find out what others think about it if they consider acquiring products or services from it.

The platform was established in 2007, and is highly active today. You can explore different categories if you’re looking for certain company reviews, ranging from banks to electronic stores, travel agencies and, of course, gaming and gambling sites.

These last two categories are united under ‘events and entertainment’. Athough TrustPilot is not a standard forum, you can still find reviews of the most popular online casinos and software providers. Examples include household industry names like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Kindred Group, and PokerStars Casino.

You can view all the posted reviews without an account, but if you want to rank an existing review as useful or post your own, you’ll need to sign up for an account. The registration procedure only takes a few minutes, and you can also connect your existing Gmail or Facebook account.

Bitcoin Talk


A print screen of the Bitcoin Talk discussion board. (Source: Bitcoin Talk)

The Bitcoin Talk forum has a great subsection on gambling with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. There are over 156 pages and dozens of interesting topics opened, such as how to start a cryptocurrency casino, types of online casinos to avoid, and online vs live casinos.

In addition, there are several sports topics you can look over as well if you like betting from time to time. The community is very active, with over 268 pages total if we count all the sub-forums.

Some casino operators are also open to feedback and will ask the community what features to add to their upcoming BTC casino sites. Furthermore, you can find entire threads dedicated to particular well-known crypto casinos and betting sites like or

You are free to browse any of the existing threads or comments, but if you wish to use the search bar to locate a particular topic, comment ,or start a new thread, you will need to register. The sign-up procedure doesn’t involve sharing too many personal details — only a username and a password. You will also have to solve a captcha for security reasons.


A print screen of the Stake Community website homepage. (Source: Stake Community)

Stake Community is a forum dedicated to customers and fans of the casino brand. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is a popular crypto gambling site open to international users and is licensed under the laws of Curaçao.

It provides access to the most popular casino games (slots, video slots, live casino, and table games), as well as sports betting. Plus, it’s known for its generous bonus structure, which includes periodic giveaways, raffles, and VIP perks.

The Stake Community is super active, with new comments being uploaded every few minutes. Topics include suggestions on how to improve the Stake brand (for example, exchanging coins on site), discussions on weekly casino and sports promotions, VIP challenges, and even Stake original games like dice or mines.

Do keep in mind that this portal is owned by Stake, meaning you won’t find information about other casinos. You should also take the information with a grain of salt, as it could be more promotional in nature compared to other, standard slot machine forums.

Tips To Stay Safe on a Slot Machine Forum

So, you’ve done your research diligently and are now ready to join the best paying online slots forum (or an even more interesting one) — congratulations!

We are with you on this journey, and we support you in finding the right community for your interests. With that said, we highly encourage you to take some necessary security precautions:

  • Don’t share personal information – Some personal information may be requested to create an account, such as an email address or your birthdate, but this will be encrypted by the forum. Be careful not to share any of this data with users, even if they become your virtual friends. Always keep your banking details, casino login credentials, or other information that could identify you in real life.
  • Don’t engage with people who are rude or aggressive – If you notice someone is repeatedly looking to start an online fight with other users, break the community guidelines, or use slurs, don’t engage. It’s always best to report them to a moderator or the admins and let them resolve the issue.
  • Don’t allow children under your care or anyone under 18 to access these forums – It goes without saying, but gambling is an adult activity and prohibited to minors in all jurisdictions around the world. Same goes for reading about gambling-related topics, so make sure you keep these forums out of the reach of children or under password protection.
  • Limit your time spent on forums – Although they are fun and interesting, forums can, at times, be uncensored or leniently moderated. Take the good out of them, but don’t spend all your time there and always practise responsible gambling.

GamCare Slots Forum

GamCare is a leading UK organisation founded in 1997 that offers information, advice and support to players affected by gambling addiction or harm.

The organisation also operates a National Gambling Helpline, provides treatment and resources to support responsible gambling. Naturally, the organisation focuses on players from the UK who are working on overcoming gambling problems, as well as their families and friends.

One such resource is the GamCare forum — here is where people can share their success stories, recovery diaries, debate the effectiveness of blocking software, and other resources that promote responsible gameplay. Moreover, there are multiple chat rooms that run daily, including women-only ones, and family-and-friends chat rooms.

If you wish to join any of them, you must first register on the GamCare website.

Slot Machine Forums vs Slots Streamers

Slot machine forums are discussion boards aimed at players who want to maintain some level of anonymity, while benefitting from the social aspect of an online community.

These boards allow them to set a pseudonym or username, share tips and tricks, and discover insights they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Because of that, they are rather fit for beginners who are just uncovering the online gambling realm, but also for intermediaries and pros who want to share their experience and improve their existing strategy.

On the other hand On the other hand

The function of casino streaming is entertainment-first. Many times, players will follow an influencer or someone they like as they spin the reels and have fun alongside them. The best casino streamers are not necessarily the most skilled players, but they are surely great entertainers.

This segment of the market is growing by the day. For example, LiveSpins™, a new invention by Happy Hour, allows viewers to play with their favourite streamer, which provides a social experience — similar to that of slot machine forums, but even more interactive.

Slot Machine Forums Summary

Slot machine forums are vibrant online communities that allow players to debate and share information about the most popular casino topics. If you want unfiltered access to the experiences of other players with the best real-money slots or software developers, joining slot machine forums is a smart idea. It only takes a few minutes and, who knows, you might even make some new virtual friends!


  • ¹Curry, D. (2020). Reddit Revenue and Usage Statistics (2021). [online] Business of Apps. Available at: [Accessed 20 Dec 2022]

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Slot Machine Forums FAQs

Slot machine forums are online discussion boards for players who are interested in popular casino topics like slots, blackjack, bonuses, and jackpots.

It depends on the information you need and your areas of interest. For instance, some slot machine forums are aimed at land-based players, while others are focused on crypto gambling. You should also consider the degree of moderation involved: if you prefer unfiltered discussions, you can sign up for uncensored forums.

Our advice is to always join slot machine forums that are active and fit your areas of interest (for example, video slots, jackpot slots, best slot reviews, and so on).

There isn’t a forum dedicated solely to IGT as a developer, but there are general discussion boards where you can find threads about IGT, their new slot games, and jackpots (for example

Absolutely. In fact, most slot machine forums are focused on the US market and players, so you can find localised information about Las Vegas games, resorts, and the like.

The most obvious reason would be to help other players and share your knowledge, especially if you’re a pro or have had a first-hand experience with a game or a developer.

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