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The Best Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Slots Review & Freeplay Demos

Infinity Reels™ is an innovative slot mechanic by Australian developers, ReelPlay, giving you unlimited reels, unlimited multipliers, and unlimited Megaways™!

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What Are Infinity Reels™?

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Infinity Reels™ is a mechanic that gives video slots the ability to increase the number of reels in their grids following a winning combination. It was unveiled by ReelPlay through the El Dorado Infinity Reels™ slot in 2020. ReelPlay are a software provider you might remember for their Megaways™ releases Atlantis Megaways™, Hypernova Megaways™, and Big Bucks Bandits, among others.

This mechanic builds on those that run on traditional video slots, with other popular variations including the Megaways™ mechanic, as well as Megaclusters™, Megaquads™, and Megapays™. There are plenty of examples of successful slots interpreting the topic – in the Megaways™ series alone, we can find Queen of Riches Megaways™, Eye of Horus Megaways™ and Legacy of Ra Megaways™, among others.

Most importantly for lovers of Megaways™ out there, however, Infinity Reels™ and Megaways™ can be found together in some slot titles. This gives players unlimited reel potential and unlimited Megaways™ to win.

Infinity Reels Explained by Experts

These games by ReelPlay often start with a 3×3 or a 3×4 grid. Then, with each winning combination in a single spin, the grid will expand to include an extra vertical reel to the right.

A winning combination needs to be made up of five identical symbols, or a mix of five identical symbols and Wilds, starting from the left-most reel. Having said that, in some titles, wins are formed by compiling three symbols, rather than five. Giza Infinity Reels™ is one such game.

Either way, the symbols in said winning combination will remain in place throughout the duration of the spin and the same symbol or a Wild will need to fall on the new reel for the feature to continue. This could, theoretically, go on forever.

Apart from this, these games come with a 1x multiplier that increases by 1x every time a winning combination is hit.

The grid and the multiplier, however, revert back to their original size and value once no other winning combinations are possible in that spin.

Be aware, though, that things are slightly different for Infinity Reels™ Megaways™. We explore this further in the Features section.

Infinity Reels™ Slots RTPs – The Best Infinity Reels™ & Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ To Play

As you can see from the table below, the Infinity Reels™ slots RTP is above-average for most titles.

Nevertheless, some of these games also have the Bonus Buy feature, which allows you to buy free spins. In this case, the RTP would be higher than that listed below: in Hypernova Infinity Reels™, for example, the RTP goes from 96.20% to 96.60% , while that of El Dorado Infinity Reels™ goes from 95.51% to 96.54%.

For the sake of keeping things fair and transparent, the Infinity Reels™ slots RTP listed below is always the default one.

  • Giza Infinity Reels™ – 96.45%
  • Gems Infinity Reels™ – 96.26%
  • Thor Infinity Reels™ – 96.20%
  • Hypernova Infinity Reels™ – 96.20%
  • Money Mariachi Infinity Reels™ – 96.19%
  • Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ – 96.18%
  • Tiki Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ – 96.07%
  • Zodiac Infinity Reels™ – 95.57%
  • El Dorado Infinity Reels™ – 95.51%

Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Slots Features Explained

Infinity Reels™ slots come with a myriad of features that make your time spent playing them all the more exciting. Let’s look at each one of them in more detail.

  • x888 Jackpot

Every Infinity Reels™ slot gives you the possibility to win the x888-your-stake jackpot. To get your hands on it, you’ll need to manage 12 consecutive wins in a single spin. This is over and above the main max win of each game, which, in a title like Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™, can go up to x20,000 your stake.

  • Infinity Reels™ Megaways™

Some of the titles are Infinity Reel™ Megaways™, which means that apart from extra reels, you also get a number of features usually associated with this Big Time Gaming-developed mechanic.

For a start, you get more ways to win. In fact, the theory here is that since the number of reels is infinite, the number of Megaways™ is not limited to 117,649. As they say in the iconic film Mean Girls, the limit does not exist.

But there’s more! The reels in both the default and the expanded grids can hold more symbols than in the normal Infinity Reel™ slots. In fact, you can have anywhere between two and five symbols in each reel.

Over and above this, wins here are awarded when three identical or a mix of three identical and Wild symbols land on the default reel (rather than five), and the grid will continue expanding so long as you land the same symbol or a Wild in the new reel.

  • Free Spins

Many of the top Infinity Reels™ slots have a Free Spins feature. These, as in normal video slots, are usually triggered through the Scatter symbol in the game. The Infinity Reels™ mechanic, as well as the Megaways™ feature if it applies, continues to operate.

  • Bonus Buy

Some games give you the possibility to buy the Free Spins or Respin feature for a price. Known as the Bonus Buy Feature, this is usually x-times the price of your stake per spin, with x100 being usual. Such Free Spins usually give you the best possibility for winning the main jackpot, and can come with higher RTPs than the default.

How to Play Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Slots

Playing these Infinity Reels™ slots is no different to playing traditional video slots. Let’s take a look at how it’s done step-by-step, shall we?

1. Choose an online casino that is right for you

Pick a site from our above list of the best Infinity Reels™ casinos online. Sign up and claim your bonus if you wish to.

how to infinity reels Step 1

2. Pick an Infinity Reels™ slot

Head to the Infinity Reel™ slot page on your chosen casino.

how to infinity reels Step 2

3. Try Infinity Reels™ Slots with Free Demo (optional)

Try out the demo version before you begin. If your casino doesn’t have this option, there are plenty of Infinity Reels™ demos for non-UK players to try out for free.

how to infinity reels Step 4

4. Set a Stake per Spin

Set your stake per spin through the Coin widget.

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5. Enjoy!

Hit spin and watch as the grid gets larger and larger, potentially giving you bigger wins each time!

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Our Top Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Reviews

By now, there are numerous ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels™ slot titles to choose from. Only two of these have the Megaways™ mechanic included, but all of them are fantastic video slots. Let’s take a look at five of our absolute favourites.

1. Tiki Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Review

With a Tiki jungle theme, Tiki Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ is a fun slot that successfully mixes the two mechanics, and tops it all off with some great bonuses. These include the unlimited Megaways™ to win, the extra reel and the increased multiplier after each win, and the chance to make the x888 jackpot your own. But it also comes with a bonus free spins feature in which the added multipliers stay in place, even when you don’t hit a win.

This game is a high-volatility one with an RTP of 96.07%. It can be played from anything between £/€/$0.30 and £/€/$90, and has a max win of x10,000 your stake.

2. Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Review

Norse mythology comes to life in Odin Infinity Reels™ Megaways™, which was the first title that merged the two ground-breaking mechanics. In this beautiful game, you’ll once again find the unlimited Megaways™ and the standard Infinity Reels™ features. But you can also land the Gungnir free spins, which start by giving you the chance to spin a wheel to determine your multiplier (1-4) and the number of free spins (8,10, or 12).

This title has high volatility, an RTP of 96.18%, and a max win x20,000 your stake, which can range between £/€/$0.30 and £/€/$90 per spin.

3. Giza Infinity Reels™ Review

Head to Ancient Egypt with the stunningly-designed Giza Infinity Reels™. While this game does not come with unlimited Megaways™, it still gives you plenty of ways to win thanks to the standard Infinity Reels™ features. Over and above that, you also get Free Spins, after which you will be given the option to gamble your winnings, where you could get up to x5 your amount (up to x10,000 your stake).

This game has an RTP of 96.45% and high volatility. Each spin can cost anywhere between £/€/$0.25 and £/€/25.

4. El Dorado Infinity Reels™ Review

Discover the City of Gold in El Dorado Infinity Reels™, the first game to ever use this much-loved mechanic. Of course, you’ll find all the features that have now become standard in Infinity Reels™ slots, like the expanding multipliers, the extra reels, and the 888x jackpot. But here there is also a Free Spins feature with four different levels that increases the RTP from 95.51% in the base game all the way to 96.54% in level 4.

The first Infinity Reel™ has medium-to-high volatility and a max win of x6,250. Take it for a spin from as little as £/€/$0.20 (putting it on par with the Best Low Stake Megaways™ Slots) or as much as £/€/$40 per spin.

5. Thor Infinity Reels™ Review

Thor Infinity Reels™ is another Norse mythology-themed video slot that runs this mechanic, but it’s nothing like the Odin one. This is much darker in theme and design, and it also works differently. The game starts with a 3×4 grid and wins are awarded in reels rather than clusters, and comes with all the features that are standard for the mechanic, as well as free spins that can continue to be topped up as you play.

The RTP here is 96.20% and the volatility is high. Spins can cost anything between £/€/$0.20 and £/€/$40.

Pros & Cons of Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Slots

Like everything else in life, Infinity Reels™ come with both advantages and disadvantages. Here they are at a glance.


  • Fantastic new concept that makes video slots more fun
  • Unlimited win multipliers
  • More potential wins per spin


  • Very few reels to start with, making it tougher to achieve that initial win to keep you going
  • Confusing at first, but playing demos offsets this

Infinity Reels™ vs InfiniReels™: How Do ReelPlay & NetEnt’s Infinity Reels Engines Differ?

You start with a 3×3 grid, and when you match at least three identical symbols (or a mix with Wilds), the grid expands with an extra reel to the right. No, we’re not talking about ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels™, but rather about NetEnt’s InfiniReels™, which you may also find in games by their subsidiary Red Tiger Gaming.

InfiniReels™ may sound similar to InfinityReels™, and in many ways they are, but there are some important differences.

For a start, while the grid gets larger after landing a win in InfiniReels™ slots, you will need to spin the reels again for a stake. In Infinity Reels™, on the other hands, the reels will keep being added in the same spin, so you can get multiple wins on the same stake.

Secondly, Infinity Reels™ slots pay in clusters, which means that the identical symbols/Wilds need to be touching in some way. Meanwhile, in InfiniReels™, symbols just need to be on separate reels and not necessarily touching.

Apart from that, they are similar, though we don’t know of any InfiniReels™ Megaways™ slots… yet!

Final Thoughts on Infinity Reels™ Megaways™ Slots

With so many features and beautiful themes, Infinity Reels™ by ReelPlay are quickly becoming a popular fixture at online casinos everywhere. So, while there aren’t many titles yet, we’re sure we’ll see many more in the future, especially ones that combine the mechanic with Megaways™.

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