13 Common Slot Machine Myths & Misconception Debunked

slot machine mythsNo segment of the gaming industry has greatly benefitted from the technology revolution than slot machines. Once thought as the stepdaughter placed at the casino gaming floor to please the spouse of table players, the slot machine has transformed itself into a gorgeous princess over the years in the casino realm. With this, she has brought a dowry of riches that no one had imagined for casino and many lucky gamblers as well.

Almost two decades ago, slot machines only contributed 30% in overall profits of the casino, but now it accounts for more than 70%. Latest trends in the iGaming industry and ability to play games with little or no gambling erudition make it possible to offer life-changing jackpots turning paupers into kings.

However, the thing that playing slot games do not require a lot of gambling knowledge also means that most of the people are not aware of the inner working of the slots. Many gamblers explain the loss or win at slot games with false logic and just like any “Wives Tales”, it is passed from one player to another until it becomes a fact. A lot of these slot machine myths and misconceptions are totally harmless but it can add up to your frustration, and you would not be able to enjoy your casino visit thoroughly.

Today, we will talk about common slot machine myths and other misconceptions. We have tried our best to clear the doubts and bring you the truth hind the white lies.

Myth 1: Slot machines have “cold streaks and hot streaks”.

The casino operators program the slot machines in such a manner that every individual spin is random. The machine might go on a hot streak, and you get paid consistently for a particular time. Also, there can be times when you don’t win at all. But the machines are not programmed this way.

Every single spin is random, and the streak is a short-term deviation from what is statistically likely. Anything can happen in this short period of time. So just focus on the game and don’t worry about these hot and cold streaks.

Myth 2: Slot machines that haven’t paid for a while are likely to pay out soon.

It is just an extension of the previous myth that we have discussed above. You will be paid by the slot machine eventually, but you can never predict when it is going to happen due to its random nature.

Again, we would like to reiterate that every spin is random and the final outcome is one in a million. So there is no way that a slot machine can immediately become due for a winning combination.

Myth 3: Slot machine pays more if gambler’s slot club card is not used

It is entirely false as the final outcome of the gameplay does not depend on whether the card has been used or not. The odds of winning are the same with or without the card. If you don’t use the player card, you will be denying yourself the perks of availing the valuable comps and loyalty points that you can cash out in due course of time.

Myth 4: You can tell the odds of winning by counting wheel symbols

Actually, you cannot. The Random Number Generator generates a unique number for every spin. Even if you see a few symbols, there can be hundreds of virtual stops on each wheel. Like for instance, if you see 10 symbols on one wheel of a 3-reel slot machine, you figure it is 10x10x10=1000 combinations, and your probability of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 1000.

But the reality is different. The computer chip in the slot machine is programmed in such a manner that it generates 256 stop for every single wheel thereby making the odds of winning the game at 256x256x256=16,777,216 combinations and not just 1000 combinations. The reason why slots create such high cash backs is that of one in a million combination for every spin.

Myth 5: Casino operators can tighten or loosen machine with the flip of a switch

In reality, there is a computer chip present inside the slot machine that determines the payback percentage which is preset at the factory. The casino would have to change the chip to modify the payback. In most gambling jurisdictions, casinos have to file paperwork with the gaming authority whether the chip should be replaced or not. The chips are costly and are time taking to change it.

Myth 6: Machine that just paid jackpot won’t pay out again for ages

The chance to win a slot game for each individual spin is not at all connected with the previous spin. Every spin is a random event where the final outcome is one in a million. It can be possible that the slot machine pays out another jackpot moments later than the first one. But for that, you have to be extremely lucky.

Myth 7: You can’t do anything to improve the chances of winning the game

In fact, there are ways you can improve the chances of winning a slot machine game. It might contradict somehow to the things we have mentioned earlier in this post about the random nature of slots. Although it is true that you can’t predict the final outcome, but some things can help you to improve your winning chances.

First of all, not all the slot machines offer payout in the same manner. The payout rate can be as low as 85% or as high as 98%. You will have the chance to win irrespective of the payout rate, but the higher rate means higher returns in the long course of gameplay.

Secondly, you can use a player card at the land-based casinos and take advantage of the unique bonus and special promotions while playing at the online casino sites. It would not affect your chances of winning but you will get extra money to gamble, and with extra money, the chances of winning are increased.

Myth 8: Player Card can minimise the chances of winning

The player cards are designed to offer a prize and other special rewards to the loyal players and not to punish them. So these playing cards do not have any impact on the overall winning or losing chances while playing slot games. So use the card else you will be missing out on the extra value that you get for playing regularly in the form of free credits and other perks.

Myth 9: Pulling the handle gives a better winning chance than pushing the button

Again we would like to tell our readers that the final outcome of the slot game is entirely random and the odds of winning are same no matter how you spin the reels. The Random Number Generator or RNG dictates the final game outcome and is not affected by the way you spin the reels.

Myth 10: Machines with high payouts are hidden in dark corners of casinos

Casinos don’t do anything to conceal their highest paying slot machines from its players. This is an illogical myth and casinos can decide which slot machines they want at a particular place on the gaming floor.

Myth 11: Slots pay less in a busy period and more during slow periods

The payout rate of the slot machine is the same no matter at what part of the day you are playing. This is another prevalent slot machine myth that does not have any logic at all.  Even if the casino operator could change the payout rate, why they would do it in the busy hours or slow periods; it does not make any sense at all. Your winning chance will remain the same whether there are 100 people on the gaming floor or you are all alone at the casino.

Myth 12: Casino employees can help you find loose slot machines

There is a popular myth that you can bribe the low-level employees at the casino like cocktail waitress or bartenders who can help you find the loose slot machines. You should know these lowly paid staff members don’t have any idea about the loose machines and even if they say and tell you to spend money for the exchange of information, you are merely wasting your hard earned money and nothing else.

Myth 13: The temperature of coin matters in winning the game

Most of the players don’t use coins any longer while playing slot machine games. Even if they did, do you think that a warm coin will help you fetch a winning outcome instead of a cold coin? The machine is not affected by temperature and does not matter whether you are playing with hot, cold, new or old coins. It is a mechanical device and does not have any feelings.


There is no denying the fact that the internet is filled with information, but there is also a lot of misinformation available that mislead innocent gamblers. We are talking about the slot machine myths that easily distract avid players. Your goal is to become an informed person and don’t pay any attention to the misconception.

If you start paying attention to the myths, you would not be able to enjoy the game and prevent yourself from the ultimate fun and entertainment. Slot machine results are random and are not affected by any situation, person, event or other things. There is no way you can alter the final outcome of the game which makes it a fair and highly profitable casino game.

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