Fruit Machine Playing Strategy

Fruit MachineThere is no denying the fact that if you visit any online casino that is powered by Microgaming software, you will be able to access hundreds of Fruit Machine games.

If you are playing casino for the very first time and have little idea about this game type, you have come to the best place for all-round information. It is a slot game with an exciting and entertaining kind of playing format offering excellent payouts and other bonus features in return.

Fruit Machines are commonly known as AWP’s as it is the official name that stands for Amusement with Prizes. So it is quite evident that it has a world of features in it and the bonus round is an apt description of them.

If you visit any of the UK based casinos, you will be able to access several Fruit Machine. The same is available all over the place like for instance amusement arcades, bars, pubs, motorway service stations etc. Thanks to Microgaming service provider, a large number of people now like playing this game on the online casino as compared to the offline casino.

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Things You Need to Know About Fruit Machines

The working of the Fruit Machines is entirely different from the casino styled slot games, and as a player, it is guaranteed that you will have several winning sessions. However, there are times when things won’t fall into places correctly, and it is important that you have a working known on how this game operates.

The Fruit Machines are designed in a manner that they work in cycles, and it requires some spins that varies from one game to another. But they can cover hundreds of thousands of turns.

There is a built-in the parameter for each cycle of Fruit Machines which means that the payout percentage is set in stone. Through one of its periods, it is likely that the payout percentage can reach a high amount as well as dip very low. This makes the game very appealing to the players concerned where one has the opportunity to win or lose depending when you play them.

At the end of the playing cycle of Fruit Machines, it is imperative that you hit its pre-determined long-term payout percentage and if you are an experienced player, you can take significant advantage of the situation and make money in return.

Successful Fruit Machine Playing Strategies

If you can monitor how much money the game has taken in by the players and keep note how much is being paid out, you can certainly find out whether the Fruit Machines at the moment is not paying sufficiently. And when you can spot this, you should wait until the game is not played and jump on it and start to play.

If the Fruit Machine has not been able to pay for quite some time, when you are playing then the player will have to play the game “to lose” which means they will be offered a bonus feature or bonus game that can be played without receiving a winning payout.

If you are offered the Nudge Feature while playing the Fruit Machines, you can nudge the reels symbols downwards in order to complete a winning combination on a pay line. You will have to touch the unmatching reel symbols, and you will not receive a winning payout.

If you are availing the “to lose” feature, the Fruit Machines payout percentage will reach a stage where it is at a lower end of the permitted parameters. As a player, you will be compelled to spin in a series of different jackpots or any considerable paying winning combinations to bring home the payout percentage back to what it has been programmed to be paid.

Playing the Fruit Machines successfully is a fine art in itself, and some players are not aware of playing it correctly. The online casinos are now providing Fruit Machines, and you should certainly take advantage of the strategies mentioned above to make money in return.

You might be wondering how it is possible to monitor and watch the Fruit Machines in an online environment as when you are playing the game you are not in a real-life situation and you cannot just sit and watch other people playing the game.

There is a feature called Jackpot Thermometer associated with the Fruit Machines. When you access any of the online casino sites that are powered by downloadable Microgaming software, you will be able to see this Jackpot Thermometer alongside every game.

The device can track the slot games for all the individual players and displays through a thermometer type of animation whether the game is cold or hot. It can do this by when the game was able to pay the last jackpot based on when those jackpots are usually awarded.

So by making use of this feature, you will be able to make it out yourself what type of Fruit Machine games have been able to pay out, and it would be best to leave those games alone. Conversely, you will be able to focus on games that have not been paid out, and these are the games you should be considering to play as their jackpots are well overdue.

Fruit Machine Hidden Features

The new version of Fruit Machines has a series of other specifications known as Hidden Feature which is inbuilt with every game where it allows more attractive opportunities and excitement for the players concerned. So it is essential that you are aware of the hidden features to take advantage of it.

You need to keep your eyes peeled for the Alpha Numeric display to come across the hidden features of the Fruit Machines. It is a simple message box that is attached to each game that scrolls comical messages when you play the game.

The display flashes up now and then with a playing instruction called “Hold Reel 3” or “Let ‘Em Spin”. Once you can follow the instructions, you will discover that the hidden feature along with the winning combination supports on the next spin you make.